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^We simply wish to make contact with the resurrected identity after encountering the shock residue of the killing of one by the other. This theme is illustrative of the way in which prior life trauma can stimulate present-life fascination on meeting the other party, the other protagonist in that trauma. And so the killing of the one who is presently Peter by the one who is presently Janet in other bodies, in other personalities at another time, has come to the fore in this instance as a direct product of the anticipated essentially continuous engagement, one with the other, into the anticipated future.

This comprises a necessary simplification of relations between the two, in order to simplify and reduce the network of ill-gotten stress remaining. The credit is to be given for the forgiveness able to be exercised, understanding that present stress is poorly negotiated on the basis of distant distress. The coming into agreement again that the association continue is good work. In its essence, it is forgiveness on the soul level between the two parties.

It is best negotiated of course after the stress creating the emergence of the history is recovered from, which was the purpose of the four day departure. Now that recovery is far advanced, we can assess again together the direction and purpose of the joint life, in contrast to the individual trajectories into old age.

The joint life path holds much promise. The commitment to it is a variable and flexible, naturally. And commitment may continue or may diminish or may cease entirely and there is no burden from that upon anyone. The commitment may increase, equally well, and we note an increasing intention to communicate and cohabit, with the clear understanding that all positions are negotiable and flexible.

This is a promising start. Our best wishes proceed towards you as you negotiate the beginning of your life together.

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