20110117 prc birthday input_agenda for this year

17/01/2011 prc birthday input_agenda for this year


Direct input to MSRS via IDT input channels from computer front panel mic input, after discussion of Richard's questions:

^And we come to you in this instance precisely because it is an opportunity to respond to those questions which you have raised explicitly or implicitly regarding the intention from our level, for this day, for this year.

We have as our opportunity the conditional domain of choice within the realm of humanity focused down into the specific identity in this space associated with this bodymind. We come at its request for the turning towards the opportunity for the new year is, as has occurred in each year these many years now since before 1988, in order to conduct investigations, propagation of ideas, persistence, willingness for input, capacity to understand, support for making further distinctions, communication on every available level through every available channel into this bodymind so as to conform it or reform it into a suitable receptacle for recording the things that we wish to say.

As has been stated many times, the intention is for propagation, eventually, of the perspective and origin of this material, correctly and accurately attributed to its true source, for beyond this bodymind lies another and another and occasionally even a third level beyond this bodymind.

So these things are not new, we merely affirm them once again. For the context is one requiring continuous reformation of validity against the rebuttals of society, against the doubt propagated through humanity, against the laziness or obscurity or even collusion against such categories of input. And so we mention these things because they are once again present in the group mind level and continuously so for these recent centuries.

This is not wrong. This is part of discernment. We actively foster discernment, explication into category, accurate attribution, knowledge and wisdom. These things have always been supported in their transfer into the domain of the embodied human, for it is not a natural condition in that domain.

The attributes once gained, however, enable an ongoing communication log such as to participate with us in our intentions to propagate correct understanding. All of that being the case, we offer our support for an ongoing communicative joy-ride in this coming year in a similar manner to previous years. The focus and the intention are slightly altered. As has already been remarked by you, the intended content of a fresh transmission of information and accumulated wisdom into the domain of humanity is complete. That does not mean that it is finished.

So therefore we offer an ongoing dialogue, multi-logue even, so as to entrain into our sphere of awareness those who intend that from their own identity. And we would point out that invariably the case is true that an individual participates in a meditation group such as has been the occupation of this man, knowing such to be the case on both the lower mind and higher mind level. And by intention primarily from the higher mind level, expressed into the lower mind and hence into the bodily actions such as to transport that lower mind into proximity with others of similar intention, thereby to encounter us or similar other, of which there are many. And we will take this opportunity to recategorise a number computed from the previous estimate of the number of spiritual teachers associated with humanity.

We gave at an earlier time the number of approximately 330 lower minds associated with or spiritual identities associated with a dedicated spiritual teacher, whose task it is to elect first the support of those who in their turn elect to listen and communicate, recognising that not every such identity is either ready or willing or even able, except in exceptional circumstances, to register a connection with their own higher selves, let alone anything beyond that.

And so we would first reaffirm that on average that estimated number is rounded appropriately to 330 individuals actually or potentially associated with any available spiritual identity who acts in the role of spiritual communicant to them, professing to be whatever might be appropriate in such a way as best calculated to provide an optimal fit to the beliefs of the individuals concerned, in order to convey to them some intimation of existence beyond the lower mind and potentially a source worth listening to with the whole identity comprising lower mind and higher mind. And so this group soul level of identity, comprising the 1000 or thereabouts fragments, is in the first instance the identity which is connected to in the process of such communication.

Beyond that lie other levels, other more matriculated identities such as to occasionally respond to the content on offer and the dialogue requested, or as need arises or opportunity presents itself.

So that being a complete list of the categories of opportunity, then the simple calculation of the number of individuals presently ensouled across the face of the planet allows a first estimate of the number of spiritual identities in the role of spiritual guide. So the world population divided by 330 is a first estimate of the quantity of spiritual teachers available to the community of humanity embodied onto this planet. And that is as specific and direct a statement of the facts of that situation as is available to you.

It has not always been so. The number has been somewhat variable over time, but any debate about such an issue is irrelevant, principally because of its completely untestable and thereby unprovable nature. We feel that the estimate of approximately one third of a whole identity's fragments as being intrinsically connected to the entire identity or group soul level, is sufficiently robust in order to propagate that at this time.

