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(Initial conversation not transcribed)

J I would like to welcome the spirits who have joined us tonight, for their presence is palpable. I give thanks for this opportunity to be together in the presence of the divine spirit and I would ask that we be protected by the white light of spirit from those who come with lesser intent, and we ask that this light attract those who come with positive intent and we ask that they speak with us. …

P ^We come upon you in peace and without warning, in some instances. The categories of knowing present here are such as to require little by way of advance warning. The preparation is already sufficiently complete in each present person present in order to simply 'slide in', as it were, to coalesce, to meld, to join at the heart level. These are equivalent metaphors by which to describe the process of coordination of function at many levels, of symbiotic relationship, of coordinated intention. All these aspects are necessary to coordinate together in order to successfully and completely blend one mind with the other, for the purpose of this category of communication. And so that given that each person is ready and acquiescent, then we simply choose whichever is most appropriate for the purpose of the particular communication. And so in this instance we choose this identity for the topic of communication itself. And we are aware that there are slight residual resistances, slight unwillingness to be fully acquiescent, but this is a simple function of experience and need. We find in this instance this evening that the acquiescence is particularly high, and we give thanks for that.

The arrival of relative strangers in any group such as this is always an opportunity to convey a little deeper understanding of the process for which you all come present. And so on this occasion we take this opportunity and we would ask if each would be willing to receive a particular focus in a sequence to be determined.

R I don't know what that means but I am certainly willing.

^The sequence is simply for an allocation of each individual present to take their turn in constituting an intimate host for the adjacent energetic identity, for we have brought present this evening the individuals most closely associated with each of you. And by that we mean not the higher self, for that is always closely associated, but the next level, being the allocated friend in spirit, the distinctly separate identity with a relationship of guide. Almost without exception, a very dearly loved friend, well known to each individual in question.

And so we arbitrarily determine that the opportunity be to cycle clockwise through this circle of individuals. And so we take our attention first to the woman Carolyn and give greetings, Carolyn.

C Hello.

^ And ask if you would be so kind as to drop your guard, drop your defences and in a context of loving goodwill, to feel the individual in association with you and allow the communication to be articulated through you, first so as to allow the introduction of that individual to the residual members of the present company, and then whatever subsequent conversation may ensue. Is this something of which you can express an interest?

C I'll participate if I can.

^Then simply extend your awareness in all directions without limit and without filter, and be open to a similar coalescence experience and simply express the ideas or the dialogue as the case may be. Were you to envisage something at your feet, what would it be?

C I can't see anything.

^Were you feel something behind you, what might it be?

C A tree.

^Good. In paying attention to the very subtlest of sensations, with what are you encircled?

C Yellow.

^Feel the embrace of the one who loves you. The exact visual metaphor is unimportant. It is the feeling that is given the highest value. What do you feel.

C Meeting another part of me.

^And so it is. Take careful note in these few minutes to come of the exact qualities of that part of you, relatively unknown although familiar, and be ready to notice again at any future time. We leave you with the opportunity to commune. Our dear friend Janet is very familiar with this process, we feel. Who have you with you?

J A loving female spirit.

^Please share with us concerning her?

J She speaks of reinforcing the archetype each personality assumes. She speaks of a guide's focus being the opportunity to exercise the intentions of each life. For those who would be warriors, one's guide organises the opportunities for confrontation. For those who would be servants, a guide will open opportunities for those deeds to be enacted.


J This is the process. An incarnate individual alone is unable to coordinate all of the circumstances necessary to enact the encounters preselected before incarnation. They are dependent upon orchestration from the spirit level beyond which we have access.

^Thank you for that clarification. We leave you again to enjoy the communing process and turn to Jan and take this opportunity to welcome this experienced woman. Here of your own volition in not only the present but from times past. Many times have you sat thus in other lifetimes. Because it feels familiar in a strange and remote way. Is this correct? As if there are echoes within you from other times and places of similarly waiting on inspiration from spirit. What do you feel around you at this moment?

Jn It just seems to have suddenly disappeared.

^And by that is made the presence more evident, because we are conditioned to notice rapid change first. And so simply welcome the identity on its return. Is it with you again?

Jn No.

^Then issue the request for the re-association, the re-coalescence and give acknowledgement on its return, regardless of what else is happening with others present. Will you do this?

Jn You want me to ask for its return?

^Certainly, and then advise the group when you perceive its presence with you again.

Jn I wish for you to return. I'd like you to return.

