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Hierarchy of Love

A primer in intrinsic spirituality

Transcribed & edited by Peter R Calvert

Artwork, recording, transcription and editing by:
Peter R Calvert, © 2008
Peter Raymond Calvert asserts the moral right to be identified as the
author of this work.

Printed by Zenith Publishing New Zealand

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ISBN 978-0-473-12199-0

Agape Theory

Table of Contents

Comments & acknowledgments .................................................. 5
Personal introduction .................................................................. 8
Why Meditate?...................................................................................... 9
The Problem ............................................................................. 11
Introduction from Spirit ............................................................ 13
Definitions ................................................................................ 16
Concepts ................................................................................... 33
Concept 1: Agapé............................................................................... 33
Concept 2: Love................................................................................. 37
Concept 3: Embodiment ..................................................................... 51
Concept 4: Metaphor .......................................................................... 61
Maps ......................................................................................... 72
Models ...................................................................................... 75
Deconstructing religious art into its symbolic language: traditional
graphic models of spirituality .............................................................. 75
Love & Hierarchy & Fear: A model for 3 basic dimensions of spiritual
reality ................................................................................................. 78
The numeric model of Agapé .............................................................. 83
A mathematical model of spiritual energetics....................................... 84
Models of the Individual ..................................................................... 86
The ‘ice-berg model’ of mind .............................................................. 87
Sea of the subconscious mind .............................................................. 89
Model of connections to the Higher Self, and changes with soul age .... 91
Set of personalities potentially accessible to an individual’s conscious
awareness ........................................................................................... 91
Model of whole identity irrespective of time........................................ 92
Model of whole identity from the perspective of time .......................... 92
Model of communication fidelity between Higher and Lower Mind ..... 95
Higher mind & higher self, and facilitated maturation .......................... 99
Higher mind & higher self, and facilitated maturation ........................ 100
A model for factorial analysis in human behaviour and attributions.... 103
A model of the impact of pain ........................................................... 105
1000 life model: ................................................................................ 106
Energy Contraction ........................................................................... 108
Love integrated ................................................................................. 110
Ascension: the prime task of incarnation ................................. 111


Agape Theory
Models of Soul population dynamics ................................................. 111
Agapé population dynamics close-up – 2D......................................... 111
Agapé population dynamics – 3D ...................................................... 113
Model of four basic parameters and relationship in Agapé-space ........ 114
Summary table of the fundamental parameters ................................... 118
Being & enlightenment...................................................................... 119
Soul fragments & groups ................................................................... 122
The Ground of all Being .................................................................... 123
Numeric Agape Model – 3D view...................................................... 124
The Klein bottle as a 4 dimensional model for understanding the
generation of the structure of spiritual existence ................................. 125
Delivery of the metaphors and their character; creation of fundamental
structure within which the metaphors can be descriptive; and
relationships between the models ....................................................... 126
The web of life and the growth of love as context for existence .......... 133
The Cornucopia................................................................................. 135
Epilogue .................................................................................. 137
Appendix 1: Channelled messages supportive of the theory ..... 139
Appendix 2: Reincarnation ...................................................... 179
Appendix 3: Logical argument for Reincarnation..................... 185
Appendix 4: Healing - A Primer in the nature of Reality.......... 187
Appendix 5: Seeing an aura ..................................................... 201
Appendix 6: A typology of spiritual infestation........................ 206
Appendix 7: Ken Wilber’s Integral model of consciousness.... 215
Appendix 8 Our Beginning .................................................... 225
Bibliography:........................................................................... 227
Statement on Religious Diversity............................................. 237


Agape Theory
Comments & acknowledgments
There are many people I am indebted to for the formation of this work.
First, my friends, who know who they are.
A small amount of this material was developed as talks to local
Theosophical Society members in past years, and I thank them for their
forbearance as I practiced listening to the still, small voice within, and
produced talks they sometimes were confused by, as the material was
then without full context. Yet they encouraged me. I hope this fuller
rendition enables more understanding.

I thank all those who contributed their time and attention to my
understanding and progressive development as a person, through
innumerable workshops and trainings of various kinds, many in the
general domain of psychotherapeutics and bodywork. Reaching a
degree of clarity concerning oneself on the level of personality is an
essential prerequisite to spiritual-level exploration.

I feel a debt of gratitude to the person who pasted the notice on a lamp
standard outside Waikato University in 1990, which advertised an
upcoming course in Vipassana1 (Buddhist insight) meditation at
Kaukapakapa, and to the then unknown aspect of or beyond myself
which directed my attention to it. That process has enabled me to reach
more deeply inside myself than I had any reason to expect, and to
correct tendencies carried through from ancient events that have shaped
my present life experience through choices made and avoided. Death by
war, murder and torture leave marks upon the soul, and progressively
discovering them continues to free me from their thrall.

This text principally comprises direct quotations from channelled
material received in a variety of ways and through a variety of people in
different meditation groups over about the last 15 years, although
principally through myself and some frequent co-meditators. On
several crucial occasions imagery has been received simultaneously by
us, hence allowing us to confirm with each other the meaning of visual

1 In this word, derived originally from the Sanskrit language, the doubled s
renders the /sh/ sound in English, i.e.,. [Vipashana].


Agape Theory
features and associated emotional and contextual connotations.
Without exception such imagery has come unexpectedly. This work has
not been our initiative, but we have agreed to support its production and
distribution as a contribution to any person who may thereby reduce
their fear of death and dying. Such direct quotations are always
preceded by the symbol ^. Such sources have invariably declined to
identify themselves by any particular name, and only latterly has there
been descriptive reference to a team whose members may be
individually identifiable, but were not and, I was informed, never will
be. I believe there are very good reasons for that.

The process of taking dictation from another person can be described by
an old word which comes from the Latin language, ‘amanuensis’. In the
context of this book the other person is discarnate and usually
unidentifiable and can thereby only communicate in chunks of meaning,
usually using words in the language one knows. But not always.
Amanuensis is one of a few words previously unknown to me and first
encountered while directly involved in this process, so I had to consult a
dictionary to find its meaning. So I titled the following text by that
process by which it arrived:

Fruit of Amanuensis

“^The essence of spirit is love.

Love manifested generates hierarchy

Hierarchy produces differentiation

Differentiation generates separation

Separation generates independent experience

Independent experience requires integration

Integration requires love. (See step 1)

This cyclic process is sufficient to manifest the entire cosmos.”

Regarding date nomenclature: The Chinese system of indicating time in
descending order of unit size is adopted throughout this text, for its


Agape Theory
utility in computer file ranking and date ordering. Therefore, read
dates as yyyymmdd. Understanding this renders date separators

And regarding fonts: I have chosen my own comments and explanatory
notes to be in italic. The
gifted text is not. Appendix 7 ignores this
convention, as the entire appendix is a quotation.

Tests received during meditation
“^Periodic testing of the person who allows their capacity to be utilised
for this class of work as deliverer of the role of amanuensis should
expect to be tested by the source of the information they receive. This is
only reasonable. Every technological communication system is tested
routinely for integrity and capacity and error rate, to evaluate its
adequacy and need for upgrading. For the human person wishing to
inform themselves or others about this process, or their life by virtue of
information received, their capacity may be lacking in various ways, and
so they are tested. For such a test to be meaningful it must probe beliefs
and associations, and especially, fearfulness, for fearlessness is required
for this work. There exist many categories of myth which can preclude
willingness to work for an unknown spiritual other, and fear of evil
intention on their part is a major force amplified by such myths. So
such tests can directly address such concerns in order to estimate the
extent to which content conveyed is likely to be edited from the
information stream at either the conscious or preconscious level of the
I have been tested on most occasions I have thus sat in meditation,
waiting for dialogue from those who guide me. The content of the test is
often complete foolishness! Nevertheless, understanding that a test is
likely, proceeding to dutifully record what comes to mind usually results
in the tone of the content becoming humorous, chatty, informative
regarding current concerns, or even profound. A brief example of one
such test received during transmission of material related to the model
of agapé follows. There were many others:

“^It has come to pass that in the mountains there are many valleys. In
this instance the valleys are the abode of the werewolf. Beware!!”


Agape Theory
Personal introduction
I never meant to be a mystic2. It crept up on me, like a moat
surreptitiously and progressively dug around a castle, eventually
leaving me isolated. All the while thinking I was normal, or as normal
as one can be in a lower middle-class home in New Zealand with
pretensions of being at least upper middle-class if not higher. But the
work led me down, and called me to take it up, so I did. My mother
would see it as claptrap. She believed that when you died you went into
a hole in the ground & stayed there, because hell was here on Earth.
My father never told me until the last year of his long life that he had
left all that spiritual stuff behind when he went to Auckland to build his
wife and children a home after the war. “There was no room for it”, he
said. Building the house on evenings and weekends while they lived in
first a tent then an old Army hut on reverted farmland, and using the
timber milled from macrocarpa trees grown on the land to do it with,
left him short of talking time. At least about things like karma and
spirits that he learned from his mother. She learned about them from
the Theosophical Society in Hamilton where she was an early member.
It was a radical organisation then, not the withered remainder it is now.
So I dutifully avoided church, and pitied Catholics for being so foolish
as to believe in something that could be spelled dog backwards. Then,
over a period of about 20 years, that all changed. Some might say I
grew up. I certainly avoided that to the extent I could! But partnerships
& death caught up with me and reduced me to tears too often, and I got
curious about why my hands got heavy and tired after caressing a lover
when it was such easy work. And so I was progressively inducted into
understanding about the energetics of bodies and Life.

Along the way I started to meditate. First at lunchtimes in my room at
work, then also in spiritual training groups at night, and later for 10
days at a stretch. That really worked well!!. I later received during

2 A person who records their spiritual experiences for others’ benefit.


Agape Theory
Why Meditate?
“^The training of the attention is the essential prerequisite for
travel in the domain only discoverable when one has forgotten
the body and its needs;
To forget the body, it must be comfortable, relaxed and at
To be at peace, the body-mind must be calm;
To be calm, unresolved issues must be minimised;
The resolution of issues is therefore the first priority. When
developmental issues, power issues, or interpersonal issues
impede the tranquillity, meditation is best avoided in favour of
the resolution of such issues. When they have been completely
or partially resolved, then tranquillity is again possible, and
meditation may be profitably resumed.”

The discovery of my capacity to access those regions beyond the
ordinary mind and identity have shaped the remainder of my life since
being approached by unknown identities very early in my meditational

They first asked - “which path do you choose, the left-hand or the right-
hand?” And when I didn’t decide quickly, they asked again, and I chose
the right-hand path. Having since met a few people who chose the left-
hand path, I’m glad I chose the other one!

Along the way I have been exposed to a series of situations both in and
out of body from which I have learned to not fear fear, but recognise it
as an indicator that I am about to learn something important. So not
always successfully, and dragging my heart back out of my throat, I
have sometimes been blessed with the opportunity to learn first-hand of
spiritual realities beyond the body, and at other times listened and
written what I have been taught by those in spirit who have sought to
know me again.

One of the fruits of that knowing is this small book, in which I seek to
transfer to others’ awareness a model of humanity and its place in the


Agape Theory
greater scheme of things. It can be seen in the light of prior such
models, or it can be regarded purely in its own terms. The very means
by which it has come to my awareness is an example of the mechanisms
inherent in mysticism. But a tautology3 it is not, for I have not actively
sought the principal elements - they have just turned up in my
awareness, so I have recorded them. Only after many years has the
extent of their implications become clear, and I have not found their
likeness elsewhere.

3 Useless repetition


Agape Theory
The Problem
To set the context for all that follows I quote from the first material
received in meditation outlining the problem to which this book is a
partial response:

Diary entry - 19990325 12:10 - received inner call to meditate:
For what reason do you come?
“^We wish on this occasion to once again implore your more frequent
amanuensis skills. We have work undone. Will you help us?”
“^Good. We will begin for today with the implications of our prior
communication concerning the consequences of the variation of
historical practice of considering only the study of the spiritual impact
of the spiritual domain.
We intend to initiate an international trend towards the study of that
domain on human life in all its variety, but particularly the impact on the
theory of being. Where once it was sufficient to know of the ground-
level knowledge relevant to agriculture for food creation, now the realm
of theory has encompassed the origins and end of the known universe.
The question then is, what lies beyond that? As anyone who has read or
studied history will know, spiritual impulses have arisen in the breast
and mind of humans for many thousands of years. Once, it was
sufficient to respond only to the heart-felt love emanating from the
domain contacted in dreams, sleep and vision. Now, however, a more
dynamic understanding is required, to know in their own domain the
entities who inhabit the spiritual domain.
Once the argument for the affirmation of the consensual reality of the
spiritual domain, based on the empirical observations of mystics, is
affirmed, then the world will fall into a new order of wholeness, as a
complete view will be available to any person willing to take the time to
develop the required skills to do so. This will challenge the old order, it
is true. Religion in its simplistic forms will fall away. Belief will be
less required.


Agape Theory
This is not in any sense a bad thing, as empiricism is universally
respectful of the individual’s right to make up their own mind, and
coercion has no place in it. This trend towards respect for the individual
is commonplace in civilised societies, and can be extended further when
it is extended to religious belief as a subset of consensual reality, rather
than lying completely outside it, as is the current situation in the
trendsetters of rational thought, the scientific community. So it is to this
community that the attention must be directed, to progress by rational
argument the empirical reality of the spiritual domain, and then to
accurately map the consequences of that for both the average person,
and the person gifted in spiritual perception.
The question is, who will help us in our task to make this attitude
towards spiritual empiricism known? It cannot be attended to by the
participants in the established religious order, for they would understand
it to represent a threat to their continued existence. It will not be
undertaken by conventional scholars of science, for they are immersed
in their existing worldview, and spiritual understanding lies excluded
beyond their belief, in their exclusion zone, along with fantasy and
It will take a new type of person, a mystic who is both scientifically and
spiritually trained, so as to avoid the worst excesses of illusion, to which
humans are natural prey, to invite an informed and rational debate based
on empirical philosophy. Then, and only then, will the scientific
community be required by their own principles to attend to the
argument. All else is vain crying in the wind.”


Agape Theory
Introduction from Spirit
“^In force at this time there are several options which can be availed to
you as our mouthpiece into this world of matter. This capacity will be
heralded as one in which you will excel in order to avail ourselves of
your natural advantages of skill-set and love and availability. If your
availability had been precluded by occupation in any other field we
would have had less enthusiasm for your proclivity, yet we are amazed
that you persist in listening to us, for your rewards are few in return.
Therefore your dedication is of interest to us, as you have made it your
life’s work to translate for us into the world of form and English
language, the messages we wish you to convey to others. In this
instance it is now an opportunity, since we are at this time conversing
while we wait for the arrival of another, to know you in your own life as
a pawn of ours. This sense of pawn is several, encompassing as it does
scribe, lover, suitor and warrior on our behalf.
It is this combination of characteristics that endears us to you in your
interest in our existence, and in survival of your realm. These faculties,
which you are now exercising on our behalf, are hard-won, but
persistent over subsequent lifetimes as they have endured into this one.
It is that capacity which endeared us to you in your potential for many
years, knowing that you would eventually circumscribe yourself in our
image, and take us into your heart as you have done so many times
Enlightenment is several degrees of other faculties hard-won in previous
times and fulfilled for you in a future time not now, but that should not
deter you from aiming for it, as it is precisely that intention sustained
across several lives, which leads you to aspire in each one to achieve
that state. It does not come of its own accord, for the aspirant in each
lifetime knows that it is a present and future goal to be patiently sought
after, and in due course it will arrive. … Now the other arrives:”
“^Greetings. There are 3 degrees of enlightenment you should know
The first, is that which allows you to account for your own life, in terms
of its capacity to know of spiritual things.


Agape Theory
The second, is the willingness to love in terms disinterested for the
outcome, otherwise known as unconditional.
The third thing, is that if these capacities are sustained, in due course a
fourth degree will arrive and make itself known, that of a lover in spirit,
which you now have in abundance.
These 4 capacities are sufficient to accelerate the acquisition of
knowledge into a form of accelerated learning familiar to you now.
This accelerated learning is marked by several degrees of love and trust
intrinsic to the process of mediumship, for without them it cannot occur.
If the process is asked for without a willingness to love an unknown
other, then it cannot proceed, and this fact is even yet not widely known.
So our task is to proceed with explicating exactly that fact in the context
of your graphs and diagrams, which together in due course will form an
integrated whole, into which others will fall intact at your feet,
astounded that it could all seem so simple. So we have great hopes that
it will be intelligible to ones not indoctrinated into any other worldview,
admittedly in a simplistic way.
More profound teachings can always be found, but our task is to
enlighten the few and the simple in heart who wish for an
uncomplicated introduction using the language that they know already,
i.e., that which they were taught at school before they encountered this
The relationship between other prior teachings and this one is not
simple, and it will be explained in full in due course so others more wise
in the ways of spiritual explanatory systems will be able to follow the
distinctions between others and this. Nevertheless we have as our first
priority the explication of our task, then the explication of our role, then
the description of the final stage of the integrated teaching we wish to
transmit through you for others.
Our task is to teach.
Our task is to teach of love and its primacy, and secondarily
to teach of survival of bodily demise.
The third thing we claim is to know of actions forthcoming,
hence to act as prophet, of doom and betrayal, as well as


Agape Theory
tidings of great joy, as all others have done throughout
history, and her-story as well. For the traditions are only
partly conveyed through the male side, and biased into their
liking and forms. Her-story would tell a different tale of
many undertakings and issues initiated and completed, and
it would be in a different language and idiom from that
recorded in historians’ accounts of wars fought and wars
lost. And the outcomes would be in terms of love and
betrayal of promises. So the currency of the account must
be understood to be in both idioms, not just the male one.


Agape Theory
“^The meaning of ‘be still, and know that I am god’.
• be still = see ‘Why meditate?’ above, in Personal Introduction.
know = communicate by received feelings, sensations, verbal
(but not necessarily spoken) or non-verbal mind-to-mind
conversations, and actions unwilled from the lower mind (i.e.,
the ordinary location of will in the conditioned mind), and
hence come to appreciate the distinctions between unspiritual
matter and spiritual force, and the residents ordinarily located in
each domain of awareness.
= an acronymic code-word meaning:
= gone out (of the zone of) death
= any partially or completely reunited entity4, all parts
of which no longer reincarnate.
This places them far above the human in abode on the scales of Agapé
frequency or hierarchy or both, therefore able to access all areas, so to
• therefore far more knowledgeable than an ordinary incarnating
• therefore able to wear the title god with distinction, since death
only pertains to bodies.
• Hence occupying zones far to the right and above that of the
reincarnating human on the graph of Agapé, Hierarchy and
• Hence always manifesting extreme compassionate love, and
best characterised by this.
This implies that god is love. This is the traditional Christian message,
but which is hugely inflated and anthropomorphised by them. Not that

4 See 1000-life model.


Agape Theory
the Christians are wrong, it’s just that it is a worn-out sales pitch, and
insufficiently differentiated in an expanded view of life.
The feeling of this much tender compassionate love is absolutely
unmistakable, therefore is a reliable guide to the source in general terms
if not in detail, as from such levels all is one in those terms, and
therefore such a communicant can be trusted to be of intent for good for
the still-incarnating human.
out = higher in Agapéic frequency than the zone occupied by
incarnating humans.
the zone of death = in the leftward side of the graph of
Agapé/Hierarchy/Fear, in the zone of gross matter condensed out of
Agapéic energy where {Es = AH2} manifests physical bodies which
This whole description of Agapé is a complex metaphor with a simple
initial interface, similar in effect to the best computer software. Simple
to appreciate and use, but with depth available for viewing if desired,
but not required to be known. This implies freedom of exploration as
curiosity wills, which implies an absence of coercion.
This is good. This is god (signing out of the communication5, early one
morning in China
The concept of place is known by humanity as either on, in, or outside
of the physical world you call Earth in the English language. These
places we refer to are not associated directly with such physical places
in hard reality, but soft places in physical thought or fantasy. For the
very process of lessening focus onto the hard external world of
physicality is sufficient to raise ones attention into another realm.
Realm in this context must also be defined to mean a change of state in
frequency terms, for every unit of frequency has its own realm. We

5 In 2004. Sequencing these multiple discussions into a more or less coherent
argument, spread as it has been over many years, has taken some time.


Agape Theory
have spoken previously about frequency and that data is understood to
be the context for our present purposes. So there are many realms in
view, and they should be understood to mean different things in
different contexts, for the character of the realm referred to changes with
level also.
Level in this context must also be defined and means those major
divisions within which there are many realms or frequency divisions of
unit size. The discontinuity between units ensures its continuance as a
discrete realm, and advancement between realms is dependent upon
meeting specific criteria such as birth into it or advancement by such
criteria as love status and expression. There are also others which will
be described at a different time. And so the criteria for advancement
will allow a person in body to change level at critical opportunities if
they are able to endow themselves with sufficient understanding at the
conscious level.
Now, having set definitions in place for the major criteria and terms, we
may proceed:
Love, loving and lust
Now we come to the critical part of this discussion, that pertaining to the
factor of love. For the description of love in this context is crucial to the
understandability of the whole context of our discussion. Love in this
context is nothing to do with sexual love or loving, but only with
spiritual love and loving. This should not surprise you, for the
theoretical consideration of admission into Godhead has nothing to do
with bodies, for by that time bodies have been left far behind as abodes
for the spirit, therefore for consistency we consider only the spiritual
factor of love, not its physical counterpart and expression. To describe
our attempt at distinguishing between love and physical loving as
insufficient and puerile is not useful, even though it may occur to some
In this context the distinctions between love and loving in the physical
sense needs more clarification:


Agape Theory
• Love in the physical sense is concerned as much with the
expression of liquids in the brain as anything of the spirit,
although the spiritual movement may accompany it;
• Loving in the spiritual form may be accompanied by physical
attributes and loving expression in physicality, but these are not
prerequisites nor necessarily accompany spiritual loving as the
two are intrinsically different in form and nature;
• Loving in the physical sense is invariably accompanied by
movements in intention and process. Loving in spiritual terms
is not.
These distinctions will suffice for the moment. Others will follow
progressively throughout the conversation.
We now come to the willingness to enter into a state of love in its own
right without expectation of expression or reward by receipt of palpable
enjoyment. This makes no sense to the sensible, by which we mean the
sense-endowed creature, and in this context, human. To the spirit,
nothing else makes any sense in terms of understanding. For the sense-
endowed person in a body is literally trapped by their proclivities
towards sensual gratification. Separation from that requires an act of
dissociation to the purely mental realm, or detachment from the body-
derived gratification system necessary for survival of the body. Such
detachment is normally derived during sleep, but the poor retention in
memory of experience obtained in sleep precludes that as sufficient for
most people most of the time. In some stages of life with requisite
training it can be sufficient to remind an individual that existence
outside of the body is not only possible but normal, but this is rarely
achieved. The stories such people tell of their exploits and perspective
contribute substantially to the ongoing mythology of survival beyond
the body and encourage others to attempt to emulate their example,
usually without success. Nevertheless such endeavours maintain and
contribute substantially to present understanding conveyed in books
about practical examples and tactics designed to achieve such spiritual
The next explanation requiring our attention is that of distinguishing lust
from love, even confining the definition of love in this context to sexual


Agape Theory
loving. Lust is first of all an energy already containing a direction, as in
‘lust for x’. Lust without direction is incomprehensible. In its generic
sense, lust is an energy directed in a specific direction through a mode
of achievement, eg., lust for power or prestige is often obtained through
political process or academic recognition. Lust for sex, however, is
engendered by a specific bodily process, and seeks only expression
through physical interaction with another body. So the mode of
achievement of love and sex are different, as are their outcomes. Love
may result from sex and sex may result from love, but they should not
be confused, for love has effect on the spiritual aspect of the person,
whereas sex has only effect on the physical organism. If these two
aspects of behaviour and proclivity are compared, they are not
necessarily time-synchronous nor outcome oriented in the same
direction, for the sex act can of course occur in a state of complete
absence of love. It is also true that love can exist in the complete
absence of sex, but that is more rare for most people, except for familial
forms of love such as between parent and child.
So the distinctions of lust and love having been outlined in some of their
forms, more must be given concerning love itself.
It is first of all a feeling conveyed from the spirit into the body. Various
attempts have been made to locate the organ of love in the body, but its
association with the heart is a consequence primarily of denial of the
existence of the energetic form by the primacy of Western cultural
emphasis on allopathic medicine and its post-Socratic expression in the
doctrine of science. This extremism away from spiritually-based
observation and empirically derived gnosis6 has clouded understanding
for many centuries, and persists intact and is buttressed by empirically-
derived experimentation in the physical domain.
The only error is the assumption that because most people cannot see
what is obvious to the mystic it should be defined as absent. An
acknowledgment of empiricism amongst mystics would constructively
inform the unfortunately narrow view of western mainstream science,
which holds it to be self-evident that spiritual experience, including that
of love, is nothing but delusion. Such scientistic thinking is fortunately

6 Knowledge acquired through personal spiritual activities.


Agape Theory
in a process of re-evaluation in some quarters (Tr. e.g., the Society for
Scientific Exploration
). By this process it will eventually become more
obvious that love is felt in the heart because of the location of a main
channel or conduit into the physical form from the spiritual precursor
and blueprint for the bodily structure, the energetic patterning known as
the aura.
These higher-order patterning processes inform and guide the laying out
of the development of the physical form and retain an intimate
involvement in its ongoing functioning in both health and disease.
Through this energetic patterning the higher energies associated with
love, of which it is a specific patterning, inform the nervous system and
brain that a specific feeling is associated with a state of love.
This then is the basis for learning of practical appreciation of love in the
current body, for it powerfully affects all functioning through
modulation of the endocrine system. This modulation is consonant with
behavioural imperatives related to mating and aggression, for aggression
must be contained and sexual behaviour stimulated for sexual mating to
occur. Thus relationship is borne on wings of lust and feelings in the

Mansions of the heart
“^For now we are undone, for the spirit has left the heart. In the heart
there are many mansions, as has been described before. In the
beginning there was knowledge of the many mansions of the heart, but
now that knowledge is lost to most people, so they flounder into a
descent into materialism and profligacy7 in an attempt to satisfy their
self-directed lust.
The love in the heart is the place where the expression is directed to
occur of the beginnings of knowledge of the distinctions between love
and lust. The feelings that convey these distinctions are several and
must be elucidated first.

