When their body is dying, say this: Recognising that you are a soul...

When their body is dying, say this:
Recognising that you are a soul currently in the process of exiting the body, you wil be
set free from the constraints and limitations imposed by that body and wil be free to move
at the time and conditions of your choosing, to depart from this place and these people
and return to the clear light, where you belong.
The path to get there may be short or long, but it is easy if you are simple in your
intention to gladly exit this place, taking with you the information you have gathered
through your life here, and proceed with goodwil and love for those who remain, but
without attachment, recognising that their task is done, as is yours; that you can take
nothing with you other than your own being and all of its acquired information.
The task when you get there is to integrate that information into the being who you are,
and then evaluate your future prospects. You wil get help with this so there need be no
fear, for you go to a safe and loving place and wil always be accepted there. There wil be
those who come to find you at the time of your departure and wil be wil ing to guide you
home to the clear light. For that is where you are going, and it wil feel like coming home.
Go in peace and love, and rest.
The repeated recitation wil be sufficient to inculcate into the mind of the dying individual that
relaxation into the process is their best option. And when coming into that condition of departing with
consciousness rather than expecting to stay, or, if there is also an expectation to stay, to know they have a
choice about how long that may be. For when their unfinished business is complete, they wil know on the
conscious level what the next thing to do is. That wil help them.
The recitation repeating need not continue past the time of death. This is contrary to other traditions,
but once the individual's body has ceased to function then the individual is already separate from that and
having heard it prior to their demise, they need not hear it again.
If it was not heard prior to their demise then having identified a connection with them, one recitation is
sufficient. Where there is doubt about the connection with them, to re-establish by intention a
connection with them, a recitation of ten times is usual y more than sufficient and need not be exceeded.
This is our specification for dying practice. It wil be sufficient for al circumstances, and we give it with
love in order to bring directly into the English language knowledge garnered elsewhere.
Extracted from AgapéSchoolinz records.
See www.agapeschool.nz (20100505 prc Vipassana 16 day log v2

This image expresses in visual form the path of incarnation. It is universal within humanity.
Outside of time, an identity exists. Seeking enhancement of its understanding of itself and its context
of existence, it finds a body and grows a personality. When that body dies, the personality characteristics
and its accumulated information upload to the individuality at the higher self level and so constructs
The cycle repeats typically about 1000 times before sufficient love and wisdom is acquired and so
embodiment stops.
Reuniting and reintegrating with the others in the soul group is the next step. On completion, some
reunited reintegrated nodes of Dao-consciousness, out of love and compassion for suffering humanity,
direct their attention to refresh knowledge in the human domain. This has happened many times
through human history and this is another example of that process, identified in the Hindu tradition as
the product of a bodhisattva of compassion.

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