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8/09/2008 prc anawhata deva


P Sitting in the bush at Anawhata, because the section is now regrowth bush and almost nothing else apart from a car park at the top and water tank and a toilet. And the easterly wind blows quite strongly and we've walked down the hill and back up slowly with Patricia. And it's been a little reintroduction to this, my ancient playground.

And the pines are very tall now, at least 3-4 times the height they were and it feels tranquil here.

^And we would speak to you. For the visit of this day is to bring closure to some classes of old memory in order to render you more available to us. There are some links unsevered to this place and it is better that all such links be severed in order to be present fully in the now rather than pulled back to old past. And we acknowledge the urge to greet the spirits of this land and so we seize this opportunity to introduce you. And even though cars drive by and the wind not whispers but (sighs loudly) through the trees and there is an opportunity to met a small one close by.

P And I remember you and I don't know how, for I was not conscious of you when young. And they say “but we saw you and saw the glow around you and knew that you would return.” And it is a small joyful presence, perhaps a slimmer than child-like form, waif-like or elfin that flies.

E And so you see how we move!

P And so I begin to know the reasons for the images traditionally drawn. As improbably as a bumblebee they fly, so seem to be these creatures. And I would know you better, and this is your world now in this place and I'm so glad you nurture it! And they say:

E We know what to do!

P And there is some pride in that, and competence and satisfaction and awareness of duty and responsibility and gentleness and nurturing. I give thanks.

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