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^The deliberate adoption of a lifestyle free from contamination on the auric level is a prerequisite to the smooth functioning in the mystic manner. The sensitivity to contamination by the various identities and species existent in the domain of the spirit allows the adequate functioning at a greater level of sensitivity than otherwise, for the contamination is disruptive, and to host one or more identities necessitates a withdrawal of sensitivity in order to avoid awareness of the contaminated state.

Where such a contaminated state is suspected, then there are significant drivers both for and against the investigation and the resolution by rejection of such contaminating influences.

The most recent episode of contamination of this one through whom we speak is another layer of education about the reality of such conditions, first; second, the deleterious nature of such condition; and third, the necessity for vigilance by those who profess sensitivity to these conditions and the capacity to ameliorate those conditions in others.

The participation with this one through whom we speak through this trajectory of learning has an unavoidable consequence of willingness to stand back, as it were, and allow the process of accumulated disconnection from this level with a complete freedom to allow the functioning of freewill. Where that freewill adopts the perspective that no contamination is acceptable and that every endeavour is available and made to eliminate such contamination, then the welcoming back of closer connection is a condition lovingly anticipated.

Where the sensitivity is insufficient in order to manifest the awareness, first, of the state of being contaminated, and secondly the will effectively applied so as to eliminate such contamination again, then still in loving awareness, the trajectory of the life through the period of being contaminated by spiritual identities other than the naturally indwelling spirit, is merely observed and noted to be a period when the accumulated sensitivity is insufficient and/or the accumulated will is deviated in focus away from proper sensitivity to the condition of the identity while in that state.

The particular condition and its consequences can now be discussed:

First, the origin, being proximity to the identity Zane, who although having acquired an accumulation of such contamination was neither aware nor sufficiently wilful to divest himself of his burden. His debilitation had become obvious to all around him, yet his particular cohort are unaware and unskilled, even including the woman Carolyn. Therefore he had to persist in his arc of travel in outward movement through the community until he encountered one who could relieve him of these things. For although the conscious mind level of awareness may forget or ignore or not understand concerning these issues of contamination while embodied, and we mean explicitly spiritual contamination while physically embodied, the spiritual identity is never unaware.

And so it is a mark of the proximity in alert awareness on both physical and spiritual levels that allows the higher mind, in this instance, that capacity to directly alert the lower mind of the state of contamination and the path by which to relieve that while simultaneously registering the degree and range of influence of the effects of that contaminated state.

And so it has been for this one through whom we speak, in that not immediately but quickly, the condition was advised from higher mind to lower mind and steps toward remediation were taken. There were casualties in that process, and we would discuss a significant casualty, in this case the nature and quality of the relationship between this one and the identity currently named Lanping.

The identification of that relationship as flawed and distorted is not wrong. The attributions made concerning the functioning manipulative protocols is not wrong. What is less than helpful is the reversal of the willingness to associate based on an awareness of that condition which was already present.

There are no particular penalties applicable for dissociation from that identity, either complete or partial. But the association is based on a complex series of options yet undetermined, for which complete dissociation would render impossible the outworking of that series of possibilities. And so our preference would be to reciprocate the expression of goodwill received so far, and maintain the dialogue as being open, even while declining to re-entangle on the sexual level to the extent existing previously.

What is at stake here is the contracted learning of another individual through to awareness of several levels currently rejected in the present awareness. The trajectory of relationship would be enhanced were that contract to be honoured. Of course were it not honoured then no harm would be done in any true sense, simply the opportunity would not be enacted.

And so we come on this morning in order to speak of these things and bring clarity to the current state of confusion. It is true that the arduous nature of the task currently in progress has led to the heightened probability of chinks in the armour, so to speak, being exploited by identities coming into proximity with this body/mind, and that is part of the reason for the willing and understanding acceptance of the temporary hiatus in involvement with the ongoing processing of documentation and computer files in their transition into an archivable state in anticipation of the more formal phase of the study in process.

So another week in that condition may give time to participate in unmet goals such as painting, house maintenance of any kind, and the physical activity associated with that will help to dispel the sense of being burdened, and the completion of any such physical task may enable the sense of diversion away from the task list satisfaction may enable a more serene return from a condition of satisfied completion that an anticipated item or two can be crossed off the 'to do' list. In these ways we come before your attention again to provide necessary support in optimal survival of existence at this level of the hierarchy of embodiment and provide what support we may for the ongoing achievement of our mutual objectives.

And so we come to another topic, that of the participation of the life of the neighbour Paula. She has come to be with you in order to remind her at the conscious level that she is more than just a grown personality in a fresh body, for she has been here many times and understands the necessity to associate with others so as to not lose sight of the facts of her condition. And so your reminders are welcome to her, as is your ongoing commentary. Therefore never desist, for her independent mind and somewhat spiritually unconditioned nature will have a future role in our intentions for manifestation and dissemination of the accumulated teaching to date. See she understands this.

And now we would comment on the present linkage to sources of influence from lower in the scale of willingness to bequest agape. There is a persistent linkage which we will sever now in both your interest and ours.

It is potentially useful to explicate the basis of that persistence. There was once a time when this body/mind was completely unaware at the surface layers of the mind of the origin of the motivation towards sensual and sexual involvement with others and, lost in the possibilities for enjoyment, was aware of but could not understand the sense of illegitimacy that was simultaneously present. That sense of illegitimacy was guilt-based and connected to the experience of other times and places of embodiment whereby destructive outcomes were the result achieved. And the regret and the guilt were an awareness of those destructive outcomes and a reaction to them.

We feel sufficient awareness exists at the level of the conscious mind to continue to function as a deterrent to engaging further with activities capable of leading to such destructive outcomes. In that sense the accumulated experience has been functional and in particular relation to the history with the identity currently labelled Lanping, the detachment is now sufficient to cease association with that energetic link to lower regions of the energetic domain by which to serve as a reminder of the potential for destructive outcome. By eliminating that we thereby decrease the probability of further tendency to acquire contamination from those who come into proximity, as in this recent case of Zane.

So by that act we close a chapter on the accumulated life development and soul development of this one through whom we speak. Reflect well on the possibilities that can now manifest as a result of this change. And be at peace in your life and give thanks for the capacity to host those who would educate you, no matter what their level.

We depart.

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