20191017 prc Hot oil scars

^The sensitisation resultant upon emergence of awareness concerning the origins of the burnt skin, is an example of the way in which ancient experience conditions tendencies in the current life in a variety of ways. In this instance, a desensitised skin surface over a large portion of the body area, which has progressively increased over time, to the consternation and debilitation of the sex life and general sensitivity and leading to explicit dissatisfaction. It was thereby rendered appropriate to resurrect memory through
, in such a way as to reverse that ancient desensitisation and the present corollary of that.
The death was slow and the burns horrible. The attack was at your behest, nevertheless, a willing party and enthusiastic supporter for the prospect of ill-gotten gains. Theft as a servant is little different, as theft by attack promotes even greater opportunity for plunder.
These escapades, sometimes earning your death, have been powerful conditioning forces in your contemporary capacity for restraint, both emotional and physical. It is appropriate to release these now. The lessons have been learned; the boundaries have been strengthened; the awareness of law as a driver of behaviour in society has become much more appreciated and the expectations of wealth by illicit gain is essentially extinguished.
Others are not so withheld and the ex-wife is an example.
Having emerged much more fully into memory, the pattern can now be released and the skin will quickly recover. The sensitivity is likely to remain but that is your choice. Having become numbed over such a large percentage of the body surface will take some time to become accustomed to.
Of course it may be exploited or ignored. Yet it is a basis on which a more tender response to life can be manifest.
Take more photographs tomorrow. It is an unusual event and worthy of record. The scars have been carried for more than 300 years. Release them.
(much growling)