^The mental request is sufficient. The mental expectation is its own signal and so we will move on and leave that with you for a few moments. Just advise us when it seems present again with you, when you notice that, for it has not gone far. It is just a reminder process in this opportunity. And the woman Heidi; we give greetings to this old soul. What do you feel around you.

H Well, the whole evening I have just seen colours ongoingly and felt that they were entities swirling around, making me feel very peaceful. Above all, a sense of unity in the group. The colours are representing that aspect of acceptance and love between us. I feel there is something all the way around me but I cannot identify it. It feels all around me like an embrace! It feels very good.

^Then simply accept the embrace and the love which drives it.

H Yes.

^Notice the subtle quality of vibration with which it is brought present to you. The quality of the connection has a particular feeling and that is a reliable identifier for the identity in association with you at this moment. It will have a particular combination of qualities of feeling. The energetic signature is a reliable indicator that this is love from a friend who just happens to be in spirit. And now, our friend Richard, a long-serving associate and competent practitioner in these matters.

R I feel a warm glow around me. I feel very peaceful. The 6th chakra seems very active, particularly the rear aspect.

^Do you notice the feeling that seems to descend downwards from the rear aspect of the 6th chakra? A sense of unusual sensitivity to the lower levels of the rear aspect.

R Mm. I usually find that the rear aspect is much less noticeable than the front aspects.

^And so with whom do you associate? Who stands behind you now?

R I have a picture of somebody standing tall behind me with their hands on my back, I think, on my shoulders.

^And that is the source of the enhanced activity perception granted in this instance. And so too, greet one who loves you.

These simple exercises are convenient opportunities by which to enhance the personalised aspects of knowledge. We give thanks for your participation and leave you now.

J Bless you and thank you for coming.

P Buffy missed out! ;-)

H You did!

R Well as far as we know.

P Yes ;-) How was that for you, Jan?

Jn Yeah that was different.

P Did you notice it come back.

Jn Yes.

P Ahh! You didn't say. ;-)

Jn ;-)

P Good. What were the qualities?

Jn I just felt like a big scarf or something wrapped around my head quite tight and around my shoulders and very hot – I just felt as though I was glowing.

P Good!! Yes, that feeling of a kind of subtle pressure all around you? Quite warm?

Jn Mm, very.

P It's a very reliable indicator of spiritual presence.

Jn OK. P What else did you get Carolyn?

C Just warmth, closeness and beautiful colour, really lovely colour. And when it went I thought 'oh don't go away! It's cold without you!.' (Buffy can be heard feeding in the background) J I'm sorry about the noisy dog tonight.

R At least she's not drinking out of my cup tonight.(laughter)

H But she is looking for it. ;-)

P Well that was fun. I wonder what happens next?

R Mm. It feels like it's still going on for me. I feel like I'm sitting tall and feeling very comfortable.

P It's very odd in that sort of situation in the role that I was just in – saying things absolutely out of the blue, having no clue whether there is any perception going to be - for example you in the rear aspect of your chakras and stuff. Just saying it and then you affirm it! I think 'phew!' ;-) And it works every time, it's astonishing. …

J I'm told to ^look towards the edge of the circle of light and for each of us there awaits an entity from the past. Please take this opportunity to meet with one well-loved and passed. … Those who have joined us in spirit recede into the distance but they leave us with a sense of continuity and association with times past and times present. Please share with one another if you would and the nature of those who have visited with us?

J Heidi, did you encounter anyone?

H Yes, I had a very clear feeling of somebody who was here.

J Anybody recognisable?

H Yes, yes.

J Who was it?

H Well, a lady I knew in (England?) - but who also came to NZ with her husband. She died I think in '95 or '96. (I was) quite surprised that it was her, but she, as far as I know, lost her memory, so she most likely had Alzheimer's towards the end. But it was all a little - not talked about – confused. And then I realised that she was very fond of Tony, so that's the link. She was about 24-25 years older than I am so between and older sister or a mother or an aunt, because at that age she could have been, but it was a very interesting connection we had. Did you sense there was somebody with me?

J I think there was somebody with each of us, but I'm not sure. Richard, what about you?

R I got a picture of my mother and her message was one of love. She said something like 'I was doing well” or I got that impression. And I asked her about Sophie and what that meant and I got a funny message that she'd died at nine o'clock, but it was nine AM, and we certainly haven't heard about it, so maybe it's 9am tomorrow, maybe it's tonight, but it's 9 o'clock, and the impression that it was morning.

J Peter, your turn.

