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J Intention not transcribed

J I have with me an entity who speaks to me and possibly to all of us.

^I express joy at the recognition of alert awareness and positive intent which has been somewhat lacking in recent times. There is much that may act to stultify one’s perceptivity, but an altered perspective from even such a slight angle is able to ameliorate one’s emotion in darkness. We welcome all of you here this night, for there are many who would speak with you, and we stand aside for this to be so.

P Is there somebody with you, Richard?

R Somebody behind me and above me. I’m not aware of getting …

P Just feel the companionship and welcome it. (perhaps in consequence of R’s putative resistance to or acknowledgement of receiving healing?)

P … and all present. The role of the healee is occasionally objected to or resisted because of the connotations that brings. When one feels adequately supported by one’s mental and physical energy, it can be slightly disconcerting to be gently stimulated into the awareness that actually one is less than optimal on the spiritual level and would be well advised to acquiesce to the energy offered. And so it is with our friend Richard, that the accustomed nature of being slightly less than optimal is habituated to and tolerated. And so there is value in being a willing recipient in these offerings of support. That remark applies to everyone present, not the least of which being this identity through whom we speak at this moment. The optimal state has the quality of a peak experience. The rarity of that is an indication of the degree to which one exists in a habitually less than optimal state and feels that that is normal, which is perfectly true, statistically speaking, but the difference being 5-10% below and the actual optimal state is sufficiently significant to render its experience extraordinary.

See therefore those things which will alert you to your functioning at a less than optimal state, and use them to encourage your seeking of those restorative measures, and it will be easier to feel at peace. That is all.

P … Are you feeling that? Like a very subtle pressure, or jostling for position (as if saying) “who’s next, me, me!!”

R I get a picture of individuals surrounding us shoulder to shoulder but with linked arms, like in a scrum.

P Yes, it was that shoulder to shoulder thing that I was picking up on. Is there somebody with you, Janet?

J Possibly.

P Welcome. I sense a very soft and gentle entity.

J He seems to want us to follow him down into a place of darkness, which is a passageway to deep within the earth beneath the roots of trees, and we are surrounded by a dampness, a strong smell of soil and leaf litter, and we follow through a passage winding deeper and deeper to a cavern structure where light emanates from what appears to be a fire, but which does not create smoke nor acrid fumes. It is here to warm us and establish a sense of security, for it is here we are to settle and experience a communicative exercise of exchange relating to relative functions between those who dwell in the upper reaches and those who dwell in Mother Earth itself. Please open your third eye to those who have come to greet us. Ask the questions you would ask.

J [this exercise?]…of necessity needs be short, so we would ask you to return to your conscious state and take the opportunity to exchange with others of your experience. Richard?

R I had all these eyes looking at me, almost like monkey creatures around in the cavern. And when I asked the question I had a booming sort of voice answer, so it was like there was something else there.

J What was the question?

R I can’t remember the first question, but I drifted off all around there, and then when I came back, the question was “what do I need to focus on towards myself?” And it was very clear, the answer was “love” Then you brought us back.

J Peter?

P There were unusual feelings. I felt a great, kind of solid peace creep over me, and seemed to go down into this space as you described, and there was this curious gently waving orange light (reminiscent of flames) which was just in space down there, no hot coals, just in space down there and I got quite close and into it, or I got close and then it spread itself through me somehow, and there were sandy brown coloured creatures, and it was very strange, because I greeted them and asked their structure and function and didn’t get any clear answers, but they seemed capable of just moving through the earth.

So they were not solid, and the earth was not solid, but they could just move through it with complete ease, and I felt myself doing that, which was a really strange experience, feeling the texture of the soil pass through me.

But I tried to gather their purpose, and it didn’t seem to be like a deva which has supportive function for the vegetation, these were different. But how, I didn’t get any idea. But they seemed to have identity and some sort of purpose, but I couldn’t figure out the purpose or wasn’t open to understanding it. But it felt like a community there! So I felt like OK. maybe they’re just a kind of spiritual creature whose natural realm is there, in the same way that we are in bodies and on the surface.

