20100401 prcjlogrb entity from 100 000 agape realms down

1/04/2010 prcjlogrb entity from 100 000 agape realms down


P I'd like to welcome you all here tonight and ask that you take a moment to centre, without any expectations, just being here, at peace. And I ask those who come in spirit to join us now, and to make space for them, I ask that we link our energy in the centre between us and then enlarge that space. Make it a large and welcoming place where an entourage could come, many individuals, as many as may wish, and celebrate their assembly with us. And I ask that each of our concerns be addressed this evening in a way that best suits us and brings us most understanding. And if there is an opportunity for us to be of service, may that opportunity be met as well.

C (distressed by pain in her forehead)

P It's probably the brow chakra. Ask for some imagery that will explain it? And imagine it to be a window that you can clean on the inside and out, and scrub away at it. Just use the imagery to get clear and clean. Bring the understanding of the origin of the sensations. It's just part of the process of unblocking.

C (her distress continued to include a headache)

P Have you been getting any imagery? Are you open to imagery? Just ask that any limitations be released. There is a process of cleansing the aura with an eagle's feather, imagine somebody standing in front of you and whisking you down with the eagle's feather, right down the front and right down the back then all around you to clear all unconscious resistance and leave you open and willing to receive. And I ask that the pain be taken away. To be fully open can trigger subconscious fear as well as old, old memories. See them for what they are, and be at peace. Better? Good. OK. Anybody get any imagery during that or have understanding come to you? Perceptions?

R I saw a layer of dross being cleared from the front and vacuumed out the back. It went off into a great distance.

P Mm. So it was a cleansing.

R I get the impression that the seed of whatever that disturbance was is still there and it will come back in time and it will keep coming back until you uncover whatever it is.

C I have to paint.

P Presumably that's not houses.

C No. I have to paint.

P Presumably it will bring a sense of creative balance. Do you connect with what Richard said?

C Dross? Yes.

P It's very good to get rid of. We tend to collect it just living our lives, so periodic cleansing is useful. OK, lets go back in (to meditation). I'll just mention that I had a totally silent observation of somebody come in from far away a bit left and lower down and them come towards us, rise up when they were in proximity, then head off away again. I got the image of a European kind of face of a man, then he just headed on off :-). And it seemed to require no intervention whatsoever as if it were an automatic consequence of our willingness to share energy with him. So that was nice. I'd like to intend that we link together and ascend upwards as far as we can. … I seem to have a character at this level over on the left a bit.

J Could we invite him to speak?

P I'm not sure he's got a lot to say. He seems to be one of those coldly wilful characters, but I will certainly offer communication if that is what he wants.

Cwc We have been watching you for some time and observing your passivity and yet openness. We find no way to understand that combination. We would stir you up! Have you nothing to say for yourselves?

R For what purpose would you stir us up?

Cwc To observe your reactions. How else would we know you?

R What would you like to know about us?

Cwc For what reason you sit here suspended in space, doing nothing, surrounded by nobody that we can see. It seems anomalous to us.

R We are sitting here on the physical plane meditating, welcoming any contact with those in spirit. And you are in spirit; we welcome you.

Cwc What is this physical plane you speak of? We see nothing.

R It is a realm in which we have physical bodies, breathe air. Live and die, eat, sleep.

Cwc How very odd. Do you move?

R Yes indeed.

Cwc Where do you go?

R We go to our homes where we live with our families, friends. We go about our work.

Cwc What is this 'work'?

R It is a physical task of acquiring the necessary things for our lives.

Cwc You are conscious. What else do you need?

R We have physical bodies that need feeding. We need to seek and gather food.

Cwc What is that creature?

R Good question. It is a dog, which is a companion animal on our physical plane.

Cwc How very odd !! Do you eat it?

R No. Some of our number would eat animals, dogs included. But in our community of people we do not eat dogs.

Cwc Why have you come into our space?!

R We make ourselves available and attempt to make contact with those in spirit such as yourselves and others.

Cwc We have never seen the like of you. Go away!! … And why do you not do as you are requested?

R It is not in our capability to disappear. Nor do we wish to particularly. I think you have the ability to go away yourself if you wish. We wish you no ill-will. We wish you no harm. We have no intent in being here other than being available for contact. We send you only love.

Cwc What is that?

R An energy of goodwill.

J May I ask that we direct a degree of love energy towards this individual. … And in so doing he dissipates. I would like to invite the spirit who would come to inform us of the means by which we may be of service to those in our community. … There is a man standing behind Carolyn with his hand on her left shoulder. He is an entity who has accompanied her in a previous life during which they had a strong bond of understanding. They walked as one and that identity has come to offer continued love and support during this time of emotional upheaval. He reminds you that you are never alone and that decisions that must be made will be made with little lasting regret. This world is one of travail and it is through actions that we allow ourselves to open to experience, which is undeniably our purpose for submitting to this process of incarnate existence. We ask that you move forward. We ask that of each assembled member, for there is life to be lived and knowledge to be gained and the process is an active process. It is insufficient to be passive. Peter, you have been approached. Could you speak please?

P So I have.