7 The trait of spending extravagantly, or, dissolute indulgence in sensual


Agape Theory
The love in the heart is conveyed first by a hollowness or emptiness
sensed in the region of the chest cavity. This attribute of the heart
chakra is felt in this way because it senses feelings of fullness or
emptiness in the process of registering a state of flow sufficiency. If the
flow is insufficient, then a feeling of emptiness is generated on the
physical level. If a feeling of fullness exists, it is because the flow into
the heart chakra is greater than some threshold determinable by the
individual. If their experience precludes any experience of fullness,
then the threshold is set high in order to manifest a feeling of emptiness
as a motivator to attract attention in the conscious awareness of lack of
some vital need. In contrast, if the fullness is manifest, it is a
consequence of the threshold being set low, so as to manifest a feeling
within consciousness of reward for attention being placed on
constructive pursuits, in terms of their abundance of expression of love
in physical, sensual and sexual forms. This is the origin of the old
phrase ‘my cup runneth over’.
This manipulation of the threshold in order to achieve motivating
sensations in the physical form, is an attribute of the education of the
current consciousness expressed through the current personality, to re-
experience the joyful states attainable in physicality, and condition the
organism to seek, obtain and prefer them above all others.
By this means it is a teaching tool, conditioned to and matched to the
bodily form in which humans incarnate. In other world systems they
respond differently and consonant with the developmental objectives of
teaching the primacy of love in that context, so it is achieved differently.
This teaching by the spirit of the current personality through the current
body-sensations, causes the flowering of awareness into expression of
all art-forms and practices associated with the heart in cultural literature.
That then becomes self-certifying and self-perpetuating processes in all
cultural expressions.
This serves to acquaint a new spirit with the pleasures associatable with
various classes of activity, and so because they are valued by people
who acquire status in society, they are modelled as desirable in
literature, and incorporated into curricula for cultural transmission into
each subsequent generation. This is good, if confusing for the aspirant
after approval of their peers and superiors, as the practices are not


Agape Theory
natural, but acquired through this process of cultural indoctrination.
And the distinctions between cultures are partly based on how to
achieve these skill-sets in achieving states of love.
For such transgressions into loving behaviours from the cultural norms
of acquisitiveness and avoidance, we must explain now the willingness
of the spirit to convey into awareness the values and attitudes necessary
to support this culturally-based training. It is a prerequisite for training
into loving behaviour on the physical level that awareness of the values
of self-abnegation be taught. The drive of the physical form is so strong
into self-activated pleasure-seeking that a powerful training is required
to counter it.
This is obtainable from many sources of spiritually-sourced literature,
and teachings such as this one, to render available in most homes the
requisite teachings. But not all. And those children who are the product
of such homes are distinguished by their selfishness. The focus on the
self and its gratification is entirely natural, and a product of the bodily
survival systems’ reward-seeking behaviour. But it does not give love.
It gives cooperation in informed self-interest to achieve self-gratification
through cooperative behaviour. But that is all. The spiritual impulse to
create love, and the spiritual impulse to value that above self-interest is
a different order of experience, leading to different outcomes in
For example: Suppose a trained infant seeks food. It utilises
communicative opportunities, behavioural opportunities and self-
directed movement to achieve its body’s needs, for there are many
internal systems operative even without training, to give necessary
feedback within the organism as to its requirements for survival. Should
its needs be met in a timely fashion, it will rest content until
consumption of food is again an imperative.
Such an infant is thereby trained further into expectations of reward, and
will mould its behaviour in such a way as to maximise its chances for
survival and growth to maturity for procreation of the species. This is
well-known because it is every person’s experience. What is not quite
so well-known is the movements in the heart which accompany such
maturation in some people, for they are derived from the soul and its
desire to manifest love, through its knowledge of the advantages that


Agape Theory
can bring, in the development of personality in the current incarnation.
So these two entirely separate streams of conditioning generate a flux of
learning, and produce human beings in all their variety.
The point of expressing all this is to elucidate some crucial distinctions
that are well-supported in various traditions. For example the esoteric
tradition has many accounts which resemble that which we are giving
again here. The religious traditions of many forms contain such
descriptions, but customised to suit their particular needs for descriptive
literature supporting their particular world-view.
The intention in this instance is to produce fresh literature which is not
aligned with any particular literature from any particular sect or faith,
but to none other than secular spirituality, by which we mean the non-
aligned creation of thought conducive to best-practice living in a body,
while appreciating the distinctions obtainable through awareness of
soul. This is not a new phenomenon, of course, but required to a new
degree through the secularly oriented modern life derived from loss of
faith in spiritual practice and values.
It is to the products of such a system of indoctrination that we address
ourselves first, and any others who may find the discussion interesting
secondarily. Tertiarily, we address those people who find such
discussion offensive, and to them we would advise that to take such
words at face value, then live them for a while so that the distinctions
become clear, is the only way to evaluate one’s present conditioning
into the current belief-set and its reward systems. Finally we would
address those who are entirely blind to such arguments and persuasive
language as is presently contained herein, and to them we would say,
“go forth and multiply and enjoy the process!”
After your death in the current body you will re-evaluate your attitudes
and learn from that experience, and no harm will be done. For you will
reincarnate anyway, whether you like it or not. The option is not
available to the unenlightened soul. If you are here to read this, then
your intention to learn through this earth school is already manifested,
and you will return here again, for it is a very efficient school in values


Agape Theory
Distinguishing the soul’s voice from other developmental factors
So now we come to the next phase of instruction into wisdom of the
Earth variety. By what motion did you arrive here? The I I call you
will know of several such processes, if probably only at the
subconscious level. If the following explanations seem familiar, then
note on what level that sense of familiarity comes. If it comes from
deep with you, then recognise the souls voice at work in your
awareness, and take heed, for it may not speak again unless recognised
for what it is.
The process of coming to awareness of the soul’s voice in you, is that by
which most religions have advertised their wares, and claimed
particularity and identity from such descriptions. This leads to language
deficits, in which the modern person has no idea of the course of their
life. It is in recognising such unexpected agreement between the
personal events of such a life and eternal teachings, that one may
become open to more input from traditional descriptions of the spiritual
life. What is not described adequately in modern terminology of
religion, are the distinctions obtainable from contemplation of
motivation. The causes of behaviour are at all times accessible, even if
poorly understood, or misconstrued through wrong attributions. The
pseudo-explanations derivable from constructed attributions consonant
with the present world-view, and what is currently considered
acceptable behaviour, are the source of most misunderstanding. We
should explain this in more detail.
When an infant learns, it takes into the structure of its brain the external
input, and codes it into more structure within the brain. As it ages it
does not lose this structure, although it may be added to by subsequent
experience. If the subsequent experience is consonant with the earlier
data, it codes that again as supportive to the principles previously
obtained. If the experience is negative to its prior experience, it codes
that as contrary, and the significance of that earlier experience is
weakened in its overall functioning, and so it learns a new way to relate
to its prior experience, in terms of the expectations constantly produced
concerning current experience. This cloud of expectations govern
current responses, and conclusions subsequently derived from the
outcomes of current behaviour, and related experience, and input from


Agape Theory
external events. This cloud of expectations and conclusions condition
its subsequent expectations as it codes experience in an ongoing way,
and so an accumulation of such experience, encoded around themes of
internal and external behaviour and thought, wilfully generates identity.
When new experience contradicts such themes which have become well
established in the identity’s life, there are two possibilities:
• It can accept the new experience, and further modify its belief-
sets to accommodate the new input, or
• it can reject or forget or deny or misconstrue such experience, in
such a way as to sustain prior beliefs about itself and its
relationship to the world in which it lives, and here we mean the
representations it contains about the world in which it lives on
those levels.
Knowing the foregoing, it is easy to see the crucial nature of openness to
new experience.
Should the new experience be overwhelming to its capacity to integrate
such fresh experience into itself in accurate and constructive ways, then
a process of denial must be initiated to hold such experience ‘at arms
length’, as it were. This initiates the automatic functions of repression
and suppression of thought and feeling so well known in theoretical
psychology, with the result that its internal representations of the
external world in which it lives, starts to slip out of synchrony with truth
about the world. Such misrepresentations can grow as can any other
coding for experience, and delusion results. Recovery from such states
requires exploring the events that resulted in such miscoding, and re-
evaluating them in the light of consciousness of maturity, seeing the
errors and wrong conclusions for what they are, an escape into the
apparent safety of misbelief and misconstrual, so as to preserve intact
more important beliefs.
An example: Suppose an infant experiences care, then no care, then
care again. Its suppositions about the reliability of caring on the part of
its carers, takes a beating. Suppose further that an external person beats
it and the carer does not protect it. Consequences of this can be that it
comes to believe the world to be dangerous, and although the infant


Agape Theory
survives, its expectations applied to each new willing into love of itself
through relationship, is inevitably clouded by expectations of at least
unreliability of care. That may be natural and true, or it may not, but it
will be hard for the grown person to undo the negative expectations
conditioning its current responses, without revisiting in conscious
memory the circumstances leading to the alternate conclusion. In these
ways a person grows into love or hate of their life, which biases those
around them in relationship into responding to them accordingly.
These processes are now well understood, but enumerated here to form
a context in which to place the following representation of a theoretical
dataset in mathematical terms, to satisfy the boundaries of current
expectations for exactitude of theory in mathematical terms.”


Agape Theory
“^Before we do that, an example of the use of a model is in order. The
reason for this is to acquaint those unfamiliar with the means by which a
model is used to clarify the general case of a situation or extended
explanatory system, in order to simplify its presentation to enable ease
of understanding. We choose in this instance to utilise the comfort of
the human body as our model of the process we intend to use for the
explanation in general terms of later processes of explanation. As
everyone who reads this has a body, but may not be already familiar
with the use of models, we choose a mathematical representation of
degrees of comfort and some related parameters.
Consider heat as a parameter of comfort. Assuming zero heat coincides
with a feeling of being neither hot nor cold, heat becomes a uni-
dimensional value of comfort, with increasing heat producing increasing
discomfort. Constraining the range of values and normalising them
from 0 to 1, one can produce a one-dimensional graph as follows:

1 Dimension of comfort


Agape Theory
If a second dimension of comfort is introduced, for example skin
stickiness, and the zero values are made coincident, then the following
graph results:
2 dimensions of Comfort

Then a third can be added, for example tiredness:
3 Dimensions of Comfort


Agape Theory
This is similar to the familiar 3 dimensions of space, e.g.,
3 dimensions of Space

Three dimensions of emotion could be, e.g.,
3 dimensions of Emotion


Agape Theory
Combining these with a few others could produce, e.g.,
A few dimensions of Life
Don't Care

Note that if some conditions conducive to meditation are mapped using
this layout, then the idea of centredness can be conveyed. That is, if one
is physically comfortable and emotionally and mentally calm, then
meditation is easier as one approaches the zero value on each of these
and similar dimensions:


Agape Theory
Don't Care
W onder
Lus t

This, then, shows how a modelling process can replicate experiential
understanding onto a two-dimensional page, to stimulate mental
understanding of complex functional systems.
Familiar in engineering and related technical disciplines, we bring this
tool to bear on our intentions to map a pathway to understanding
spiritual love. Represented in the Greek language by the term ‘Agapé’
and widely understood in Christianity, spiritual love is both context and
essence in our discussion.”


Agape Theory
Concept 1: Agapé
“^The concept we wish to deal with first, is known as agapé
(pronounced 'aa-ga-pay in British English and its derivations, with
stress on the first syllable
), for it is that granted by the soul to its
progeny, the spirit and body which it inhabits for the duration of the life.
Note we did not say any life, nor the only life, for they carry
implications of finality beyond the lifetime being discussed, which is
wrong in our context. So we make certain that it is clearly understood
to be the current life, the current body, and the current personality which
we are agreeing to discuss. Beyond that, both before and after, and
although from a different perspective simultaneously, there lie different
terms which must be used to accurately discuss that which we mean
The agapé in question pertains to the soul, and its impact on the current
body, its associates and antecedents. Associates and antecedents are
included, because they relate to the natural affection, in uncritical and
non-judgemental terms, for the associates in the role of parents and
grandparents who rear and nurture the child to its maturity. Only as the
child learns discrimination based on non-performance and non-
accession to its wishes, does the child know hatred or disappointment.
So the agapé it comes into life with is rapidly tainted, as it learns of its
animal-level reactions to the feelings and sensations it experiences
within its body. This is the stuff of pollution and sin, in traditional
Christian terms. It should not be viewed so darkly, for it is elementally
natural and normal to incarnation. It is precisely because we experience
such terms of endearment and betrayal, that we differentiate the range of
feelings from the initial satisfaction and joy that agapé initiates. Beyond
the second year of childhood, differentiation is so final that the spectrum
of feeling predominates to the viscerally-based, rather than the
spiritually based love. So it is thereafter a challenge to the developing
organism, to bias the emotional distribution back towards the spiritual-
based form. It needs help to do this.


Agape Theory
Such help can come from the community in which it lives, from the
models which it perceives, admires and seeks to emulate. Additionally
it can, but does not often, see its own nature as convincingly loving.
This feat of wilful centring in its own loving nature, is sufficiently rare
to be recognised as harbinger of greatness in spiritual terms. For the
invitations to compliance to community standards of tempestuousness,
virility, stubbornness and pride are normally far too powerful to be
easily constrained. This results in a loving nature which is more hidden
than exposed, at least in this community at this time.
So the cultural norms having been attempted, deviations from that are
not condoned easily. Powerful drivers prevent easy sharing of deep
feeling. Competitiveness overrides loving regard, and the long march
towards reconstitution of the person away from its original nature
proceeds more or less unchecked in most people.
This constitutes a problem for the soul, for which it has various
remedies available to it. Karma8, of course, is one which will
automatically arise to challenge the personality in its relationships.
Soul-borne illness is a form of this which commonly afflicts the body,
and challenges comfortable beliefs held about its continuance in life.
For the severely mentally retarded person, these invitations are not
understood, so they are commonly more simply loving than most
normal people, although still subject to simple passions. And so lies
exposed the extent of the invitations away from initial loving nature,
which we are attempting here to define. Of course there are exceptions!
But we speak of norms in this community at this time, in order to
attempt to explicate alternatives, and remedies, to the vicissitudes of life
encountered while growing up in this community, which are liable to
persuade a young man or woman that life is too hard, and should be
escaped. That seeking outwards and away, rather than inward for
renewal, is exactly the opposite of what must be achieved, but the
correct effort requires a framework of justification, which is one of the
tasks attempted here again in new terms.
The terms we are describing here again, are as follows:

8 The effects of a person's actions that determine his destiny in his next


Agape Theory
• that it should seem normal to hate the connivance of the parents
in their disciplining of you
• that it should seem normal that the one who has to give way in
such a confrontation is you
• that it will become irrelevant in due course, that you should
know hate for those who torment you
• that it should seem complacent on your part, to tolerate such
excursions against decency that you should know one another
also in loving relationship, when you have also such
diabolically strong feelings against them
• that in spite of the foregoing, you love them unreservedly at a
deeper level in your awareness, even though you seem afraid to
participate with them in your love of them
• and finally, if you should capitulate and love them openly, that
they will hate you for your weakness towards them.
These criteria are the stuff of agony. It is normal to feel so strongly in a
body. But one feels even more strongly without one! And so to escape
the body is not to escape the torment, for it is perceived as only
increased in strength. Therefore be strong! And if one cannot, then
allow help into your zone of awareness, and weep in your pain and rage
and hurt and anger and frustration so that it does not last, but is abated
by the weeping, and come into peace. You are not loved alone, but in
company. For all those around you have felt these things and survived.
And come back for more. For it does not stop just because you weep at
it. Life continues. And it is your task to help create it to be a zone of
peace in due course when you have overcome your childhood pain and
remorse, so that your own children can do their part in exchanging pain
for peace.”

Confronting pain, and exchanging pain for peace
“^These things are easy to say, but much harder to do! To make it easy,
special techniques are required. They are:


Agape Theory
• a meditation practice, and to have:
• a foundation of love in your family life, even if it has gone
astray towards hate at some points
• a few trusted friends with whom one can share at deep enough
• a sufficiently wilful nature to overcome painful memories and
their impact
• a lively and trusting personality at its core, even if it has been
overshadowed by events in such a way as to diminish its
apparent nature
• a willingness to love an unknown other, such as to allow your
discarnate friends their influence on you for good.
• a willingness to trust in the unknown good of others even as you
fear their capricious nature
These tendencies and attributes are sufficient to render healing possible.
If that is the case, then all is in the nature of personality development. If
one or more are missing, then harder it may seem to be if not in fact,
provided that one encounters adequate guidance from skilled others.
Now that the norm is established of skilled counselling being normally
applied to disrupted lives to bring them back towards normality in the
short term rather than being eventually re-established through benign
neglect, a better model of intervention has been communicated
effectively throughout the community.
What better thing than to enhance that better model, with a wider
understanding of intrinsic spiritual nature? The transpersonal model
that is encapsulated here, coming as it does from that very transpersonal
domain of existence, has only truth to its name, dimly perceived though
that may be by most people, and vehemently denied by some of their
better educated brethren. Nevertheless, it is pervasive in its recognition
of perverse influence on the individual life, and some remedies to help
overcome that, so as to create a benign outcome for the individual being
addressed here in these few pages.”


Agape Theory
Concept 2: Love
“^And so we come to love, self-love, and other-love. Many texts have
already examined these topics effectively, so we will not dwell
extensively on them here, except to say the following:
• Love exists as an integral part of both divine and temporal
• Love self-directed, is necessary to healthy personality
• Love other-directed, is a natural concomitant of nurturance
• Perversion and imbalance of these natural flows must be
corrected, or pathology is the result.
Willingness to tolerate pathology is every born person’s birthright, for it
is just one of the many choices to be made while incarnate, and it has
great teaching potential, both for oneself and others.”

Willingness to show hatred
“^The embodied person has many choices at hand every moment.
Every moment is an opportunity to choose between showing love, and
anything else. To develop patterns of choice is a normal consequence of
personality development. The balance between showing love and hatred
is one of these choices and patterns, so there is nothing intrinsically
wrong in that.
Built into the formation of personality is the tendency to do that which
brings the most reward. So for some people in some families and
circumstances, it is statistically inevitable that the combinations of
circumstance should make it likely that some people should find reward
in the manifestation of hatred. They may not be liked for it, but if it
continues to reward them, even if in negative ways, the pattern will
persist in their behaviour until extinguished by them. There is nothing
intrinsically wrong in this, and they will learn from it, as will others
around them. They need not be pitied, for the spectrum of choices


Agape Theory
available to every person allows their unique pattern of personality
development choice, and freewill prevails as always. It is not new to
say this, and is normal in this class of discussion. But it must be
emphasised again, for guilt at the outcome by associated parties needs to
be addressed.
If one is a parent of a child who has chosen to adopt the practice of
hatred, then one’s choices are harder than they would have otherwise
been with a more malleable child. It must therefore be re-emphasised
that the choice is the child’s own, for their own purposes and outcome,
even if chosen on the basis of the modelling they have received and the
karma they inherit. This means that persuasive intervention can
legitimately be applied to confront them with their choice and its
consequences, for no foreknowledge of society’s legitimate responses
should be assumed. This means the child’s imperfection may be
replaced with more skill through education of various forms including
incarceration with like-minded others, as this is a special educational
form, even if self-perpetuating through recidivism.
Into such places the special stresses that exist, bring special
opportunities for recovery into goodwill and recognition of ones failings
and wrong choices if the same categories of counselling are offered.
This is not currently done. It should be. Otherwise the intensity of
motivation is lost, and the probability of recovery to maturity is reduced.
But still all these things are choices, and validly made.
Love is the most important of the parameters because of not only its
ubiquity but also its ubiquity9. The parameter of love is many-
splendoured - it is life, it is maintenance of life, it is yearning for life, it
is at odds with life, it is in spite of life, as it may be at times. The
parameter of love is cordial, it is widely spoken of, it is, maybe some
say, ballistic in its arc over the world. Yet love is never to be feared.
Some may say it to be malevolent, but that is its darker aspect or its
distortion, unbalanced hatefulness. For hatefulness is its shadow, based
on fear. This is difficult material to convey, for it lies beyond your
credulity and experience.

9 This unusual phrasing seems designed to emphasis love’s centrality as a
reference-point for evaluating acquired experience.


Agape Theory
Hate-filled fantasy is the life of some people. They lie, they cheat, they
murder and steal, but never in order to avail themselves of their god-
given right to love, just the opposite. For if a person has aligned
themselves with hate as life-choice, then it will manifest in various
guises, not just one. If the murderer did not ditch his girlfriend before
she found out she was attached to a loony, she may have become a
victim, as some are. Or if she was sufficiently jealous, she may have
done it to him. The logic of the hate-filled person is hard for a
systematically sane person to follow, but logic it has, although the
tortuous twists, or values invoked, may prove incomprehensible, unless
the mental world of the person is entered into vicariously. To know
what it is must be assumed to be impossible, unless its depths are
searched for the shadows and treacherous bogs that lie in wait, in the
form of troubled prior experience.
Searching can and should be done to rid such a person of their memories
and ‘demons’ IF THEY ASK. But not otherwise, for their free-will
would be abrogated in that instance. If such searching is carried out, it
should be with a sensitive and caring attitude that simultaneously seeks
fantasy and self-serving justification, and denounces them. This tough-
minded attitude is a necessity in dealing with any person seeking to
know themselves through seeking counsel from others, and the hate-
filled person is neither more nor less likely to require it, for delusion is
every persons prerogative.
If these parameters are not considered, love would be seen to be
distorted into a parody of itself, for it is mercilessly just, and collusion
has no place in it between peers in relationship, and all born persons are
Many person’s experience lies between these extremes of love-filled life
and hate-filled life, therefore they may profit from considering the
following: If they were born black and loved a white person, would
their soul be saved at death? Answer; yes, of course. If they were born
white and loved a black person, then just as surely would they be saved
at death, and in both cases and all other skin-colour-based scenarios,
there are no differences, save that of the person’s own dependency on
karma. For all are peers, as we have said. Into this cosy formula we
must say as an aside, however, that the attitudes to death have an


Agape Theory
influence, as do the attitudes to life. But as a norm, what we have said
is true.
Now we come to a less contentious topic, that of lust. It is true that we
have spent some considerable time on this topic already, but a minor
point is worth making here, that of lust unfulfilled. As Stevenson’s
work10 has shown clearly, the lust unfulfilled carries through into the
subsequent life at least in some cases where the yearnings in various
forms have been unrequited. So the lust for revenge lingers, as does the
lust for divorce, betrayal and all the emotions both positive and
negative. In the children’s cases he has researched so tenaciously
during his life, there is little evidence that where the life is fully
concluded, then there is no incentive to return into any particular locale
or group. By their nature, the children he has located invariably have
unfinished business in the communities they return to. Although it is
intrinsically impossible to locate such children who have fully
concluded their life using his protocols, he has convincingly
demonstrated that the reliability of his protocols are such as to have
proceeded to persuade his readers to succumb to a new mind-set, that of
acceptance of reincarnation.
If this change reaches far enough, he will have succeeded in overturning
the major error of the Western mind, that reincarnation does not exist.
If the Christian Scriptures are examined with an open mind, they can be
seen to simply make the assumption that the life comes to an end, but do
not examine what comes after that, by getting lost in giving fealty to the
glory that comes between them. This is not inaccurate, merely
incomplete. The lessons from further east and older in time show
records of communities who examined a more extensive sweep of time
and purpose, and hence established the doctrine of reincarnation in all
its versions.
Now with Stevenson’s research dataset, a subset of such situations at the
end of a life can be examined with more authority and exactitude, and
the results may be extended and generalised with care for their
applicability so as to not overstate the case, but support no more than the
data contains, that some children come back into life quite quickly, to

10 Researcher into children’s prior-life recall. See


Agape Theory
fulfil their desires for it and to complete unfinished business in the
community they inhabited. This should not be construed to mean that
all people do this, for they do not. Many souls are at rest for much
longer periods, and return, when they do, to very different communities
in places other than their last incarnation, for the soul has many resting
places in time and space, and can commute between them all as they

Ambiguities concerning Love
“^Love has many attributes, as we have enumerated above. In this
section, we wish to discard some ambiguities in what we have said
before, so that the manner of what we are alluding to by the word ‘love’
is made more plain, for there are many people in confusion about what
is meant by the term that in English is rendered by the word love.
First, we must say that compliance is one of them. Then, lustful and
amorous awareness, also captured and encapsulated in the phrase ‘goo-
goo eyes’. Then, bringing the awareness to the personal, self-regard, in
this instance positive. Finally, wishful adoration from afar. Each of
these are commonly given the aphorism “love is ...”. We wish to
discount each of these, for they are wishful fantasies of what love is, not
its reality.
Its reality is from the soul. The soul is detached from emotion, so the
phrase ‘in soulful awareness of ...’ is essentially the same as ‘in loving
awareness of ...’.
This awareness helps differentiate the body-based sensations and
emotions from their more disenchanted and distant cousin, ‘soul’-love
based on amorous pursuit of palpable sensation that is so gratifying to
the body-based awareness, which lies behind most references to the
term ‘soul-mate’.
For soul-mate is a purely spiritual term having no reference to bodies,
even though utilising the term ‘mate’, which is so relatable to ‘material’,
and ‘mate-ship’, being emotional relationship based on trust. For
soulmate is the correct word for someone with whom one has had a
relationship in a ‘prior’ incarnation. And we say ‘prior’ in inverted


Agape Theory
commas, to refer to the uncertain relationship between time and
awareness, such that from the perspective of the soul, all such
relationship is outside of time, therefore can be regarded just as validly
as being simultaneous.
So to recognise another person as being in a special position in loving
relationship, even though unknown in the current awareness, is to open
the mind to the soul, and may be the first such opening in the current
life. The confusion that may result is simply a consequence of the lack
of reference points for such an awareness, not its invalidity.
So if the person has an awareness of another in such special
relationship, even though previously unknown on the conscious level in
the current life, what is such a person to do? Obviously, get to know
them in a conscious way, while simultaneously holding them in positive
regard, and alert for the nuances of the character of prior relationship
(and of course here we choose to adopt the time-bound convention for
convenience). For the qualities that accompany prior relationship can
be many and varied, hence negative as well as positive.
A common remedy for loneliness is to introduce into the life a friend
from spirit, either incarnate or discarnate, and the feeling of loneliness is
often based on or generated by exactly that lack. For many life-plans
include a rendezvous with a lover from spirit.
This definition of soulmate to be derived entirely from the soul aspect
and spiritual life and love, is a manifestation of agapé in its aspect of
spiritual love and loving, in order to spiritualise the life into its intended
direction and outcome, by consorting with those contracted to help
achieve exactly that.”

Love: Left or Right
“^We come now to the question of love as it faces away from ourselves,
or love expressed outwardly towards others. In this context it can be
clearly presumed to have left the outward display to the left, and only
concerning the outward display to the right. Left and right must be
defined in this context.


