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Have been awake since 02:30 contemplating Carolyn’s transgression of my boundaries.  Yesterday she came without warning to deliver a furniture unit based on her fantasy about what I needed to provide drinks for guests on meditation nights or whatever.  I seriously considered it by being driven by my anger to plan to completely integrate both computers into the office.  But there was still a knot of anger in my gut this morning.  I shared my state with Janet and she could clearly see my anger.

Carolyn will have to do MUCH better than that if we are to stay friends, let alone become business partners for her benefit!  She now has and never will have rights in my home and life.  In spite of her enticements for relationship, she has blown her chances now.  Temptations of Mara – fuck off !!!!!!! I wish to be cleansed of all residual attachments from every time and place of knowing Carolyn, and every kind of enticement influenced by Mara’s hordes!!!!!!! I ask for cleansing by understanding the strands of need within myself, and deleting them without mercy!  I will make myself a fit vessel for Agapé !!!!!!!!   Cold now!

^We come on this occasion to continue the dialogue concerning the presentation to the schoolchildren, by which we mean the students of AgapeSchoolinz, and of course they are not children by now as that would be incomprehensible to any child. 

So this is an advanced teaching, not to be expected to be in any way comprehensible to young or inexperienced souls.  To that extent there can be no expectation of easy absorption by most people for precisely the reasons just given.  Nevertheless we have high hopes that some few may find it of interest and even enticing.

The presentation as already constructed will be sufficient and adequate and need be extended no further.  Questions will do the rest.  Some few diagrams can be inserted but the books are for the extensive consideration and to base further questioning upon. 

The numbers will be small.  That does not matter.  Even one is enough.  Advertise through the usual channels. 

Printing A5 flyers would help.  Design it now.  Use your new skills as they are sufficient to commence with on this simple task.

Text should be as follows: Into the ring of circles places the foolhardy smile (test over;-)   Now we have your attention again, we may say the following:

The woman Carolyn will bitterly regret her transgressions against you.  See she does not suffer unduly.  It will be a great lesson for her at your hands.  Kindness would suggest a discussion that does not place her beneath you, merely an accomplice in her learning of satisfactory relating with peers in endangered relationship.  Having her complicit with you is the essential first step to recreating harmony.  That is the desirable outcome.  Do not show anger if you can avoid it.  It is not helpful.  The meeting of minds in joint purpose is the first exercise of recovery.  It will take time, for you are sensitive to such treatment now to high degree.  That does not matter as there is time within which to frame foundations for strong purpose.  To come to this point early in the relationship bodes well for its continuance, not its failure.  Be of good will here!!!  But explicit discussion is certainly necessary and it will help her in other relationships also. 

Her background is faulty and she needs greater awareness of that if she is to survive into satisfying relationship with any other. 

Higher standards are expected of relating now in this culture because the language and circumstances precluded it before but not now, so expect her to know of what you speak as you do so, and expect clarification at every step as required by either. The text now follows:

A spiritual teaching has been received comprising 45 person/years of combined channelling, 10,000 hours of blood sweat and tears and lives lost in the transformation required.  All this is brought to the table on this occasion to contribute to the party.  Nonsense such as this is merely the usual test as you are well aware.  A better version would read:

You are invited to share in a preliminary description in a major release of spiritual theory gathered for a transformation of world society.  Peace is the objective, nothing else, garnered through understanding of the path into and out of embodiment.  Modern terminology is used and defined to describe the purpose of life here and now as well as the past and future.

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