1994 fred_channelling evaluation

1994 fred_channelling evaluation


The following is a small portion of extensive material transcribed from audiotaped conversations between several group participants, and an entranced person (prc) channelling an entity self-identified by the pseudonym ‘Fred’.

Re: Evaluation of channelled teaching

Q One of the things that I am assailed every now and then with is by doubt about your esteemed selves and just quite where the channelling comes from, and then at various times by things I read or hear about channelling etc; rational doubt about the areas I’ve become involved with more fully over the last year. I don’t feel its a problem. I feel as though I can stand back from it and I don’t need to argue rationally with myself or anyone else, but I thought I’d like to mention it and ask whether you have any comments.

F Rational doubt is a very effective tool in order to create a harmonious set of values and understandings within an individual when they begin applying it across the spectrum of their acquired knowledge. It is a tool which is to be applied with discretion and understanding because it carries the risk of annihilating significant portions of ones perception if one cuts too deeply with it. Nevertheless, by paring at the edges rather than slashing through the centre, one may discriminate with greater precision than before the degree to which one is prepared to adopt this value or that aptitude in order to live more fully and satisfyingly within this realm.

We commend you for raising the issue. It is important. It is particularly so when there is a head-on conflict between the values of Western mechanistic science and the esoteric principles which are contained within the statements which we provide. We understand that there are many levels of dilemma between the cultural conditioning acquired in this country and the much older, in fact ancient, understandings which are accessible here and now by each person present. And the procedure is one of coldly evaluating, by which we mean being unswayed by emotion, the distinctions between information acquired from the New Zealand educational system and the information acquired from the astral realm which arrives to your awareness and consciousness through the subconscious and from that timeless, spaceless zone which, by virtue of its nature, is intrinsically difficult to perceive and to understand from this time- and space-full existence. Therefore, once the comparisons are created, the contrasts are observed, there is room for much evaluation and settling upon the areas which are in apparent conflict internally and which are in harmony internally. This is the procedure by which one arrives at inner harmony and maturity and expands ones world-view. The necessary ingredient to attach certainty to the intangible realm is that, paradoxically, of tangible experience of it.

Al Yes I find those comments really helpful and I think one of the things I find really useful to me is the internal consistency of the answers that I get back from yourselves over the number of months now. One thing it has really exposed for me is the emotion that does associate with rationalism, which I hadn’t cottoned on to before. Thankyou very much.

F It is our pleasure to assist.

Q I’d like to know the nature of guides. Who are they? Are they entities? What is their role? Why do they do what they do? Some information about guidance?

F Recognise first the nature of individuation on the spiritual level. There is a small difference in manifestation in the non-physical realm compared with the physical realm.

In the physical realm the enduring aspect is clothed in flesh; is required therefore to act within the physical domain; is obscured in its ability to observe its former realm of habitation. To be in incarnation is intrinsically similar to not being in incarnation. Therefore the drives, motives, aspirations, inabilities and abilities manifest in both realms. The impact of human emotionality is a hugely complicating factor. It is useful to distinguish between: the impact of the physical animal body and brain system; predispositions; tendencies to act from an emotional basis rather than a spiritual or rational mental basis. This leads to an entire added domain to the causative impulses experienced within the physical realm.

When not incarnate the understanding is much broader. The understanding of the entire purpose of individuation and the entire cycle of experience and growth is clear and understood and lived. While discarnate and experienced in the physical realm, an aspect which normally manifests is from compassion to assist those in this hard realm. Hard in many senses, not just from the perspective of accidental impact!

And so from such compassion, a desire, a working arrangement, and an activity result from that, which in this realm is understood as guidance. There are skills to guidance. It is part of the normal enhancement of skill throughout the entire sequence of incarnation and beyond. The working relationships which one develops as a result of individuation in spiritual terms manifest while in the physical in relationships, such as is present between all members of this group, and across the barrier to communication which exists between non-physical and physical realms.

Thoroughly understanding that this is so, it becomes simple to acknowledge that one has lived many times. One has therefore known many others. Even though such others may not currently be in incarnation does not preclude the desire on the part of such a non-physically manifested individual to assist each of you in whatever way is possible, and to establish conscious and cooperative relationship.

Q A question from Peter; what are the criteria of channelling for the best outcome of the individual?

F The criteria of channelling for the best outcome for the individual is firstly personal. Secondly, personally achieved. And thirdly, achieved through another. The difficulties in communication between individuals form a significant barrier to channelling concerning any individual by any other individual. This will be obvious. The inner ‘landscape of the mind’ as it were, is sufficiently rich and diverse and contains particular and individual features according to each individual which is unique to that individual and not necessarily known by any other, to make channelling by any other individual at risk of being unsuccessful in terms of the subtlety available within the domain of the individuals awareness, which enhances the possibility for aptness and specificity for that individual alone. To channel through another is to risk completely missing the point or at best being partial in terms of the responses given. This is normal. It is unfortunately so, yet common. This establishes the framework of understanding in order to motivate each individual present, to seek within themselves the opportunities which are available. For some, very soon; for some, currently; and for some a little in the future. That constitutes the answer to the question.

Q1 From time to time you’ve commented on questions we’ve asked by saying for example ‘this is not known by the entity through which we speak.’ Why comment so? Does this limit your ability to comment on that particular information?

F We have spoken previously concerning the relative ease or difficulty of communicating datasets and knowledge using terminology which is familiar to the entity through which we speak, in contrast to the transfer of or reference to datasets unfamiliar and using terminology unfamiliar to the entity through which we speak. It may be perceived that, if not only the knowledge but the concepts by which to discuss the knowledge are transferred through the awareness of that entity, then rather more clarification needs to accompany the discussion. And because the process is frequently one of stimulating pre-existing concepts from the level of underlying layers or levels of awareness, then when something entirely new is to be transferred, it is a rather more laborious process. If a simple, as it were, whiff of an idea is sufficient to stimulate the appropriate statements then that is very easy. It is a dynamic and mutually cooperative procedure that is occurring and our comments are to be taken in the context of previous statements.