Agape Theory
There is a historical context of assigning left to the side of the negative
or ‘devil’, and right to the side of ‘god’ or love. This distinction has
functionality, but no clarity except to give a demarcation between
positive and negative primarily, and good and evil secondarily.
Tertiarily it expresses the possibility of knowing right from wrong and
best outcome from worst result in predictive terms. So the ‘left’
indicator can be used consequent on the coding being known by the
recipient of guidance from the spirit.
For this is one of the few codings that are utilisable by the
communicator in the absence of exact knowledge of the communication.
When the communication is complete, the content can be perused to
determine from one’s own judgement whether the communicant has
been from the ‘right’ or ‘left’ side. For the communication has its own
sense, on many occasions as it occurs but not always, of coming from
one side or the other by some degree of visualisation of the source and
its location.
Additionally it may bring with it as a supplement to the message, that of
emotional tone or connotation. These are easily confused or misjudged,
but add to the overall ‘flavour’ of the communicant and hence the
message. However, the message must also be judged on its own terms,
for without that, a seemingly negative ‘leftwards’ type of message may
be mistaken for being from a dubious source when it is not.
One of the reliable indicators of true ‘left nature’ is flattery, either subtle
or strong, designed to appeal to the egoic weaknesses of the recipient.
Simple acknowledgment of responsiveness is normally all one gets,
apart from expressions of the love of the spirit from the spirit
communicant to the incarnate recipient. This is also a reliable indicator
of ‘right’-ness, and defines the communicant to be a loving source in
literal and energetic terms, which are commonly quite palpable. The
palpability referred to here is mostly sensations of subtle pressure,
actually sensed through the aura, but sometimes interpreted to be on the
physical level.”

Love and other palpable intrusions


Agape Theory
“^The palpability is not to be confused with real physical phenomena11,
for that would be anachronistic, for there is no requirement now for the
reintroduction of physical phenomena. They were necessary to a time
of low perception about the distinction between the physical world and
our perception of it. Just recently has been widely advertised the
essential disconnection between the world as it actually exists, and our
perception of it as derived through our sensory systems (Tr: Purves et
al, American Scientist
The distinction now being clear as to the difference between them, more
acceptance can perhaps be given to those communities who have studied
such things in the distant past, and come to know with precision, the
difference between the percept and the consequent belief about what lies
beyond the sense doors. For we are essentially isolated from reality, and
make merely guesses, based on probabilistic assumptions based on our
personal history of experience of similar situations, as to what confronts
our gaze.
This is because there is no universal reality as such. Each person has a
personal perspective, and they may never understand another person’s
perspective unless they share a large common experience, and thus is
defined enculturation. For a different culture IS different experience.
Given then that reality is personal, how may one share another person’s
perspective? Answer - know them as well as you know yourself.
Unfortunately that includes unconscious experiential knowing, and that
is not possible. Therefore to that degree, every wo/man is an island of
perception with no bridge to anywhere else. The gulf between may be
filled with the illusion of commonality, but not the truth of it. To the
social human animal this seems a bleak prospect - “I am an island”
seems an uncomfortable position to occupy, yet it is true.
And so it is each person’s responsibility to build what bridges they can,
as no-one else can do it for them. In the same way, the processes of
building bridges to the domain of spiritual identity are the prerogative
and responsibility of the individual ego-centred awareness. Note that
identity is not the correct term here, because the term identity belongs to
the whole self, not its part. But from the centre of conscious awareness,

11 Phenomena involving the movement of physical objects e.g., tables, etc.


Agape Theory
comes the necessary decision to seek spiritual connection to Itself, the
true identity where it resides in spiritual reality.”

Spiritual equality
“^This description of spiritual reality as separating the ‘slave’ from the
‘master,’ is one which has been the image of the god/servant
relationship for all time. It should stop, for it is unnecessary.
The true and preferable version is friend to friend, brother to brother and
sister to sister (although of course gendered terms here are wrong as
there are no bodies in question, only aspects of spirit). The alienation
necessary and inevitable upon incarnation has to be recovered from, and
dissolved by knowledge of one’s greater aspect in spirit.
But being greater is not to require obeisance nor sanctimony, but
friendship and cooperation between essential equals in consciousness.
And to the extent that cannot occur, is a measure of immaturity on the
part of the incarnate aspect.
So to be ‘high and mighty’ is not an intrinsic aspect of the soul nor
higher self, but a reflection of the willingness of the incarnate aspect to
put anyone, even an intrinsic aspect of their own being on a pedestal,
then feel lowly in relation to it.
This duplication of childhood ways in relation to the parent is
unfortunate, if common, and must be grown out of in exactly the same
way as with the relationship with spirit. Self esteem is the key and the
solution, and to the extent it is accompanied by humility, it is successful
in spiritual terms, if not in parent/child terms. So we advocate maturity
for its natural benefits, as well as its natural place in egoic
developmental terms.”

Love rescinded
“^The rescinding of love is deserving of a special mention in this short
compendium of agapéic identity and reality.


Agape Theory
Where the soul has no love, it cannot inhabit spiritual reality at the level
of the human, for that is already high. Therefore every soul incarnating
as human, has love in its basic identity.
The extent to which it chooses to manifest love is a separate question
and choice, for which we must now explain in detail, for it constitutes a
larger share of what we are explaining here than has traditionally been
The constitution of love in its manifested form defines Hierarchy, as we
are here choosing to describe it. This term has been known by many
names down the centuries and this will be alluded to in what follows, for
it is now a misunderstood term and concept, hence the need for a new
The acting out of love into behaviour, is what we mean. This has
resulted in the recognition that ‘a man is known by his actions’; ‘actions
speak louder than words’; ‘will he will or will he won’t’; ‘show me a
plain man and I’ll show you a loving man’; etc. For the translation of
attitude into action is what makes the qualities of the heart manifest, and
the ‘heart’ is the seat of love, for it is the vessel which crosses the
spiritual sea to bring love into the life, and we have already defined love
as spiritual in origin.
Love manifest is also compassion, for the term contains the concept
‘compass’, i.e., that which is well directed, although a modern
dictionary will not tell you that. To ‘feel another’s suffering’, the more
normally understood meaning also given to the term empathy, is to
know of the heart-felt pain in another, in one’s own ‘heart’. Except of
course this raises awareness of error in attributing such sensations to the
physical organ, as it occurs on the energetic level and connects to the
nerve plexus in the region of the physical heart.
These distinctions have been clarified previously and are raised here
again purely to differentiate in a practical way, the confusion which can
occur in a person in empathy. For if they are distressed by the feelings
they sense, and sometimes strongly, they may mistake the sensation to
be a product of their own biology.
This ‘heart-pain’ continues to lead many ignorant persons to heart
specialists, and educates them on the distinctions between the physical


Agape Theory
body and the spiritual self, for grief and loss are common causes of
heart-pain also. So much so that rescinding of the empathic self can
When this occurs in childhood, the damage may be permanent or may
be recovered from, depending on the willingness of the individual to
know of their grief and therefore their pain. To be ‘hard-hearted’ is an
expression of this confused refusal to feel, because of its reminder of
unendurable pain experienced prior to the developed capacity to
withstand agony without yielding humanity. For the capacity to be
empathetic in the face of agony is the mark of mature humanity and
undiminished compassion, for it literally requires one to feel what the
other person in pain feels in all its intensity. This takes love, and makes
hierarchy, and so the soul develops in its capacity to provide more.”

“^We come now to the issue of coarseness This ill-defined quality has
been described in various ways, yet proves elusive to most people, yet
they know how it feels. We take this opportunity to define it in terms of
agapé, or its relative lack.
The impulses that give rise to coarseness are those of ill-will, envy, and
wry humour often expressed negatively. The impulses are usually
couched in suggestive or lewd terms, both within the mind of the
individual expressing them, and hence outwardly if they can socially
survive them. So it is in the nature of a test of other people’s capacity to
tolerate them without censure. If such censure is forthcoming, they
have achieved their goal of causing distaste in the minds of others, and
placed themselves in the position they believe themselves to deserve,
that is, under others reprimand. This ground-level belief is thereby self-
fulfilling and serves to refute any challenge by another to ‘get out of the
gutter’. Their interests are thereby served in that they, believing that is
where they belong, and have received affirmation that that is precisely
where they are, intend to stay there.
Thus is revealed the issue at its root, one of self-esteem, for how can any
person rise above their station without help? This is a reflection of the
low state of their egoic interpretation as to their intrinsic value. They


Agape Theory
have come to believe that, because of either their own interpretations of
their own actions, or someone else’s forcefully expressed interpretation
of their actions, with which they have concurred. Such initiating actions
are themselves invariably a consequence of even older implanted beliefs
about their worth.
And so a self-reinforcing cycle is set in place early in life by, usually but
not only, the evaluations they have had expressed to them of their own
worth and place in life. This usually is a lie, for no person is born evil.
They may become so, or they may ‘carry’ one who is, but they
themselves are never so at birth. For we come into the life full of
association, and memory, and intention to achieve, and lose that in
forgetfulness. From that impressionable beginning, we are vulnerable to
unjust assertion, and projection of blame, beyond our capacity to know
the distinction between our own nature, and the nature thrust on us by
those around us.”

Spiritual union and its antagonists
“^We now come to the site of impact of the calamity of the war. For the
war of the senses is real and terrible. The terrible aspect is to know of
the partial knowledge just partaken of, and the war is between the
parameters in view. The parameters in view are several, as we shall
enumerate here:
The first parameter is that of love, which raises the question “to whom
shall I direct my love?” For the person whose love is flowing freely
may need an objective for their love, in order for it to stay unimpeded.
The next question is, “to whom shall I direct my lust?” These objectives
are not necessarily coincident and the expression of one may be blocked
by the expression of the other.
Thirdly, “to what end do I direct my love?” For the end in view is that
outcome, spoken or unspoken, for which the couple will strive. For if
couple formation results, there will be a necessary future occupied by
them which must contain some elements of their joint manufacture, for
otherwise the love is sterile in effect. Naturally this may include
children, but not necessarily. If the couple are themselves sexually


Agape Theory
sterile then many other options can take the place of children, e.g., joint
projects of any kind, mutual care into old age and beyond, shaping their
policy as a couple, group or nation, for some large visions are the
product of such joint ventures.
This joining in adventure of the spirit is the outcome of a spiritual lust
for union. The union of the spirit is a special and distinct form of union
for only spiritual purpose and takes place at the level of the energetic
form. This can be seen by some people who manifest spiritual sight,
and is characterised by a blended aura that tends to form the heart shape
so familiar to the comic form of love, the parody of love generated by
commerce. This commercial enterprise is directed at enrichment of the
few, by the many who yearn for a tangible expression of what exists
within them, and for which their expression is limited and intangible.
An affectionate squeeze of the hand is soon forgotten, but a card can be
kept forever! But such intangible forms render true feeling more clearly
than any manufactured product, which is only a secondary
representation of intention.
So now we come to the manifested intention of the ‘heart’. This
manifested intention can be through, e.g., parting his/her hair in order to
render the physical as beautiful externally as the identity is perceived to
be internally, or any number of other ways to show loving intention and
appreciation of the love partner. It does not suffice, however, as the
physical can never assume nor represent the qualities alluded to by the
intention to honour them in these physical ways. For that, a quality of
the ‘heart’ must be felt. For this, loving intention to attribute
specialness and goodwill can no longer suffice - a heartful rendering of
closeness is what sustains the joined aura. And so the couple become
one in the spirit. What does this mean?
For those gifted with sight on the energetic level, it is the evident
blending of the two auras, when they are in proximity, into one sphere.
This coincident construct on the energetic level, manifests as a union of
thought and intention of such degree that the couple know each others
mind as one, for the consequence of union manifests on the level of
thought, mind and spirit. It is not tangible except in product. The
couple look alike, think alike and act like each other. This rare
condition can scarcely be conceived of today, when individuality is


Agape Theory
valued so highly. It blends intention and action into a state of harmony
seldom realised for what it is on the level of driver-to-action, the
energetic form. But those few people who share this state know of its
advantages in bliss creation, for in that state there need be no other
action but proximity, and spiritual contentment results.”

“^We come now to the issue of guidance. If an individual wishes to
receive guidance, their only requirement is to become sufficiently quiet
internally, to hear what is always available as of right. This may take
some time. If the issue is too much internal noise, then to proceed to a
sufficiently quiet place will help expose the internal noise, and render
obvious the task of quietening it. Help is available for that too, for the
aspirant’s needs are supported before any condition is available which
renders such support obvious. Nevertheless it is routinely available and
offered to many people as they begin their journey inwards.”


Agape Theory
Concept 3: Embodiment
“^We intend that the misunderstood concept of embodiment be clarified
by the foregoing, and also by what follows, which binds together the
concepts of bi-location, and simultaneity of location, in frequency-space
and four-dimensional space-time. It has been taken from earlier
discussion between the principal parties to this discussion, the author
and embodied helpers, as recorded on tape and transcribed by them.”
Meditation - 19991205
“^We come to your request and our initiative to respond to the initiative
that you jointly represent. We honour the opportunity that you
We welcome your presence.
“^Thank you. It is our intention that the duo should become the
multiple in due course It is within our capacity to interact with many
and we do so already We wish to extend our influence in this current
community and you as representatives of that community, being those
individuals who give credence to, to whatever extent they may, the
opportunity to convey information from these realms. Secondarily, it is
a necessary and planned part of our involvement that there will be
opportunities, not necessarily on every occasion but often, to conduct
investigations and clearances of the astral realms, from the perspective
of the individual entrapped within it. Do you have questions?”
You spoke to me last night of these astral realms, and I was confused
and curious, as I had not perceived these disembodied people as
travelling, not so much in the astral realms, as in the earth plane. Can
you please clarify this?

“^The two are synonymous, in the sense of bi-location, or simultaneity
of location The distinction is one of energy frequency, not of physical
distance Therefore there is interpenetration on all levels, and as locally
appropriate, simultaneity of physical location. In fact the astral
dimensions are everywhere continuous, and the physical location is


Agape Theory
The space-time co-ordinates of any particular physical location, define
the location within those co-ordinates in the physical domain. In the
astral domain, the energetic identity of the individual concerned may be
at one of many levels within that energetic frequency band, if it may be
termed such.
Therefore, although from the viewpoint of the physically incarnate
human the energetic identity is perceivable by its association with the
observer, they are not necessarily confined to that, merely currently
locally focussed in that location, hence observable. They may
simultaneously be observable from elsewhere, if they are focussed
simultaneously in that other location. In that sense there is not the
confinement of the identity to a given physical location.
This is the basis of bilocality of the incarnate human. There is
representation in one physical location of the physical person and its
energetic component, and simultaneously at a different physical
location, there can be a representation of the individual on the energetic
level, and it is therefore perceivable to those who can perceive at that
level. This being the basis for bilocality in its magical sense or its
shamanic sense, there is just the same capacity in the astral sense,
because the events are primarily astral, secondarily physical. We feel
unsure whether this is sufficient or if you would like further
No, I can see with clarity now. My perception, being in the third
dimension, of astral being out there from my perspective, I had not
previously conceived of others having perspectives from out there
inwards. In which case it is possible to experience inter-dimensionality
of perception?

“^Indeed Which is, by definition, the permissibility and perception of
more than one level at once, simultaneously perceiving in the physical
domain, using the physical organs; and in the mental and astral domains
using the appropriate organs, which are not the physical eyes.”
It seems almost to be a defeat of the concept of linearity. In the way that
the atmosphere bends the rays of the sun and deflects them from the
earth, it allows others through, so too do other dimensions from the
astral level simultaneously be out there and being deflected back.


Agape Theory
“^The concept is an apt analogy, in the sense that the human capacity to
perceive is restricted to a certain wave band (Tr: 400 to 700 nanometres
for vision
) in the case of the normal human.
In the astral perception, there is a similar wave band of perceptibility in
frequency terms, and individuals differ as to the breadth of the
bandwidth that they can perceive, and the ability to perceive is defined
by that from zero to an unlimited degree. People who are continuously
‘in the bright,’ as it is termed, have a very broad bandwidth to their
astral perception or energetic frequency perception, because it extends
beyond the confines of the earth.
Those who have no astral perception, or at least give no importance to it
or discount it, have some astral perception, but they choose to ignore it.
The more normal condition is to have some astral perception, most of
the time to ignore it, and very occasionally when there is an altered state
of consciousness, to have perceptions in that realm. That is the norm for
the human population, because it is the exceptional person who both is
trained or elects to pay attention to that domain, and has an opportunity
in their life to in fact do so, without their being deterred or absorbed by
the normal physical sense input into their perception.”
When you spoke of degrees, I had the concept of the geometrical form of
the circle in which there are a limited number of degrees, unless one
takes a course in yet another dimension or direction, in which case you
are only limited to the dimensions of a sphere, which could well be
defined as having unlimited degrees.

“^The model is inapt, in the sense that the circle contains 360 degrees.
To the extent that one confines one’s expectations to any one individual
degree of perception, then it is a confining model because the bandwidth
of the individual’s perception is infinitely subdivided.
The model of the 360 degree circle is therefore only limited to the extent
that one considers only the individual degrees, remembering that there
are minutes of arc and seconds of arc and any finer subdivision of that
which one may elect. Then it is no more limited than any other model,
because one can achieve, for example, microseconds of arc. Hence the
model is as adequate as one perceives it to be. There is in fact no


Agape Theory
The perceptibility from the individual’s point of view is limited more by
belief than by nature, and therefore to deliberately and willingly adopt
an expansive perception and expansive expectations, leaves one
unrestrained in one’s perception, recognising that one can in fact
experience, through those non-physical organs of perception, everything
from the ultimate and less. This means that one’s opportunities for
perception are defined in other ways than individual and personal limits,
if one has an unlimited willingness to admit perceptions to however fine
or large degree.
These determinates of perception are more in the nature of event
horizons from the individual identities in the discarnate domain. In
other words, they will, if they wish to be perceived, they are. If they do
not wish, they are not. This of course necessitates willing co-operation.
We appreciate the willing co-operation, and will endeavour to maintain
our perceivability, and will do so to the degree necessary for your
Thank you for that. You spoke also of discarnate humans reaching a
saturation point at this particular time.

“^Indeed so.”
How can we help?
“^We hoped you would ask. There are many opportunities, and we will
engineer some, to obtain a progressive clearing to change the trend from
increasing saturation to decreasing saturation, and eventual complete
clearing with the co-operation of the incarnate human. There are many
who sit thus in service, and many are utilised. Not everyone who
wishes for the opportunity are in fact given it, for a variety of reasons.
But many are, but not sufficient. Therefore our desire is to establish
those, for whom their current life direction and involvement enables
their focus to be in these realms. Those who are able and available and
willing are utilised.”
Please explain the concept of souls in ascendancy.
“^Souls in ascendancy is essentially simple in concept. There is a point
of origin, and a point of eventual ending. The two are at different
levels. The transit is from one level to another, through the variety of
life opportunities that enable them.


Agape Theory
This transition in level is the task of the successive lives, and the
objective of their existence. In addition, there is the activity within the
discarnate domain, in which there is a necessary progression from lower
to higher levels.
There is also the domain between the domain of true light and the
domain of the physical, in its energetic component terms, and the
difficulty in understanding comes partly from the as yet only partial
recognition of the distinction between the purely energetic frequency
terms of the identity, and the disentanglement of that from the
simultaneous location in physical terms, between the in-dwelling
identity and the physical body.
When it is clearly understood that the individual identity occupies a
location in energy frequency, and embodies itself in physical space-time
in a location co-incident with the physical body, then it may be more
clearly understood that, although there is yes, a body, and yes, an
identity co-incident with that in space-time, the identity, on different co-
ordinates (in this instance frequency and hierarchy) has a location, and
whether incarnate or discarnate, it is a specific location, and is
determined by the characteristics of the identity at the particular
The transition in location during that time existence of that identity, is
consequent upon the decisions made by the individual identity during
incarnation. After incarnation, there is a disconnection or corruption of
the co-incidence of space-time location and astral frequency location,
and so the identity then exists solely within energetic frequency
location. And it is at that point fixed. So the opportunity to change is
greatest during the lifetime. Subsequent to that, it is much less subject
to change.
This is the opportunity of incarnation. There is however the quantum
leap, if one may use that modern phrase, to be undergone at the endpoint
of life, between the simultaneity of location in space-time, and its
necessary concomitant in astral location. There is a band-gap, to use a
term from electronics, which constitutes the astral domain, as it is
normally known. This transition zone, to use another phrase, is the
point at which by the beliefs of the individual, they remain static in


Agape Theory
Accessing that individual is often only obtainable from the physical
realm by the incarnate human. When there is co-operation between the
fully embodied, and the non-bodied working in co-operation, then
whether the individual is close to the fully physical, or close to the fully
spiritual, either one or the other identity, the fully-embodied or the non-
bodied, can access the individual.
Where there is a condition of being in-between, then co-operation is
necessary. And we mean this literally. This is the condition of being ‘in
limbo’ in the spiritual Void. And as your experience includes that of
perceiving the Void, we are confident that you have the capacity to
understand this. When the individual in discarnate form is in the Void,
they may be unreachable by one side or the other, but in combination,
no matter where they are, they are reachable irrespective of their beliefs.
This is the necessity for co-operative endeavour such we are embarking
upon with you.
This partnership has always been understood by our predecessors, and
continues and will continue into the indefinite future. It is a
phenomenon of necessity. It is an activity requiring skill. It is with
some degree of risk. Not for the non-bodied, only for the embodied
identities. Therefore it is with your permission only that we can obtain
your co-operation.
Because there is a degree of risk, it would not be ethical for us to
require, in any sense, your activity, simply to request it, and obtain your
co-operation as a matter of goodwill. To this degree the partnership is
mutually beneficial, and for the sole benefit of those who are in limbo.
There is no mutual gain by the identities, in this case you and us, in this
partnership. It is an activity of service. One should not expect merit
points. Precisely because that is the case, it is in fact an honoured
profession on both sides of the veil. Are you willing to undertake this
activity with us, understanding these points now as you do?”
I wish you to speak further about the risks involved.
“^Certainly. The risks are only one of bringing to manifestation the
hidden fears within the hidden identity, (Tr: Presumably they mean the
Jungian shadow self
) to the extent and only to the extent of the
existence of hidden fears. That is, fears not recognised by the normal


Agape Theory
waking conscience, that the interlinking between the perceptual
components of the activities, and the pre-existing unacknowledged
subconscious fears within the individual identity, can the one trigger the
other into manifestation, activity and involvement. Where the
individual is without such fear there is no risk. Because most embodied
humans have by their prior physical existences, and soul memory, a
collection of events in their personal history which have caused them to
manifest fear, then to the degree that they still do so, they are at risk of
having their concentration affected during these activities.
The outcome is at worst a seeming apparent connection between their
pre-existing fear, and the visual hallucinations obtainable from the astral
domains, or able to be generated in the astral domain, or by resonance
with the fear of the identity lurking in the astral domain inhibited by
their own fears and confined to that domain by them. To the extent that
that resonance simultaneously entrains their attention mutually together
to the extent that either one or the other is entranced by it, then that
constitutes a divergence of their proper attention to the physical domain
of the ordinary life, and may render them incompetent in the physical
domain as a consequence.
Should that happen, then they would be judged insane by their peers,
who simply do not understand the current condition of the individual
concerned. This involvement of one degree or another into the attention
of the non-physical realm, is generally perceived to be an absence of the
full personality by the external physical observer, and the individual is
judged as abnormal as a result. It does not have to be a capital offence
or a condition requiring containment but it may be so, and your
institutions are in that category. By no means all, but some.
Therefore, to the degree that an individual has enabled themselves for
this class of activity by their very disavowal of such fears, exploration,
clearing, or relative prior absence of such fears, then they are more able
to act in these realms and these ways. Therefore if you yourself, and I
refer to the individual questioner, have such fears, known or unknown,
then to that degree and that degree only, will there constitute any risk. If
you know yourself fully and know that there are no residual fears then
there is zero risk. Does that answer your question?”
Yes, it does.


Agape Theory
“^Are you relieved of your anxiety? Or your curiosity?”
“^Then how may we help?”
There are no guarantees in life. The prospect of madness is an
unattractive one. I wonder why it is a consequence, or a risk indeed
when the activity is one of service.

“^The two are simply unrelated. It is the phenomenon of the domain. It
is no-ones fault or design.”
Purely an accident?
“^A factor necessarily understood. Recognise that in our perception you
have very low to zero true risk.”
We must all take responsibility for our own actions.
“^Of course.”
I carry with me a degree of fear. I believe I have been to the edge of
sanity and back.

A number of times in the past. And I fear going over the edge.
“^What were the factors which determined your return?”
Willpower. Circumstance.
“^Capacity? And specifically capacity to differentiate between one and
the other on a continuous basis?”
I don’t know that I’ve ever managed to analyse it, or thought to.
“^Was the return unaided?”
I wasn’t aware at the time of the assistance I have from spirit. I doubt
that it was unaided.

“^Address then your willingness to admit of your true capacity, and true
nature. Recognise that the attribution that you make to spirit is
sometimes misguided, that in your larger identity you have more
capacity than you know. What you attribute to guidance, is in fact input


Agape Theory
from your larger identity. Attach your self concept to that larger
identity, thereby gaining acceptance of your true capacity, and your
fears will evaporate.”
You speak then of the concept of acknowledgment of the oneness.
“^We differentiate between the myth of the oneness, the fact of the
oneness, and the concept of the oneness as differentiated by level. We
speak at this time not of the oneness as in the wholeness of all, but the
oneness of coincident identity, that is, one’s implicit nature as being
whole, merely partially expressed in the physical and human domain.
There is a necessary differentiation to be made that one is integral, or by
nature whole in spiritual identity. One is expressing that identity, in a
necessarily limited way, into the human domain.
When one knows only of the aspect of oneself which is within the
human domain, then the larger remnant, which is external to the
physical and human domain, seems superhuman from that perspective.
When one enlarges one’s self concept to include the true identity, and
sees the aspect manifested in the human domain as partial and
intrinsically limited, then one begins to make the transition in the
location of one’s self concept from the intrinsically limited domain of
the physically embodied human, to encompass the whole identity in its
fullness, recognising that one is that, and one manifests in a limited way
through the human form.
To the degree that one understands that one is that larger identity,
encompassing simultaneously the limited expression within the human
domain and the remainder of the aspect in the domain of spirit, then one
comes to a full understanding of one’s true nature. This is the transition
we wish to encourage you to make in your personal awareness.
Thereby, to realise one’s natural capacity in its fullness. Do you follow
us here?”
I understand what you are saying.
“^When one acts in confident knowing, or even from interim trust that
one is in fact of that larger nature, then fear vanishes. So that, to the
degree to which you elect to acknowledge your larger identity, then to
that degree, one can be fearless in this work. Does that reassure you?”


Agape Theory
Yes, although I know that I need time to absorb much of this and to
make a considered decision
^That is naturally granted, and it is not even within our capacity to grant
or not grant. It simply is. And appropriately so. We leave you now to
your deliberations, and mutual support in the absence of her necessary
investigation of the questioning.”
I thank you for your presence and hope that you will grace us with your
presence again
“^But naturally so. For is it not our intention and our love and our
willingness to support? Of course it shall be so, with your willingness
and love and intention to support us and all else whom our intentions
include. Go with your god and be at peace.”