And so it was very strange, but a distinctly different kind of feel about that place and those (creatures) whatever they were. Really interesting, with a quality of solid earthiness to the feeling of merging in peace. Very strange, but distinct in the feeling. What sort of journey did you have, Janet?

J It sounds in many ways similar to yours, in that there were entities, and they spoke specifically of not having the necessity for kinaesthetic movement as we do, in that they are able to appear wherever they wish to appear without actually moving. Their function is to transform energy somehow. They don’t have to do anything, they are similar to the way we function as portals [for spiritual energy frequency transformation]. That’s their function within the earth. They have an existence that parallels ours without of course all the physical trappings, but they function within a social realm. Something of that ilk.

P So they seemed to have identity?

J Yes, definitely individual identity and intelligence.

P I’ve never seen anything like it! And did you sense a genuine cavern?

J Not the space that they occupy, but the space that we occupied so as to perceive ourselves in such a situation. I don’t imagine any of us feel comfortable about dissolving into the earth and maintaining our identity.

P As a necessary visualisation to allow the process?

J Yes.

^Indeed, another level of existence.

R So it was like discreet entities yet almost formless?

J Definitely formless.

R And with a function of energy transfer?

J Mm.

P Yes. It’s funny, the idea of formless doesn’t quite fit. No solidity in physical terms, but some sort of a shape on the energetic level.

J But no form that I could equate with anything I am familiar with.

P Probably the closest I could think of would be a gas. A blob of gas, if a gas can be a blob. But some perceptible exterior to differentiate it from the other members of the group. I thought of the Michael material, that there is of the order of 10 million ensouled species in this galaxy alone. If that was a spiritual species and normally completely invisible, then how many others are there? There might be heaps!

^We hasten to depart, in that there are others who would come to speak of more pertinent issues.

P Thank you very much for that introduction.

R Amazing!

P I’m perceiving a deva figure of the boychild kind. It’s so soft and gentle! It’s lovely.

P I’m seeing a kind of dog, up close, with the feeling of as if a bit sad, head on forepaws, being very quiet, with big liquid eyes. I don’t think it’s a dog I have known. A white and brown spanielish one. Either of you ever had a dog like that. It’s not Lizzie, Janet.

R No.

J I briefly had a Springer spaniel that fits that description, but she didn’t stay with us long.

P The space around us seems to have opened out to be quite big, in the sense that the crowd around seems to have gone. I wonder why?

R Maybe they don’t like dogs? ;-)

P My own sense is that the way has been cleared for something rather larger. ;-)

J A dinosaur, perhaps? ;-)

R I had a vision of a Gothic cathedral hall around us.

J Strangely enough I looked up Gothic in the dictionary yesterday – ‘of the Goths’. From the German in the 5-6th C. They were rather bloodthirsty, weren’t they?

P I’ve been in cathedrals of that space in Europe.

R I don’t know whether Gothic is the right word, but whereas before we were hemmed in, now there is a great expanse of towering hall around us.

P Mm. Yes, that’s the feeling I was picking up on, although I wasn’t focussing on the height of it. … there seems more light! A lot of light!

J Mm.

P Who have we here?! Are you feeling the energy change? I’m getting goose-bumps all over! I can feel it right down to my knees.

R My crown chakra’s active.

P That’s a very big presence That’ll by why the space had to open up like that. I’ve never seen a character that size before. The connotations I’m getting are of the archangel, sword-wielding, mighty, glowing, huge, 200 foot [or metres] tall, extraordinary presence! What are your impressions, Janet?

J I could visualise what you were saying, but I don’t think I was perceiving it before you expressed that. Please tell us why this entity is here?

P In response to your question, I feel like I have somebody just on my right-hand side. This is just a kind of minion, somebody to explain and interpret, or whatever. So this is not that (big) identity, I don’t believe.

