20151103 prc excursion into foreign territory

3/11/2015 prc excursion into foreign territory



After doing some journalling this morning I was about to go and sit, but was requested to come back to the computer. And the phrase “we have some excursions in mind” and also “into foreign territory.” So I don't know whether that comprises physical or spiritual excursions. ^The enticement to sit has become recognisable by the injection of a few words, often indicating content area of what is to be explored in dialogue, and this occasion is no exception.

The contrast between motion in the physical level and motion in the spiritual level has been quite thoroughly explored in reference to shamanic journeying. The distinction between descent and ascent, that is, to lower or higher worlds, has been clarified. And it remains only to explicitly capture and record some events of that nature into dialogue and transcript, so as to make available from this particular source, descriptions of what can be found in such journeys.

In contrast to the exaggerated descriptions generated through history, which have sometimes been converted to coercive literature about the dangers to avoid and the joys to attain to, the ordinary experience is rather mundane, but encountering seldom accessed dimensions of experience and modes of acquisition of that experience. It is helpful, however, to be forewarned before embarking on such journeys, that there are tricks and traps in the mind, defences and avoidances such as to maintain the equanimity and integrity of the lower mind by itself. These are to be distinguished from the experience able to be encountered through transcending the lower mind and there is a literature which discusses and confuses the attributes and experiences obtainable within those two domains.

And so we attempt an untangling of the categories of event. And allocating that to be two distinct territories of lower mind, including the imagination and internal defence systems and the higher mind in its location within spiritual space - agapéic space.

As examples, we draw upon the experience within this lower mind that when attempting (transition) into simplification by structural change by addressing layers of fear, the defence mounted by the lower mind was to generate the image of a large wild cat (tiger) leaping towards the point of attention. A more timid personality would have quailed at that point. This lower mind personality was able to see that event as the ephemeral defence that it actually was and proceed regardless towards the satisfaction of its intention to simplify and clarify the mind.

So when the objective is to address the lower mind itself, to expect a defensive reaction and be resistant to resulting imagery, is to exercise goodwill and to render it more likely to be successful.

A distinction between that class of self-directed intention and intervention and higher-mind phenomena, is that there is much greater probability of identifying the higher-mind level as not-me. That is, the aspects which come towards the attention are much more likely to be interpreted as autonomous others and having their own characteristics and separate experience.

Having successfully made that differentiation within the realm of the experience attained by the attention, exploring these dimensions, spaces and identities, one can then proceed further and take the point of attention beyond either lower mind or higher mind and out into the Void, where identity is absent and one can attain the experience of vast emptiness.

One is then still in choice over that experience, although it may not be experienced as amenable to choice, but with some experience, there is a discovery that the level of exploration is a choosable parameter and one acquires the capacity to expand the range of exploration and go into zones presenting a different experience of illumination, and particularly, colour of illumination.

And so there is the ordinary proximate dark zone, but a clear spacious darkness of minimal illumination that progressively lightens and (with substantial movement of the point of perception) the colour moves towards white and then gold. The experience of the feeling of loving nature accompanies that, with gold containing the universally attested universal compassionate love.

And so within those general parameters, one can begin to extend upon that basic map of zones of experience and correlation with either the lower mind or the higher mind or the Void.

A sense of different identity is obtainable on encountering the higher mind and its aspects, that is, the accumulated associated historical personalities comprising the higher mind, any of which is theoretically accessible, although practically that is not usually the case. There is usually a degree of combining, one personality aspect with others, such as to form a centre of will at the higher mind level, which then normally adopts the role of primary communicant and identity at that level. In contrast, in experience within the Void, encountering other identities is probable although not necessarily on first visit.

And so this brief and general outline comprising a map of the territory, is sufficient to enable a novice investigator to place the content of their experience in one of three categories. The misperceptions and mis-attributions so easily made in these classes of perception, mean that a merely tentative assigning of the category of experience and its qualities is best adopted, and allowance made for accumulated experience to bring a greater sense of certainty concerning accurate identification of where one has got to in such interior investigations. That will do as an initial communication for this day.

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