Q1 It just seemed to me as though one or two questions were ... I don’t know if avoided was right, but perhaps not answered because of the reason that you gave, not known by the entity through which you spoke, where I thought that it could have been conveyed even if the entity didn’t know anything about the particular question.

F The issue is one of the boundaries of the domain of knowledge. Where what is asked for is within the domain, for example, of social experience, then some of the terminology understood by personal experience by the entity concerned is easily conveyed using ordinary terminology with which everyone is familiar from their life as an individual. Where the domain of knowledge is outside the ordinary social realm, is perhaps in the realm of astronomy or any other technical topic, then if the technical terminology is known, this is relatively simple. If it is not known then it is rather more difficult to phrase coherent descriptions. We choose, in this instance, to operate within the framework of the knowledge of the individual. The framework of knowledge is known and there is a relationship between the known framework of knowledge in the individual entity and the domain which is intended to be discussed. Where questions are widely separate from that domain, difficulty is encountered. Our intention has been to facilitate self-empowerment within human experience in the physical domain. That is defined to be a social domain, therefore, in general terms, the set of concepts concerning the topic area which it has been our intention to focus on for the benefit of the participants is in most instances sufficient. It will not always be sufficient. Where questions arise which are very distant from that set of knowledge and concepts, then some difficulty is to be expected.

Re: The process of channelling

P I’ve been having a little mental conversation here, and Fred’s been off there in non-physical space somewhere, and said he would be entirely content to wait for eternity if required ...

Q1 I don’t think we’ll last that long.

P Well, the word has a different meaning depending on where you sit ...

F We welcome you all and enjoy the company.

Q1 I’ll start off with a question tonight. Fred, last time you mentioned in passing that a particular thing or person, I can’t remember which, was known to the body you were working through, and I’d like to ask the question- to what extent is the knowledge, vocabulary and ideas of the body that you are working through; to what extent does that influence your answers?

F It is of course a factor. The method of raising awareness within the energy system of the channel is more easily arranged where there is a coincidence between the knowledge required to be expressed and the knowledge within the framework of the body and memory of the channel. There is not necessarily a difficulty although sometimes there is in accessing information from outside of that field of awareness. The question is entirely appropriate for consideration within this group, as it has a great deal to do with credibility and acceptance, and these issues must not be shrunk from but examined clearly by anybody who feels curious, driven, or who wishes to pass the time of day! It is not a matter of greater moment than that necessarily. So we would say that the knowledge is manifested within the individual in the two possible ways. Either by highlighting awareness within the individual of the memories, references or what ever other means is appropriate to bring that information within the focus of attention and by that means enable its expression. But alternatively, it is equally available to access the information directly from the inspiration, that is the telepathic union existing at the time of the channelling procedure and to have the information accessed directly into the physical from the non-physical, and this has somewhat more stringent requirements as to the ability of the person channelling to maintain blankness in their own ego-self and leave space for the information to be transferred into the awareness in both visual and kinaesthetic and aural terms in such a way that it can be either directly stimulated or indirectly facilitated in those ways.

Q1 I had the query in my mind as to whether an issue relating to me such as for example a relationship issue is easier or is answered differently if we have discussed it in the group than if we had not discussed it in the group. Could you comment on that?

F It is of assistance of course if the information is present within the awareness of the channel in that there is additional and supplementary information to be highlighted and from which contextual information can be drawn. It is not however necessary.

Q2 So is it easier for you as the channel to access information if it’s in the upper awareness of the body you’re channelling through, is that right?

F The question that you ask is directed to the body through which we speak rather than the guiding entity.

Q1 He meant to address it to you as the guiding entity rather than Peter as the channel.

F Rephrase your question please.

Q2 You’ll have to come back to me, I’ve lost it now.

F Blankness is a welcome haven on occasions.

Q2 It is.

Q1 Was it something like - is it easier for Fred to give us guidance and information if the topic is in Peter’s awareness?

Q2 Yeah. That’s right.

F The process is something akin to a spotlight. There is a multi dimensional field of knowledge, understanding, relationships between information in multi dimensional space. And the manifestation is akin to the bolding or highlighting of text, except it is related to meaning and emotional content and context and associative content and context. And so through these multi dimensional structures of information the path is “spot-lit” in a sense and so the information can be gathered from here and there within that multi dimensional array. This may be easier ... we are describing as clearly as we can. It is not necessarily so, we expect, that it is being received with such clarity because the modes of understanding which one person uses are not necessarily the modes of understanding or cues to awareness that another person uses, and so our apologies if our metaphor is inadequate. You may ask again if you wish. Some people use a kinaesthetic mode of connecting and associating between pieces of information; others use different methods. It is highly individual, and although there are major classes according to the dominant senses it is not confined to that because there are combinations occurring. And so those with a mathematical bent and knowing the permutations and combinations that can arise from multiple modes will recognise that there is in fact a very large number of possible combinations of modes of accessing information, and the information being associated in those varieties of ways. Such are some of the dimensions of human functioning which are unmanifest in the physical but very real nevertheless.

Q1 What you’ve said about the way you operate through Peter and the influence of his knowledge of prior discussion etc on the information that you are able to pass on; is that true of all channelled entities, and are there different modes of operation.

F It is the dominant technique within the human in association with the guiding entity. Such relationships are not confined to that in the non-human although that is more difficult to discuss because from a human viewpoint it is hard enough to see the ways in which ones own mind operates let alone another’s mind which is based on structure and function in non-human type or form.

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