20210227 prc Union

I've just had the
hrase "we have some observations." And a perception that it is the personal
higher self, that has been confirmed.
^This charade at separation is best dispensed with. The irony is that it was never true to begin with, for union was achieved several lifetimes ago. It was not recognised then but is now. The categorisation of union with the putative 'god' as a criterion of arrival, is valid as a differentiator between those not in that state and those who are. Those who are, are typically in a minority in any given population. It does not often differentiate on the basis of behaviour, but attitude. And an unwillingness to be held in thrall of populism and popularity.
Often such individuals are loners, fringe-dwellers on society, subsisting at the margins rather than activated or motivated by aspirations of wealth. It is to that group to which you belong. Therefore feel at home there, and we know you do.
This sense of unity in that condition is disturbing to those who are not. The sense of self-sufficiency, which means lack of dependency on others, is disturbing in relationships, as in the present case.