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20/05/1997 prc god vs god



>We wish to speak.

P Go ahead.

>There are amongst you many who will learn to ‘speak with their lord’ as you may phrase it. The way to do this is to sit in meditation and listen and ask for guidance while one remains quiet internally. Getting quiet internally is part of the problem, but there have been many perfectly adequate books written on meditation to achieve the quiet state that it is not necessary to go into that process now. Suffice to say that the process of ‘talking to god’ is not commonly spoken of as a potential outcome of that process. Therefore we wish to emphasise that aspect now.

When one has begun the self-assigned task of speaking and listening within specifically as a way to assign relevance and importance to the resulting conversations, one may hear worthwhile dialogue precisely because that expectation has been defined by you to your higher aspect, the ‘spark of god’ within. When one has defined that as an expectation, it alerts the communicative channel controller within, that there is significance and importance going to be attached to the outcome of the communicative attempts, so they should not be attributed to random fantasy, but assigned special significance precisely so as to foster a shift in the self-awareness of the individual attempting to thus communicate with their higher aspect.

It is this which constitutes the worth of the attempted process, that they should get to know more of their wholeness and full identity. Should they succeed, they will know themselves to a deeper level than before, but not necessarily to the core of their being. At the core level, they are spirit or soul, whichever term they may feel comfortable with. This aspect is the undying part, the one which comes into this physical domain to enlarge their knowing of their own nature so as to heal it towards god’s values of love and truth and light. Eternity waits at the core of the person, and they will encounter it if they would but look deeply enough.

This communicative function will take them to that deepest part if it is pursued with vigour. Also, it will take them ‘face to face’ with their guide(s), those inhabitants of the spiritual domain whose love encloses the incarnate individual with perceptual willingness to know them in their deepest aspects and loves them as they are, however they may behave in this domain; who understands their reason for being here even if the person has forgotten, which they usually have.

This loving presence is what is commonly called God with a capital ‘G’. The true ‘All that Is’ is essentially unknowable, but that does not matter. The closest representative who can be contacted is one’s personal guide, who gives impeccable advice if asked. (to be continued)

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