20190729 prc Keith's question_Richard Egan

I've been considering Keith's question, being explicitly in an email dated 25.07.2019, he asks "could we get one or two endorsements for Learning Who You Are? Can you think of
else with a bit of
we could approach for an endorsement?"
I've checked with Richard Egan, his recent publications, the emerging ideas in relation to the international conference of spirituality and health care, Nurturing the Spirit, in Trinity College, Dublin that I know Richard Egan went to and has contributed to. And I searched for that in relation to the psychological-social-spiritual model as applied in the healthcare context. And wondering what an appropriate way is to introduce this classical spiritual arrival into humanity of spiritual dialogue intended to enhance humanity in its life here?
^And so we would have to say that the arguments are complex and far-reaching. The questions are difficult and incapable of contemporary resolution. It will take at least 50 years for this perspective to gain any recognition and traction in being viewed as a viable complement to traditional religious perspectives. Therefore there is no necessity to strain after acknowledgement or recognition at this point. To circulate the perspective to those interested is of course appropriate, but to come to any condition of discontent and to strain after collaborative support is premature. Therefore we would suggest the following:
There are in this country only one or two individuals with the lack of commitment to traditional perspectives and the interest in the spiritual perspective for the purpose of enhanced healing of any individual. Richard Egan in one of those. There is one other and he knows her. Therefore it will be sufficient to request permission for the present book being reviewed, being Psychological Spirituality to be sent to him. It will give him much food for thought.
Is that really the one?
^Both, including Learning Who You Are. It will be our challenge to him to find a way to adopt this perspective as an example of contemporary spirituality expressed in coherent form, and to be contrasted with other and traditional spiritualities.