20191019 prc Contentment outcome_purpose for life

^We come on this occasion in order to facilitate the clearance to full depth; the manifestation on the skin; the manifestation in the mind, in the emotions, on the subtle levels and the identity. The precursor to the burn incident acknowledged so far to date in the attempt to storm a castle, and receive the retaliation by hot oil burning, is that of desire to obtain wealth by illicit means, because of being born into a station where wealth was impossible to obtain, due to the circumstances of the birth and the family elected to be born into.
This contrast between wealth and its lack, is an ongoing and repeating feature of the sequence of lives, because of a belief about the kind of life that results as a consequence of noble birth into an elevated standard of living.
The error in that belief is the issue in question. For there is not necessarily any discrepancy between the standard of living within the identity, in contrast to the external circumstances. The most abject beggar can manifest the most joy. And the most wealthy individual can be plagued by famine of emotion and sociability.
The disconnect is at the level of the core understanding of the purpose for life. The purpose for life is not difficult. It is not obscene or inaccessible. The purpose for life is to gain knowledge through information. Just as this is an example of the potential acquisition of understanding through bringing to the conscious levels of the mind, additional information from other times and places, so it is always the case that greater integration of such information and understanding is facilitative of greater contentment. That is the purpose for our intervention in this occasion.
And so we come to the description of that tendency, that stratigraphy, we wish to imply, the enfolding, layer on layer of experientially acquired knowledge and integrated understanding resulting from that. The necessary step is one of integration and nothing else, for which we offer the following:
Into this heart we would pour understanding as well as love. The mission on this occasion is to facilitate exactly those things by exposing greater depth of experience. By which, through its integration, greater understanding can follow. And compassionate love is the outcome. For if there is understanding that every individual, including this one through whom we speak, has manifest life after life of both good and ill, then the greater complement of freight, as it were, comprising the information derived from life after life, then the greater compassion can be manifest through the capacity to infiltrate through that understanding, the threads of compassionate understanding, so as to enable connection to any other person through the difficulties experienced in their lifetime.
The opportunity on this occasion is to increase compassion. The opportunity is to integrate compassionate sensitivity in the same manner and degree to which enhanced sensitivity is presently available within this body, by comparison with its trajectory towards desensitisation over several decades.
We would have therefore the first task of integrating on the energetic level. ... And the mixing of levels comprises the transfer of information between them, by eliminating the barriers towards such mixing. ... The emotions being mixed, of despair and futility, has been a common endpoint in a significant proportion of the lives, whereby the disappointment at the apparent futility and inability to satisfy the variety of hungers, is exactly analogous to desire. ...
The desire for betterment in the life is socially sanctioned, because common. Contentment is the product of its extinguishment. ...
Extinguishment of desire into contentment is the best outcome of resolution of discord within the life. On this occasion the resolution of desire into contentment is peculiarly appropriate to this particular endpoint of this life. To be a resource for others who seek that contentment, first it must be installed within oneself. And so we insta
l contentment. ...
Aagghh !!!!
^And the contented individual can be happy. And a happy individual is everywhere acceptable. And social loneliness is ameliorated and friends wish to gather.
This transformation is permanent and will manifest across lifetimes.
Having resolved the purpose of human life enables it to be shared, understanding fully well that other persons are not at that stage. And yet to manifest it in each present moment is to render it available by its modelling, by which to self-certify its attainment as a possible future for any other individual.
Go well this day and every day remaining to this body.
Well my goodness me, that was not what I thought I sought !!!!!