20080724 prcjlogrb lots of sleeping happened

24/07/2008 prcjlogrb lots of sleeping happened


20080724 Lots of sleeping happened

J I think that the only clear message I’m getting is that “you have not joined your hearts and minds in this endeavour at this stage of the proceedings. Were you to make yourselves available to us, we would be more than willing to communicate with you.”

P Then I ask that we join together consciously in our heart level energy in the space between us, to create a fitting space for those who would talk or communicate in any other way.

Through Janet

^This is a much more fitting space for us to make our presence known. We intend to move around the circle, bestowing a blessing upon each as we pass. … And so it is done.

We would that Peter take advantage of the opportunity that has presented itself at this time, to be of service. We would that you recognise that your occupations heretofore have been primarily solitary in nature. You have been given the opportunity to exercise your intellect in your occupations, and yet you have not been required to interact on the interpersonal level on a continual basis with those with whom you have shared a working environment.

R There was somebody here over in your direction, Janet, earlier on. They kind of disappeared.

P Yes, I saw them. It’s much calmer now. I was quite buzzy before.

J That’s true. I don’t feel there is anybody around now.

P And yet I have a sense of expectancy.

R I have a sense of somebody very tall in front of you , Peter.

J Try to focus back into a state of love to welcome those who come in order to expand our awareness and willingness to speak on behalf of those who come from the higher realms.

There is one who looks down on you Peter with a sense of bemusement, in that you do not recognise him. Will you please acknowledge the presence.

P Yes, and much more strongly now.

Through Peter

^The habits of shuttering oneself in the social realm are so strong with this one, as to automatically limit and avoid too strong a connection with those around him. The self-protective mechanism of self-isolation so as to engage, and yet not too much. This is what limits the automatic accessibility. The origins are early. The impact is large. It is not often triggered, yet this week has been sufficient to trigger that, hence our difficulty of access. It is an issue of trust, of course, and the untrustworthy nature generated by early experience is the issue at root on this occasion, and goes no deeper.

For our part, our intention is to simply be present, to acknowledge your presence, to celebrate our joining together in harmony, trust and love. And it was the missing trust component that was the issue. This manifests in diaphragm tension, which has taken a considerable time this evening to relax into peacefulness.

And now that it has, we wish to comment first on the exploratory work towards the generation of a support mechanism, (CreativeNZ) with the product being a small publication, and acknowledge that, due to the late arrival of the impulse, the production of that is a lost cause at this time. It can be prepared for in these coming months, and submitted afresh later in the year. The reason we hasten to advise that is to avoid the unnecessary stress under the available timetable. There is in fact no urgency in these things. It could have been an opportunity if engaged upon many weeks since. The short timeframe is an opportunity to test the willingness, but not to either require nor expect the production. So that will be a later phase. Meantime information can be collated so that the work in question will be easily assembled in due course.

Another issue is our willingness to support this group has not, does not, and will not waver. We are advised of the issues in your minds which cause variable availability at any given moment. The opportunity remarked upon earlier concerning service, in this instance addresses the capacity to be of service in the teaching role in a similar manner to our erstwhile companion and so productive and acquiescent a helper in that role (i.e,. Janet). The establishment of that role is incipient in our dear friend Richard, and great plans have been made, and we look forward to a phase which is shortly to arrive of more continuous and actual production in a mode of joy and willingness to share, which has only just begun.

These modes of communication, designed not for the individual recipient so much as those who surround them at whatever level and distance, contain seeds of a transition towards a more spiritually aligned and centred community, in which the transition period is measured in the order of decades rather than months or years. And there is now a well-established trend at work in this world, so as to actively counter the anti-spiritualisation forces which have been engaged for centuries now, so as to detach the average or ordinary person not raised in surroundings which are permeated with any particular religious tradition. This is not a bad thing, for renewal is required periodically.

So we endorse your work. We encourage it on every occasion which we may, and would that you foster your own activities, as we do foster yours.

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