^So the objective of this exercise is to note, first, the shifting boundaries in the energetic spaces created within and around you; their changing apparent dimensions in order to accommodate those who come and then go. And this is an example of the largest space which is likely to be experienced, such as is required to accommodate an identity of that magnitude.

The impression is what is genuine. The actual presence is not here, but it is as if an avatar, or equivalent, has been brought present to illustrate that level of identity, rarely seen in these domains, and figuratively rather than literally present. This is the means by which the ordinary appreciation and experience of such identities is registered, and has through history been carried into the literature of many religions.

The actual identity belongs not in these realms, but this is an educational exercise by which to bring present an energetic-level understanding of the distinction between the tiny self [boy-child deva or dog] previously present, and this large-magnitude self which exists in other realms. And so this is as if a long shadow has been cast from that class of identity, not a specific identity, from far away. And yes, they are of such stature, because you are small. Such an identity represents the intrinsic capacity of the fully realised group soul, far beyond the point of any of its components [continuing to be ] embroiled within the process of cycling in and out of physicality in the sense of incarnation. That is the product of that process. It is an eventual destination for all present, including those not physically manifested in this location at this time.

So that is your future, and we show you these things in order to bring a broader appreciation of the capacities on the individual level and on the group level, from which one can experience one’s place in the scheme of spiritual evolution. This is the function. This is the purpose, and this is the intention for which it was manifested into this place at this time.

It will be on record as a high point of this long series of meetings. It was necessary to delve within each of you in these recent weeks to enable that experience by you. It is our profound pleasure to have manifested this experience for you. Go in peace.

P The light has gone. All that extra light that came.

R … essential elements within it, and not necessarily.

P My understanding of that is when we are at this stage we are fragments, we’re a group soul which is fragmented, and when all the fragments have completed their round of incarnations, then they coalesce and then become integrated, and at the stage of full integration they then manifest those sorts of qualities and presence. They are no longer splintered at that stage.

[which is all very well to theorise about, but to have met one has rather more impact, even if it was only a representation] That was an exceptional sense of power and authority and presence. A religious person would call it a god. Is that your interpretation of that, Janet?

J Don’t know, Peter. Sorry, I was somewhere else.

P Oh yeah? Where?

J Don’t know

J Sorry. I was back with my father when he was having a heart attack. I suppose it was about 1975.

R That must have been traumatic!

J No, it was all a bit silly. Waiting for the doctor to turn up. [note the dissociation here!] I was there, it was more like I’d gone back in time.

P And what was you feeling?

J It was just an experience, not so much a feeling. I don’t know how to explain it and I don’t really want to talk about it. Sorry. It was scary. Sorry.

P I would think so! I’d probably be petrified!

J Right. What else is happening tonight! Anyone experiencing anything?

P No.

R My brow chakra is activated & I had somebody on my right, and at one stage you seemed to have somebody on your right. They’ve gone now. It feels like it’s time to hold hands and do our thing, and this other presence will be with us. Or maybe I’ve got an active imagination?

P No, I feel a presence. It’s bringing peace, I think.

P The impression and the feeling I get is that this is just an opportunity to feel for a moment the reality that one needs to go nowhere, do nothing, be nothing other than one is, for one is already loved in exactly that condition at every moment. It is the antithesis of striving to achieve. Knowing it to be an intrinsic part of who we are, one can just be, in perfect peace.

R For the last 5 minutes I’ve felt some energy was creeping into my right arm. It’s gradually spread down my right side then crossed over my body to the left side then balanced up.

J Mm! So you were being overshadowed.

R Perhaps I was, but it felt more like I was being infused with energy.

P That’s what the process of overshadowing feels like.

J Nice feeling, eh? It’s like some entity settling in briefly.

R Mm. … it feels like it’s moving out now, reversing the process.

J All gone?

R Yes.

Healing circle not transcribed.

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