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5/06/2008 prc ready to remember hanging


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The event for which I had declared myself to be ready for surfaced last night in the form of a memory of being hanged. As I recorded at the time: It’s about 02:42 on Thursday 5th of June 2008. The other morning I woke and Heard my self say mentally “I’m ready.” And I had no idea what that statement related to. But this morning I have woken this early and remembered death by hanging, naturally received some impressions concerning that.

I seemed to be a skinny young 20 year-old. My name was Yoshli. I think that was a nickname, my full name was Lee Yankovich. I now get a date of 1821 as I talk about this. And just recently I felt, while turning my head, a tight muscle in my neck on the left-hand side. I noted it, but thought nothing more of it. But this morning my body danced in memory by convulsions down my spine, and I sweated, and felt the shock that had remained in me from that event from being tossed out of my body like that. And I hope that there will be more events of memory and relaxation which allow me to understand what led to that event.

My (then) personality seemed to be quite different, not surprisingly. Young, impulsive, but I’ve yet to remember the cause of that end. That seems a bit strange. So I have yet to recall cause, country. The techniques seemed to be the standard one of using a floor which dropped away, presumably a trap-door, and then a short fall on a rope, at which the body weight was supposed to break the neck; presumably dislocate the neck vertebrae and snap the spinal cord. I think that’s what happened. I reminds me of the first rebirthing session I had at the hands of Bert Potter of the Centrepoint community, in which enormous neck tension was released, associated with birth, in which the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck. And I feel that this is a deep root of that event. I had wondered after the statement of the other morning “I’m ready”, whether that related to a potential way of dying, and I was imagining a present time event, I had no idea it was related to a death at another time and place. So perhaps I can be slightly less vigilant around my driving, as I thought it may be related to that.

It reminds me that as a teenager (I think I may still have old photos), that when out in the company of a young woman, in laughter and relaxation, my neck would bend and my head would flop over to the left-hand side. I thought it was a little strange at the time, but that just seemed to be a characteristic of mine. Yet that would relate, at that kind of age, to the age of 20 when I died by hanging. Which would put a kink in the neck! It seemed to happen most in relation to young women, so that may be a clue as to the content. And as I noticed that, thought about it then and tried not to let it happen, and matured past that age it seemed to be easier to maintain a sense of balance of my head on my neck. What an odd thing, and what can I learn from this?

There may be some significance to the date and time in Europe. This would there be about 2pm on the 4th June.

Name search: Czechoslovakia, Bohemia, Moravia; Lee (Leopold) Yankovich (Jankoviç) 1820 (See www.iarelative.com/czech/sea1297b.htm External)

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