Which brings us to the question of how many is optimal for the group in question associated with this identity. Naturally enough, it is the members of a particular group soul that tend to locate each other, find affinity with one another, find common purpose with each other and to submit to the aspiration for communication from the higher levels, which is most durably correlated whereby the individuals present form a component of that group soul's identity. Of course this is not invariable. Frequently, individuals will cast about themselves and sample a variety of such groups until they find one with which their commonality is greatest, their affinity is greatest, and that is because such a group comprises the greatest number of members of the individual's soul group. This is merely common sense.

And so it is with this group, existing now at this point for some 13 years. The question is, 'what now'? And the answer is, 'more of the same'.

And so it is true that even though we have specified that the transmission of the set of spiritual models to be compete, that does not mean that no opportunity exists for expanding on that through anecdotal evidence, in the sense of experience accumulated within the context of the group as various individuals are processed through the group, either on the physical or the spiritual level.

And so expect some small change in the population of group members this year; that is merely appropriate. Expect ongoing introductions to those on the spiritual level for the ongoing processes of the recalcitrant individual in particular, and so expect ongoing involvement with such recalcitrant individuals, some of whom will be very stubborn indeed! And it is our privilege to involve you in these restorative processes, for as we have noted earlier, the alternative to such engagement with such individuals is their eventual decline into torpor and solitude and inaccessibility.

We do not wish this for any individual at any time. Therefore we are motivated in our turn to extend our reach into the domain of the human by which to encourage such individuals to restore themselves and return themselves into their multi-life plan, rather than absolving themselves of any further responsibility for that and slipping between the cracks, as it were, between worlds, into oblivion for an indefinable time. The fact that the time is indefinable is of NO consequence whatsoever, because of the distinction between the nature of time between physical life and spiritual life. So although such an outcome is potentially viewed with some alarm by any embodied individual, it is not appropriately so regarded from the perspective of the individual experiencing that fate or state.

So we have as our ongoing responsibility the desire to continue to participate, as we have said, not only with you but with the outcome of such recalcitrant individuals who have been damaged sufficiently to be rendered either comatose or near-comatose, or resistant, or reconfigured irretrievably towards unavailability for redemption.

So given that that is the case, that that is the ongoing task, that that is the experience which if recorded would constitute ongoing case accumulation towards the progressive establishment of a record of sufficient diversity to be accumulated for the interest of those who are so full of doubt as to deny their existence as containing a core of spiritual identity rather then merely a conditioned personality, then this constitutes a worthy and worthwhile accumulation of evidence in order to support that.

Of course, we are not alone in doing so. There will eventually, in the 100 year timeframe, come to be accumulated sufficient case data as to be or constitute inescapably obvious the condition of high probability, expressing it in those terms, that every individual is at its core, a spiritual identity first, and a conditioned personality later.

So we launch ourselves into this debate once more with a high quality recording system which we specifically request be again utilised for its intended purpose. The issue of when such transcriptions should be done is void. It does not matter, so long as they are preserved. The preservation process in its intended form has yet to be begun, and for good reason. And so we have no argument with that. The necessary materials have been gathered; familiarisation with the process is ongoing; the intention to support that through the procedure of a digital library is ongoing and relevant and appropriate and as foreseen, and that will constitute the permanent records.

So the model for this most accessible being that of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, being the product primarily of the seer Edward Cayce, there has been multiple instances of a desire previously specified to actively archive in a locatable and accessible fashion, such records of an existence. And the intention is specifically now able to be stated, that that is the intention for this repository. And so interrogate that archive in terms of the existence of this one, and hold discussions with them concerning the criteria by which to engage in the durable public role of facilitating access to an accumulating record over many years of this category of communication.

If you would be so kind as to do this, we will fund ongoing support for the duration of your natural term on this planet and beyond, to it and to yourself, for this is a valuable role, valuable action in the face of centuries of accumulated doubt and dismissal of these classes of communication. It constitutes a public service, and will eventually come to be regarded as such by those of impeccable standing in the scientific community.

P Well, that's that. Thank you very much.

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