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6/01/2011 prc future_agapearchive_digital library_greenstone


Called to channel on rising at about 06:30 after working late last night getting more clarity around the digital library concept and the Greenstone application:

^There are several things we would say at this juncture: The first is that the concept of the digital library is one we have been urging you towards for some months.

The second is that it was not sufficient for us to simply demand, require, suggest or simply intellectualise about this as the initiative was necessary on your part in order to not abrogate freewill.

The third is that were this to come to pass, it would form a vehicle for our work such as has been envisaged as the one practical solution given the circumstances, and limited resources in particular, for the dissemination of our work in an optimal way.

Fourth, the capacity to articulate these things will be tested, in that there are several arguments by which the promotion of such a project has high probability of success, but only provided the articulation of the scheme is presented in the right place at the right time and to the right people.

That it is a strength of yours to articulate such things with clarity in written form but not so well in verbal form is acknowledged, and there are many background reasons for that, hence it is a somewhat intractable problem. Nevertheless we feel that the combination of opportunity and sincerity will be sufficient to enable some degree of support.

Coming as we do from a zone where such things are simply unnecessary, it is therefore a natural consequence that the interpretation from our level is not necessarily well-matched to the opportunity at your level, nevertheless the ideal is clear to us, although the implementation responsibility is carried at your level.

So the combination of capacities in order to scan the (digital library) material at the theoretical level and the opportunity to house the project in a safe location, as in this country and this suburb, has the interest of those at high levels. Not that this is the only implementation. There are others and there will be more; but as a national repository of material of interest, it has significant potential.

The time-frame is not limited. This should not be given urgent attention as the prerequisite is the degree completion, which will convey a useful degree of promotional capacity by virtue of the level from which it is perceived to come, and we mean that in terms of the intellectual level as well as the spiritual level, as anyone can appreciate from perusing the content. And so this constitutes the optimal storage and distribution medium for the content we have conveyed through you and others for some considerable time now.

Its advantages are primarily its international reach. As has been abundantly conveyed at this point, the book publishing technique of dissemination is woefully inadequate. So all that has been written and released in that form to date is to be considered mere preparatory exercise. A treasured result, but neither final nor certainly not optimal.

There remain significant levels of concern and responsibility were this project to be proceeded with, which relate to housing of the database and maintenance and funding. These are not insurmountable nor should ever be perceived as such. There is a groundswell of appreciation of grass-roots spirituality and this is one such product. Therefore funding at the national level through taxpayer funding is an appropriate mechanism although it will require some benefactors. But we feel confident that these can be found once the project is established. Funding in perpetuity is the ideal. A novel mechanism is required. We neither will nor can specify that but we will provide what pointers we may.

Given the international reach of the project as conceived and as enabled by Greenstone technology, it constitutes an optimal platform representative of the intentions of the software platform initiators. To that extent, to involve the platform designers and their connections at the level of the UN is one possible path by which a non-aligned, non-traditionally supported yet organised representation of contemporary spirituality could be seen to be convenient, from the perspective taken from an organisation whose capacity and intention for international reach is global. But that is merely one far-distant consequence. There are many obstacles to that, and yet it is a logical consequence of the intention from our level.

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