20060517 prcjlo significant working group against materialism

17/05/2006 prcjlo significant working group against materialism


Prcjlogrb 20060517 Through Janet:

^You have the skills and articulation to unite yourselves in an energetic field which will enable closer connection with those who would come to speak with you. In order to do this we remind you of the necessity to invoke divine protection, insulating yourselves against the intrusion of those spirits who come with lower intent.

We ask that you visualise yourselves individually as being surrounded by a cocoon of bright while light that comes to you from the higher realms. Imagine this light as coming to you through your crown chakra, and watch as it spreads downwards, encasing your head, your torso, your lower regions, and remove yourself from this and look upon yourself. See yourself encased entirely in a protective layer of white light. Rejoin yourself, and concentrate on extending your surrounding light further out from your physical bodies. See it extending forwards and approaching that aura of those who are working with you. Watch as the margins of this light meet with those of the others. Watch how it melds and moves laterally, combining to form a sphere of protection around the three of you. Concentrate now on moving this layer of protection further outward, so that the light projects further into those other spheres of existence, so that those who come from the high realms are cognisant of your intention to speak with them, and to learn from this interaction in order to facilitate personal growth, which will be of value in the service role that you offer to others within your community.

Sit now, and visualise yourselves in this space. Feel the warmth of the divine glow that has been extended to create your protection. Look now to the outer edge of your circle of light and see the faces of those who have come to keep you company.

Through Peter:

^We come on this occasion to facilitate your joining together into an effective working team. This triumvirate of dedicated individuals, who see as part of their life path the activation of their ascension in practical terms, as well as theoretical and passive. The willingness that you show to engage directly in these activities, and we emphasise the active role in this, serves to alert us and others that there is the potential for a significant working group, through which may be given information antagonistic to the current mindset of materialistic profligacy, (and) consumption as a way of avoiding your Self.

The automatic forgetting which is the necessary corollary of embodiment, is something which is ultimately permeable to the individual’s will. Should any individual succeed in generating sufficient intention, then that is sufficient cause for that individual to obtain access to their own direct perception about the nature of the domain in which they live and have their being, as distinct from their body. So we come to acknowledge your willingness to act in these ways on not only the personal but also the group level, and not only the private group but also the public and community level. So we divulge to you our intentions, our preferences, in response to your actions in these direct ways, to seek that which is available to you as of right, just because you wish it.

The communication of this capacity on the part of every individual, is an activity which is progressively to become more welcomed, as those whose curiosity is stimulated by the progressive transition from a cultural centre of absorption in the physical domain, into a cultural centre of, not absorption into the spiritual, but willingness to be open to that possibility, and we see for you a facilitative role in that transition. And that is the extent of the role. No more is expected than that. There is no possibility of failure. There is only opportunity, to the degree to which you decide to extend yourselves by your attention and activity. So we formulate with you, we communicate with you, we encourage and participate and vaingloriously confide in you to the extent which you desire. And that unusual term is worthy of a little discussion.

This activity could be, and often has been, a matter of vanity, the magnification of the self-esteem of the individual through conspicuous performance in some domain of community. That is not our intention in facilitating your process for this role. We would focus rather more on the glorious aspect in its traditional meaning, by which we refer to the traditional descriptions of the glory of god. Now this is a term which has come through a long period of history, and represents merely the desire on the part of those who have communed with those in spirit at high levels, to convey some measure of feeling that they developed as a result of that communicative effort. The attributions that have been made, and the accumulated misconceptions that have accrued around that term, is one of the minor aspects which are useful to understand, concerning the performative distinctions on the feeling level gainable through this activity. So yes, it can feel glorious and wonderful, and warm and rewarding. To feel special, in any degree, is to excite the potential to magnify one’s vanity.

And so we address this issue at this time in this way, to once again make plain that our intention is to manifest some information which may be of interest to some people. And for those many others for whom it is of no interest, there need be no concern to attract their attention. Therefore, in the sharing of this information, and prior to that, the sharing that this information is available, it is completely appropriate to work through networks, by conversation, by sharing with any person at any time who feels right. That the temptation be completely avoided to widely and openly publicise this process which we are contemplating participating in through you and with you.

So we merely intend by these words to make our preferences known, and the background reasons for that, as to the mode of advertising of the opportunity which you present directed towards others.

R Vain-glorious – I must look that word up, it's delightful – and the vanity of feeling special are pertinent to me and something I've thought about because I have a touch of the performer about me, the one that wants to be upfront and performing and receiving accolades and so on. And I think the words that you brought through, Peter, have made clear that that is not what it's about. And that's good to know, good to have that confirmed. And that is a service role.

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