20160101 prc priorities

1/01/2016 prc priorities



^Now we can proceed after a settling period.

The essential tasks for 2016 are as follows:

The completion of the driveway.

The completion of the entranceway.

The completion of the carpeting after sealing the concrete floor.

The arrangement of the electronics.

The arrangement of the electrics and heating.

Once these things are done then the space will be usable and we initiate the utilisation by presenting intentions to conduct meditation trainings. The initial courses will be small, of course, and it is merely an opportunity to fine-tune the presentation. Subsequent courses will slowly grow in size and popularity. There is nothing untoward in this. It is to be expected and commercial. The reputation takes time to establish and a community through which it is conveyed.

The opening should feature Heidi Cramb's award for the second degree of enlightenment and yours.

There is no specified order in which these things should be done for it is obvious. Of more significance is the attitudes brought to the construction of these things, including course management and financing. The woman Claire will seek to engage. It is better that she does not. The woman Paula is better suited to the role of financial custodian.

The lighting changes are of little consequence. Computer task lighting will be adequate. A dimmer is available and it can be used.

Painting is irrelevant in the early stages. The utilisation of the velvet silk fabric can comprise a wall hanging with illumination directed towards it in a suitable pattern.

There is no necessity for projections other than these few things.


^There are other aspects to be considered. The first of these is

the continuation of the meditation practice;

the participation with the Vipassana group;

the ongoing advice to the international community through the website;

the ongoing liaison with Keith Hill;

the participation with the local meditation group at this venue; and

the liaison with friends and relatives.

The site modifications will continue to tax the physical organism. The damage done so far is not trivial and must be healed before undertaking serious further work. This is the reason for the stimulus into medical intervention.

The meditation practice is best explicitly continued both in isolation and jointly with the loved other. Her practice has lapsed and it is only likely to be re-stimulated by direct association with this one.

The meditation group is best precipitated again in 3 weeks and it is best advised to the individual participants thereof.

In due time there can be a second attempt to initiate a meditation group at the retirement village containing Heidi Cramb. But her stamina is decreasing and her estrangement from the practice increasing, so it is verging on unlikely that that proposal will form into a functional group. The Theosophical Society comprises a major distraction. It is now in capable hands other than your own. Nevertheless to participate with that group is to retain links to a small community of interested others.

To function as on a retreat at the time the loved other travels again to Australia will enable more explicit material to be delivered concerning further specification of the distinctions between the variety of perceptions and the language appropriate to the various phenomena and presumed identities. It is our intention to synthesise a new language and to analyse traditional language from the various religions so the contributions made from the mystics can be reinterpreted in the light of this transmission.

P That sounds like fun.

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