P Yes, I was surprised to find an impression of a tall, broad-shouldered man going a bit grey, but wearing - well-dressed in jeans, kind of blue denim outfit and perhaps a hint of buckskin jacket with tassels or something. It felt like – the date I got was 1843 and it felt like wealthy rural America. So that was really surprising. And a father figure of mine.

J So in another lifetime.

P Mm. Because I don't have much information about that particular kind of time-frame.

J It's the cowboy in you ;-)

P I've always been so – thought that these people who go for country and western dancing and dress-up and all that kind of gear – I've always been so contemptuous of them. I thought that they were in the wrong century, somehow.

J Ah, so maybe it's an underlying jealousy?

P Entirely possible! ;-)

R When did you first discover you hated your horse? (laughter) Do you remember that skit? An American skit that came out about a psychologist interviewing cowboys. :-)

P Yes I think so :-)

J Carolyn, was there anybody you recognised?

C No, I didn't recognise them at all.

J Ah, but there was somebody?

C Mm. No idea.

P Male or female?

C Male.

P Different time and place, or -

C Well I was looking for this time and I can't find anything whatsoever, so now that you mention another time it may be, but I can't attach any affinity to the figure at all. Weird, but there you go.

J Jan, did you meet anybody?

Jn No. I felt someone, but didn't see anyone.

H Janet?

J Mm, I met my aunty Una. I haven't thought about aunty Una for some time! She died when I was about eight, or something like that I suspect. But she never had kids and she told me all sorts of family stuff, who knows whether it's true.

P Take it at face value.

J Yeah – she talked about hard times. They grew up through the depression and the war years and one of my earliest memories is being taken to the pictures by aunty Una, and I don't think she was actually married to him, but theoretically my uncle Peter was a Greek, and it was a strange sort of relationship. She said things might have been different, had times been different, but her two sister having died and her mother having a strong dependence on her. Mm, you could never verify those sorts of things. It makes you wonder, though.

H That was a most interesting exercise, thank you.

Jn When you were talking about who you saw, I could hear and see Tony,

H Really!

Jn - and then you said she was very fond of Tony. And now when I think of Tony I can't even picture him, yet I could hear him and see him 'clear-as'.

H Great, good one! And you could feel somebody but not identify?

Jn Well I could just feel that -I could feel something, anyway. A bit breathless, a pain down my neck – so I don't know.

H Can you relate that to anybody perhaps in the past - that somebody made themselves known through a disability they had? It's only a thought.

Jn Mm – Stuart's mother had emphysema, a bad neck - …

P Was that your mother in law, Jan?

Jn Yes.

P So is that feeling still with you?

Jn No.

P Was the sensation, the feeling down the left side at the back?

Jn No, right side.

P So was that just an opportunity to say hello?

Jn Mm ;-) She woke me up one night. She came and sat on the side of the bed a couple of years ago.

P When did she die?

Jn Ten years ago. …

P Is there somebody with you, Carolyn?

C I don't know, I'm just all fidgety.

P The sense I have of – I don't know if it's classifiable as an alter-ego or somebody who is very matter of fact and get up and go, similar in personality to yourself in some respects in your more forthright times. And I was just wondering whether it was feelings that you were having, like 'OK, enough, let's go', or whether it's someone else around you?

C It might be just me – backache.

P Backache? That would do it. OK. Anybody else got stuff still going on or are we done?

H No, I'm by myself.

P How about you, Richard?

R It doesn't feel complete to me. It feels like there is some thing else but I've no idea what.

P Perhaps it's an opportunity to direct some healing at Carolyn's back. And what's the origin of this pain? Is this fallout from too much dancing?

C Sliding along and banging into cars.

P That'd do it!

C The person who came to me is annoyed that I didn't identify him.

P Then we would take this moment to welcome that individual. And what is the relationship between that feeling and the sensations that you are having?

C I dunno?

J Who is the person? Can you identify them now?

C No.

P You're making an attribution that this sensation is directly attributable or solely attributable to your own personal accident. Is it by any chance a resonance with this individual who is with you?

C Yeah it occurred to me that it was a car accident victim.

P OK then just take that at face value. You don't have to suffer, so if that is an identification then you can simply say to them “OK. Got that, take it away thanks, what's next?” Any questions you can formulate about the identity, their circumstances, their mode of passing, their age, their family, what they want to say? Do they acknowledge that they are clearly dead?

C Yep, they're dead.

P OK, why are they still here? What's their gender?

C It's a guy but I just asked him to let me go and let it come to me. I don't know who it is.

P Ask him his name?

C Tony.

P Hello Tony, welcome. Why have you come to join us tonight?

