20160116 prc committee_best practice essential

16/01/2016 prc committee_best practice essential



^The committee members in the local Hamilton TS committee are to be offered the opportunity to participate with the collection and collation of material into documents for transfer to the national Head Office in Auckland.

Carol Collier is to have sole decision-making responsibility by which to select a cooperative, willing, active and effective sub-committee of which she is to be chair and coordinator, whereby to acquire and facilitate the skills of accurate document preparation from her personal output and those others including this one through whom material is offered.

The attributes of the committee are to be as follows:

Of necessity, they comprise knowledgeable, innovative minds, not conservative, not wedded only to the past, not steeped in tradition and averse to change. Sober, wise and reflective yet willing to commit some of their time to the generation of authentic, accurate spiritual communication spontaneously generated as need arises and accurately, reliably and effectively recorded in both audio archive and textural transcript of that.

The archiving is properly located within the computers owned by the organisation with copies held in at least two locations elsewhere including national head office.

This protocol is a respectful receipt of privileged communication designed to help humanity by proffering modern guidance to stimulate effective communication and especially, a rebalancing of understanding by enhancement of spiritual practice over mental-level understanding. The additional multiple modes of knowing able to be elicited by the auric channel communications engendered and supported and developed and stimulated by actual spiritual practice rather than mere reading about such phenomena, are essential to bring a re-coordination of the organisation with its spiritual purpose and origin.

Only those individuals willing to support these changes can be accepted into an effective coordinated working group designated formally as a subcommittee of the Hamilton Branch.

On that foundation of impeccable practice on the spiritual level; impeccable practice on the capture derived from the spiritual level; effective, accurate and certified recording, accurate transcription and minimal editing so as to ensure that not only the essence of the communication is accurately captured but its detail also.

By this means, trust can be supported and validly held within the NZ national organisation. Anything less enables doubt to infiltrate this attempt to redirect the organisation into its effectual future.

If appropriate practice as described here is not followed, then once again ineffectuality is supported to the cost of the organisation as a whole and much more importantly, to the world population who may be supported in their understanding and their own practice.

It is essential that the communications are grounded in good practice traceable to the utterance of each individual contributor and changes to that in the process of combining and averaging their output be traceable in every detail. Nothing less will do.

P Well that was very clear!

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