20060510 prcjlo regurgitation benefit_richard_healing

10/05/2006 prcjlo regurgitation benefit_richard_healing


Prcjlo 20060510 Through Janet:

^We have awaited your audience these many weeks. You have demonstrated tonight by your activity involving verbalisation of previously disseminated information (reading prior channelling), the fact that it is necessary to articulate learning beyond the mental level of the self in order to perceive alternative perspectives relating to this particular information, and indeed to simply understand that which has been presented to you on previous occasions.

We commend your persistence and curiosity to review that information which has previously been elucidated. This is the challenge to the one who sits opposite. This model is specifically his allotted task, and the one through whom we speak acts as a sounding-board, a receptor, an audience if you will, for the information that we transmit.

The ability to revisit certain information advances the clarity of understanding. The propensity to regurgitate certain information reflects the ability to understand at a variety of levels, as in a process of digestion. As one digests food, it is utilised by other parts of the body, it is absorbed, it is integrated and becomes part of the being. So too does information, as you are well aware of learning in general, and the information which we transmit through you is also a form of learning.

Revisitation of previously acquired information allows for altered perspective, and as you are well aware, greater assimilation of previously overlooked aspects of communication. Revisitation allows the reframing of information in the light of personal experience or revelation through associated reading, and learning that appears at first not to be directly related to the topic at first hand, but which is presented to you in order to enhance your understanding of that which is given to you. The role of a third person in this practicum, is the furtherance of opportunity to articulate your current understanding of the mathematical model which has been presented thus far, presenting with it an opportunity to clarify and simplify through explanation, in order to communicate these concepts, which you have heard in a spiritual context, but which others may be sceptical about in that they are hearing them from a human level. You have been given experience in the role of teacher in order that you utilise your skills of patience and simplicity in order to communicate that which has been given to you, and also in order to understand more completely yourself that which has been given to you.

We feel that we are unable to offer much that will further the complexity of the model which has been given to you, until we have confidence that you have clear direction regarding that which has already been bespoke.

We feel that the person with whom you will join in the foreseeable future is one who is able to offer rational criticism, and (I need to say that not in a negative connotation) insight into some of the subtleties, which may enhance your understanding of that information. He will be able to do this through astute questioning, which will challenge your abilities to be concise, and question the level to which you in fact have digested this material. We believe that the increased level of energy produced by the presence of a third entity will allow you to raise your energy levels to an extent which will allow the input of light for recognition and understanding. We hope that this has been of assistance to you and we leave you with our blessings and our hope that the task will soon be undertaken.

P Thank you very much for your presence, encouragement, commentary and support.

^We have yet another task which we would like to present to you for your participation. This is an activity in which you have participated in other situations previous to this, and it is simply the dissemination of healing energy, and we require you to act as transmitters.

We are able to supply energy, but we must process it through incarnate individuals, in order to distribute it to those individuals who are unable to receive from us through their existence on other levels.

We ask that you visualise a vortex, and perceive it as being not a destructive entity, but as a benevolent design, similar to the vortexes you are aware of within the aura. Many would view vortexes in terms of cyclones, tornadoes, whirlwinds, whirlpools, threatening entities which cause havoc and destruction. However the vortexes we ask you to visualise are such that they take in loving energies and distribute them in a far-flung fashion. The energy is taken in through the top of the vortex and fragments spin off as the vortex moves.

Yours is not the only energy contributing to this vortex. We have assigned this task to many of those who are willing to participate in the realm of spirit. We require that you focus your attention on your heart chakra, and see there the green loving energy that is so well known to you. Feel that energy expand. Feel the expansion being facilitated by the energy which we are directing to flow through your crown chakra. Visualise that energy expanding outwards, and joining with others that are similarly being directed and see them combine in a clockwise swirling vortex, and send that energy out into the universe, so that it may combine with others, and touch the hearts and minds of those in need of love and kindness, inspiration and healing, and know that you are all interconnected on this planet, and that through the giving of love you too are blessed, and the spirit of peace is revitalised and made accessible, to even those corners of the world that are in deep and dark distress. And we thank you for your participation.

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