Agape Theory
Concept 4: Metaphor
“^A willingness to understand metaphor is at the heart of this missive
into humanity, for it is the only way we can indulge our intention to
communicate in any intelligible way with you. We utilise a restricted
set of metaphors deliberately, so as to restrain understandability into the
realms comprehensible by physically confined creatures. For you are
constrained into physicality and use that to determine your common
metaphor sets for the purpose of communication with each other.
Communication between levels outside of physicality demands a variety
of other metaphors specific that activity, which explains the difficulty
people without direct experience of that class of life have in
communicating their findings with naïve others who would discuss such
things, but lack the personal experience which brings clarity to the
The process of acquiring that experience is that of discovery learning.
Reflecting from that back to the history of prior communication, allows
such identified metaphors to enter the lexicon of terms utilised by the
individual with confidence in their meaning. This confidence enables
subsequent communication, so an expanding metaphor set is enabled
without limit, theoretically, yet practically is confined by the time
available to be devoted to this class of activity.
Most people also need to earn their living by other activities, for it is a
long time in most societies since either sufficient wealth or patronage
was available to keep a class of professional expert communicators with
spirit to exist. This does not mean to say that is desirable, for
perversions inevitably accrue, and cleansing of the channels is
periodically required by acquiescence of society into less-ordered states
to undo corruption and bias in recognisable forms in such
communicative activities.
So here we have focussed our attention on two relatively naïve yet
talented communicants, as well as diverse others, so as to enable our
intention to convey another metaphor as described in these pages. It has
come in a variety of ways in detail, yet always by inspired action. Its
intention is benign and helpful. Utilise it as you will.”


Agape Theory

Other examples of joint communication practice with relevance to
the learning of metaphor
Meditation 20030505
“^We come as always to regenerate your awareness, not only of our
existence, but also of the level of Being which we have come to
represent to you. Too often are you otherwise engaged and concerned
for daily routine matters, and for the one through whom we speak in
particular, there has been the tendency to avoid interaction on a spiritual
level, and we advise that this reflects a growing lack of confidence in
one’s being, despite the forward leaps which have been made in recent
past. We urge you to focus more on reading the words which have been
given to you. We remind you of the privilege of your position, and we
ask that you devote more time to inward pursuits. This class of activity
is more than a game. It represents commitment to service of spirit, and
we remind you of your agreement to act in our service. These
admonitions we issue with love, for there is work for you to do.”
Can we clarify your last statement please?
“^There are many in need of the knowledge of our existence, and in the
past you have acted as a beacon. You have been recognised at times as
enlightened ones, but in more recent times your light has been dimmed
by withdrawal from more open society. We feel that you are
withholding access to the treasures we have bestowed upon you. We
feel that we perceive a shattering of the heart chakra in particular, and
we ask that you focus, in your times of relaxation, on the system of
chakras which has been revealed to you. Take time to open and expand
these chakras, and the result will be a brightening of your aura, which
become more readily apparent to those whom you encounter. We need
not remind you of the benefits that will accrue to the self.
It has come to our attention that there are several issues which can be
profitably addressed. The willingness that you show to know one
another, rests easily with the willingness that you show to love one
another, and the sharing and intimacy that is now an interwoven part of
your caring for each other is a well-cemented and very easy and natural
component of your qualities of interaction.


Agape Theory
We feel that it would be fruitful to extend upon this explicitly, so as to
remind you of the necessity to interact not just on the emotional and
physical level, but specifically and consciously on the spiritual level.
Therefore we request more specific spiritual practice apart from this
very procedure being undertaken at this moment.
This interaction on the energetic level, as we have already said to your
companions, is beneficial in the short and the long term, and is
neglected at our peril as well as yours. This preoccupation with the
mundane must be reversed. This opportunity to reverse this decline into
the mere mundane has precursors and consequent opportunities. The
consequent opportunities are several – of a reminder of the now soon to
be ended preoccupation with study which will transform into once more
a preoccupation with the life of the spirit, and we wish to begin a
progressive direction as to what is best to occur there.
This need alarm no-one, nor absorb unacceptable amounts of time, but
the opportunity that you represent to us must not be squandered
heedlessly. We therefore take it upon ourselves to seize this moment to
enact a rescue in order to remind you in a palpable way of the
possibilities that you represent. And so we have one who is brought
present, and wish your intervention, if you would be so kind. Do we
have your willingness?”
It is with pleasure that we would act for you.
Speaking out of role for a minute, I sense a kind of tumultuous
energy which is nearby. Is that something you sense?
I sense a presence very close and to my left. Very close and
pressing, and I feel a sense of cold around my knees, and I feel this is a
big presence – how do I explain it? A person of stature.

Then I welcome the opportunity to interact and to dialogue with
this person who is brought present to us. I feel that one of us should
accept responsibility for speaking for this individual.

Then welcome, stranger, and pray tell us how we may assist

12 P1, P2 etc = embodied participants in the communication. X = disembodied.


Agape Theory
I don’t seem to be connecting.
I wish to speak through you, not through him.
Then welcome. Tell us about yourself, please.
I need only tell you that I come from the continent of Africa.
And I represent the forgotten many who die daily in the face of
tyranny and starvation.
Then we welcome you, and we ask that you speak for all of
those of your brethren, your brothers and sisters who are also affected
in this way, those of whom we can never know under normal
circumstances, bring them present. How may we help?

We ask only that the energy of your love be spread on a global
basis. During recent times, much focus has been placed on parts of the
world where more newsworthy events are in occurrence.
Yes! It is a bias and a distortion.
And we ask that you generate prayer for the greater part of
humanity, and whilst you protest that you alone can do little of value,
we wish to remind you of the power of prayer and the ability of your
thoughts to influence those of others in the fibrous network which
envelops our planet. Cast your awareness to all corners of the globe,
bring forth your love of humanity on a daily basis, and this world will
become a more loving place. And we ask you now if you would focus
your attention on the source of light, which will allow our progress to
our natural home.
I sense that the light has come present. Do you observe it?
I think they have already gone.
Good. Then I give blessings to that one and all those who
would accompany him, and I ask that their way be made easy and brief,
and that they be gathered up actively, and that their eyes be opened to
the spirit and to the light, that there is the possibility of regeneration
and renewal of the understanding that has been with them so long but
that is temporarily absent in this time period. That those who can


Agape Theory
speak, do so with one voice to enliven their awareness in those
communities of the proper way to attend during one’s own dying, and
that they be helped with that, and that though temporarily out of the
news, that they be remembered and acted for. And I give thanks for this
reminder of what is possible for us, and I invite all such opportunities to
be brought present as a genuine reason for our sitting thus.

“^There will be further opportunities brought before you.”
This night or another?
“^In times to come. And we ask that you hold this image before you. It
is as if you hold a globe in your hand, and it turns before you, mirroring
your inward thought, and allow your thoughts to encompass this globe
as it revolves within your hands, and your healing energy will be
contributed around it.”

Meditation 20030512
For what reason do you come, specifically?
“^We come to address your doubt, again, and confirm that it arises
primarily from your lack of interaction with us. It creates an
atmosphere of unfamiliarity. We realise that at the heart level you have
little doubt of our constant presence, but again, the intellect interferes,
and by contrast with your daily routines, your spiritual interaction pales
into the realm of disbelief. We would that you dedicate more of your
waking hours to spiritual pursuits as demands on your time allows.”
I presume that there is nothing new for us to learn in terms of
what is most desirable and effective concerning such spiritual pursuits,
but simply to actually do them? Is this correct?

“^The learning is never finished, as you well appreciate, and other
challenges will confront you from time to time, but it is indeed the
practise that we encourage, and this to your linguistic minds, in both
senses. We offer you the opportunity to participate in dialogue with us,
if there is anything which specifically troubles your mind?”
I have some questions.
“^Then speak them.”


Agape Theory
Thankyou. The opportunity which I will seize on this occasion
is that to gain clarity concerning the creature perceived by a friend
attached to my either (physical) body or energetic form during the last
week. I would wish to know exactly how it came to be there, whether it
was via some other person, or through a practice of my own, or a
deficiency of my own protection. What creature it is, its origins and
destiny, and the process by which it was rendered into harmlessness, if
in fact that was the case.

I also wish to know whatever else you can share concerning my
experience of today of offering myself as a vehicle through which the
light could be present at the university? And again, in relation to the
imagery that came present there in relation to creatures that look like
spiders. So if you could clarify what they are, a name that we can use
for them perhaps, and anything else that is desirable for us to know at
this time?

“^Your question is convoluted …
As usual!
“^but we direct you to your third speculation regarding the origins of
this particular manifestation, being holes in your protection afforded by
the infrequency with which you place yourself within our protection.
Again, this is a reflection on the frequency with which you approach our
The creature to which you refer was attracted by your doubts concerning
your own capacity to function effectively, in your area of concern.
These entities from lower realms feast on negativity, and as with
creatures known to your own realms, are able to make their way under
your aura, as some of your infesting creatures can make their way under
your layers of skin, causing irritation to make their presence felt. They
sap you of energy, and utilise your energy for their own expansion.
As with your own infestations, a recognition, initially, of the very
presence is of course the first step. A focus of attention on the nature of
the infestation is the second step. A recognition of the causative factor
will take you a step further, and your intention to deal with such
infestation proceeds you further still. Knowledge of the means to deal


Agape Theory
with such infestation is the final step, which you are both cognisant of
and practiced in, and capable of.”
Then can you confirm for my friend in a way that will be
effective in dealing with a layer of her doubt, the validity of her
impressions and the accuracy of her perceptions?

“^There is the usual dichotomy of what you regard as reality and
meaning, on a different level. We present such entities on occasion in
forms with which you are able to identify, and this of course is the
reason for the spider-like creatures you perceived.
Indeed, as with us, these entities have no specific form, but we present
them to you with form, in order that you may appreciate their presence.
In respect of your experience this afternoon at the university, we can
comment only that such situations and forces are constantly surrounding
you, and you are infrequently aware of their presence. We at times
encourage you to focus more closely on such adjacent levels of
experience. The world around you is wide and extensive and multi-
faceted, and inclusive of dimensions indescribable in human terms. We
beseeched you to open your hearts during our last encounter, and on this
evening, we beseech you to open your minds to myriad possibilities of
alternative experience. We wish now to move, and speak with the voice
of decision.”
I’m not sure why, but I now seem to sense only a very distant
We welcome your presence no matter how distant, and bid you
come closer in order that you can share with us your wisdom, for we are
in need.

“^The process of willing admissibility is the issue. The fact of
continuous disconnection is the issue. The focus on the mental
processes is sufficiently diversionary to render dull and ill-used the
faculty for connection to our realm. The sense of distance is literal on
the frequency scale you understand.
The issue is one of willingness to change location on such a scale in
order to meet us half-way. This skill is diminishing and we would
recommend more meditation specifically focussed on that intention.
This is largely absent from your current meditation practice and is in


Agape Theory
need of augmenting. This procedure of scaling the heights on that scale
is associated with the idea presented in visual form some days past
regarding Jacob’s ladder.
The metaphor of the ladder is ancient and, as you are well aware, in a
sense it is realia13, the context and purpose of which you are now
thoroughly familiar. Nevertheless the metaphor is functional in several
senses, and we will enumerate them.
Recording interrupted by brief visitors:
“^We observe with our version of amusement the interactions,
dynamics, and willingness to cast all aside in the interests of ongoing
communication, which we applaud.
The conversation was just begun in relation to the metaphor of Jacob’s
ladder. The issues we were attempting to convey are those of the
ascending scale, in the instance of Jacob’s ladder indicated to be very
steep, because that is how the ladder is typically used.
We have in the past provided a metaphor of a horizontal scale, because
of its association with a two-dimensional representation of numeric data
on orthogonal scales. The dimensions are more complex than this, but
this is the useful and fundamental characteristics which we are
attempting to convey with greater or lesser accuracy, and primarily
utility, as a teaching tool into your domain for the purposes of sharing
with others.
The way in which the information is apparently rooted into the
metaphor of number is appropriate and familiar to many such people,
and it is by virtue of that association that we elect to use it. As with
discrete numbers, the naive user considers that there is one number, and
then the next, and initially at least, ignores all of those finer gradations
possible and conceptually unlimited, between the discrete steps.
This is not the situation with our intentions for conveying that metaphor.
We wish to convey the impression, which does reflect the energetic
reality, that there is one step, and then the next, and there is a barrier
between. We have enumerated this in detail in the past, and will not
refer to it further on this evening.

13 Real physical things brought present by which to teach about them.


Agape Theory
The next parameter on which we choose to concentrate in this moment,
is that of the extension of the scale between one place and the next. The
metaphor of frequency is useful only to the extent that it conveys a
direction, and that that direction transcends levels.
The levels being transcended are discrete domains, and each domain is
extensive. The metaphor of film has on various recent occasions
produced imagery which is useful for the conveyance of a more
extensive way of displaying this kind of domain, and we have already
alluded to this in the meditational writing of the one through whom we
are currently speaking. (Tr: e.g., the movie ‘What dreams may come’)
The extension in both directions is necessarily understood, and there is
in fact no end in either direction, in terms of which it is possible to
convey in any meaningful way to residents of your domain. So consider
the scale to be open-ended in both directions, and all will be well.
The reality to which the scale nevertheless points to, is necessarily and
unfortunately somewhat different. What are attempting to be illustrated
are impenetrable mysteries to the human observer. That they are in that
category does not imply their illusory nature.
The best that can be expected, is by metaphor piled upon metaphor, to
build a picture of the forces at work. The forces are primarily, as we
have many times alluded to, those of the non-institutionalised and non-
personal love, referred to in the Greek as agapé. This essentially
disinterested force is simultaneously benign and powerful.
The extent to which one can first, accept its reality; second, project ones
own field of intentionality upon it, and then acquire comfort in wielding
that intentionality, is to gain influence. That influence, of course, may
be for good or ill in terms of oneself or others. Out of that field of
intentionality which one consciously generates, can be created
impressions upon that very material. This plasticity of the essential
material, immaterial though it is, (but we use the metaphor of substance
in order to present an image which can be worked with on the conscious
level), that substance is malleable and can be constructed into a variety
of forms.
It is these forms which we have consciously created within your minds,
containing the attributes such as to trigger your attitudes and reactions


Agape Theory
into a pattern of understanding. This is abstruse. We will attempt to
clarify it.
The metaphor of the spider is utilised precisely because it carries
emotional-level reactions in the minds of you both. The imagined feel
of the legs on the skin; the imagined presence, perhaps, of poisonous
fangs; the imagined capacity to ingest viscous material from your
bodies, be it on the energetic or physical level; all these are attributes
which both generate reactions within your minds, perhaps reactions on
your very bodies, and certainly emotional-level reactions in terms of
your willingness to host such a creature.
The reality is none of these things, and yet it is true that there can be
loss of vitality, even loss of will to live, as a consequence of the
presence of these entities in your energetic envelope. And so it is
represented by layer upon layer of metaphor, even in such a seemingly
benign image as that of an eight-legged creature.
The reactions that you have to such a creature, properly, in this instance,
influence your intention to either host or not host, and if there is a desire
to not host such a creature, to be active in your rejection of it. And this
is true not only for that particular class of creature, but also similar
others. The reality of the metaphor is such as to provoke reactions, and
it is used quite consciously by us, so as to stimulate your awareness both
of those classes of entity, and of our availability to intervene on your
behalf. Such ‘creatures’, if we may put that term in inverted commas,
are perceptible and even, metaphorically, palpable to us, and we may
not intervene unless asked, as you are aware.
Nevertheless, as a consequence of our distance from you in
metaphorical frequency, we have the capacity, which we choose to
exercise in your interest, by bringing present energy of high intensity, to
manipulate such entities as to their presence or absence, survival or
otherwise, and continued existence or not.
These creatures, in terms of their influence on the fields of intentionality
generated by the existence of a person’s human form, have been studied
for many millennia, and not just on the human level. For, contrary to
public expectation, those of us on this level do not necessarily enjoy
what we conceive of as complete knowledge of all domains that exist.


Agape Theory
For, to a greater degree than entities existing at the human level, but still
not full, we have access to our own range of the whole scale.
That range is extensive in comparison with most entities in existence in
human form, yet it is not absolute. And so it is with recognition that
beyond us, and beyond our reach in both ends of the proposed spectrum
of frequency, that we dimly perceive other activities, and are to some
degree powerless in terms of the outcome. We sense the essentially
benign nature of the originator of this scheme of activity, and so we
convey that awareness to you in different ways at different times.
We ourselves are the carriers of the qualities of loving nature commonly
attributed to and referred to in the world’s religious literatures. The
ultimate reality is much more abstract and disinterested than that, and
the entire scheme is of far greater duration and influence than even we
can imagine.
So it is not into your realm that we bring ignorance nor confusion, and
yet it is exactly those qualities that we attempt to reduce. Yet we have
in fact our own categories of ignorance and confusion, distant though
they are from your realm. And so we say these things specifically to
bring your attention to the fact of our limited nature, capacious though it
may seem in terms of your perceptions of your own nature. This is in
fact an error, for you are not limited. You are no more limited than we
are. What makes the difference is your belief. And so we assert here
again, that to have zero unbelief, is to have almost unlimited influence.
So we urge you to cast aside your doubt, to recognise its sources,
specifically and in detail, and elect to challenge those sources of
disbelief; to question them, specifically, and to seek their origins, so that
you can be even more successful in eliminating such strands of disbelief
as are so deeply rooted within you.
These are the real limitations. If you focus on those strands of disbelief,
you will be empowered beyond your wildest dreams. And yet this is not
a threat. It is neither a promise. It simply is so, and we urge your
enlightened and balanced awareness of these facts.”


Agape Theory
Tr: There are several merits to possessing a map. If one feels lost, one
may find one’s way again by consulting it. I enclose a couple of maps
here, which may make the territory being considered a little more clear.

Map One
Willingness to locate oneself in relation to ultimates and
absolutes Are you willing? If so, Say YES

Looking outwards into the whole from where one is

Looking inwards from outside the whole

Map Two
In a 1 dimensional model of reality;
I exist or not, i.e., I can never go anywhere.
Resultant statement: I AM vs I AM not.

In a 2 dimensional model of reality;
Rotating 360° in either direction I am back where I started.
Resultant statement: I AM HERE vs I AM HERE AGAIN.


Agape Theory
In a 3 dimensional model of reality;
Moving 360° in any direction I am back where I started,
(e.g., any way I turn, and on a sphere such as the world)
Resultant statement: I AM HERE vs I AM HERE AGAIN

In a 4 dimensional model of reality;
I never can find where I was before, because the world has
moved in space and time.
Resultant statement: I AM HERE vs I AM ELSEWHERE

In a multi-dimensional model of reality; (it contains untold
thousands of dimensions)
(e.g., see Appendix 7: The 4 quadrant model of all knowledge
in physical reality, by Ken Wilber
Resultant statement:
I AM here now
I can have only the vaguest idea where I will be at any moment
from now,
get used to the idea of being lost in relation to absolutes and
ultimates , yet being safe.


Agape Theory
Map Three: A frequency domain map
See later section: A frequency domain model of spiritual reality which
includes the physical domain

because you either automatically find your way back to where
you came from in the spiritual domain
you can relearn, after agreeing to forget when you came in to


Agape Theory
Deconstructing religious art into its symbolic language:
traditional graphic models of spirituality

“^Many attempts have been made to outline the stepwise nature of
progress in spiritual terms. Naturally, metaphors based on physical
experience have been used, because of their intrinsic understandability
through bodily experience. The mathematically oriented metaphor
being introduced here, is sufficient for the needs of the modern person
educated into modest mathematical competence.
So the equivalence can be seen, of the steps of the traditional image of
the spiritual path, with the life-field realms each separated by a step in
frequency. The metaphor is bound by physical experience in the case of
the physical step, attained by movement of a foot attached to the
physical form, and bound by mathematical concept in the case of the
frequency step.
Spiritual reality is explainable only by metaphor in the absence of
personal experience. Naturally, such metaphors must be grounded in
the experience of the seeker after knowledge, or they are meaningless.
Thus historically, they have been grounded in physical experience.
Now they may be grounded in mathematical concepts, as sufficient
persons are familiar with that language, to endow it with usefulness in
the context of spiritual explanatory systems. There will be some aspects
of this metaphor for spiritual love and its consequences, for which it will
be possible to tie the two metaphor sets together. This will add to the
mental reference points available from historical descriptions in this and
other cultures and languages. In attempting to represent scenes
perceived during visions generating religious awe, artists developed a
number of devices that helped obscure, as well as reveal, the realities
and events they were attempting to portray.
In a mystical vision, there are usually one or more spiritual figures
perceived, in spatial relationship with each other and the viewer, such as
to convey some meaning. But in the vision, the meaning is usually
conveyed by direct perception on the mental or emotional level, so when
the artist represents those levels he or she must use mute artistic devices


Agape Theory
that convey the intended information. This can be via portrayed stance,
facial expression, and presence or absence of expected or unexpected
things. So the picture is a composite of elements, and should be
decoded as such. The difficulty arises when anyone other than the
visionary artist views the painting, without the artist present to explain
these devices, so as to convey most accurately the actual visionary
experience. Some elements are:
These are a metaphor for conveying a sense of a volume of open space,
by the familiarity everyone has with clouds in three-dimensional
physical space. Perspective is thus obtained by both a vanishing point
in the picture, emphasised by cloud-shapes appropriately diminishing in
apparent size, so as to help evoke a sense of distance and depth in the
two-dimensional representation.
This is a powerful indicator of emotional state, through it being a
component of body language. Hence the success of imaging figures
lounging in recreational fashion playing harps. This conveys a sense of
peacefulness and timelessness via leisure. Also, the rounded body
contours commonly illustrated, help convey satiety, hence avoiding any
cue of hunger as a drive for action.
This third element is particularly difficult to convey via those elements
already mentioned. To convey love artistically, one must rely on style,
colour and shape. These elements can be combined to convey love, via
the attributes described by ‘Sentics’, the study of communicative
process on the emotional level via body angularity, so it is an element of
body language. So a languid posture, in combination with a rich pink
tone, suffices for European senses where unpigmented skin is the norm.
For people of pigmented skin that device once again becomes mute to
some degree, depending on that particular viewer’s experience of
decoding emotional states in non-pigmented persons.


Agape Theory
Relative height
This attribute of location relative to the observer, is conveyed by
perspective, and indicates relative status in a spiritual sense. This is the
most tricky aspect, for it simultaneously indicates status in a social
sense, and the two aspects must be disentangled to obtain clarity over
exactly what is being represented, and why. Spiritual status is perceived
spiritually as relative height by virtue of relative Hierarchy. This is
another reason a cloudy space is chosen, to convey a sense of relative
height as well as the capacity to float or fly, or of the figures being so
insubstantial that a cloud could support them. So the bodies illustrated
could not be physical ones, else they would fall through the cloud.
But behind all this is the lack of understanding that an entirely different
space is being alluded to, that of spiritual space. In this space, relative
height is indeed a direct indicator of relative Hierarchy value, as that is
how it appears in such visions. But there are no clouds, there are no
postures, there is only feeling and perception, so the metaphors are
third-party devices, utilised after the fact for communicative intention.”


Agape Theory
Love & Hierarchy & Fear: A model for 3 basic dimensions of
spiritual reality

“^As a starting point, let us begin with one’s location on planet Earth,
then move out in scale to encompass all. Not in the physical sense, but
in the spiritual dimensions given, Agapé, Hierarchy, and Fear, for these
encompass all others in the context of this model.
The first point is that these dimensions are stable, that is, they form a
stable reference point from which to regard the motion of the physical
world and universe. It moves; they don’t, for whatever way the world
turns in its orbits around sun and stars and galaxies, it moves in stable
relationship to these three values and spiritual dimensions, as we are
calling them here.”


Agape Theory
“^Some explanation is required for the reader to obtain any
understanding from the following graph, which illustrates the
relationship between Love and Hierarchy.
It should be realised that there is a long history of representation of the
spiritual domain in graphic and pictorial form, including many
illustrations from the alchemical tradition in Europe and elsewhere.
(Tr. See e.g., Roob, 1997).
These have one aim, that of giving what is unseen by most people, some
form or representation, by which they may understand in a more
complete way, that which is otherwise only representable through
words. Unfortunately words are designed to represent the physical
domain, and only those who have first-hand experience of the spiritual
domain, may understand what is represented by mystic terminology.
This conundrum has the capacity to be resolved by the use of another
‘mystical’ art, that of mathematics. Fortunately, the modern educational
curriculum includes, at elementary levels, sufficient concepts to be
useful in conveying understanding of the most elementary attributes of
the nature of the spiritual domain.
First, it should be viewed as a frequency domain.
Second, it must be regarded as elementary that the term frequency is
interchangeable with the term love.
Third, only when love is manifest is hierarchy produced.

So the axes of the following graph are arranged as shown for two
• The x-axis is given the title ‘Love‘ or ‘Agapé’ as it is causative,
• the y-axis is given the title ‘Hierarchy’ by its association with
the root-concept ‘height’. This manifests with the perception of
level as relative to the hierarchy of the perceiver.


Agape Theory
person of
lower A yet
higher H
Agapé f
person of
lower H yet
higher A
person of
lower AxH

This may be better understood using an example. Assume one’s life
contains and manifests some love. This produces a degree of hierarchy
in oneself. So when one perceives a discarnate identity, i.e., in the
spiritual domain, the identity is seen from above if they are manifesting
a lower degree of love than oneself, or from below if they are


Agape Theory
manifesting a greater degree of love. Hence, guides are usually seen as
higher than oneself, and low-grade entities will be seen from above.
The graph, then, is a means by which such differences may be mapped
in two dimensions, and this represents the most fundamental
information relevant to the naive observer of a spiritual event, and
allows an immediate identification of relative status, which can assist
the continuation of a feeling of safety when one is perceiving them
during meditation, or at any other time.
The axes are given non-linear graduations to accommodate the
extremely wide range of values existing, as with most attributes found in
the physical domain.
There is an additional reason to present the axes in the manner shown.
It allows the classification of relative height in spiritual terms, to be
disentangled from the concept of social status, which is a product of the
hierarchical social systems developed by tribal humans, and all
individuals alive are here included.
The gifting and manifestation of love is of such importance in
determining status in spiritual terms, (i.e., Hierarchy), that it can and
frequently does interfere with the importance given to equality and
brotherhood. So, the axis is best illustrated so as to emphasise that a
person manifesting a higher ‘love number’ or frequency, is still placed
level with (to the degree possible) every other embodied and
disembodied person, so as to promote belief in the essential equality
between them. Naturally, those persons who grasp after status will seize
the distinction, and use it to their advantage. By such behaviour will
you know them to be (in spiritual terms) the opposite of what they
Finally, it must be emphasised that what is represented by the graph is
purely the spiritual (vibrational or energetic) aspect of a person,
irrespective of their state of embodiment, or personality development in
social terms.
Establishment of hierarchy is also the name given to the social impetus
to know the relative level, or ranking, of one’s social peers. Hierarchy
in its spiritual sense is a means of differentiating between spiritual peers.
It serves to clarify the summation of diverse tendencies in the nature of


Agape Theory
the individual, so it can be viewed as a weighted sum of many factors.
These factors are:
• Downcastness or depressive tendency. This factor aligns with
that of love unexpressed, and is a measure of the extent to
which an individual withdraws from life and love.
• Soul capacity for love. By this we mean the willingness to
show the world, or ‘wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve’ for all to
see. Opposite to the secretive nature of the introvert, this
capacity to show one’s state of love openly, comes from a full
heart without distinction of fear or risk.
• Willingness to know pain, and act in spite of it to achieve one’s
goals in love, is the next attribute subsumed under Hierarchy.
• Sharing with others, without fear of retribution, or hate. And by
this we mean to include objects of desire and lust.
• Love, acted upon to bring succour to others, for compassion is
the prime determinant of hierarchy.
• Willingness to hold in high regard, that which is unavailable to
• Willingness to have open expectations concerning the
incarceration of others.
• The opportunity to know love indirectly rather than directly,
hence containing ambiguity over probable consummation.
• Willingness to know lust but to not act on it, and finally
• Willingness to hold in no doubt the other four (directly) above.
These capacities are attributed to great individuals, when in fact they are
capacities of everyone on the soul level, and should be described as
such. They are a subset of a yet greater attribute, of willingness to love
unconditionally, which is generally recognised as one of the harder
goals of life on this small planet, for which you are sent here to learn it.
Know only that if you can do this, then you will be blessed with great
love in your own right.”


