20101106 prc uploading memory at death

6/11/2010 prc uploading memory at death


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^An essential feature of incarnation is to extract meaning from the experience.  In order to do that the soul transfers all memory of experience and function into the spirit-sphere at death and takes it away for further processing as to meaning and development.

This transfer process we may not explain.  Suffice it happens, and quickly, for it is a massless transfer, equivalent to a memory dump in parallel from hardware storage – everything at once. [end]

P That implies that memory is brain/body-based/aura-based?  I cannot differentiate between those options by logic nor inspiration at this point.

This is a useful addenda to the presentation explanation that at the time of last transition all memory is taken so the body may disintegrate as all useful information is archived elsewhere.


^Regarding the idea of taking the flyers to the Tomin Rd Fair it should not be done because the quality of mind at that place is not conducive to deep understanding of complex metaphor.  Desist from the plan.

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