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^We feel the time is right for an explicit description of the entire delivery of this transmission of what could be claimed as a fresh start in order to demystify and de-sanctify the description of the order of existence from which the human comes into the physical form.

What is not commonly understood is that from the perspective of the normal domain of existence of the human, that to come from there into physicality could be described as a very special excursion into a very strange place in which one will be tested again and again by developing some degree of command and control over an alien monster, meaning the physical body. And not only that, one is then expected, as part of the available role for its development into competence of negotiating not only the alien territory but the alien social compass as well as moral compass by which to attempt to bring under control the apparently nonsensical impulses derived from within that organism.

The completely foreign nature of that organism at the outset usually means that there is little comprehension of its imperatives or at least apparent imperatives and only after some considerable exposure to the social milieu occupied in a way apparently normal to it, that sufficient understanding arrives by which to temper and moderate the impulses derived from within what has become one's own lower mind.

This perspective then raises the question – if this organism is so strange and foreign, what are the explicit benefits to be obtained so as to justify this invasion, one could construe it as, of an alien mind? And the justification goes something like this.

The history of all such incursions into foreign territory shows that the challenges confronted and overcome lead to a depth of understanding of the domain of morality and honesty and integrity and supervisory responsibility and the potential for herd management of a species, no matter which one, whereby is obtainable the class of benefits that the human considers as a product of travel. That is, to encounter alien races, foreign conceptions, unknown territory, peculiar custom and thereby potentially expand one's sense of understanding the territory of existence to a radically enhanced degree, thereby to expand one's narrow perspectives from the parochial to the global. To expand one's acceptance of others who look different externally and to expand one's knowledge of cultures with entire histories which condition their present into a degree of difference from one's own.

And so the sophisticated multi-cultured world citizen is generally believed to and usually does exhibit degrees of capacity to love all others in a non-judgemental way, based on secure understanding of difference and acceptance of codes of conduct which would otherwise seem foreign and derisible.

And so it is in a similar manner, the result that an identity making the excursion from the class of experience confined only to what is commonly termed the spiritual domain, that is, the condition of origin of the natural identity at the node of Dao-consciousness level, that when they return from, in a permanent way, having encountered radically different behaviour and consequences and having their understanding stretched in previously unimaginable dimensions and to degree beyond their comprehension, that that world traveller usually having lived multiple existences in many locations on the planet in question, and speaking only of this one, they are thereby imbued with a tolerance based on first-hand experience of not merely encountering for a few days a foreign culture, but very commonly living entire lifetimes within that different culture and then another and then another, all different from one another, that their natural understanding and expectations come into a condition whereby they are not surprised by any human action, because they understand the embodied human in all of its range of discursive thought, of impassioned action, of dwelling in emotional bliss and the limits of its capacity to both be violent and to love.

That thereby so extends the understanding of that node of Dao-consciousness and not just at the level of the fragment but of the unified whole, as to bring under its command wisdom. Because a wise person is one who has experienced much.

Now from this perspective of the disembodied precursor to and product of repeated embodiment, there are some things which are appropriate to say concerning the perspective properly adopted.

The first is that in the same way as that it is inappropriate to define the zone of occupancy of the human as so special as to be revered, and so revered as to be placed a pinnacle of consideration, and so positioned on that pinnacle to be paid obeisance to and bowed down before and venerated in awe and wonder, it is just as nonsensical to do those same things to the zone of natural occupancy of that same person in its natural home.

And so we seek to level the playing field, to use that convenient metaphor, whereby it is exactly understood that there is a lateral movement from the domain of occupancy in the non-physical zone into the physical zone and then to return out of that back into the non-physical zone. And it is appropriate to emphasize that there is no essential difference. It is best modelled by a level playing field. And we would refer again to the image and metaphor of life under that canopy diffusing the higher energy light into the zone of occupancy of the human in the 25-35 range of agape frequency. And that that canopy exists at that level of 35 on that scale. And that it is spread over an enormous flat area, well-illuminated and richly nurtured by that all-encompassing light. And it is imaged as flat precisely to place all species of life on the same level.

So by this we seek a fresh start in the metaphors applicable to human existence, defining the human as the node of Dao-consciousness fragment who elects for its own benefit to accompany and enliven and eventually direct the lower mind consciousness within the human body. And when this is understood, issues of equality become essential issues of equal treatment, equal law, equal behavioural expectations, equal respect, equal distribution of those parameters which support the human struggle for understanding of its proper place in relation to the zone of occupancy from whence they come and equal normality to the transfer into a condition of return from this realm of the embodiment. And that those things be broadly understood in such a way as to address accumulated misunderstanding whereby the perception of the status of being what can be loosely be defined as spiritual existence, is brought back down to earth in the most metaphorical of senses.

This is our recommendation. What is done, of course, is entirely up to each individual. And that merely comprises equal respect for freewill. From this fresh beginning, we wish the best for each intrepid traveller and that they safely return better informed from their journey.

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