20191025 prc Symposium Wgtn

I'm aware that there is just one month today from the November 25 spirituality and mental health symposium in Wellington. And I've just updated my understanding of what's on offer there, by reviewing the abstracts of the symposium presenters' both major and minor presentations. And I reject the leftwards input.
I've been in significant discomfort these days with the skin-irritating rash and found it difficult to sleep and want it gone. Yet I'm aware that it is slowly progressing to recovery. And it's a reminder of my dependence on my body's ongoing health and wellbeing and resilience.
^And we would be prompted to say that resilience is the issue. There are a variety of challenges present, relational, health related, aspirational and transcendent. And the opportunity to arrive at the mental health and wellbeing symposium is to place before the community of employed workers interested in that realm, a new reference point that they can consult for themselves or recommend that others consult, so as to manifest some love toward that community. That is, the community of individuals for whom wellbeing is their challenge. And so this is nothing other than an opportunity to give service to those in need. In that respect, it is almost nothing to do with you as an individual, but more as an opportunity to find meaning by service.
In the relative vacuum of meaning and service to wellbeing currently undergone in the variety of challenges overcome and resilience exercised in your current life, and in the six month timeframe, this is the distinction between seeking opportunities to serve by collection, and recognising opportunities to serve by dissemination. And the sole purpose of attending that symposium is the opportunity to serve by dissemination. Nothing else exists there for you.
Therefore, go. And the trials of travel and return will make it seem worthwhile. The costs are not large and the money is available.
Emergence within this country of the discussion concerning a novel reference point in spirituality by mystic endeavour, will allow those who have such reference points as part of their business activity, may find it relevant. Bringing the fact of the emergence at the national level in a relevant community, is the most that can be achieved within your lifetime.
And maybe that's enough?