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18/12/2015 prc healing 4



^Coming into your mind and heart as we do on these occasions brings us freedom to consort with topics in mind and of goodwill. The truncated delivery 3 days past was delivered as a specific admonishment so as to generate a compete understanding as to the benefits and risks associated with the decision to postpone for whatever reason the proffered delivery of verbal material for a specific project, in this instance the book on healing.

This second text on healing is with a much more tightly focussed agenda than the material delivered for the previous book. In that sense it is explicitly delivered for a specific modality of sharing and teaching such as to be suitable for that task, rather than the more general text containing broader description than delivered in the past. The book on guided healing is to comprise a reference, of course, for any person who may wish that. This material is shorter, more compact, more focussed onto the explicit topic of accompanying a training or a practice session and has contained within it explicit instructions on what to do and how to do it. It points to the necessity for some complementary practices, being explicitly contemplation and meditation. Contemplation on particular things and sustained contemplation as well as well as meditation in general.

The inward focus implied all of these things has as context and necessity the capacity to hold the inward focus. And through that, to progressively perceive a much broader domain of opportunity and possibility such as may not be present within the world view of the interested party. And it is to that broad view that we now turn.

The tactics of distraction by the dog are to be ignored.

The broad focus just mentioned contains the opportunity within it for interactions with the higher self and beyond. The higher self is the intelligence and moderator of most aspects of the interaction with any other person in the presence of a healing intention. Occasionally the requirements of enactment of that healing intention are such as to involve identities beyond the higher self. Where that is the case, the awareness usually opens out in such a manner that such identities can be perceived to the extent they wish to be. That can comprise an educative opportunity for the embodied individuals both healer and healee, or it may simply be an opportunity to engage the capacity for visualisation as well as the capacity to know. The energy intensity accessed is normally significantly higher on such an occasion and it is normally in response to the need within the healee for those qualities of energy asserted in their interest for a productive and positive outcome.

So the attention can remain continuously tightly focussed on the individual comprising the healee, or it may on that class of occasion be broadened to acknowledge and welcome and generally communicate with the identity or identities come present so as to assist them in achieving their objective. Once such identities are present and engaged in their manipulation of local conditions of agapéic space and the boundaries of various individuals present, there is much less necessity for the individual holding the role of healer to be strictly focussed on the intention and process as director, but merely as observer. The reason of course is that under such conditions the initiative has been taken by the (non-physical) identity who has taken on the healer role and the role of director of the outcome. During the time such conditions are true then the embodied individual retaining the healer role need merely relax and allow the intervention.

Such interventions always have the opportunity to either create or confirm the manifested worldview within either or both healer and healee. It is important in our specifications for these actions that they be regarded as commonplace even though unusual. The purpose for that is to avoid excessive awe, exaggeration, distraction and subsequent exaggerated story-telling for the purpose of the generation of a reputation.

The attitude implied here is that of humility. The acknowledgement that these are unusual things, special things, privileged things, but in our attempts to avoid invoking the concept of the divine as accumulated through history and its accretions of unruly emotion. Were the concept of the divine never have been invented, and invention it most certainly is, then with the working model of cooperative interaction between embodied and disembodied individuals to be invoked, then a straightforward mutual appreciation can occur without other than a normal kind of satisfaction at a task successfully achieved. In that sense the exaggerated responses generated by the concept of the divine complicates the interaction by bringing present inappropriate emotions.

We emphasise this working definition in a simplified and demystified manner as congruent with our intention sustained through this entire transmission, for the simple reason that it is sufficient. And more than that, it actively counters exaggerated attitudes accrued through history. So as pragmatic procedure, it is sufficient to the task.

P That seems to be it. On this warm summer day I'm shrouded in clothes to try and stay warm over the sense of chill that arrived presaging this communication.

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