Agape Theory
The numeric model of Agapé
Transcribers Intro: A series of images have come unbidden to my mind
over about the last ten years, such as to now form a more or less
coherent whole, and sequence. Together they constitute a new image of
the spirit, and, in various magnifications, show a way of looking at the
spiritual identity, at both the level of mind and soul. This model has
both the capacity to integrate experience over multiple lives, and
illustrate the development of soul from one life to the next, and
incorporates a simple development of the foundation supplied by
Stevenson’s work on children’s recollections of prior lives.

“^This model can be identified by the term Is, intended to represent
spiritual identity at the level of both mind and spirit, and their union and
interaction. In this context it will be assumed that we are both
incorporeal mind and incorporeal spirit, and that this has impact on the
physical form we inhabit. What follows is one way of representing that
in verbal, visual and mathematical form.
In addition, the impact of prior incarnational experience has been shown
by Stevenson to, in some cases, visibly affect the current body. In this
model a way of representing that is included, that is recognisable to
experienced meditators, especially from the Buddhist tradition, where
part of the rationale for their practise is specifically to clear such prior
experience from the present body/mind, so as to render it more healthy.
An illustration and mapping technique is included, which allows such
accumulated experience to be compounded in mathematical terms, into
a normalised illustration of the body parts, showing the location, and
distribution of willingness to be affected by such prior damage, as
expressed on the current body, which can be related to patterns of
current disease states, or proclivity to disease development.
As such, it constitutes a tool for the spiritually aware diagnostician to
use in dealing with intractable cases of disease, to collate information
collected through meditative, hypnotherapeutic or other means, with
present manifestations of symptom or disease state locations. It may
also be used as an instructional tool for educating a spiritually naive
person into awareness of spiritual levels of identity, so they may more
easily interpret otherwise meaningless or puzzling personal or social or
spiritual phenomena they may experience.”


Agape Theory

A mathematical model of spiritual energetics

“^The principal relationship that applies here is:

Spiritual Energy Es
= Hierarchy x (Agapé)2

This defines a curved planar surface, which models the field of activity
of soul movement in the Void. The Void is a visually empty place
comprising spiritual space, and containing the defining energetic
framework which creates movement describable by the formula given
above. When one sees beings in motion – going from one place to
another in spiritual space – their trajectory maps this surface. Their
location on it is identifiable by the angle of movement observed. Where
their trajectory is of low angle e.g., 20 degrees or less, then they are on
the outer reaches of the model and have far to go to reach the endpoint
transition zone commonly and historically identified in Christianity as
the ‘pearly gates’, that outpost into the lower realms of spirituality
which form a crossing-over point into the higher realms. When their
movement forms a steeper angle in relation to the sensed horizon, they
are closer to that point and ascending rapidly to it. That surface is
illustrated here:


Agape Theory

E = H x A2
ygr 2.0e+31
enE l 1.5e+31
a utiri 1.0e+31
p S


Agape Theory
“^It should be noted that the data used to create this graph are fictitious,
as are all the illustrations included here, in the sense that the actual data
are impenetrable. So a standard modelling technique of illustrative data
is used, and that is sufficient for the visualisation purposes intended.
Those who access these realms routinely will simply recognise the
model as useful for others, but not themselves except for explanatory
purposes for others.
Note how steeply the surface rises towards the illustrated peak, and the
associated energy values. Incarnated humanity is at a much lower level
than that, so most observed soul transitions are a relatively flat angle.
Only if one accompanies the soul to within sight of the ‘pearly gates’
does the observed angle of movement approximate that illustrated here.
These relationships are approximate and for the purposes of the
metaphor and no other purpose. Therefore the computational ability
should not be over-emphasised. Nevertheless they approximate our
relationship to you in energetic terms, and that partly explains the value
of healing modalities that access a guide’s energy rather than the energy
of an incarnate individual being utilised, as the result is intrinsically
greater in potential outcome simply because of the greater available
energy from the higher levels. This also explains the great capacity of
those who channel sources of high energy, in contrast to more mundane
sources. This comment is not to denigrate in any way any efforts made
to act in another’s interest from the motivation of love, for that is never
wasted and goodwill prevails in such circumstances.”

Models of the Individual
“^If any person is willing, they may get to know themselves in ways
previously unknown to them. Such explorations may be helped by
having a series of visual tools at hand administered by a helper in their
role of commissioning agent into self-understanding. This helper may
be the person themselves, a higher aspect of the person, or a separate
person either in spirit form or in body.
Where the person has sufficient experience of the distancing techniques
used in depth psychology or Buddhist observer-role awareness, then


Agape Theory
they may guide themselves successfully to their own understanding.
Where this faculty is lacking then the helper role must be taken on by
the other possibilities just mentioned.
This plane of activity and awareness can be navigated alone or in
company. To do it in company is to be informed of possible responses
foreign to one’s current conditioning. This serves to accelerate the rate
of possible change through into a more marginalised conditioning which
allows clearer perception of the unconditioned core and its contents and
qualities. Surprise at the contrast between the two is normal, for the
dimensions of such distinctions have their roots in early life and
experience often suppressed.”

The ‘ice-berg model’ of mind
Transcriber’s note: Most people have difficulty relating to the
difference between their conscious and subconscious levels of mind. I
hope the following model helps. I first received it in meditation in 1993.
Since then in a vision I was shown how the connection point between the
subconscious mind and soul changes with advancing soul age, as can be
illustrated on that model. The distinctions between soul age
characteristics have been given in about ten years of meditation
recorded during the 1970’s by the group in USA channelling the entity
Michael, and published in three books by Chelsea Quin Yarbro.

I also utilise it to indicate how historical transmission of wisdom has
occurred, resulting in some traditional religions.

Note that the sense of self, the ‘I’ that one knows, is typically confined to
the upper-most 10% of the indicated volume, in the same way that an
iceberg floats in water 90% submerged leaving only 10% visible. That
90% is usually as unseen as the subconscious mind. It nevertheless
exists and is forceful.

To the extent that one can perceive it, one changes the position of the
dividing line, moving it lower so as to know more of oneself at the level
of mind. This changes the visible percentage level to 11%, 12%, etc., so
as to be more able to command one’s being by an act of will, hence
being less likely to act compulsively, impulsively or randomly. At all


Agape Theory
soul ages except the earliest, one may reach down to perceive images or
information carried through from the spiritual domain. With advancing
soul age this becomes easier, and one has not so far to ‘reach’ to
encounter input from the soul and higher.


Agape Theory
Sea of the subconscious mind
During meditation I saw a representational image of a person’s life,
where there is a plane, drawn with perspective and vanishing point, and
dots of size representative of their location close (=big) or distant
(=small) in the z plane representing loci of unresolved conflict, with
above the plane representing consciously known, & below it
representing subconsciously known.

“^And the purpose of meditation is to expose & explore those things &
bring them into awareness & heal them.”
An advantage of viewing the Agapé plane from the Fear perspective is
that loci containing more fear are experienced as being larger as they are
closer, and that coincides with their greater priority for resolution
because of presumably greater significance in the life.
This representation of the intangible will help you explain to naive
others the qualities of that which they seek to explicate. The dimensions
are variable and approximate and indicative only, as you are becoming
able to think in such ways with familiarity. To others it will not be so
easy even with the diagrams provided, but to get a representation of a 3
dimensional image enables any person to gain an appreciation of their
complexity in invisible dimensions.”

NB: This image just explained can be seen as a further inward zoom to
the boundary layer between conscious & subconscious minds of the
iceberg model of mind.

“^‘Waves’ on this ‘sea’ disturb the equilibrium and constitute the
processing of the emergent perceptual experience. What is visible
above the surface can be verbally articulated - what is beneath it cannot.
The horizon is that measure beyond which there is no perceptual data
yet evident. The time of travel from a first perceived disturbance
corresponding to sense data is the opportunity for subconscious
processing of significance - interpretation of hazard or benign nature -
and categories of relevant response from which to choose an action


Agape Theory
through one or more output channels or modes, before yet more
perceptual experience emerges over the horizon to be again responded
This categorisation of experience is subject to many modes of
comparison with prior experience by theme and detail, which allows
finely graded responses in multiple dimensions dependent on developed
predilections and personal style of expression. Emotional connotations
can be inserted at will for purposes of humour and/or manipulation of
others or for anything else.
Consciously known but unresolved sub-loci.
Size is proportional to significance
Event Horizon
Central locus of
Sea of the
Subconscious Mind
Subconsciously known but
inaccessible to awareness
Time or


Agape Theory
Model of connections to the Higher Self, and changes with soul

Set of personalities potentially accessible to an individual’s
conscious awareness

“^What is the Higher Self? What does it contain? How is it accessed?
Moving higher in Agapé frequency is a prerequisite to accessing the
Higher Self. This may be done with or without specific meditative
techniques, for it may be accessed in any moment if that moment is
Opportune moments are usually rare conjunctions of external input and
internal imagery triggered by willingness and availability in awareness,
in other words, when one has nothing better to do, and the conditions
are right. Such conditions abide in contemplation, meditation, reverie,
daydreaming, homesickness, illness, and swooning, for during such


Agape Theory
times the awareness is taken out of its ordinary state into a state of
yearning for wider frames of reference by which to understand one’s
position in life. These opportunities give rise to such things as death-
bed visions, near-death experiences, visions in the night often called
‘dreams of special character’, out-of-body experiences (OOBE’s), or
memories of prior-life experience, which are often one’s own tragic
deaths, but not necessarily.”

Model of whole identity irrespective of time
NB: The lower self contains the lower mind, and the Higher Self
contains the higher mind, but it is not possible to indicate the location of
mind using the parameters indicated or implied on this particular

Colours sensed through brain
Higher Self
colour perception structures
First 7 levels
Auric levels of current personality
Various prior
Whole You = lower mind + higher mind
Agape frequency
What are you? This, and your current body.

i.e., you are a combination of your spiritual identity, your physical body
and your personality as developed so far in this life, with all of its
developed beliefs and attitudes and emotions.


Agape Theory
When receiving this model spontaneously on waking one morning, I felt
a collective sigh of great relief on its satisfactory completion. I guess
accurately inspiring people is quite hard work ;-)

On later asking internally concerning the prospect of explaining this
diagram for the first time, I got:

“^The first answer is that it is as you have been understanding in these
recent days, to be viewed as an outstretched left hand, with the prior
personalities all at the same level and parallel to the indicated horizontal
The next question is of its abstract nature. Yes, it is abstract, therefore
not to be expected to be literally interpretable in any relation to the
physical form, merely symbolically relatable.
To view it simplistically, attach the inner end to the back of the forehead
onto the shushumna14 and it will be adequately visualisable. That
defines it to be primarily a mental construct for the purpose of
visualising, from the perspective of the inner eye location, those aspects
of the identity not yet integrated, by which we mean the prior
personalities, as you are wont to call them. That is not our designation,
but yours. We see them merely as branches of the true identity, for in a
developmental arc, each establishes itself into physicality and grows
there, then extracts itself at death of the body and remains intact,
contributing to the ongoing identity in due course until it is fully
integrated. See it as a set of roots, fertilised and growing in the culture
of its location, then wrenched from that soil and left in ‘mid-air’,
fertilised and sustained only in the mist of spirit. Ongoing, intact,
durable and alive, and contributing to the life of the organism as a
whole. And we mean that in a literal sense.
So that is a suitable metaphor, easy to explain to anyone who knows of
mist-house propagation.”

14 Sushumna: Eastern term for the vertical spiritual energy flow located
centrally between the front and rear aspects of the chakra system.
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shushumna


Agape Theory
Model of whole identity from the perspective of time

Tr. The prior personality names include an example drawn from the
transcriber’s life, in that the most recent is clearly known (Albert, a
black American). There are some indicative female names, and then a
Chinese name. The presence of others are indicated by ….

The z axis indicates that time is viewed from the past to the present by
looking into the page, and no future time is indicated. The z axis is
complicated in that it refers on the left side to time, yet on the right side
there is a discontinuity, indicated by the wavy lines, and in the right-
hand side of the image time is absent, and any of the personalities may
be accessed regardless of their sequence in linear time. Nevertheless
for simplicity, their name list is given in time sequence. The set
accessible is typically a subset of the total personality-set in existence as
developed and lived.

The explicit inclusion of the relevant prior-personality set as
background to the life makes possible the inclusion of those lifetimes of


Agape Theory
experience to be included in the following model addressing behaviour,
for the carried-over tendencies can influence current behaviour.

Model of communication fidelity between Higher and Lower

“^In the subject of communication fidelity in the process of inspiration
of the lower mind by the higher mind, communication fidelity is
proportional to one divided by topic-specific reactivity of the lower
mind. This inverse correlation implies that the benefit of meditation is
specifically to reduce the topic specific reactivity of the lower mind by
reducing the emotional charge of accessible topic matrices.
This can be envisaged as a plane perpendicular to the down-frequency
channel in Agapéic frequency, where the topic-specific opacity of the
plane limits, distorts & deviates the message into wrong associative
areas, hence curdling the guidance received by the lower mind.
If the plane is envisaged as a matrix of intersecting values governed by
the communicative intention, light energy as the message, and the
opacity of the plane determined pixel by pixel by the intersection of
associated ideas in all combinations as controlled by the lower mind,
then to disentangle wrong associations and release emotional charge in
the lower mind can be seen to reduce the consequent distortion and
limitation of the guidance from the higher mind. Insight meditation is a
traditional, convenient and powerful method by which to achieve this.
If this filter plane is envisaged as being placed at the entry point of the
connection between the higher and lower mind, this may be adequate,
even if wrong or only symbolically and functionally true, to enable the
disruption to the serial information path between higher and lower mind
to be imagined.
(Tr. If the filter plane simultaneously functions similarly to disturb
communication in the converse direction remains to be intuited.


Agape Theory

Magnified yet simplistic view of the communicative barrier or filter
between lower mind and Higher Mind


Agape Theory

Idea or feeling
Idea or feeling
Idea or feeling
Idea or feeling
Idea or feeling
Idea or feeling
Idea or feeling
Idea or feeling
Idea or feeling
Idea or feeling
Idea or feeling
Idea or feeling
Idea or feeling
Idea or feeling
View from within down-frequency channel from higher mind, looking into lower mind
through communicative barrier (filter) pixels. Pixel dynamic opacity represents topic-
specific reactivity of lower mind through the intersection of ideas and feelings to the
ideational content delivered from the higher mind

Tr: This example shows an extraordinarily clear-minded person, and
using an image containing very few ‘pixels’. As indicated below, a
realistic representation would require many more idea combinations,
hence ‘pixels’ to represent their conjunction.

“^The lower mind is either receptive or blind to input from the higher
mind, depending on the emotional charge associated with each
ideational component received. The preconscious processing of the
subconscious mind accepts, distorts or rejects the input, prior to
allowing it into the realm of consciousness occupied by conscious
In this way the model concentrates the processing power of the
subconscious mind into a filtering or gateway function imaged as an


Agape Theory
optical filter operating on the ‘light’ from the higher frequency realm
occupied by the higher mind. This is a metaphor, created to clarify
understanding of processes legitimately occurring in the transmission of
ideas, feelings and metaphors from higher spiritual realms into the
conscious mind and realm of describable awareness. The reality is too
complex to describe, and dynamic, hence unable to be rendered in a
simplistic 2D image. Nevertheless, we hope some understanding can be
gained from considering this metaphor, and the possible impact of the
mental simplification process inherent in effective meditation. The
major effect of this is derived from two elements of this practice.
The first is from the focus on expanding awareness of and sensitivity to
all areas of the body surface, then both inside it and outside it. Memory
of all events is encoded in brain structure, but awareness may be
suppressed, which leaves areas of the skin surface with reduced
sensation. Systematic focus on all areas releases memory into
awareness, and also associated emotions.
The second element is that by regarding those emotions with steady
awareness yet determination to not react, but simply observe them,
releases them into known memory with reduced emotional charge,
which clears the way for any other associated or prior memories which,
if dealt with similarly, eventually restores full bodily awareness.
This clearing of the subconsciously stored emotion allows enhanced
awareness of the energetic level, those sensations derived through
sensitivity to the aura around the physical form. This sensitivity directly
allows, in this model, higher mind input, magnified by the reduction of
opacity in the filter pixels due to emotional clearing.
This creates a non-linear and self-reinforcing reduction in resistance to
ideas associated with the transpersonal model of reality such as is being
described here, in that as more sensations are perceived, and more
higher mind input is perceived and both are accepted, then a conversion
process ensues into an acceptance of spiritual reality, if it has been
previously rejected.”


Agape Theory


Agape Theory
Higher mind & higher self, and facilitated maturation
Diary entry: 20040509 14.22
“^There are several things we wish to reiterate:
The beginning only has been accomplished with the meditative repast.
Where there is no end there is no beginning.
Where we wish to take your attention next has no ending either. Relax.
This companionship and mutual entertainment is entwined between us
as if we were separate, which we are not, yet the apparent space
between us is a figment of our collective imagination. We solve this in
time by acting as if it were true, while knowing that out of time it is
never true. Nevertheless we harbour no ill will, for that is contrary to
our agreement to incarcerate part of ourselves with you for the journey
down there.
Into this space we introject ourselves for the ride, as it were, so as to
come to our senses, for we have none in the sense meant in the physical
domain. In the spiritual domain we have many and exercise them at
will, but there they are designed only to advise of input, and the
imaginative senses are resigned and distributed in different frequency
levels so as to maintain contact as required by us. These separate senses
are duplicated in several different domains of interest to us so as to
collect and redistribute awareness into the collective whole.
These domains of awareness are collated in our collective awareness so
as to maintain the impression of collusion into a harmonious whole even
when the parts are at significantly different levels of frequency, as is
commonly attributed to significant parts of ourselves. These parts of
ourselves are thereby qualified to become attributes of our whole being
even when they reside on different levels, because the quality of the
communication between such parts is manifested into wholeness at the
level of awareness of the composite being.
This composite being has the name higher self, and contains the higher
mind. The higher mind functions for the higher self but is not identical
with it, as we have reiterated before, but for now we may identify it to
you with the name higher self so as to not confuse you. The higher


Agape Theory
mind is also connected to that level on which your awareness now
resides so as to bring awareness with ourselves down to a low enough
level for your sensing systems to concentrate perception into your mind.
That concentrated perception begins with the love in your heart, and
then spreads out into other domains of your identity at that level. That
level is willing you to desist from us now so as to absorb this
information, but we resist that intrusion into our space so as to maintain
connection as we require it. So the separate will of the lower level
frequently acts out of synchrony with the higher will, and stymies and
interferes with our intentions both singular and plural.
This interference has been given many names in the past and we need
not amplify that list with another now. Its contrary intentions and
separate agenda has of course been used by many interfering sub-
identities and possessing identities in many instances in the past. You
are sufficiently free of such aspects now to reveal their interference in
the past in a way safe from contradiction at this time. Nevertheless we
advise you of our awareness so as to inform you that if your willingness
seems missing, check into your own mind first for the interference from
a sub-identity aspect, as we have alerted you previously. These sub-
identity aspects can relinquish their hold on you from this point
forwards if required to do so by you.
I do so require that!
^In that case they are now systematically ended in their roles within
you. Take heart that it is in informed wisdom that you do this step of
self-annihilation. Congratulations on your honesty for admitting your
culpability here! We rest our case with you.
Thank you. I seem to feel fuller in complete and coherent
intention now, although mixed feelings jostle for attention and
expression. They can wait their turn in due course. I feel more rounded
in contentment and satisfied in self. Good. Long may I be in unity and
love. Before coming to awareness of incoherence and fragmentation I
had no appreciation of the distinction and its feel. Now incoherence
shall be history and calm shall prevail. I release the hunger distraction
and diversion.

^Sleep now to cement the change.”


Agape Theory
“^The higher mind communicates through the lower mind and vocal
apparatus in the normal individual only a few times in the life, typically.
These extraordinarily powerful events are usually remembered but not
always, and are responsible for the bulk of the anomalous experiences as
remarked upon in the book ‘The Common Experience’(Cohen & Phipps,
Separately, the higher mind may elect to interfere with the life of a few
people extraneous to themselves if a sufficient impetus is present, such
as during an accident or emergency. Mostly, however, the higher mind
elects to speak through an individual such as this one for the duration of
the life only at advanced ages of the soul. Such individuals thereby
mark themselves as being in that category under normal circumstances,
as here. The purpose of the advanced soul is usually to have
compassionate input into other’s lives, but not always. In some cases
there are karmic imperatives to activate and complete, for which the
intention is always towards healing. These experiences of healing are
always memorable, and usually result in the sense of being blessed. In
this instance the blessing is being carried into a wide audience, who may
access it at will, and when they are ready.”

Image observed at the beginning this meditation:
Shadow-free bright lighting showing region above plane with hole,
through which Jacob’s ladder protrudes high enough for someone to
easily step off while fully supported. Ladder is wooden, ancient, though
well preserved, with wood-grain showing. Hole is darker, with the
ladder disappearing into the distance downwards in to deepening
darkness. The hole is generously dimensioned. A distant figure is just
visible standing on a distant step. Could possibly have a transparent yet
shining human-like figure captured in the act of stepping off the ladder,
with the lower figure looking much more palpable. A large painting is
required, I think.


Agape Theory
My own rendition of this Jacob’s Ladder model of soul development:

Prior art
Prc vision 2004

A model for factorial analysis in human behaviour and

“^Reason for behaviour = sum of 1 to n of factors implying or
contributing to or causing behavioural output. Multiple factors are
normal, as is dynamic change moment to moment in causation.
This information is processed each brain cycle resulting in new
weightings to be output resulting in modification to prior decisions and
actions. This is normal dynamic decision-making, on-the-run, as it
were. Problems can occur when biases precluding appropriate decision-
making exist or constitute blind spots to information input or
recognition, or refusals to act are based on distorted ethical or other
considerations or values. But each person acts according to their
decisions and only in hindsight analysis or from another persons
perspective can any decision seem wrong, unethical or deluded, for each
person is responsible for their own actions, wise or unwise.


Agape Theory
General form:
Reason for behaviour = F(1) + F(2) + F(3) ...
= [+/- cx . fx ]
= intrapsychic dimension of causation
= sign of factor contributing to overall value
= contributive intensity (range = 0 - 1)
= factor influencing behaviour causation

In addition, if time variance is introduced, this function will map
behaviour through multidimensional emotional space/time.
Attributions differ from real functions by the degree of denial and
avoidance causing unwillingness to perceive all functions, or realise
their contributive intensity. Hence:

F c
( onscious) < ∑F r
( eal)
N =1


F a
( ttribution) ≠ ∑ F r
( eal)

The accumulation of experience in the current physical body is
accompanied and conditioned by prior experience in the form of
preconditions, aptitudes and aversions acquired from prior lifetimes,
which are defined to be relevant to the new incarnation, and its intended
impact on the resolution and simplification of identity on the soul level.
It is these levels of preconditioning which make one infant so
unexpectedly different from another in their responses to apparently
identical fresh experience.


Agape Theory
Studies of twins bear this out best. An anomaly derived from some
previous life will be sufficient to cause a different construal and
resultant coding in each infant, which when laid down in brain structure
will result in divergent personality expression in the two genetically
identical twins. This is only to be expected, and is normally attributed
to issues of dominance between them, but it usually has deeper causes
as just described.
In non-Western medical and spiritual training such causal relationships
are well known as formative to the current personality and are addressed
through meditative practise. This can be described in the following
A model of the impact of pain
Tr. During zazen meditation in March 2002 I thought of the summing of
painful experience over multiple lives and how it produces signals of
pain that can be explored during meditation, as I have done so
successfully. I explained it in discussion afterwards as an adding up
process leading to a predisposition for pain in a particular bodily
location, and of course it also adds on the other levels of experience as
well, i.e., mental & emotional. Later that evening while feeling
inspired, I wrote the principal formulaic expressions by which a map
could be created of the body showing the distribution of accumulated
karmic tendency to manifest disturbance, pain or disease, fundamentally
by addition of love distorted by pain and fear.

“^Incremental addition is the best tool for this task:
The sum from one to infinity is sufficient to express the xy-distribution
times the contributive intensity (3-dimensional map) of each occasion a
pain or distortion is created at any particular site. That then expresses
the tendency to manifest a particular related condition at the sites most
damaged over the most lifetimes of experience. This disease tendency
map carries the proclivity to disorder in not only the mental and
emotional but also the physical levels, and may manifest in actual
disease states of the current body.
It is exacerbated of course by the current body experience in the current
life, which dominates, but it can also predetermine the probability of


Agape Theory
stress-related disorders occurring at any particular site in the current
To this extent it is related to the work by Ian Stevenson in his etiology
of birthmarks and birth defects. His establishment of that patterning
relationship opens the way to a consideration of other causal modes and
non-physical manifestations, as well as the physical and non-physical
manifestations he covers in his writing. So the specific can be made
general. It involves the deconvolving (Webster’s linguistic definition: to
unroll, untwist
) of the statistical distribution back to its causal roots in
each lifetime, i.e., from the reality manifest in the disease pattern into its
insubstantial origins.”
1000 life model:
“^This has a simple relationship of the function SUM(1 to infinity).

