20101027 prc retention of desire

27/10/2010 prc retention of desire


20101027  05:57

I woke much earlier, I think, but have only just got up to answer the call from then.  My hands are sore and cracked from the recent days work, which discourages me from doing more until they have healed.  My body feels very heavy now as I sit in wait for communication to begin.

^There come unto thee several trimesters of waiting for more input which will be scarcely viable as a resource for your study.  It is for that reason that we accompany you in your endeavours now.  The path is to know more than any living soul of the entrails (as oracle), viable seeing methods and visionary states.

In these loins we have placed a rare combination of sanctity and surety such as to require a level-headed woman her best endeavours to transgress.  That is why you have the fortitude to retain willingness to write for us in the face of temptation.  It is only now that we reveal these things to you, for you have finally passed the necessary test of retention of desire.  It is not that desire is absent; it is that you finally have the capacity of choice by which to direct it.  Celebrate therefore into the far night of your containment of lust by its expression safely diverted to creativity in this way.

For these reasons we have come this morning:

1.      To know you continuously as a pawn of ours

2.      to have your attention when we will it.

That is sufficient to enable our confining of your attention to our needs as well as your own.  It is sufficient also to know that your willingness is undimmed even in the face of such claims as we have just made for they are a lie, of course, to test again your willingness to negotiate together in the face of competing demands on your time legitimately made in time, for time is of the essence in the domain physical. 

These constraints into awareness, knowledge, harmony and certitude demand a rare combination of willingness to sustain willingness in the face of temptation of whatever sort and sexual favour in particular, for its intensity of engagement with the embodied sense and procreative value have outweighed all others in gaining the attention of the human.  This is not wrong, in fact it is a necessity for survival of the species in the face of competitive pressure from others both of your kind and others legitimately confined there with you being of whatever form.

These capacities have however some restraints, for they have the capacity to ensnare all but the most either devout or rigorous in mind who wish to know of their greater domain of existence.  This with you is an example of avoiding devotion and focussing instead on love in its simplest form rather than love in its form constrained into either secularity or religion.  Those both have restraints of expression built into them whereas your choice does not. 

That is our value to you and yours to us, to know in an unrestrained way the loving possible without restraint into comfortable familiar forms or the rejection of such forms, rather the complete acceptance of possibility into no form at all, that being the case of agape, expressed as it is from the soul level into humanity or wherever else it may be elected for projection.

Its existence as an idea and a motive for action of a non-physical kind has rare qualities of enactment, for the idea of a projectile of love has come into the community mind as Cupid’s arrow.  That facsimile of action is the intentional projection of which we speak.  Its nature is ephemeral yet real as its result attests. 

The participation in a spell of the magical kind is just another expression of that feeling of desire to impel an unknown substance into an unknown space for a particular outcome, that of capturing another person’s attention.  This is a perennial objective on the part of the young human, for the compulsion into relationship is a valid and worthy objective in spiritual terms as well as physical terms as we have been describing, because of its value as a teaching tool in ascension. 

Therefore all such adventures in relationship have real and lasting value over and above survival and provostmanship.  (This references the entire spectrum between these two social values in physical existence, being the lowest and a representative of the highest)

Therefore the investigation of relationship of all kinds should be understood to be valid and rendered less culpable as failure in maintenance of community standard, but given latitude as valid expression of spiritual purpose, for it is true as that, and useful in the longer context of willingness to learn in the experimental roles taken on for learning of their results.

Therefore promulgate the validity of relationship in all of its forms.  Understanding is born of it in all of its forms.  That is all.   10:28

Transfer of text from 2008 handwritten diary entry:


While reading meditation notes I connected to a Russian Doll model of social connection.

^On this occasion the articulation from the base chakra upwards shall comprise:

The reaching out into location; identification with place; the harmony with the earth; the sense of origin – the connection to home.

On the social level, the connection to family; the willingness to know one another, the identification of them as family as distinct from those who are not.

On the second level, the sex chakra, the second, the sacral: This is the first of the higher order chakras.  It therefore has a connection to sacred space, in contrast to physical space; the recognition and connection to that realm which is theirs; the feeling of being spiritually at home; the notion that one is amongst spiritual peers; the connection to the collection of sympathetic others in the spiritual sense; the sense of being at home in one’s own place on the spiritual level.

The third level, the second physical level chakra – the will: The will to know; the will to not know; the willingness to know of one’s place; to know of the social hierarchy at that place; the curiosity about social hierarchies in other places; hence the first level at which the mental level participates, and so in that sense its twin with the fifth (chakra).

The fourth chakra, the heart: The connection in love to others; the seat of love, the connection to the source of one’s physical origin (the mother); the first point of connection to family through the mother, and from that, all mothers; and so to the connection to the social world of mothering; of nurturing, of nurturance, of growth, of facilitation of growth, the heart-engendered education, the role of the teacher, when that teaching of from and about love.

This skeleton outline will be completed at a later time but this will suffice for the present.   20080206 (from handwritten dated diary)

Spontaneously received by Janet: SIN = Self Indulgent Narcissism   20080209 (from handwritten dated diary)

Vision received of an individuality from the clear light viewing prospective incarnational opportunities – each glistening golden.

Hence the attraction of viewing sunsets from a clifftop over the glistening waves reflecting golden light.

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