C His car rolled. His car rolled! He's the guy who was killed in the car accident that my uncle was in, in about 1977.

P Then welcome. You've been waiting a while. Who do you need to talk to? What information do you need to give to us that can be passed on? Who was driving?

C He was.

P Has he come to say sorry?

C No, I think he recognises what he missed. He's the uncle of Kelly Redmond, my cousin, whom of course he never knew. It's Kelly Redmond's mother's brother.

P Why has he not moved on already to the light?

C Becuase my uncle, who was in the accident was only about 18 or 19 at the time hasn't ever forgiven himself. My uncle Michael.

P Did he take some responsibility for the accident?

C Yeah.

P What can you convey? What does your uncle need to hear?

C It was meant to be and to not regret the life that he never had because he was never meant to have it.

P It is important information, will you convey that?

C Shit!

P Was that a no?

C Yes. ;-) I'm just going to barge up to my uncle and say “Hi, Micheal, guess what! (laughs in disbelief)

P Actually you could.

C No shit?!!!

J You can do it in so many words.

C 'Oh yeah by the way I was just talking to Tony the other day and he said' – yeah!!

P Identify yourself as a medium and it doesn't have to be that hard.

C Mm.

P Or you could soften it and say 'a medium told me?'

C No, I'll tell him straight.

P OK. Is this an exercise for you? Or just an opportunity?

C Well I got a message from my other uncle, his brother, a little while ago and I never told him either, so – and then I got a message for his wife and then I rang her and said look I'm sorry I can't come to the funeral today and his father gave me a message for her, 'to thank my little pickaninny for looking after me.' Coz she nursed him while he died and I still haven't told her that!

P OK, so this is an opportunity for you to confront your unwillingness to advertise your changed capacity and to incorporate that within your self-concept in the confident way that you incorporate all other aspects, and leave the responsibility for acceptance or rejection with the recipient and not yourself.

C Yep.

P Because they can accept it or they can reject it, but you can willingly and lovingly carry the message and deliver it and explain whatever you have to explain, that you've been investigating intensive meditation practice and these are some of the results you're finding.

C Mm-mm.

P And they will see you differently but their reaction is their own and you don't have to take it on board or feel diminished by their reaction.

C Mm.

P So it's an opportunity to incorporate the role comfortably within you and to make that significant change in your self-concept.

C Mm-mm.

P Would that be sufficient for Tony? Would that allow him to move on?

C He wants to tell Kelly something and I don't know what it is.

P Well get it straight and clear so you know exactly what to say. Got it? …

C It's just that Kelly's mother's got cancer and to not be surprised when I find out.

P OK. And perhaps even to be able to say “yes, I was told that too.” So this will simply somewhat amplify the perception by others in your family that there is something a little different about you.

C Amplification is all we need!! ;-)

P How is your back feeling?

C Absolutely fine Thank you ;-) Cripes Perfect Maybe that's why it's been sore all week since I had my car accident!

P Well, these things get used (spiritually). So has Tony gone?

C Yep.

P Good. What did you see of his departure? What did you perceive?

C Oh no, he was really really happy just to tell someone that his sister was sick. Someone knows, you know? I think for some reason he came to tell me that. I've go no idea why, but there you go.

C So you could do something creative about that, perhaps?

C It feels as if I'll a chance to be able to say something quite profound to Kelly when she tells me. There's a message in it for her somewhere.

P Very good. A bit closer to home than you expected, perhaps.

C Yeah!!

P Good, that's what we're here for. Well, I guess we're done. Does it feel like we're done?

R Mm.

P Good. Just as well somebody knows! I feel like you're our resident Buddha here tonight, Richard !!

R I didn't see any banyan trees ;-)

P Janet's about to cut it down. Tell them about the meditation, Janet, the tree meditation?

J Which one, what are you talking about?

P Your flowering cherry.

J Oh, that's alright. We're just going to kill it.

P Can I finish the story?

J No!

P Oh! I kept getting pushed to encourage Janet or to push Janet perhaps, to acknowledge the devas present in that little corner of the garden there and that it would be not only appropriate but kind to consult the tree and the devas and say, you know, “is this OK? What's being proposed here, should we apologise?” was your feeling, I think. Is it OK? And you got, Janet?

J What?

P You are infuriatingly coy sometimes!

J They said it was OK. Chop away.

P Because it's had many years there, right? So that was an interesting exercise about respectful communications with the little invisible community that we have and Janet's taken responsibility for. So it's changing.

(independent confirmation from Carolyn of deva presence in that garden and group closing not transcribed)

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