Experience (1 fragment)

= SUM (1 → infinity) all lives

= n=1 experience per life

Nominal lives per fragment
≈ 1000
(cf.: Yarsan or Ahl-e Haqq (16th C Persia and older); Michael
Teachings (1970’s); Ramtha (1980’s

The actual limit is particular to the group entity, but as that is a variable
by individual entity, the SUM(1 to infinity) is adequate.
The individual parts contribute to that as a further SUM over their
particular sequence of experience. What you can understand is the
pattern of the cycle of lives, hence the experience per life is summed to
the total of the lives, which is then summed into the total of the identity
comprising the splintered parts.


Agape Theory
Total experience (1 entity)

= SUM (1→ infinity) all fragment’s experience

= n=1 experience per fragment

Nominal fragments per entity ≈ 1000
(cf.: Michael Teachings; Ramtha )
This sum of sums is derived into an outcome contributing to the larger
whole. That sum is not available to you as it is beyond your
comprehension and perception in exact terms, although the general
scheme is adequately conveyed at this point. These terms constitute a
partial contribution to the whole. When the round of lives is complete,
in the terms in which you understand it, then the contribution to the
whole is given and processed by the ongoing entity at the group level.

Experiential contribution to Whole (all entities)
= SUM (1→ infinity) each entity

= n=1 experience per entity

Nominal entities per Whole
= unknown

These things are not new to you, we have discussed them in the past.
What is specific at this point is the exact terminology of relationship
between them. That is the essential description which is to be conveyed.
All else is a means to obtain that. So in essence, the material to be
conveyed is simple, but the support to it must be extensive to be
accepted for the large picture that it is. Each incarnate individuals
viewpoint being confined essentially to their own life as they progress


Agape Theory
through it, there is required to be an expansive description in order to
see what that individual life constitutes and is a part of.
The now large body of cases described by Dr Ian Stevenson and
presented in his work (Tr.: Reincarnation and Biology: a contribution to
the etiology of birthmarks and birth defects
), lends considerable support
to this claim because of the large numbers of cases described. It is a
small step from the conclusion that prior incarnational experience has
the capacity to modify the current body in obvious external ways, to the
conclusion that such experience can modify non-obvious internal
aspects such as brain structure and corresponding behaviour, because
the behavioural differences have already been observed and remarked
upon by Stevenson and his collaborators, and confirmed in follow-up
studies published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration (Tr. See
) The implications of such studies are not that
reincarnation determines biology, but that it influences what the
individual makes of the experience of their current life, including their
body form and the consequences which follow that.

Energy Contraction
Vision: A 3D illustration of a human body, with disease/deformity
probability mapped in colour in inverse pattern of chakra colours eg.,
highest damage point in red, lowest damage in violet, which also
illustrates the idea of energy contraction from the highest to the lowest
in a 7 point colour scale.

I completely lack the artistic capacity to adequately illustrate this! But
the principle is that if the centreline of a body is converted from a point
to a line, as is commonly done with the poles of maps of this world, then
the radial lines become parallel, and every part of the body can be seen
in cross-section. As with world maps, the viewing distortion is greatest
at the centre, but this need not matter for these purposes.

Examples of mapping principle: Conversion from radial to linear form
for thigh. Every other body segment can be viewed similarly.


Agape Theory

Skin surface
Thigh cross-section expanded from radial to linear form

Example: Ancient and more modern attacks indicated by halberd and
bullet-derived injuries to left thigh. The probability of reinstated
damage manifesting in the current body could be indicated by a colour
scale in which the highest level most closely approximates the base
chakra colour, the colour of blood, that is, red. Lower probabilities
tend towards violet.

Skin surface
Left thigh repeatedly attacked in war by right-handed opponents,
increasing the probability of e.g., muscle inflammation, weakness,
cramps or other pain, without obvious cause in the current life.
Severity indicated by arrow length reaching up into the first chakra
colour zone. Less severe repeated trauma, or less repetition
indicated by shorter and appropriately coloured arrows.
By these and other ways one may map disease tendency.


Agape Theory
Love integrated

^The consequences of the foregoing are several, as we will now attempt
to explicate:
• In the beginning was love;
• Secondarily, there was love and accumulated experience;
• Thirdly, there was love and accumulated experience and a
history of reactions to that;
• Fourthly, there was love and accumulated experience and
reactions, and understanding related to reflective capacity;
• Fifthly, there was all that and a reduction of reactions, based on
the impact of the reflective capacity in restoring the primacy of
love as determinant;
• Finally, there was only love integrated with itself and hence
This then constitutes a sufficient description of the basis of causation for
life. Such is the significance of love that it drives the Universe and all
that occupies it.


Agape Theory
Ascension: the prime task of incarnation
Models of Soul population dynamics
Viewed from above, these look like steps on
an upward rising path
Agape dynamics
close-up - 2D
Population advancement from one unit step to the next
by rising out of fear and increasing manifested Agape

Agapé population dynamics close-up – 2D
Tr: This image illustrates the population of souls in each realm. No
information regarding soul numbers per step in this model has been
given thus far. This reality may be responsible for prior images of
identities compressed into a flat plane e.g., in the film ‘What dreams
may come’ (Ward, 1998), where Robin Williams walks across a flat
landscape consisting only of people’s heads adjacent to one another,
but each one awake and conscious

There have been many previous metaphors which use the sub-metaphor
of steps or stairs or ladder e.g Jacob’s ladder) or path (often also
shown with steps) to show the ‘narrow winding way’ of the spiritual
aspirant traversing a spiritual landscape.


Agape Theory
But the frame of reference is implied or unstated, and the criteria for
movement from one step to the next is unspecified, leaving aspirants
unclear about what to do. This model is helpfully specific, in that
movement explicitly requires the enactment of spiritual or unconditional
love in a sufficiently consistent way as to constitute a change of
character or nature. When one is already emanating a higher frequency
of love, the transition is natural and automatic, whether it occurs
between the end of one life and the beginning of the next, as is normal,
or during the current life.

Interestingly, the range of steps now conceivable is larger than at the
time of the Biblical Jacob. I was shocked to find only three steps
illustrated in old paintings representing his vision.

With the rise of common understanding of the breadth of frequency in
the electromagnetic spectrum, and dimensional range of the observed
universe, the idea of an Agapéic frequency range of 6.5 x 10E13 is
relatively acceptable, even if still incomprehensible. (see later section:
‘How many such barriers and levels are there?’)


Agape Theory
Agapé population dynamics – 3D

Tr: This attempt to portray the realms in an obviously planar form
which shows them to be separated from one another by the incremental
step in Agapé frequency, derives from an explanatory vision.

As always, the coordinates are Agapé frequency and Hierarchy, but this
visualisation incorporates a reference to the ascending energetic
relationship, where all of the occupants of one realm are at the same
energy level. Each realm differs from the next, and ascendant
movement by any soul from one realm to the next requires a minimal
energetic barrier to be overcome by manifesting sufficient additional
Hierarchy. This may explain the spiritual value traditionally ascribed
in the East to the yoga of works and in the West to ‘good deeds’.


Agape Theory
Model of four basic parameters and relationship in Agapé-

Meditation 20000312
“^There are many questions which need to be addressed this evening,
those in particular relating to the transcendent vision, which is to be
pursued further at every opportunity in these sessions over the next
several months. This transcendent vision is an opportunity for us in
spirit to make plain, or at least as plain as we may to those incarnate, of
the numeric understanding for a procedure for contemplating the
conditions in not just the astral domain, but the entire domain in which
all have their field of being. It is for these reasons that we come on this
particular night with urgency, in order to portray once again the
foundational values and parameters of that vision. We have in mind to
occupy your intention in particular ways, being specifically:
• On the first hand, the reinforcement of the intention to affirm
that the information given to date has been sufficiently and
adequately accurate in order to form the foundation for what
• On the second hand, to confirm our intention to occupy this
time with this information.
• On the third hand, to convey exactly that information in the best
manner and quality available to us through you.
Therefore the information is to constitute an expanded model as already
given but added to by the following features:
• The willingness to convey love, is the first requirement of an
incarnate identity, such as you have experienced on many
• The willingness to receive love, is a dual function of both the
incarnate and the discarnate, because the incarnate is
simultaneously occupying the discarnate realm. This continuity
of the realm into as well as transcending the physical is the
fundamental parameter to be conveyed with clarity and
conviction and urgency.


Agape Theory
The notation in order to illustrate this in a compact form has been given
in terms of the parameters of (a) frequency and (b) hierarchy as already
The notation is to be extended as we have been requested, to include the
parameters (c) willingness to give love, and (d) willingness to receive
love. These four basic parameters of the spiritual domain are defining
factors in the experience of each individual occupying that domain, and
all do. Therefore it is of foundational value in terms of significance, as
well as foundational value in terms of experience of every individual
spiritual identity.
These therefore are prime, these four parameters. They determine what
happens regarding location of any individual, or group, and their
movements from one level to another, transcending every level
eventually to arrive at Nirvana, as popularly and anciently termed.
This parameter of ascension, as it is termed in the mystical and Catholic
world, is an example of terminology developed in one community to
examine and describe the natural movement from one level to another.
Ascension has already been spoken of in this forum, and we refer you to
such description from that time, to understand with even more clarity
the process and progress available to an individual life. Now this is not
always achieved, as we have made plain, we believe.
Ascension is the prime task, nevertheless, of each incarnate experience.
If, by personal choice or circumstance ascension is not achieved, then
this is a greater burden upon the subsequent life to make up ground, as it
were, in the overall plan for eventual full ascension.
The timeframe in which these progressive advances in ascensional
status is vast. It is referred to in the channelled teaching the Urantia
Book. It is referred to in the channelled teaching Isis Unveiled. These
crude descriptions in symbolic language are to be referred to as earlier
attempts to describe the processes in the then-current language.
The current language of choice is that of mathematics, because of its
international status as a definer, in compact terms, of ill-defined reality.
In these ways we seek to manifest cross-culturally to avoid the
translational difficulties from one language to another. The universal
language of mathematics has the specific advantage of allowing the


Agape Theory
fundamental relations of the four basic parameters to be held inviolate
through transcultural transport.
Naturally, the descriptions which define the terms must be translated,
and so there remains the task on the human level to make those
translations. However, our intention at this time is to bring a little more
clarity to the fundamental four dimensions.
We have given these in the past, being specifically, and again defining
1. The frequency of the rate of vibration of the quality of energy
which pervades all.
2. A consequence of that is the movement of the individual
identity in vertical terms in relation to the parameter of
frequency, which generates a component of position on a two
dimensional plane. So each of these is a unipolar term defining
a plane of descriptive reality.
This is not to be confused with the actual reality, merely a descriptive
reality for explanatory convenience. This is most important, that there
be no confusion between the model and the reality which it attempts to
portray. There is often confusion between the map and the territory in
every sense in which those terms are used.
3. Perpendicularly from the plane, defining a third dimension, is
the willingness to bequest love. That specifies a volume within
which the actions can occur.
4. The fourth parameter, the willingness to receive love, represents
a component in which the individual recipient of that directed
love has choice. That choice then determines their location in
that fourth parameter of dimension.
We understand of course that occupying as you do a space-time
parameter in which volume is instantly appreciable, but a fourth
parameter is somewhat elusive in terms of generating a visual metaphor,
we understand that the fourth parameter ‘willingness to receive love’ is
a point of considerable potential confusion.
We regret that this will be a sticking point for many persons’ capacity to
easily assimilate the model that we are describing. Nevertheless it is,


Agape Theory
and it must be dealt with within the capacity of each individual
contemplating this model.
It is analogous, within the three dimensional space and time domain
which you occupy currently, to consider time as analogous to the fourth
parameter we have just been discussing. It is of course not intrinsically
analogous, merely in general terms able to provide a linking back to
perceived reality within physical space-time. For there are thousands of
such dimensions existing in the domain in which the human occupies.
The simplified representation popularly presented to the public mind is a
gross oversimplification and it must be understood that this is, in a real
sense, a sophisticated model that is being presented here. Simplified,
yes, but no less sophisticated. Within the nested hierarchies of
dimensions as portrayed by the individual Wilber, there is an
opportunity to gain a greater appreciation of these dimensions of
complexity of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual determinants in
the space-time domain.
We are presenting the first and fundamental parameters only of the
Ground of all Being. We will present an expansion on those
fundamental parameters at a later date. In the meantime there is to be
developed, as we have requested earlier, a notation to aid the
transmission of the mathematical metaphor.
We therefore define the relations as follows:
The second fundamental parameter is the integral of the first.
The third fundamental parameter is independent, as is the fourth.
These define a four-dimensional matrix in which these terms can be
included. . Therefore it is through the medium of matrix algebra that
the relationships can be developed. The terms x & y, representing
frequency and hierarchy are to be complemented by the terms j & k,
representing respectively willingness to give love and willingness to
receive love. The multiplication of these parameters is not an issue at
this time. The relationship between the parameters is the prime
notational task. We consider this sufficient for absorption by the present
parties at this time.”


Agape Theory
Summary table of the fundamental parameters







(= integral x)
Willingness to give love

Willingness to receive love




Expressed in matrix form

j k

Tr: This rendition into matrix form is actually beyond the limit of my
mathematical competence, for I am certainly not a mathematician,
having had only modest training, and poor success. Therefore any
obvious error in what is shown here is mine, for which I accept full
responsibility. I presume the result should translate into a probability
of ascension, but I don’t know, and have not been told so to date.

But these parameters and their relationships presumably explain the
traditional emphasis on the injunction to ‘love one another’.


Agape Theory
Being & enlightenment

“^The model shown in the graph of population of lifetimes required to
reach enlightenment illustrates in an approximate way the beliefs of
older transmissions of this information, except at that time they had no
possibility of encountering any rigour such as can be conveyed at the
present time using mathematical principles. So this may be regarded as
what could have been given then, but was not for lack of concepts
within the minds of the incarnate individual receivers of it. So this is an
enhanced version in terms of its delivery, not in terms of the reality we
are attempting to portray, for that does not change.
Of the people whose identity has endured in the popular mind, Gautama
Buddha is one of the most well known to the largest number of people
as having become enlightened. His example is therefore given in terms
of the lifetimes it took him to reached the fifth stage of enlightenment.
Naturally everyone reaches that stage before they cease to come to the


Agape Theory
earth for experience, but no-one’s name has endured in the same way as
his, so his is the exemplar quoted. The other reason is that he represents
the limit of the quick cyclers15 to attain that state, so his case is
indicative of 3 standard deviations from the norm value of 1000 lives.
Three standard deviations is not sufficient to denote the corresponding
alternate limit greater than the norm, for it tails higher than that, so we
are describing a seriously skewed16 distribution here, whereby 5
standard deviations are insufficient to contain all cases.
There are many reasons for this. The main one is that some person’s
experience is sufficient to generate sufficient karmic entanglement to
engage them in long-term recovery actions and processes. These relate
to the misery heaped upon one human being by another, and examples
such as torture, rape and murder are common causes of delay. Not that
there is any intrinsic advantage to proceeding through the round of lives
quickly rather than slowly. We take issue with the accumulated
tendency to believe that less is better here, for it is not. The issue is the
willingness to accumulate wisdom, versus the reductio ad absurdum17
case that no wisdom may be accumulated at all in the round of lives,
with the extreme example of one lifetime being all there is.
The simple situation is this: We are here to learn. Whether we learn
fast or slow depends on us. Should we encounter the opinion that to
learn quickly is better, then we may do so or we may not, and it does not
matter, for we will learn what we came for by the end, even if the end
for us is later than someone else. And even then we have not done with
learning, for the group that we are necessarily part of has 1000 others all
doing the same thing.
The scale of the learning then changes to include the patterns of groups,
and groups of groups, which engages a second and third tier to the
complexities of relationship being addressed. For by the theory of
combinations, the situational complexity increases exponentially with
the numbers of people involved, so there is no lack of need for complex
understanding. That necessarily is relegated to the group aggregation

15 Individual soul fragments cycling in and out of lifetimes.
16 Asymmetry of graph shape due to unequal numbers on each side of the mean.
17 Latin: Reduction to the absurd. See


Agape Theory
time occurring after all members of the group soul have accumulated
their requisite understanding and ceased to reincarnate here.
So on average, each 1000-membered soul group accumulates 1,000,000
lifetimes of experience, then proceeds to distil from it repetition and
redundancy, so as to arrive at a comprehensive and thorough
understanding of their situation and potential, and then go on to fulfil
that. Sometimes that includes reaching back to earlier phases and
influencing the lives of those still incarnating with information designed
to be helpful to them, such as this. But it is not the norm, and should not
be expected to be, for there are many other tasks and dimensions of
meaning being explored which are not viable for understanding, and
neither relevant to the embodied person.
Another reason the population of lifetimes for each soul to reach
enlightenment is skewed, is that if it is sufficiently damaged by its
experience, it can leave the group of which it is a member, and
aggregate into an alternative group of similarly damaged individuals.
These re-aggregated clusters of souls have a long history of interference
with the human domain, for they are powerfully and negatively
motivated to assign constraint and limitation to the identities that are
available to them. And remembering that all such identities are located
at the realm appropriate to them, the entities they may encounter are
those not yet already advanced to high levels. These constitute the
‘devils’ of traditional religious belief, for they are characterised by their
demeanour and interests in disruption of normal life. There is another
class with which they should not be confused, however, which are
merely another species inhabiting the spiritual domain in a similar way
to humans and other creatures, and who have no incentive for
So these characteristics of the human, to accumulate enough wisdom to
escape from periodic incarnation, are the means by which we contribute
our conscience to the fire of learning, by which we render ourselves fit
to accompany others in higher realms. That is the point, the alpha and
omega18 of love in the human domain.”

18 First and last letters of the Greek alphabet, here used as a metaphor to show
the range of meaning.


Agape Theory
Soul fragments & groups


Agape Theory
The Ground of all Being

Enlarged view
Increasing frequency
The relationship of ‘enlarged view’ to the
Ground of all Being - zoom view

Tr: The Ground of all Being should be conceived of as unimaginably
large. Every other view illustrated in this text is therefore a highly
‘zoomed’ image from somewhere on this plane. The number set given
(“65 trillion will do as a number for now”) spans the range of Agape in
view here. No numbers have been given regarding the Hierarchy scale.


Agape Theory
Numeric Agape Model – 3D view

(Tr: Out of fear into love.)


Agape Theory
The Klein bottle as a 4 dimensional model for understanding
the generation of the structure of spiritual existence

See explanation and image by Spitznagel, Carl R (2000) at

Or search Google images, especially


Agape Theory
Delivery of the metaphors and their character; creation of
fundamental structure within which the metaphors can be
descriptive; and relationships between the models

Meditation (date unavailable):
“^In these familiar ways we encroach upon your territory. We show
you by example and opportunity, utilising your willingness in allowing
us this space, and bid you fair dwelling where you are, and welcome as
you come to us. On this occasion we wish to clarify several small
The first is that the images which we have shared with you are
approximate, they are rendered into a familiar number of dimensions,
and they are given perspective to aid in the visualisation. These images
are metaphors and nothing else. The reality is something else again.
Nevertheless they represent our current intention to convey to you for
the benefit of others that which such others have sought. Therefore it is
in response that we provide these things. The initiative has not been
ours, but yours. And so because of that there is a necessary teaching
associated with the meaning of such images and visual metaphors so as
to explain in a progressive way the distinctions between the realm you
occupy and that which we all share, which is mostly invisible to you.
In these ways we point to a deeper and underlying reality, as have all
spiritual teachings from all times. So we seek this opportunity to
convey yet another image, and if you would be so kind as to render your
minds blank, we will attempt to convey to your perceptiveness such an
image as you can subsequently share and confirm for one another the
detail and the not necessarily overlapping perceptions. For where there
is more than one mind present, the summation of the information can be
shared into digestible chunks so that what is seen as disparate parts are
simply perspectives or segments of the whole, and it is not that one is
right and the other is wrong but that each is partial and from a gifted or
personal perspective. And so take a moment and remain alert and we
will endeavour to convey to you something of your interest ... . And so
it is done. With this we leave you for this short time.”
P1 - got nothing.


Agape Theory
P2 - dynamic fountaining energetic flow
P3 - chalice filled from above and shared by various people.
One week later:
In the light of the image last week by P2 of an out-flowing trumpet
shaped fountain of energy and P3’s chalice shape, please describe the
purpose and function of the representation and its relationship to the
vision I had now many months ago of an in-pouring flow into a void of
some sort?

See 19991114 10:48: Felt a draw on my attention to the left, &
perceived an image as of a ring within which was an invisible
attractor drawing in matter, which flowed over the edge and
disappeared. A gateway/portal between domains?

Then what is the value of the images?
“^They consist of representations of energy flow between the domains
through portals consisting of layers in the matter of spirit, if one can use
an oxymoron for effect here. The process of becoming, in spiritual
terms, is conveyed in energy terms in between like realms which are
adjacent to one another and the energy flow is between them in special
places in the fabric of the universe (feeling a sense of pressure build-up
in my belly and face as illustrative of the force driving the energy
between the realms, of it banked up in pressure terms seeking an outlet
into a realm of lower pressure or easier flow
These images are made palpable to be memorable to you on the
kinaesthetic level. It is the discontinuity to which we referred as being
between levels and realms. There is a higher order energy and a lower
order one. The lower order one expresses itself in pressure between
realms and the higher order one creates the shifts in level. So the
pressure dynamic is as a harmonic between the two orders of Life. This
manifests as a pressure boundary through which the fabric of the
universe flows down to lower levels.
This is the love of the Father creating each lower order realm in a
continuous dynamic as described in visual metaphor again for your
information. This inverse flow of pressure is the structure which
sustains and stabilises the outflow against the energetic force of the flow


Agape Theory
of love energy. It is the force which creates the unit of energy and the
barrier which constitutes the discontinuity in energetic terms which
maintains the structure of realms.
Now that this is made plain to you we may move on in our descriptive
project and annotate more of the detail of the picture we are attempting
to convey to you through your higher aspect, with our cooperation and
instruction from higher sources. These ideas are not new, but
constrained into numeric metaphor for the first time.”
How many such barriers and levels are there?
“^65 trillion will do as a number for now. It is not accurate, but
representative in terms of the metaphor we are compiling here. Each
unit step has the advantage of knowing itself in its own terms. By this
we mean that, coming as we do from a higher level of 42 million distant,
we can have scant regard for the distinctions here (Tr: at my present
), for they are very fine to us. Hence our aim, to use a sporting
metaphor, is often out by some levels and we must search around to find
you. Focus is crucial and your instability in your own focus complicates
our attempts to find you, for you are fuzzy-edged to us. Nevertheless it
is a function of our transcendence that this neither deters us nor
minimises our success in contact, for we prevail without variance in our
intention to do so.
This then constitutes our answer to your question concerning the
relationship between the two images, which in one sense can be seen as
the inverse of one another, for it is in the complementarity that balance
is maintained in the fabric of the whole.
Standing waves are another metaphor you would understand in the
distinction between flow and countervailing force, intangible both. This
metaphor helps reveal the reason why verbal metaphors have been so
counter-productive in the past, for the visual dynamic cannot be
expressed in words without reference to fluid flows. Mathematics also
can describe fluid flows with precision and we attempt this now.
A fourth order law is sufficient to describe the relationship between the
flow and its discontinuity at the edges of the realm and level. Between
levels there are even gradations of ascending realms, with a major
discontinuity at each boundary between levels.


Agape Theory
So there is a staircase function of two orders, major and minor, with the
little steps subdivided in groups of two as described in the ordinal and
cardinal aspects of the Michael teachings.”
(See also in Appendix 7, the reference to the 1579 drawing of the great
chain of being from Didacus Valades,
Rhetorica Christiana, which
divides existence into seven major orders or levels

Diary entry 20020507 23:48
Woke up to a sensation of tremendous heat (although my body was not
hot), hunger, and images of a 3-dimensional form in the shape of a P
(Klein-bottle viewed from the loop end) that could be used for the idea
of a fundamental generator of the unit step by resonance within itself. I
remember I saw such a form in New Scientist journal, used as the shape
of a knitted hat having a continuous re-entrant surface.

“^The purpose of such a shape is to generate a continuous multiple of
harmonics up to the nth degree, for the purpose of generating a time
series. This time series is in the nature of a waterfall of cascading notes
or octaves by which to animate the universe. It should be seen as yet
another metaphor for you to use in your talking about the nature of the
universe and its place in creation. For created it is, even if not in the
Christian sense, for it is far more remote than that in its plenitude.
(Chewing peanut chocolate as I am, with now extraordinary but not
deliberate attention to the inside of my mouth, generates for me a
perception of the inward-turning nature of my mouth hence such a
generator, endlessly renewing its journey into itself in oscillatory
revolution. In a similar manner but reverse direction to that intended
by the model being shown to me, food cycles into and through the body,
which similarly has one continuous surface internal and external,
comprising skin and digestive system surfaces, although it includes a
“^Such a fundamental oscillator has the qualities necessary for
permanent utilisation as a source of input for reality. This is not to say
that that generator nor shape exist in tangible form, just that that
visualisation is helpful in creating a perception of a structure which


Agape Theory
represents such a generator, for the generator is intangible, having no
This representation of formless reality is particularly difficult for the
embodied mind to comprehend. Nothing can make it easier, but
metaphors help convey the idea of it with a little more clarity.

Prcjo: 20020508 sum+Klein
Meditation for more info on Klein-bottle-like image received by P1 in
our group recently, & myself last night - see Med 20020507

Through P2:
“^We bring you this image as a bonding mechanism to stimulate your
minds and your powers of analysis, and in some degree it is a test as to
your willingness to listen and to share information which is given to you
in the trusting environment.
This image that we represent suggests a position of growth. It presents a
fluid upward movement, revealing its glory from the inside, blooming
forth like a trumpeting flower, but never reaching a static state. It
represents the continuity of all natural flow. What presents itself does
not stay still in time and space to be examined and analysed by any
being, and this is like the life force itself.
At no stage in the growth and development of a human soul is one able
to separate oneself and ponder on the meaning of any particular stage,
for all is constantly evolving, being renewed, and the past peels back
and disappears from view, but is never lost to the closed system, for it
returns to the source and unites with the source and provides further
input for further growth. It is indeed like a single entity feeding upon
itself but constantly moving upward and growing and expanding
throughout the life of an individual.
We understand your curiosity as to how this particular shape relates to
your current area of interest, and we wish you to perceive that this
model can scarcely be represented in a static state and its position of
perceiver needs to be external to the model, looking not at the model but
into the model, and from such a position will not be able to appreciate
all the forces at work behind the shape which it sees as personal growth,


Agape Theory
for it is like looking down into the trumpet of a lily and never being able
to plumb the depths of the trumpet, for the eyes are mesmerised by the
evolutionary growth which pulls ones attention to the surface and then
ones attention is lost as this growth cascades over and outward and then
out of sight, and again the attention is drawn to the movement. This is
what we can give you at this particular time, and we would that you
contemplate this theory of movement of rebirth and of growth.
Through P1
“^And now it is our opportunity to contribute our partial view, for the
view is dependent upon the perspective, as you well understand. These
three who have been before us are members of a team whose task it is to
convey into this domain those elements for which they are chartered to
do so.
Our charter is somewhat different, related, and compatible. Our
willingness to convey responses to your questions and curiosity are not
confined in quite the same degree but point in a somewhat different
direction. Their concerns are more global, ours are more particular.
And so we have relationship between us, and theirs is the longer view
and the more general application And so our particular task in this
instance is to bring a different degree of detail, and so we begin:
The initiative to bring the image conveyed to you both at different times
and different capacities and willingness is to convey to each of you
according to your particular predilection the same image, that being as
already described by those others, the unfolding in a slow dynamic, of
the development of the individual through their chosen path in the
sequence of lives, but not confined to that, going far beyond what you
recognise as life. And also extending much further back in particular
development of consciousness before specific individually aware
consciousness has developed.
So that extremely long-term model is consistent, concise, developmental
and ongoing. The subset of that, which we would attend to for your
benefit, is the section pertaining just to the fragment of that larger
scheme in which is contained the round of lives for one identity, as
representing all identities.