^We come to bring an understanding of the identity and nature and character and type brought present just previously. As requested, the information is as follows:

That category of identity has not previously manifested in your proximity. It was specifically introduced to you and the manifestation was competently dealt with, we would observe. The manifestation is to be distinctly and explicitly dissociated from in order to remove any possibility of continued attachment. The quality of energy brought present by that identity is the lowest which you are capable of administering to. In that sense it was a competency test of your willingness to associate with identities from that extremely low level. The manifestation of complete misunderstanding of the quality of love is a reliable indicator of that. It had no comprehension whatsoever of that passion or energy frequency and was completely uninterested in anything other than what it could gain by association. On observing that it could gain nothing, it yet persisted. So each participant present this evening is advised to make an explicit expression of a desire for radical dissociation, and we ask the each present be verbally advised of that intention so as to make unequivocally evident that desire. Do we have that from every individual?

R/C/J/P Yes.

^Thank you for that. The dissociation is complete. The intention in bringing present that identity was in order to establish a context by which to evaluate with more clarity the entire spectrum of identities brought present within the history of this small group. The extent by which the difference in love frequency, to use that problematic term, is a factor of a hundred thousand or more so the spectrum is thus enhanced by your direct perception of an identity of that nature. This was its purpose. This was its function, and successfully achieved.

R Mm.

J Mm, thank you for that.

P That was a nasty bit of shit!!!

J Peter ! Which one?

P It didn't want to go away. I had to actively disconnect. That was very interesting. I've had an encounter 30 000 down, but nowhere near 100 000. God! Very interesting!

R Mm.

P And I thought … I observed it just over there a bit, maybe just this side of the computer (3m) and it engaged my attention directly, and then it moved its attention over this way (my left) and eventually I realised holy shit, it's looking at Carolyn! I better connect!

J I thought it was looking at the dog, wanting to eat it !!

P It was very puzzled by that.

C Yukky! It might have gobbled me up! (laughter) I might have turned into a jellyfish!

P We've only had a couple which have been anything like that. They were a little hard to shift. And they just moved in without any inhibition about invading space. Mm, well, that was rather unexpected.

R Mm. And the direction of love towards it presumably …

P That just seemed to confuse it. It just had no idea what to do with that.

R But it still hung around?

P Yeah. It seemed to be not effective in making it go anywhere. Very odd!

J So where did it go in the end?

P Back back back, long long long way back to where it came from.

J Slightly beyond the frig there? (laughter)

P No no!

C You've got gremlins in your frig. ;-)

P No I haven't. ;-) That is not possible. ;-)

J Were you aware of anyone standing beside you, Carolyn?

C (reply inaudible as she had taken off her headset microphone)

P Mm, its a lovely feeling.

R I've just realised I have a question I'd like to ask about our son Simon. He's in Australia at the moment and feels very unwell and is dizzy all the time and forgetful and is getting very panicky about that. He's been to a doctor and he's got a series of tests coming up next week including a CAT scan, and I'd like some indication of what that might be all about?

P Sure. Presumably if a CAT scan then it is around the skull?

R I presume so. The dizziness may be an inner ear disturbance, but it is …

C Spine/neck here; it's here (holding her hands behind her neck)

R At the base of the neck?

P Between the cervical and thoracic, is that it?

C Mm. Here.

J But he hasn't got a cervix. ;-)

P You're right. Presumably ;-)

C Give me a few minutes, I'm fixing it. … Peter can you pull my hands away from my head? It's pretty stuck, so can you pull them away? Where does it need pulling to? Pull my hands … Ooohh :-( Thanks. Yuk, tastes horrible! (washes hands)

J I had the message that it was a passing viral affliction and that it will pass. How long has he had it?

R Probably a week. He was over in the States feeling fine. He came back to Melbourne and a couple of days later he suddenly started feeling dizzy when he was exercising or doing something.

C (after returning from the bathroom) That was so cool!

J That may have done something, you never know.

P Has he been drumming recently?

R I don't think so.

J Is he still acting?

R I don't think so, he's looking for work (while) working in a restaurant.

P He's a good kid.

R Mm. Well thank you for that.

P So, are we done?

J I think so.

(healing & closing not transcribed)

NB: Having at this evening not yet re-registered the transcription software after re-installation, the original per-channel sound files have not been saved. Fortunately the mixed file was retained so as to capture this significant evening's interaction with the visitor, arguably the most hazardous we have so far encountered or are presumably likely to?

The learning curve on this American software has been significant for me as it is poorly described in the training manuals available and the software itself has gone through several versions during the short time of my ownership. The Australian systems integrator (NCH Software) promoted it as suitable for audio conferencing capture as applicable to corporate or legal (court) transcription so it is excellent quality (24 bit capture of up to 32 channels, hardware permitting) with secure filing and despatch options for automated management to remote transcribers.

It has constituted my first foray into computer-based digital audio workstation specification, installation and operation. My background in analogue audio devices (thermionic valves, transistors, integrated circuits) and systems (home hi-fi to musicians audio and mixer systems) has been essential but not sufficient. My thanks go to Richard's son Matt for his professional support so far.

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