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J I’ve just been having a discussion about ego, and that it’s very much an element to be overcome before we can advance spiritually. They asked me what I wanted to do and why I wanted to do it, and incredibly there’s an element of ego in all of it, isn’t there! I’m reminded of the admonishment at the [platform mediumship training] meetings [we used to attend] at Sanctum House, to leave the ego’s at the front door.

[Q Which meaning? a) An inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others; b) Your consciousness of your own identity; c) (psychoanalysis) the conscious mind {See: WordWeb dictionary)]

J I have someone with me who wishes to engage in discourse on the characteristics of frivolity.

^We have given you pause to turn over this term in your minds, and allow access to your minds of the connotations inherent in this particular term. Many are the times we have witnessed you engaging in a degree of frivolity, which brings forth ease and relaxation, which we regard as essential for the opening of the soul.

We wish to contrast this lightness of spirit with its opposite of intensity and constriction of the spirit by such an alternative. Those who approach life with a mindset of intensity are closed to the input of light and love, which is facilitated by frivolity and its cohort, felicity. Your time on this planet is indeed an arduous task when compared to the existence within the spirit realm, for you are constantly confronted with conflict arising from the clash of ego inherent in human association. It can be a wearisome task.

We take this opportunity to remind you to smile, and in so doing, you relax all your muscles, and you generate an energy of loving kindness that puts those around you at ease and facilitates positive interactions. We leave you now, for there are others who would come and speak with you on other matters relevant to the questions which you have put foremost in your minds.

R [I saw] A very tall being coming in on the right-hand side and behind, and somehow either enfolding me or ? Something like that.

J Wonderful. Thank you.

R But …

J What do you mean, “but” !! ;-)

R I didn’t have any other inspiration or anything other than that.

J That’s enough, isn’t it?

R I don’t know.

P I registered the presence of some tall ones over in your direction. I felt the presence of some very warm energy over my head earlier on, then it went away again.

J We bid you welcome and ask if you would speak with us?

Through Peter

^This evening is an occasion for celebration, for it is the crossing point, nexus, occasion of transition for two of three members, in this instance the male members present, of the delivery last week of the acknowledgement for the man Richard by the enfoldment within gold was the precursor of an enhanced condition of instantaneous awareness continuously, were he to look more often, for the presence with him of those who have been there for very long, but now in a more unmistakeable way.

And so a manifestation of this quality of energy is a turning point for that individual so as to enhance his capacity to, without undue humility, without shrinking from the role, without declining to acknowledge the presence within him of the spirit more often than he customarily allows himself to register them, but that this will be frequently unmistakeable from this point forwards and permit the progressive production of the elements of his art in the capacity he has engendered for so long, which is the humorous and wise storytelling – the bard role. Sometimes irascible; mostly funny; occasionally acerbic; always impassioned. And this provokes an opportunity to expand those aspects into more fun-filled and yet prolific output into a form which has the capacity and intrinsic worth to be enjoyed by many.

This represents a long-term opportunity and that opportunity includes the generation of enormous pleasure in its production.

And so in due time it will be an opportunity to share those things with grandchildren, and outside the family to the extent you may wish. So there is a storehouse full ready for transfer, and on the occasions everyday when ten minutes can be set aside for the opportunity for short chapters in an ongoing not only monologue, but also dialogue with the spiritual giver. So that is the first acknowledgement and celebration. The second acknowledgement and celebration relates to the individual through whom we speak, so as to acknowledge the transition in process in this moment in the reconditioning of that life to a more harmonious and joy filled not only transition but arrival into a more congenial class of work. With the major financial obstacle removed, there can now be no obstacle to productive capacity to similarly generate material for others, as is presently present and ongoing, and also to move into a realm of paid work which is more naturally suited to his temperament and predilections.

So it is also an occasion for celebration.

The unerring nature of change in the ordinary life, where it is not blocked nor diverted nor avoided, but welcomed with open acceptance of the potential that it may bring to transform the life into the chosen path for the life plan, these events bring, although some stress, some accommodation of change, the opportunities are optimally freely chosen, willingly accepted and embraced with love. We note that that is the case in these two instances, so we celebrate with you, and in joy, the occasion of these events.

R … and down my back and up to my head. I’ve been enlightened … a certain lightness, a light touch on my shoulders, perhaps.

J That’s what I perceived. That there is an entity behind you with their hands on your shoulders or in your aura in that area around your shoulders & upper arms, transferring energy.

R It’s very pleasant.

J I feel we’ve been asked to focus on our connection with the natural realm

^We would that you take yourselves mentally into the depths of a NZ forest, with which you are each so intimately familiar. It is not difficult for you to perceive the tone of light that filters sparingly through the canopy. It is not difficult for you to sense the moistness of the earth enriched with leaf litter, nor is it difficult for you to perceive the under-storey of soft fernlike growth and the rich carpet of moss that is characteristic of a natural flora of this truly gifted land. See before you the buttressed roots of those forest giants which form that habitat of so many of those nature spirits with whom we have requested you become familiar. You may perceive them but slightly, but their function is to transfer processed energy to those living creatures who dwell within this realm.

Those living with the strongest connection to the earth are those with the root systems able to directly access that incoming energy, which is transferred through various conduits, the main forms of which are human beings. Those other creatures who inhabit the realms of fauna are assisted in their access to this energy through the devic forms. See your native regions as energetic systems, functioning interdependently throughout these forms, and look on with awe at the majesty and complexity of such creation.

Feel yourselves spiritually enlightened. Feel yourselves surrounded by energy that you are now able to transmits through your healing process to other parts of the world which dwell in more arid climes. We would see you join together for this activity.

(Joined hands in healing mode until ending.)


P I went into this forest space full of these trees. In many of the trees devas peeked out & then went back. The place was crawling with them! I sensed such a concentration.

J And other things. I sensed those really heavy spiders webs. I perceived a lot of those sorts of things.

R Like Mirkwood in The Hobbit.

J I was delighted. Richard, for the past two weeks they have been urging you to recognise their presence, and say something like “it feels like …, or I felt that …, which is exactly what you did tonight! There seemed to be a lot of connectivity tonight, so thank you all.

R I saw devas as little elf-like things, little lights like Tinker-Bell lights.

J That’s fair enough. A lot of other people see them like that too! There’s got to be something in it.

R It’s really hard to tell what’s real and what’s make-believe.

P I think there is a difference between seeing and imagining things, and you can tell by noticing whether you willed it or not. If you had no intention to imagine it, accept it as a genuine manifestation, and put away the doubt. Because if you haven’t willed it, it’s not your creation.

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