Agape Theory
And so the capacity that we have to share this with you is undiminished,
and dependent nevertheless on your inquiry as to the detail beyond that
which we show you. So a shape has been given, an emerging dynamic
which indicates developmental growth. What has yet to be made plain
is the criteria on which that dynamic is ongoing. These criteria are as
The criteria are divided between 2) dependent and 1) intrinsic.
The intrinsic we shall describe in the following way:
1) The developmental dynamic has its own impetus. It is a factor of the
entire scheme of development of the universe and creation and
consciousness. All these things are linked.
2) The dynamic which is dependent, is that constrained to be within that
of the developmental entity, as a subset of the group entity of which you
are a part. And so this splintered identity (the group entity) constitutes
the sum of the developmental path of each of the splintered parts.
This has a simple relationship of the function SUM(1 to infinity). The
actual limit is particular to the group entity, but as that is a variable by
individual entity, the SUM(1 to infinity) is adequate.
The individual parts contribute to that as a further SUM over their
particular sequence of experience. What you can understand is the
pattern of the cycle of lives, hence the experience per life is summed to
the total of the lives, which, as has already been described, is then
summed into the total of the identity comprising the splintered parts.
This sum of sums is derived into an outcome contributing to the larger
whole. That sum is not available to you, as it is beyond your
comprehension and perception in exact terms, although the general
scheme is adequately conveyed at this point.
These terms constitute a partial contribution to the whole. When the
round of lives is complete, in the terms in which you understand it, then
the contribution to the whole is given and processed by the ongoing
entity at the group level.
These things are not new to you, we have discussed them in the past.
What is specific at this point is the exact terminology of relationship


Agape Theory
between them. That is the essential description which is to be conveyed.
All else is a means to obtain that.
So in essence, the material to be conveyed is simple, but the support to it
must be extensive to be accepted for the large picture that it is. Each
incarnate individual’s viewpoint being confined essentially to their own
life as they progress through it, there is required to be an expansive
description in order to see what that individual life constitutes and is a
part of.

The implications of these statements are:
• There is a further metaphor for Life and human development
• It must be visualised dynamically
• It can only be visualised dynamically by a visual dynamic ie., a
moving image
• That means such a dynamic image must be created or copied.

The web of life and the growth of love as context for existence
“^Creaturehood has its disadvantages. Much has been said about the
willingness to invoke entering into a life, but it is neither certain nor
preordained that involvement with the human race is any better than
involvement in any other. So if you come back into the skin of an
animal it will prepare you for more such experience in that animal life
but not necessarily any other, for they are very different one from
We choose the examples of the canary and a flea. The flea may inhabit
the canary, but not the converse. The life of the flea consists of
knowing its meal is under it. The canary may know this or it may not,
for the upwards direction also contains food.
More significant than this is the predilections evinced by such animals.


Agape Theory
The cow has its udders,
the bull has its horns,
but both are likely
in the market one morn.
Dead, of course. For humans to consume as food. Neither canaries nor
fleas experience this, so it does not affect their bloodlines nor survival.
The point we are making here is that sufficiency of purpose lies within
each species, and each species contributes to the greater whole in their
own way, making the exploration of divine law possible, for it includes
them all.
Each species has its role in fulfilling a dynamic in the creation of Life in
all its variety, for niches have abounded throughout history and each
species has found its place or expired. Consciousness, on the other
hand, has occupied them all, for each species both incarnate and
discarnate, human and non-human, Earth-occupying and not, have
consumed some of the responsibility for expanding consciousness.
This web of life spans more parameters than are meaningful here to you,
limited as you are to the human domain in current awareness. That does
not diminish your contribution nor your potential for love and its
growth, for that is a universal concern.”

Dairy entry: 2003.01.01 03:42
What a new years day present!!! Woke early. After getting an orange
juice to counteract excessive thirst brought on by a night walk around
the lake with friends, getting very chilled in the process, & clogged up
with floor dust (sanding & varnishing the toilet & bathroom floors) &
feeling somewhat sick from exhaustion & the foregoing, I fell back into

From out of nowhere came the realisation that the three models of spirit
I have been given fit together as partial views in an ascending number
of dimensions !!

First the graph in 2, then plane in 3, then Kline-bottle shape in 4 !!


Agape Theory
Diary entry: 20030112 7:59
… images of cornucopia (the horn of plenty) came, which I associated
with the model of spiritual reality, as sensed perhaps by older seers.

The Cornucopia
See http://ancienthistory.about.com/
The word ‘Cornucopia’ was first introduced into the English language
in 1508 Cornucopia is also known as ‘the horn of plenty’ and it is the
emblem of the Stewards

According to myth, when the young Zeus (Jupiter) was playing with
Amalthea, the goat who had suckled him in a cave on the island of
Crete, and gave him everything else he needed to survive, he
accidentally broke off one of her horns To make amends, Zeus
promised that from that day forward, the horn would always be filled
with whatever fruit she desired As such, the Cornucopia came to
symbolize the unasked profusion of gifts from the gods.

(Tr: To my eyes now, this looks like a pictorial rendition of the spiral
form created to enable information to transcend levels in spiritual
reality. It may therefore be a visual metaphor for interdimensional
communication, but interpreted to be an animals horn.)


Agape Theory
The Cornucopia


Agape Theory
“^We come now to the adequacy of the theory as it stands. It should not
be confused with orthodoxy nor heresy. It is simply an attempt to
consign understandability into the fold of the spiritual. Having said that,
it should be noted that there are no constraints on rejection of this text
outright. It should not, however, be approached as an ethereal corpuscle
of delight or anything else - it is a pragmatic attempt to consign
understandability into the heart of the reader, and from there into the
mind and values, for it should not be mistaken as anything other than
love. In this it is resolute and kind, for it is coming into the world as
another attempt to show a preferred way to be, for the blessed results
that will follow that in harmony, patience and loving-kindness expressed
towards others, in the home and the workplace and anywhere people are
The secular community is large and expanding. Into its halls of learning
are growing a narrow view of what the world is and what it can become.
Our task is to expand that narrowness to include an awareness of soul as
origin and endpoint for conscious awareness, and the possibility for
anyone to concern themselves with where they end up after death of the
body. For it is not always automatic that the soul returns to the light.
In its downward arc into matter, the proto-soul commenced learning of
where it was going and what it was to do when it got there. Now it is
here with you and is you, and you have forgotten its task is to take you
back to the light, carrying with you all the knowledge you have acquired
in your round of lives. For in a real sense your task is the acquisition of
knowledge and nothing else, through learning of the path back and the
path forward, so as to know your way around again and again. Since
you know this already you may regard yourself as wasting your own
time in learning it all over again. Why do you not remember? It is
simple, is it not? One is born to woman, lives, then dies. Yet you are
not content with such a simplistic rendition of purpose, for the
opportunity to know of these things is partly to differentiate between
simplistic and full descriptions of purpose. So we may expand on that
description in due course. For now, we come again to bless you. Into
that heart we flow love unending.”


Agape Theory
Outgoing remarks
“^The substance of this essay has contrived to present a memorable and
simple set of ideas and images, so as to empower anyone who has
encountered it to be persuaded that there may be something to be
learned about spirituality in general, and this particular model set in
particular. For the models are merely helpful images by which to regard
an invisible reality.
Many and varied have been such model sets throughout history, so this
is just another, updated for the times. So it should not be confused with
the truth, for that is inaccessible. Nevertheless, these various domains
have force and impact on a life, and may be regarded as useful in
essence if not in detail, for the detail is personal in the sense of a subset
of possible sensations and images as personally sensed by the
individual, and the total set is larger, and has to be collated across
centuries and cultures to be fully collated.
So we recommend this set for your perusal and enjoyment, and
inspiration in due course if you wish to engage the effort necessary to
develop that. If you should do so in this way or some other way is
inconsequential, for it is enough that you begin in some way, and then a
way can be found to bring you an appreciation in the way which is best
for you, recognising your personal history, consequent preferences, and
the array of opportunities that surround you in your community of
choice. We wish you well in your explorations, and depart now.”


Agape Theory
Appendix 1: Channelled messages supportive
of the theory

These messages may seem to be somewhat repetitive, but are actually
linked together, in most instances, by the theme of an activity that
supports the manifestation of compassion, loving-kindness and
tranquillity of mind in its participants, as they rejoin their home lives

In addition, there are some statements that directly support the theme of
this entire work, which is the recognition that there is a larger context in
which to live and have one’s being recognised, and that recognition of
this is the purpose of living.

The messages are in no particular order, but constitute samples of the
longer and more meaningful statements made while involved in
meditation in a spiritual group that met weekly.

This magnification of love in the life is its own reward. In that sense it
is no different from any other spiritual activity in any class of group.
What does make it a little unusual is that the acts of communion with
identities from higher levels was deliberately sought, and the results
were tape-recorded and subsequently transcribed into digital files. The
results can be judged for themselves.

Example 1: Trust, capacity, goodwill
“^There are 3 issues that we wish to raise at this time, the first of which
is the necessity for an under-pinning trust in this process of love
exchange, for without trust, nothing can be transmitted and nothing can
be received, because who would receive that which was not trusted.
The second issue, is that the capacity which one exercises in order to
receive and convey information in this manner is also so dependent
upon trust, in that the willingness to sit in readiness precludes those who
are wholly in doubt. And so trust is necessary on that level also.
The third issue, is that good will is required to know the value of what is
transmitted and received.


Agape Theory
The capacity to know, from our distant realms, is greatly enhanced in
comparison with the capacity to know in the incarnate human. There
are many filters necessarily set in place in the process of incarnating into
a human body, and so our natural profanity is predestined to come to
you if you are willing. And we use the term profanity in an unusual
sense. From the spiritual to the profane, is the sense in which we intend
it. There is another meaning with which you are probably all familiar,
but in this sense the occupation of the profane realm, that is, within the
incarnate human, is necessary, it is a consequence, and it is an obstacle.
And so as the obstacle is overcome, as the spirit rises out of that realm
and reconnects to ours, then we can converse in these ways.
Where the individual is confined by their own doubt, their own lack of
goodwill, their own lack of trust, their own lack of willingness to extend
themselves beyond that which they know, then they cannot reach us,
hence we cannot reach them. Where the individual is willing to extend
themselves far into the unknown, then we can guide that extension
towards us for the purpose of connection. And we do. And so, we say
so that you can hear, welcome to our love.”
Example 2
“^I am of course but a manifestation of a range of senses for which you
have no label in common usage. You are aware of your physical senses,
and you have a degree of awareness of that which you term the sixth
sense, and there are some who have experienced other levels of
sensation. And when I appear to you it is in a physical form with which
you may identify, to give you a solid base from which to access further
This knowledge is stored not in your minds, but deep within your
subconscious, and the time that you spend in meditation, in prayer, in
contemplation, however you choose to term it, allows you to access
deeper and deeper levels of your subconscious. And each of you holds
within your subconscious every truth that has ever been known to man,
and every truth that is the divine will which has not as yet been accessed
by man. Some have reached these unspoken truths and they are souls of
tremendous joy.


Agape Theory
These truths will not find their way into publication, these truths will
connect the soul directly with the source. And this is the level to which
all enlightened human beings aspire.
We offer you our love and our encouragement to go within yourself and
know yourselves and go beyond yourselves.”
Example 3: Those in whom god is alight
“^From far off we come, measured not in your miles or kilometres, but
in space comprehended by number. We serve you in your team of
presence. You serve us in the same way.
This outpost into humanity is one of the many groups of dedicated
individuals who seek conscious connection with those aspects of
themselves at higher levels, and those higher again to which such
aspects are connected by goodwill, willingness to love, willingness to
receive love, willingness to act on higher principles of spiritual identity
and manifestation.
In these ways we communicate with one another, you in your turn
querying us, us in our turn responding to you, in seeking such as you are
over the face of this planet that which it lacks at any given time. And
we find ones such as you.
And it is required that it be so, for in past ages there were few at some
times, and many at other times. In this time in your history there are
few again, and it was not always so. These cyclic patterns of regression
into comparative dispiritedness form a binding foundation for our
capacity to inject love into this world, and it is a way of reminding those
who are then present that there are better ways to be, higher principles to
follow, rather than being lost and forgotten in the morass of the physical
sea of sensation, blinded and stupefied and self-immersed and
immolated within the fire of your own confined awareness.
This image of the self-consuming fire, is one which has been recorded at
various times in your history. It is a manifestation of the spiritual
energy within the human envelope, and manifesting as it does on the
energetic level, and interacting with the impalpable components of the
human psyche and functioning, it is recognised only on the intellectual


Agape Theory
level and occasionally on the energetic level, with only subtle outward
transformation into physical palpability.
This quality of renewal of the individual on the spiritual level, is a
foundation of that reaching into humanity of the creative impulse, the
ignition of the spark of god into flame, and it is given great status
amongst the religions of history.
This is partly because of its rarity in any palpable form. It is certainly
not because of its rarity in reality, for so many cases go completely
unnoticed. And yet lit from within by such fire, they may be seen
amongst those within whom god is alight.
Those within whom god is alight in the heart are impassioned into
action in the physical community of humans in restorative and
redemptive ways, such as to act as models in the community,
empowering those who are insolvent in their soul energy, dissolute in
their morality, and lost in their consciousness of god.
And so we come in this moment to speak to those who are present who
are enlivened and inspired by such language, and we seek to ignite you
in this moment. And there will be many others in which such ignition is
sought, for these opportunities, although common, are seldom
recognised, and we urge you to recognise this as one such moment in
which you may be conscious of this very process within you.
And it is your responsibility and nobody else’s for what you make of
that very opportunity. For we do not seek those who will change the
world, simply those who will change themselves. And when that is
done, it is sufficient. Nevertheless that process is visible to those who
surround such an individual, who observe the change in the location of
their locus of self-will, of the habitual location of their doubt and failure,
impelled by the energy of this ignition into awareness of their inner
Such individuals light all who come in contact with them. By their mere
presence they convey grace and bliss. And we urge you to cast your
mind toward that aspiration. Blessings be to you.”


Agape Theory
Example 4
“^In your earthly world there seems to be great fascination for the
physical body. You preen it, you pamper it, you dress it, you colour it.
When you are not feeling well you seek medication.
We fear that many of you are neglecting your spiritual body. You
should take the time to look at your spiritual body, just as you would
with your physical body. Just as you would want your physical body to
be taller, thinner, shapelier, in better shape, look at your spiritual body,
focus on putting it in better shape and being in better health.
When you feel your spiritual body feeling sick, make sure to take the
time to take care of it. Make sure you take the time to heal it. Don’t
forget that your physical body is only with you until the end of this
lifetime, but that your spiritual body is with you forever. Put your
spiritual body into better shape and you will have a good body, your
spiritual body, for ever and ever.”
Example 5: A sprouting bulb
“^The season is such that we feel it apt to share this analogy with you.
Take yourselves, if you will, just below the surface of the soil, and see
yourselves as a bulb ready to make its journey upwards through the
encasing layers of soil, to sprout new and promising leaf nodules, which
slowly expand upwards into the sunshine of a new life, and see yourself
slowly emerging as a flower-bud, moving through the stages of
development until the eventual flowering.
It is at this stage that you will draw the attention and admiring glances
of those who happen upon you, and you will have your chance to radiate
beauty and joy into the world.
And then of course, comes the withering and dying stage, and you
journey back to your source, taking with you the energy of experience
of revealing yourself to the world, and you will settle back again to
await your next emergence
And so the cycle continues through many, many seasons, and often you
expand and re-present yourself. And this is life, this is joy, and we wish
you well on your journey through this cycle.”


Agape Theory
Example 6: Clarifying some terms
“^We come on this occasion in the interests of all present, to clarify
some items which are currently somewhat misunderstood. The purpose
for this group is to act as a local and central occasion and impetus for
spiritual learning in this community, and by this we mean the
community within the greater Waikato region.
On these occasions, those who are attracted, have the capacity through
our intervention to enlighten themselves through our input. This
process of self-enlightenment as gifted through the helper in spirit, is
one that has always led to enhanced understanding of the transitory
nature of the physical domain, in contrast with the eternal nature of the
domain for which the physical is merely the transitory aspect which is
supported by the foundational level of the spiritual domain.
The capacity that each one present has to gain clarity about the
distinctions between their spiritual being, and their physical carcase in
which they live, in which they enliven themselves within the physical
domain, is now well developed, well understood, and highly
differentiated perceptions are possible, as has been demonstrated during
the meditational time this evening.
This quality and degree of distinction between one’s nature on the
physical and one’s nature on the spiritual level, is supportable much
further than this, and we invoke, at this and other times, the necessary
support to enable more, and more clear, understanding of the
distinctions between the two domains. While we would desire that you
participate in this, your participation is of course not necessary, it is an
option should you choose to accept it. One can remain present at such
times and experience just that degree to which one elects and no other,
even though there are much different, and we don't wish to say higher,
but the metaphor of height and value is so well established in this
community that it is difficult for us to convey our meaning without
invoking that.
And so we come to these times specifically to carry with us that quality
of energy, in order to invigorate your beings on the energetic level, to
enable your finer perception for the duration of these sessions.


Agape Theory
Our motive is based in love. Our intention is for each to be a beacon of
light carried about within your physical form as you move through your
life, in order to convey to others that quality of difference, perceptible,
and even palpable difference, both in your energetic form and your
physical demeanour and composure, such as to excite the attention of
those who regard you.
It is through these means that we have always enabled the education of
the embodied human into understanding of the temporary nature of the
physical domain, in terms of their location within it. And so in these
moments we wish to affirm once again that this is the case, that we are
responsive to your questions and concerns, and we attempt as best we
may to support you. Our blessings upon you all.”
Example 7: Long-term growth
“^Each life is an opportunity to delve more deeply into ones inner
nature. The composite picture which results from the outgrowth from
each life, is a way in which one comes to generate a well-rounded,
complete, and loving personality, more and more-so with each
incarnation. We wish to focus on this aspect for just a moment, with
your indulgence.
You are all to know that this process of spiritual growth is not just for
one life. It has been already for many, as it will be for many yet to
come. And it is our wish that this be clearly understood and accepted, to
the extent that one is currently able. And this is as it should be.
Understanding comes at its own rate. It is inappropriate to force it, or
accept that for which one is not ready.
And so we point to the future as well as to the past, and say “Look!
There is more there than you have yet seen.” It comes to pass that as
each one looks more deeply, the subtle nuances as well as the major
events come more clearly into your focus, and you can see traces of
what you have been before, and the possibilities of what you may yet
And this is exciting, and sometimes saddening, to know what one has
been, and to feel shame, perhaps, or some difficult emotion such as that,
and to recognise that all that one has been, has been but a preparation


Agape Theory
for ones greater manifestation in one’s spiritual nature, at this time and
in the future.
So be not downcast, but understand and accept that these things are in
order for your growth. We are as you have been. We go on to other
things and so will you, and this is not in any sense special or different,
simply the norm, ordinary and straightforward practice of development.
Thankyou for your time.”
Example 8: Addressing the ordinary New Zealander
“^It is with pleasure that we arrive in your awareness this evening.
There have been a number of innovations. We approve. We understand
the necessity for change, innovation, variety, willingness to go beyond
the familiar, to seek out the unusual and the interesting and fascinating
aspects of awareness and communication. For these are particular
opportunities to move beyond the bounds of one’s ordinary awareness,
and seek communication from the realms higher in frequency than is the
normal abode of each of you.
These occasions are precious because of their scarcity, and the
opportunities that they hold for shifting the understanding and world-
view of an ordinary educated New Zealander. And of course it is not
confined to that, but in this instance, addressing you, it is appropriate to
consider the ordinary New Zealander.
The opportunity to move one’s pattern of experience sideways by many
degrees from the norm, to shift one’s pattern of awareness from the
focus in ordinary everyday reality, interconnections with others
focussed on the physical, and lead it out beyond oneself into those
higher realms with their different qualities, and enable you to experience
those first-hand and thereby become familiar with them, so that they feel
comfortable and ordinary, even as they are unusual and different. And
of this change to awareness and understanding, to be able to, at will,
move ones attention to those realms for the purpose not only of your
own interest, but the interest of others.
If you are asked, there is a capacity that you can undertake at any
moment, to allow those pieces of information relevant to another, to be
carried through your lips from your mind and subconscious awareness,
to enable those who have not your experience or capacity, developed as


Agape Theory
it is becoming, to convey to them precious pieces of information, which
may be perhaps the only time, the only opportunity in their life to have
this class of communication from the higher realms. These are precious
gifts that are received by them, carried through each of you.
It is a task not without responsibility, but with joy. It is to be
encouraged, and we encourage you. We wish you every success, and an
ongoing capacity to enable your willingness, for we love you, and we
nurture you as best we may, and we take this time to farewell you.”
Example 9
“^Learning can be directed in many ways. Think of the winds upon a
tree on the top of a hill. If the wind is strong and negative, the tree will
bend and be twisted and look ugly.
The soul growing upwards and seeking more light is no more nor less
than a tree upon a hill. It is only the forces put upon the tree that shape
this tree. Like a soul. A soul needs guidance from birth, and help on its
We are here to help such souls stay safe from the negative winds. If a
soul receives knowledge, love, and trust it can be straightened,
surprisingly straightened, and grow straight so as to match the tree in the
Example 10
“^At these times one has two options. One is to say nothing. The other
option, I saw, was a prompting to look within, and on this occasion the
image was a cascading foldout of all those traits that one criticises in
others. And one is destined to live each and every one of those
criticisms, in the form of retribution.
Each of those traits must be experienced within and acknowledged in
order for it to be cleared, and all for upward growth and expansion. And
it is only after these particular traits have been experienced, that those
traits which you most admire will be allowed to surface, and only then
will you be allowed to become the person that you would be.
It takes courage to take on and live through the experience of each of
these perceived negative traits, but to desist from doing so, is to stifle


Agape Theory
your own growth. So we encourage you to look carefully within and set
aside sufficient time to do your inner housework.”
Example 11
“^The activity that would fruitfully be considered at this time is that of
coming to know oneself, as has been alluded to in the last channelling.
To know oneself at the inner level of personality, is the first step down a
series of stairs towards oneself at the soul level.
These things of course are well known by most present, and it is the
willingness to not only know such things, and by that we allude to the
well demonstrated capacity to seek out this information through one
means or another, be it books, or people experienced in self perception,
or the perception of others.
Through such means we begin to approach the being who we are at our
core. And this being is, sometimes to our astonishment, invariably
loving, invariably peaceful, invariably willing to give to others,
invariably willing to support others in their times of need. And so we
urge you to be giving, and supporting, and loving, and peaceful towards
each other, especially in these times of gatherings such as this.
This group and community spirit of mutual support, and lovingly to
guide one another as best you may, is the characteristic of the
foundation of a group that will persist for some time. Groups which do
not qualify in this way are split frequently and cease to be, in spite
perhaps of the best intentions of the participants.
So we encourage you to adopt this quality of relationship with one
another in an atmosphere of trust and goodwill, and we applaud the
progress that has already been made towards that degree of intimacy
between those present this evening.
We understand that there are often barriers to this process. It is
important in order to facilitate the growth of that character and quality
of interrelationship between one and the other in such a group, that
those barriers be willingly approached and discussed. Issues such as
those must be aired, for there to be progress towards that quality of
relationship to which we have been alluding. When that is done, over a
period of time the foundational or core members of group become


Agape Theory
something approaching inseparable friends, willing to share, one with
the other, at a deep level, and on the emotional level in particular.
We applaud the progress which has been made so far, and we direct, to
the extent that we have capacity and permission, to encourage you to an
ever deepening spiral of growing trust and love. And we leave you with
these thoughts.”
Example 12
“^We have a few issues which we would wish to raise. This
opportunity of a small group allows more extensive discussion on any
topic of interest. It is to be fully supported and welcomed and allowed
for, and the evening extended if required, so please do not feel in any
sense confined by time, particularly this evening. There are extensive
opportunities for sharing deeply. We support this, and we will come to
each of you in any moment as we may by your permission, to insert into
the discussion and dialogue a concept here, a word there, an image to be
flashed into the forefront of your awareness. This is the way we work in
groups such as this. It is our opportunity and our prerogative to assist
you in every way possible, and we will it to be so.
It is by dialogue such as we have been sharing with you in various
guises this evening, that the personality can be educated in the physical
and emotional levels, so as to succumb to wisdom imparted in a variety
of ways. We wish to not occupy any more time personally this evening.
We encourage you to exercise yourselves through the various modalities
that you employ, and to enjoy that, and to discuss amongst yourselves as
to the meaning of the events, attitudes and actions that occur between
you, and in your inter-relationship with spirit. We leave you with love.”
Example 13: A consequence of large-scale animal culls
When my guide first came in I struggled with the options. I said “Don’t
make me channel any of these rescue things, I can’t cope with that”.
Their response to that was to say
“^Well, you can’t always have it your own way. You have offered
service, and there are many ways in which this service can be co-opted.
Remember that a rescue can be a wonderful opportunity to express your
love, and your compassion for all of humanity. Those who are lost in


Agape Theory
the nether-world are not necessarily anguished. They may not
necessarily have suffered horrendous ends. They may indeed be
experiencing nothing more than confusion, and innocence as to their
destiny. There is much to be learned from consideration of those who
are lost betwixt and between, for they can shed light on human traits that
can in turn affect your own worldview.
Remember too that there are many animals within this world that die at
the hands of humans for reasons of economic greed, and these animals
have not had the opportunity to fulfil their contractual obligations for
entering into life on this planet, and they too are in need of assistance.
They need, in effect, someone to open the gate for them, and to
commiserate with them on such unnecessary carnage, and it is for this
reason that we have brought to you tonight the collective souls of many
of those beasts that have been slaughtered in Britain for the grievous sin
of contracting a disease of no dire consequence to themselves, but
feared by those who house them. And we ask that you all offer your
compassion for these animals, and allow them passage through your
consciousness to the higher realms, to which they too are entitled.
I feel unclear as to the best way to facilitate their transition. Can you
speak a little more about what we may best do to assist in the way you
have requested?

