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Interestingly, there remain several sets of connection to realms lower than this as well as those to a higher level. I've just been informed that this is a test of introspection and have felt invited to accept input from those low levels rather than the higher self or beyond and have declined as usual. The challenge is therefore to seek out and eliminate those connections to the past and to low levels. (sought and cut those connections) And I feel some grief at loss of that history. …

And it felt as though the light just came back. A sense of a sudden increase in illumination internally, especially on the left side. It seems to be a multi-stage subtle process of releasing. I guess a progressive exercise in detachment. (The increased light) from willingness to be here now and nowhere else. I wonder if my life stance of being future-oriented is motivated by a desire to escape from the past?

^And now we can speak. The detachment is a necessary precursor to understanding who one is in the present moment. If the present moment is fully accepted to be all that one can be, because the future is not now and although aspirations for the future may be present, they do not change the composition of the fact of the present condition. Therefore one can only act with what and who one is in this present moment, aspirations notwithstanding.

Therefore to come into a condition of desire for the future is not wrong, merely an inappropriate bias in expectation.

The capacity to be contented is linked to this. Where there is deep-seated discontent through a desire to transcend the present moment, then one necessarily is incapable of being contented, let alone happy in the present moment.

The urge for transformation is one expression for such discontent. The phrase 'divine discontent' is the expression of the capacity and the desire to transform in the image of and focussed towards transformation not of the present vehicle so much as the illumination from the node of Dao-consciousness of an awareness that a vector exists which points towards the opportunity of becoming.

That term 'becoming' defines a path of change. It normally is an expression of the desire to change in the direction of enhancement. And what is not usually recognised is that that comprises the information-gathering process inherent in every incarnation, driven from the node of Dao-consciousness by which to acquire sets of information comprising the aggregated lifetimes of experience from which to eventually harvest wisdom through the aggregation and assimilation process of uploaded lifetime information contents. Expressed in this way, the accretion value can be to increase the spectrum of experience by which to make more expansive the opportunity-set for action, based on progressively increased experience.

There is no inherent bias in that towards wise acting or the investigation of perverse domains of experience, as that is just as valid and just as necessary in acquiring an overall balance in acquired information. So recognising that to explore challenging experience and even thoroughly perverse experience is just as valid and therefore just as validly acknowledged as so-called explorations of goodness.

Both are necessary because otherwise bias results. Bias either towards some data-sets or away from some data-sets. A condition of balance therefore necessarily includes an understanding of perverse outcome as well as understanding benificent outcome. And it is only once both poles of such data-sets have been experienced and expressed and integrated that the individual can move towards expression and action on the societal level rather than performance-related personal experience.

So of the 300 or so lifetimes experience typically accrued prior to within-life tendency to recall other lifetimes of experience, there is by that stage sufficient experience to bring such a tendency towards a balanced perspective. By the 800th life or thereabouts, that tendency is well anchored and automatically expressed and forms a foundation of certainty within the identity from which to enact lifetimes engaging the higher levels of performance and responsibility. And particularly, responsibility for others. And so in both war and peace, the experienced individual at that level has and normally expresses the capacity to lead and are routinely recognised by those around them for their capacities to lead a community towards their best future.

And so it is in this particular individual, who is not yet at that stage.

P Mm. Seems to be that.

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