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25/08/2012 prc vip14 matapaua site as model location



Have slept well apart from misinterpreting, I think a sound in the night as the mouse and got up to check.

But this morning I feel rested, calm and at peace. An image I had just before rising was of a large room artfully decorated to represent the vastness of agapéic space (and the map of its e=ha^2 contour); and concretising group member's understanding by distributing them throughout such a space as representing differing levels of agapéic frequency, hierarchy and willingness to bequest agape. Having them sit on the floor, squat, stand or stand on chairs would enable hierarchy distinction. At the room front or back for A-frequency and left or right for WtbA, with the apex of the life destination in the front left being the transition point to the clear light. Although that is not true but a construct, of course. (And perhaps it should be reconstructed into a rightward exit? Because that graph model was constructed long before any delivery or understanding of the WtbA as left/right information. That would be consistent with my perception of imagery associated with the departure somewhat rightward of the stroppy girl into the cavernous tunnel space).

An alternative would be an outdoor venue to get a better impression of size, but speech communication over the distances implies some technology use - walkie-talkies or similar. Probably impractical. But cheaper than a building? What about this Matapaua site? The difficult terrain could be ideal! The swamp at the bottom, the exit top-left! (or right)

Get RAW photos this fine day. cf: graph e = h x a^2

This has felt approved of as an opportunity. Felt chilled, sat and got:


I've just finished thinking of or realising plans of this site as a potential location for instructing individuals in a large-scale representation of agapéic space.

^We come in this instance to convey more than this. The opportunity is more than just a whimsy or mental exercise.

The scale of this site is suitable. The photographic and terrain modelling can be instructive, including cross- sections of the terrain in profile and a superposition on that of the e=ha^2 function by which to give a concretisation in image as well as imaginary form of the terrain being referred to in our construct of agapéic space.

It requires in fact a model of this size. The room-based example was indicative and a preparatory alternative but the physical dimensions of this site, being quite large in relation to the body size, enables a better appreciation of the magnitude of the terrain to be covered in agapéic space through development in nature, that is, in not personality but Dao-consciousness nature, because this is an exercise for the indwelling spirit, to use those terms, or the Dao-consciousness node, to so alter its intrinsic reality and functioning as to naturally occupy a different location in this domain, that is, the agapéic space domain.

And so we would expand on that by providing a conceptual link. It is a false link, but it is a second layer of representation whereby the agapéic space model can be overlaid with the agapéic frequency model as a whole. That is, representing the development of consciousness not only through the formation of a node of Dao-consciousness and then its painful ascent through the processes of fragmentation and then reintegration through the layers and levels of learning in order to eventually arrive at the apex of union.

This is a false construct as we have said but it nevertheless represents the journey of the soul, to use that phrase. And so the dual function can be applied in the sense of the arrival at god-head.

Recalling that the dimensions applicable would have to made more explicit. It is on that model that the e=ha^2 applies more strictly for the range of spirit-sphere location in local astral space, to which we were earlier referring in relation to the Matapaua site, is a mere subset of the whole.

These mental manipulations of spaces and axes are beyond the mental capacity of many individuals. Therefore to have a dual representation clearly delineated one from the other is to maximise the potential of this site for its physical visualisation opportunity, from the imaginal visualisation opportunity of agapéic space in the local realm during embodiment, from the imaginal representation of the whole of existence. One is a metaphor for the other and metaphors are indicative, not true, because they are mere models with a greater or lesser degree of concretisation possible within the realm of the mind of the individual perceiver.

There are other locations which could be utilised. (One Tree Hill in Ak?) This rather inaccessible site has some potential. It could be used in that way. It is not required. That is all.

The poxy mouse ate my All-Bran I left on the bench And rice Clearly, nothing is safe from its ravages. I should love it. But I don't !! :-)

I took my camera to photograph the hillside and also helped John from two houses away who is proposing road modifications to ease his access. The hill site is ~200m elevation at the road summit, ~500m in profile.

11:45 Have finalised mouse debris clean-up, vacuumed the house & washed and returned everything to the pantry. Boiled packaged tomato soup and consumed it. Only 18yr? past its use-by date. I presume I will survive.

I sunbathed then walked up the hill in the sunshine then back along the beach. The sand moves so much! Every tide reconfigures it to some degree.

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