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^We would indeed wish for some time in turmoil-free conversation. The judgement of your friend Janet is indeed apropos of some of our concerns, and we applaud her attempts to communicate with you in a fashion that is both gentle and concerned, for we have our own category of concern that the material be properly received, which it is.

So she need not be concerned in her turn, for it is specifically designed to appeal not to the lay person of limited capacity to understand such things, but the highest minds who may ever regard it with any favour. For were it to seem too easy for them they would find it correspondingly easy to dismiss. So do not despair in any sense that it should be couched in different terms, for were that the case it would be. As we have already demonstrated, we can deliver whatever is appropriate to any level we choose, as matched to the audience required to be influenced by it, and the small story of recent times was an example.

The language is clear and complete and abstruse and difficult to follow to those who have not mastered it in legalistic and theoretical terms as befits philosophical texts concerning generalities. Should any other level be required according to our preferences or awareness of opportunities, then that shall be delivered forthwith. That is not in the plan for some time to come, however, as a corpus of theoretical material is required first to help establish a compendium addressing these domains in a way adequate to compel attention amongst a few readers. Those readers are currently not at the stage of mastery, and at the stage of this man’s demise will have risen to positions of influence in several remote societies, and thereby be able to contrive to sway international opinion a little. This is part of an ongoing war on behalf of those in spirit who would humanise humanity from the deepest theoretical levels upwards, so as to create opportunities for all those changes yet to come which will establish with more certain inclusiveness the spiritual impulse as unquestionably legitimate.

Such is not currently the case, and it is our task to facilitate that. _____ Shortly after sharing this with her, then doing some energy work with her because she was feeling very drained, Janet remembered that I had killed her by hitting her over the head with a piece of wood during some altercation. So we have killed each other. I felt such love for her as she was telling me that.

But she seemed to be under psychic attack, as I saw something detach from her as I streamed healing to her, and in the morning she said she had also sensed that then, and also later.

What is going on with her please?

^We come on this occasion to ameliorate the effects of our intervention in her interests. She has the potential to do exactly that to others as well, yet she refrains from that in all circumstances. In her favour is a long history of continuous psychic development that has culminated in her present capacity. Occasionally it overwhelms her, and she needs more rest than most people. So be not alarmed, but keep reminding her of her willingness as it abates from time to time. Protection is essential for her, and we provide that, with judicious lapses as then, in order to remind her of her sensitivity and vulnerability and the genuine requirement for her to take care of herself. She is not in danger, as we would tell you if she were, and also her of course. But self-protection is a requirement in this work, as there are always those who would interfere given the chance. See she does not forget this requirement. Rest now, as we have more work for you tomorrow.

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