20100526 prc in the still of the night

26/05/2010 prc in the still of the night


^We would have your attention.

In the rested condition within the night is the only reliable time at which the inner voice can be responded to and heard clearly. Having come to the end now by some days of the extended retreat, there continues to be the opportunity and necessity for extensive and ongoing dialogue and monologue. We need you to know this: even though the text is finalised, it is not really complete.

There are many aspects to be spoken of. And the depth and detail of such speaking cannot be conveyed reliably during an ordinary day.

That is why it is important to expect to be woken at times such as this in the night when it is quiet, when the emotional atmosphere is quiet. And by that we mean the astral atmosphere.

So these are the realms and times from which most of the research quality material, the analysis, the commentary and the conclusions will come.

Do not forget this. The work is our work more than it is your work. The text is our text more than your text. And you know this and you understand it well, yet you lapse into complacency. And we are not concerned, because the working relationship is familiar. Nevertheless we take this moment to say these things.

That is all that is necessary to comment at this time. Remain alert, and all will be well.

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