20060601 prcjlogrb tenderness_protective lionlike entity

1/06/2006 prcjlogrb tenderness_protective lionlike entity


P What about you, Richard?

R I'm not aware of anything apart from a very strong crown chakra activity which started just as soon as we started (to meditate).

P Good.

J (put microphone on) I have with me a very feminine and gentle energy that speaks of tenderness and the value of expressing tenderness to oneself. She speaks of the value of nurturance of the child that dwells in each of us. So much is demanded externally of the adult incarnate that there is little time left to act with freedom and joy as does the child we once were. We would that you spend some time revisiting those events in your childhoods that were seminal to your development. Many other times when we recall hurts and transgressions against us and these are destructive recollections which corrode the soul. We would that you played the game of remembering those times of love and sheer delight, that gave you the joy that your souls are capable of displaying. We ask that you work to shed the dross that can disguise a warm and loving soul which is god's true gift to you in this incarnation. By allowing yourself to shine you will expand the loving energy that is yours to give to those who surround you. This is one thing we would ask of you. …

R I'm not aware of anything in particular. The crown chakra energy has diminished. I can no longer feel it. And I was indeed thinking about my childhood and a whole range of influences that have kind of sculptured me into who I am.

J Can you tell us about those?

R My father was a very quiet man. And in terms of personal relationships he didn't often raise his voice. He was very deferential to my mother who more or less ruled the household. And my mother would control my behaviour with a mixture of guilt and occasional smacking and things like that. It was a very undemonstrative family in terms of demonstrations of love – no hugging or things like that. And I spent a lot of time on my own, listening to the radio, walking around doing things that I wanted to do. And I think I learned to sense her moods particularly and became supersensitive to the way she was feeling and that's spilled over into a sensitivity to reading people's body language and voice patterns and so on to judge what they are thinking and how they are feeling. And it was mainly for my own protection that I did that.

J We wonder how our kids regard us. :-) The good times? Let us know about the good times?

R I think it was the independence . I was certainly not restricted very much in terms of outside activities and riding my bike everywhere and going and visiting friends and spending lots of time away from home during the day. So I stayed really emotionally independent or guarded and in the main, content with my own company. I feel quite comfortable talking to myself and having intelligent conversations. ;-) The only other thing is that right from a very early age I had an interest in esoteric things and healing. I was fascinated by a colour therapist I heard about when I was 8 or 10. I wrote to this person and (also) the Rosicrucian's and got stuff from them.

J What did your parents think about that?

R I don't think they used to take much notice because I used to write away for anything with a coupon in it. He'd get rung up by people wanting to sell him tractors and things like that. So these things would arrive and they didn't really care.

J So why do you think you got attracted to those sorts of things? I don't remember anybody even talking about those things when I was young!

R I think it was that I wanted to learn how to do them and be special. I think that was it. I got involved because my sisters were involved in the Church but I never really took it seriously. I felt guilty about not taking it seriously. I used to read the Bible and pray and do stuff like that. I hated it but felt I had to ;-) But there was so much of it that just didn't resonate and it was really a good thing to leave the Church behind, which Rosie and I did once we had a young family and it allowed us to move on to other things, spiritual healing and neat stuff like that.

P So you got deeper in experiential terms the further away you got from the social church?

R I guess that would be it, yeah. …

P ^We have on this occasion the facilitated contributions from every person present with the specific direction in mind to expand the capacity, willingness and sublimity of the intended expressions. There is a theme here which will become progressively more evident. This is a beginning, it will proceed in the direction of conscious, willing cooperative intention to combine the energies at the beginning of the session in such a way as to expand the opportunity for the arrival into your presence of a greater variety of identities.

It is intended that the variety of identities will manifest both known and currently unknown characters and species. Therefore be prepared for unexpected, unusual and unknown parameters of experience. This is a developmental issue of the group as a whole and we intend to maximise the utilisation of this opportunity because of the anticipated future communicative potential.

Where the experiential encountering of a diversity of identities can be vouched for from personal experience on the part of all members present then this gives a considerable increase in the capacity to be persuasive in terms of the veracity of the ancient descriptions, contaminated though they may have become over time and translation across culture. Nevertheless the opportunity exists for a reaffirmation of the veracity of manifestation of those identities still in these times.

That being the case then we begin immediately to develop that theme. For those of you who have already noticed the identity brought present coming low down from the right, there is an opportunity for dialogue with this identity if one other member wishes to do so. Please scan around yourselves, look for unexpected perturbations in the energy field around you, particularly on the lower right-hand side.

And acknowledgement is the first step.

Willingness to be open is the second step.

Willingness to interact is the third step.

Willingness to vocalise that interaction in detail is the fourth step.

And willingness to do so in the absence of fear is the necessary corollary.

R Is it appropriate to ask this entity questions?

^Whatever you wish!

R Can it describe its form and purpose?

J Richard, do you have any perception of the entity?

R No.

J What about you, Peter?

P No, not currently. Well, if I look, yes.

J And tell me what you see?

P OK. I'm getting a variety of mental impressions in the general nature of some – and these are kind of faint visual impressions of an animal of – a creature which has a face, if you like, which is reminiscent of – a kind of a creature with jaws, flared nostrils, something about teeth and kind of dragonish somehow? But I have no perception kind of deeper than that and that's probably a construct. It kind of connects with that category of image for me for some reason. A bit like the British lion; a bit like the Chinese lion creatures that currently stand for civil authority; a bit like some images I've seen of India – pagodarish creatures that guard them. So it's a bit odd. Either of you get anything along those lines?

R I thought I sensed a presence there, something in the energy field but I'm not sure.

P The sense I have is that this is a denizen of the realms that I certainly haven't personally encountered before, carrying those qualities or attributes or visual associations. I'm not sure of its capacity to communicate apart from just to make its presence and characteristics known in present time. I feel as though it's come from far off at a somewhat lower level over on the right. So it seems even though it carries those sort of images of a potentially fierce creature, it in fact feels completely benign and I don't know how to disentangle, how to assign goodness, if you like, to a creature that looks like that. Nevertheless that seems to be its nature. ^And so we introduce you to the first of such denizens, recognised and described in many cultures over many centuries. Those which have proclaimed it in terms of its characteristics sensed - benign nature, fearsome appearance yet representative of the guardian spirit, the one able to be invoked, whose protection can be sought whose character is benign and protective and yet fierce against those of contrary intent in that domain.

P (sotto voce) OK, now I get it!

^This warrior character manifested in the spiritual domain, it is the essence of protectorship. Its function is supportive to the realm of the human. It understands completely its own role and the human role and it is essentially 'other' in species terms. It is the same manifestation described in Christianity in terms of the guardian spirit, the protective angel, the identity sworn to protect those humans with whom it forms an alliance. In that sense its attention is specific, not diffuse toward the human domain. As such we have introduced it to assign that duty in your protection. There will come a time, should the experience of this group proceed to plan, when that nature will be able to be contrasted against a contrary nature and its protective actions can be observed first-hand.

So understanding that this is the initiation of the attention of this group into this category of exploration, we leave you.

J Bless you and thank you for your attention.

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