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Before commencing work on year 2008 diary entries, I felt the urge to follow websites based on the term yin-yang and found my way to a site on Daoism associated with the cinnabar field. And (there) have found the reference that I was looking for in relation to dantian and the cinnabar field.

And while waiting to start this recording I've just seen a number of images, which seemed to be of a broad-faced Chinese person, or Japanese, I'm not sure which. A winter scene and buildings, I think constructed of wood coloured (painted) red and black. So it may be Japanese, I don't know. And felt associations of the quietness of a small community through the winter months – cold outside, small amount of heating inside, and the opportunity for extensive meditation at those times. And that that would constitute very favourable conditions for reaching deep meditative states such as to access the red field of the dantian field level of awareness.

^So we come on this occasion in order to connect these things from far away and long ago into the very recent assessments through personal observation of those same levels of reality. In this comes the opportunity to deliberately link these at the level at which you are currently working, being an academic treatise.

These direct observations are rare and worthy of record, which is why we have brought you here (to meditate today). The access to these feeling-states is almost universal but in fact not quite, as there are historically fewer times in which the simultaneous conditions of access to sufficient wealth and leisure and uninterrupted time have coincided in such a way as to allow a person of sufficient spiritual curiosity to access these states and domains. The continuity of awareness of such states with sufficient status and literacy in order to render into legible, durable form the insights contained about such states has been compromised by the lack of sufficient intellectual-level understanding of the psychology of perception and psychology of mind.

The complexities introduced by later writers have simultaneously confused the accessible descriptions of those things, hence it has been our intention to foster a re-accessing of those conditions and states so as to render again into the academic-level record the simple descriptions of those states, in terms of their characteristics and connection to levels of realities seldom accessed.

So that has been our ongoing intention in one of its strands. In addition, we would add that the capability shared with you to connect your own experience at other times and places to awareness of these realms of experience, is precisely what has enabled the present consideration of these things based on direct personal experience again.

In that sense it is a prerequisite that one has personally accessed these things, these rare states, at one time and place, in order to encounter them and describe them in a fresh way, but anchored in personal contemporary experience of those states again as a means by which to strip away unnecessary allegories and layers of meaning that are historically accrued to the tradition as it comes to be formed. In this instance we hope to prevent such accretions occurring again by rendering this experience into a permanently accessible form for those who may wish to peruse it.

However our expectations of such prevention of accretion is small, given the natural proclivities of the human to aggregate and add and extend upon and coalesce together more or less unrelated things, so as to accrue apparent wisdom. The essential wisdom is in the reaching of such states and their recognition. All else is secondary.

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