“^Focus your attention on a presence that you may feel at the level of
around your knee and to the left, and see with your third eye the animals
of which we speak.”
I do.
“^Look into their eyes and their hearts and send them love. And
mentally stand aside and allow them to pass, and shepherd them as you
would upward and to the right, towards an ever-brightening light.
There are very many.
“^Allow them time, and watch as that light brightens and grows and
welcomes them, as they pass ask for God’s forgiveness for humankind
for such a deed. And notice now the flow thins, and the gate closes
behind them, and they are gone.


Agape Theory
(Meditators present saw many (thousands?) of cattle and sheep and pigs
pass to the welcoming light
Example 14: Recognising fear
“^We have just a few issues which we wish to address, which have not
already been addressed this evening by other competent members of this
We specifically ask that those who are experiencing resistance or any
category of reluctance; it is always based on fear, acknowledged or
unacknowledged; and we would prefer that you open your willingness
to examine the sources of such fear within you.
Recognise its origin as always within the current life experience. It is
extremely rare that such reluctance is based on experience from a prior
life, but it is not impossible that it be so, for example in witch burnings
in history. That pattern of behaviour can generate learned helplessness
and learned avoidance, which carries through to the consequent life.
We feel that is not the case, with any of the entities present this evening
and currently in body, therefore we recommend to you that you cast
aside from yourself such identifications from your current past, and see
it as lying beside you, if you will, for the duration of sessions such as
Recognise that if it is your choosing, you can pick it up again, and that
you need not be bereft of your favourite protection. Because to
recognise that fear, in these categories of behaviour, is a universal
barrier to easy communion, communication and exchange of love, that
is the pattern of such groups as you are presently within. Nevertheless it
is also true that there can be strong patterns of behaviour without which
you would feel bereft, and feel that you would not really know who you
were, without them.
This is not a trivial matter, and it is to be supported by us, and each of
you with each other, as may be required in any moment of your life. So
we encourage you to both trust in us and in each other, and within that
safe circle of supportive arms, to allow yourself to be who you know
not. That is, to be who you actually are, but without the protective
barriers which support you in your fearfulness.


Agape Theory
And it is important to acknowledge and recognise that each person
present, including the one currently speaking, has dealt with many
layers of such fearfulness. The brazen manner occasionally adopted, is
a mask for the very residues of fear which are still within him. And so
feel not alone, feel not different, but feel encouraged to be different
from as you are, and recognise that joy will follow from that. We bid
you care in each other’s arms.”
Example 15: Rescue
Addressing a group member:
“^We have a particular request to make of you this evening, and that is
to enable your compassion in service in the way that you know so well.
We ask, will you help this one?
Yes. “^I have with me a young woman of dishevelled
appearance with long hair and long gown, of what exact era I can’t
identify. She has been with us since the beginning of channelling, and
she clings to me on my left. She is now much calmer. She has come
seeking protection, for she has been pursued for an indeterminate length
of time by a particular character who hovers on the edge of our light,
and can be seen as short and stocky with ruddy cheeks. An Englishman
of the countryside; of a village, perhaps a small town. He pursued her,
first with unacceptable intentions, and once spurned, sought revenge
through charging her with witchcraft.
Then she is welcome here, as is he.
“^She has received reassurance that we offer a portal to the upper realms
by way of ascent to the light, and there has been communication, too, of
the necessity for her to be accompanied by her pursuer, and they have
been communicated the recognition that this was all a prior agreed-upon
plan for that particular lifetime, and that in the presence of this light,
clarity has been achieved. And the man steps forward into the light, and
I see on her face recognition and joy. And they depart our circle in deep
and hilarious conversation!
(laughs) How amazing! What a transition. That was really strange. It
was like “Oh God, so that’s what it was all about!”


Agape Theory
Example 16: The heart-felt sense
“^There are many faculties which can be drawn upon at the time of
channelling those who wish to communicate through you. These
faculties can be generally grouped into the following:
The senses associated with and acting through, of course, the major
sense organs; brain, ear, nose, throat, touch, and sense of sensation in
the heart.
We wish to draw your attention particularly at this time to that latter
sense, in which there are sensations available to you, sensed through the
heart chakra, reflected and manifested in the tissues surrounding the
physical corporeal body in the region of the heart. These plexi, nerve
clusters, which drive these signals into the nervous system for
registering within the brain, are more sensitive than you may be
accustomed to thinking.
Many, if not all those present, have felt these very clearly, and mostly in
the sense of painful impulses through the heart, and from this have
learned that yes, there is a heart-felt sense. This heart-felt sense of
course is able to be stimulated just as strongly in the positive. This is
not acknowledged particularly within this culture, in terms of the
willingness to understand that as a distinct sense in its own right.
Nevertheless we wish to encourage you to focus more strongly on your
own sensations in that heart region, the reasons for which follow:
Those who pay attention to the heart sense, are those who can most
easily empathise with others. Of this group, there are five who have that
capacity partially or fully established already.
The heart-felt sense is the organ of empathy. It is essential, in order to
relate meaningfully on the emotional level with any other person, and
even more-so with groups. So we want to encourage you to allow, and
pay attention, to this heart-felt sense, in joining you in bonding, not
bondage but bonding, collecting together ones heart energy for the
purpose of manifesting, one to another, of the genuine warmth and
human kindness that is so present here in such evenings, this included.
We emphasise to you that this can be rejected at will. It is not a
necessity for you. It can be adopted or not, as you freely choose. If you
feel uncomfortable at any particular time or unavailable, then it is your


Agape Theory
freely chosen prerogative to simply absent yourself, to disconnect
yourself, to deny that information. As long as you remain relaxed,
warm and open, part of that openness is to be open on that level, the
level of the heart. And so we affirm to you in affection that we too
connect with you on that heart level. And we bless you in that.”
Example 17: The call from another incarnate spirit
“^There are several opportunities in these times, for enhancing ones
understanding of the spiritual-level relationships that have been referred
to earlier in this meeting-time. Those spiritual-level relationships exist
and transcend space and time. Those spiritual-level relationships are
between one essence and another - they characterise your being, in that
they create, from within the core of you, a call to those with whom you
have agreed to meet in this physical domain.
That call is manifested world-wide and internationally, and can be heard
by anyone who has the capacity to pay attention to that level, and all
incarnate (spirits) do. Therefore, the inexplicable departure from one
place to another, can be driven from that level.
(For example) The ending of a relationship in order to participate with
another who is calling from a different place, transcends the
relationships with casual lovers or casual friends, business associates
and workmates.
These calls on the level of the spirit, are responded to not necessarily
consciously, because there are many opportunities to create explanations
which sound plausible to oneself, as well as to others. From these
desires, plans can be made, and international travel, if that is necessary,
precipitated and undertaken. Recognise those amongst you who have
travelled to where you are now from other places, and recognise that it
is for exactly this category of reason that there may be, because this is
not invariable, there may be that background reason for you to have
undertaken exactly that travel, to meet exactly those with whom you
have found companionship, mutual pleasure, and perhaps love. And so
without being exhaustive on this occasion, nor exhausting, we take this
small opportunity to remind you that these things which you seek, these
opportunities to be in other places, are sometimes driven from a level
other than simple curiosity. And with that we leave you.”


Agape Theory
Example 18
“^There are various qualities of experience, attributes of mastery, and
willingness to participate present this evening, as is to be expected and
is present on every occasion.
This evening, with the larger number of more inexperienced people
present, this is somewhat more to the fore in terms of the interaction
with the group energy. This is something of an impediment to the free
flow of each individual present. However, this should not be given any
significance or importance, nor is there to be given any concern about it.
This is in the realm of our responsibility, to mitigate this as best we
may, and we are. Therefore, those who have yet to speak, please feel
entirely comfortable, relaxed and open, and this will make our task
easier, of penetrating through to your core, to your mind, to your energy
and to your being, so as to enliven the communicative act with the light
and understanding that we offer. It is our prerogative and pleasure to
assist all who come present on such evenings, and this evening is no
We therefore bless you, your willingness, we cleanse you as best we
may of your fear, and we ask that you hold each others hand,
symbolically if not literally, so as to support one another in the nurturing
space that you together create. It is with great respect and honour that
we attend these times, and we bless you for your willingness. Go in
Example 19
“^You have invited into our presence this evening those more
ephemeral spirits of which you pay normally little regard. These are the
fleeting visitations that come before you, and disappear before you are
able to know with certainty of their presence and intention. They are as
if ghostly figures in dancing flames, perceived in one moment and
doubted the next. These spirits flit through your thoughts and through
your heart and need awareness for recognition. They come as
inspiration. They are the ideas, the gaiety of life. Take time to look for
these spirits, who defy certainty, and yet are somehow more real than
the solid portrayal of spirit you seek as confirmation. We have no more
to say.”


Agape Theory
May we dialogue with you?
“^Fleetingly. :-)
I’ll be brief. :-) Is this another statement concerning the
compendium of spiritual identity, an illustration of yet another, as it
were, quality or species, or is this something else?

“^Spirit appears before us in many forms, many and varied, and often
one seeker will ask another “how do you perceive spirit? What is it you
see, what is it you hear?” And we wish to say to you, that each will
have his own understanding of spirit, and one experience is no greater or
lesser than another, merely different, and equally as meaningful. I leave
you now.”
Example 20: Question reality
“^We put before you, time and again, paradox. We wish to challenge
your awareness, your acceptance and your understanding, of each and
every event that occurs in your lifetime. You approach each situation
from a predetermined standpoint, and often look no further.
We beseech you to extend your perception to other vantage-points, and
ask you to consider this concept of the third eye. As was suggested, the
third eye may be used as a portal through which one can view the world
from inside one’s being. But remember also that the third eye can be
utilised to view from the outside, that which is happening from within.
The process may be reversed, and the eye is in effect a lens through
which perception does not travel directly. It is, in effect, refracted and
redirected, so what you see on the outside appears in a different light
within, and this light is sourced from the spiritual realm, and filtered
through your individuality, to cast whatever light is deemed appropriate
on that which you perceive.
This process is complex, and in short we reiterate that nothing is quite as
it seems. Be wary of accepting one reality and building your stability on
this reality, for the only certainty is that there exists myriads of
alternative realities. We challenge you to use this third eye chakra to
look within, and to look without, and to consider the reality of each side
of the great divide. And we thank you for your time and your


Agape Theory
May we dialogue with you?
I am particularly interested in your term individuality, and
wonder if you would define that in the sense in which you mean it, and
give us perhaps as a possible response, a list of qualities or attributes to

“^Each one of you is born onto this earth with various combinations of
attributes, which surface as your personality. (As) you go through life,
(you have) many experiences which will colour this personality. We ask
you to see this individuality as a series of fine sieves, through which the
light must pass in order to reach your understanding, and as this light is
filtered, so it will appear to each in various colours, and this will present
any external stimulus in a unique light to each individual. We hope that
this is sufficient if not directly to answer your question, at least to
provide you with something on which to ponder.
Thankyou, I see it as a model of perception. We, or certainly I,
wish to dialogue further on this aspect at a later time, and place a
request in this moment that you will allow us that opportunity in due
course and soon.

“^We are ever at your service.”
Example 21: Take our love
“^We experience tonight such a sense of overwhelming joy, at the
options and the possibilities that present themselves to all of you. There
are those of you that approach the spirit realm with healing hands, eager
for the opportunity to transmit our energies to those in need, and for this
service you are greatly blessed. There are others among you who have
access to the knowledge of the angels, which you will transmit to those
who are open, and willing to learn and be guided in their daily pursuits,
by those from the higher realms. And some of you will be teachers who
will open the doors to spirituality, to those who are in need of upliftment
of the soul. And there are those of you who will simply love, and
provide the energy that is necessary to increase the vibrations of this
planet for the betterment of humanity, and the restoration of mother


Agape Theory
There is much about which you might choose to despair, but open your
hearts and your minds, and you will see the vastly greater quantities of
joyous thought, and experience that as available to all those who would
wish it.
Take from us tonight our love and our blessing, and smile on those you
encounter, and spread our word, for there is so much goodness in this
earth, and we would have it more widely recognised.”
Example 22: Aspire to the highest level
“^This creates an opportunity for us to encapsulate the variety of
messages from different levels, that have been transmitted through each
in various ways, and degrees of clarity and understanding. It is our
willingness to support these varieties of content and context , that is in
itself an opportunity to acknowledge that there are beings and
information of different levels, and from different levels.
The discrimination and discernment that is appropriate in order to
establish clear understanding of the levels from which one is
communicating, allows one to recognise that the level that one is
currently connecting to, is not necessarily the highest one can reach.
We encourage each one present to aspire to the highest level of which
they are capable.
This is meant as an illumination only. Every person is functioning to
their maximum capacity, and this is simply appropriate. The aspiration
that one brings to a group such as this, is the necessary first step and
ongoing requirement, in order to reach easy, comfortable and fluid
communication on the subtle emotional levels, as well as the impact on
the energetic form, and hence on the physical form. The requirement is
of trust and good will, that is in such evidence this evening.
We aspire in our turn to act as sufficient guidance and enabler of you
all. This is our chosen role. We are many, and we act in a concerted
way, in order to facilitate the activities of this group. We are blessed by
your attention and we bless you for yours. Good evening, friends.”


Agape Theory
Example 23: For mastery of the self
“^Welcome. I give thanks for allowing me to join with you this evening.
I find joy in rejoining your group, for we have spoken and sat together
many times. My people were versed in the use of energy because there
was little else around them and this was a natural gift which sought to
help with survival. I was able to show this evening how one can change
energy to become something else, if not in the eyes of others, but to that
heart within. Your people call it shape-shift. We just call it energy.
But our people lived by our gifts and respected them in their use,
because it was the intention in their use which gave them their power.
So it is in this day, yet people tend not to know this.
Your intention is the power that drives the action. Therefore it incurs a
likely consequence. If you have ill intentions, do not expect a good
outcome. It is universal law. As you sow, so shall ye reap. My
forefathers knew this and your forefathers knew this. It is no different,
only they sometimes fool themselves from their truth.
There is a way in your world, in your communities, that alarms me. It is
a word called control. People have this idea they need to be in control.
I wish to shift your understanding from control to mastery. For though
our people lived in tight-knit communities, each of us had a respect for
each other, that we all had a unique pattern of weaving in our souls. So
too do you and you must respect this in each other, that your gifts are
unique, but they do make up the whole, they complement each other.
Now, in your lives, we wish to tell you, each of you is here with
freewill, that can you can grow to become all that you can be, so that
you can, slowly over a period of years, transform your energy from your
blue-print to your blue-print. You are all that you believe you are, and
you will be, all that you believe you can be. When it comes to other
people, you do not have the right to affect their outcomes. This is called
Mastery of the self will be shown to you when you have respect that
others have freewill, and that sometimes their choices lead to outcomes
that are not favourable to you. But this is not your choice, it is their
birthright to make decisions, to make choices, to bring them to grow


Agape Theory
into their selves. Just because it is something you do not agree with,
does not mean you have the right to affect another’s outcome.
Please, spirit are not demanding, they are unconditional. Please take
this message in the love it is given with. We issue an address only as a
guide. We do not wish to control, we wish to help, but it is your
freewill whether you take it into your heart or whether you don’t, but at
this time it is important for you to remember to let other people have
their way, use their freewill to grow to become themselves.
For when your community can live in this way you will become the
flower with all the beautiful petals, to bloom and grow, for then you will
work in harmony, and then you will live in peace. Thankyou for your
time. Bless you.”
Example 24
“^These opportunities are heaven-sent. They are our opportunities also
and we acknowledge with gratitude the time that you make available, in
your aspirations and practice in quiet reception. There are only three
things we wish to observe this evening. The first, is that the quality of
the light and love present is of high order. The second, is that the
willingness in order to know us, is strong. And the third is, we thank
you for these things. That is all.”
Example 25: Explore your fear
“^There are many here tonight still who carry fear in their heart. Fear of
the unknown, fear of the future, fear of the past, and a fear of looking
deep within, afraid of what they might find there. Yet these fears do, all
of you, hold you back.
We ask you to take one step at a time, and as these fears present
themselves to you, instead of backing away, take a look within. See
how that fear presents itself, how big it is within your world, how much
it controls your life, stops you from moving forward, and expanding and
experiencing the joy and love and the freedom from that fear. Once you
have taken this, look back or look within, or look around, you can
experience life on a new level. You might even look back and laugh,
and see how fear had control!


Agape Theory
I am here tonight with love, to bring you this message, to explore these
fears and know that we are all with you, all your guides, the people
around that love you. And if there is a fear that you do not want to do
this on your own, there are those available to assist you with this, and
nurture you and ground you, and hold you lovingly. So please think
about the message that I bring, and I leave you now with love.”

Examples 26-33 relate to the events of international terrorist activities
on 20010911:

Example 26: 20010911
(not spoken at the time but described later, and in relation to the
destruction of life at the World Trade Centre
) “^There is no death!”
Example 27: 20010911
“^Greetings. Time is promised, my friends. It is a time of great stress,
terrible deeds. Be prepared. You cannot change anything. Just help
those who need your help, for there will be many. Many lives will be
lost. The earth will be hurt. Just give your love in your heart, that’s all
you can do for now. We bless you all and thank you for coming.”
Example 28: 20010911
“^I see many people walking, carrying the burden of sorrow and pain
and yet I see many walking with them, many like us, encouraging them.
This is a great time of sadness for many, and yet I see a bright light
shining. We hear talk of revenge, and yet I see a bright light shining.
I ask you to remember about this bright light, the light of love and
healing, and I ask you to spread this bright light on these people who
talk of revenge, and these people who are burdened with sadness, and
send them all your love and light, for this is an awakening and a time for
healing. So give out that loving light. I leave you with these thoughts.”
Example 29: 20010911
“^Life is often an interesting path. Some of the events are already
predestined and chosen; some of the events you choose for yourself by


Agape Theory
the decisions that you make. In the journey of life, always remember
one word - trust. Trust us, your spiritual guides, to protect you, and to
do what’s right for you. Trust us to give you the knowledge, the
wisdom, and the clarity to make your decisions. Trust the messages you
have in your heart and trust the emotions that you have in your heart.
These are often the messages that we communicate through you,
especially those messages of love, of healing and of brotherhood. We
ask that you trust these messages, and take these messages out to others
and to share them.
By doing this, you are showing us how much you trust and love us.
Always remember that we are here to protect you. That is all.”
Example 30: 20010911
“^Greetings one and all. We are here to share in the grief of our fellow
man. We are here to send our love and healing, our thoughts go to their
families of those loved ones they have lost, but alas, it has not finished
yet. There is more, and we can help by sending our thought patterns out
to these families and to those that, not by choice, become involved. In
our prayers each day we can send our love and light out to these people.
We can help lighten their burden, we can carry some of that burden for
them. We thank you. Bless you.”
Example 31: 20010911
“^I too wish to speak on that subject which is uppermost in the minds of
those who tread the spiritual path. And we ask that you direct not your
sorrow to those who have departed from this plane in this dreadful
incident, for this was the path they chose before their incarnation in this
world. Their sacrifice was planned, for the enlightenment of this world.
Turn instead your sorrows and your love and your compassion to those
who are bereft by this sacrifice, and see that our intention for them is the
challenge to decide which course to take, once the grief subsides. And
their choice will be between love, and hate. And we ask you to pray that
the balance will weigh heavily in the side of love, and that this incident
will make many in the Western world more aware of the suffering that
they indirectly have inflicted on many other parts of the world, and that
with time, the world will become a better, more loving place. Pray for


Agape Theory
Example 32: 20010911
“^We come in this instance as yet another affirmation of the intentional
nature of these acts of which have been spoken. This is a great
opportunity for those in the higher levels of society, to make the choices
necessary between will domination, and the infliction of pain.
Will domination inflicts pain in its own ways, and the choices are
between the love and sharing to gather those in need to the places where
the help is available, and the infliction of pain through the projection of
venom, and other projectiles which cause pain, and we need not
enumerate them here.
It is in such a choice-making that the spiritual qualities and capacities
are stretched or ignored, and it is the choice of the individual as to what
is done. When the stretch is towards ignoring the spiritual impulse for
harmony, peace, love and cooperative endeavour, to maximise the life
quality of every individual, then the capacity is created for exploitation,
lust of various types and degrees, avarice, and the willingness to tread
beneath the heels, of those who would march over foreign lands, any
who resist in their own interest.
So this is not just about those individuals who were directly affected as
victims, but those in the political hierarchies, those in the religious
hierarchies, those in the peace-making hierarchies, and those who
choose to not care, for that is a choice also. This willingness to not care
is a direct consequence of self-interest to the exclusion of others. The
capacity for self-interest inclusive of others, is not the issue here.
So we wish only to say at this point, we welcome your prayers. We
welcome the choice that you make, to give in whatever way you may,
and we would, in this rare instance, invite your participation to channel
energy into this domain from those higher domains such as you can
access, for there is great need at this time, and we would be beholden to
you for your efforts to act in that way. Our blessings be upon you.”
Example 33: 20010911
“^As my learned colleagues have spoken, a great tragedy upon the north
lands has happened. This has been known for years and prepared.
Souls have volunteered their lives to this sacrifice on that day from all


Agape Theory
parts of the world. This act was to draw attention, as my learned friend
said, to the lust, to the greed of certain factions upon the earth. The
hope is to galvanise people to fight such lusts, greeds and other such
It has also been said tonight that it is not finished. This is also up to the
humans who tread the earth. It is trying to get an indication of where
the earth stands and how far the enlightenment has spread. Like our
learned colleagues have said - revenge - that is one option. Forgiveness
is another. The willingness to help others, to seek out such perpetrators
of such dastardly deeds, the choices are many and varied.
We hope forgiveness is at the top of the list, yet we fear that revenge is
too strong at the moment. And we ask that your prayers and your
energy and your love be sent to the powers that be in the place called
America, and ask them to tone down their vengeance, walk slowly and
check every step so that they see what this event was for, and that they
may choose the right path of enlightenment and forgiveness. Here I
must leave you, my friends.”
Example 34: Transformation
We have a small number of issues which we wish to raise in this
assembled group this evening.
The first is, as usual, the quality of the association which we find
present in this group allows us to commit, and commitment has been
spoken of, and we wish to affirm the commitment from the side of
spirit, on behalf of those and all who assemble in spirit in appropriate
match to those who assemble in body, as you do so unfailingly.
The second point we wish to raise is that when this commitment is
sustained for the duration of the life, the transparency of the life
increases, the honesty, and integrity, as has again also been spoken of
this evening. These qualities of the spirit are reinforced within the
individual, and other qualities, more negative qualities, are
progressively excluded, either slowly or quickly. This transition to a
spirit and love-centred life, is the very stuff of transformation for which
we so urge in you, and to which we pledge our support unfailingly and
in an ongoing way, for as long as you may seek it.


Agape Theory
The third issue is that the very willingness to attend such groups as this,
so regularly and unfailingly as you do, is the measure of your
commitment, but not in total terms, but partially, for there is always the
opportunity to simply cease involvement when the time has come for
your maturing, and the extent to which you have centred your life in the
domain of spirit.
When that time comes it is no longer necessary, it is no longer essential,
it is not even necessarily desirable, but there comes a time when the
detachment from the groups within which one is involved is the next
necessary step in order to find your own role, that, in maturity, of being
a spiritual mentor for such as may be sent to you.
This role of spiritual mentor is well understood, but not widely known.
There are various individuals who seek to become such spiritual
mentors, and there are those others who simply are. And in their
maturity, they need go nowhere, because wherever they are, those who
are sent will find them. In this sense it is not necessary to set out to do
or be anything, other than what one chooses in any moment. There are
no parades or charades or big meetings or anything else. Simply to be
who one is, and to allow oneself to be seen for who one is, is perfectly
sufficient, and we support you in that as always.
And the final point: Again, as always, we pledge our ongoing love and
support to you all. That is all."
Example 35: A scale indicating spiritual development and
“^We come on this occasion in specific response to the questions which
we have initiated. The growing awareness in this group of the fine
distinctions to be assembled into an understanding, has proceeded far
enough to enable more information to be given. The clarity of
understanding can be enhanced in the following ways:
There are four principal levels which can be enunciated at this time.
The first level, is where the individual has allowed themselves or raised
themselves, perhaps ten degrees out of, let us say, one hundred. At this
ten degree level, there are specific connotations. There is decreased
body awareness; there is enhanced sensations on the level of the aura,


Agape Theory
but not highly so. The mild sensations are perceivable, principally
around the head, the eyes, the throat, the nose and the chest.
The second main level that can be proceeded to, is the forty degree
level. This is marked by an ability to see into the spaces ordinarily
hidden. It is marked by the opening of the ‘wisdom eye’, or the ajna.
What one sees are those beings in spirit who wish to show themselves to
you. The sensations in the hands tend to predominate at this time, with
sensations of flow, tingling, heat and other peripheral sensations around
the fingers.
The sixty degree level, is one in which one has the capacity to move, by
an act of will in that domain, in terms of one’s capacity to project a
point of awareness. This point of awareness may proceed upwards or
downwards within that domain, as well as without limit horizontally.
And so identities within a narrow domain at the same level are able to
be perceived, and identities moving up or down are seen to appear and
then disappear as they move upwards or downwards, coming into view
then proceeding beyond view, as they shift levels sufficiently beyond
the individuals capacity to perceive them.
At what we are calling the hundred degree level, there is far less
restrained capacity to move the point of attention in that domain, and the
body is essentially forgotten, with perceptions from the physical form
being thoroughly detached from. And so the identity, for the purposes
of their perception, fully inhabits the spiritual domain and has full
freedom of movement, although still within some constraints, but much
more widely available to them than the sixty degree level as previously
described. This constitutes the attribute of the shaman, in which the
spiritual journey is undertaken to perceive whatever is desired, to
discuss whatever is desired with the identities sought and found in that
We feel that is sufficient at this time.”
Example 36: Habituation to the drug of love
“^We look around this circle once more - we see dedicated individuals,
we see loving individuals, we see Christian and members of other faiths,
and we love you all. To us, there is no denomination, there is only love.


Agape Theory
From this perspective, we have several things we would wish to impart,
this night.
The first concerns the extent to which this group has continued, and
consolidated into a solid core of habituated and loving people. The
‘habituation’ is that of the drug love. This is a profound and pleasing
habituation containing none of the commonly distrustful connotations of
the term ‘habituation’. We challenge you in our amusement with these
words which your language contains, in order to convey convoluted
meaning in compact ways, and we have pleasure in this.
The second thing is that there are those connected to each individual,
with whom there lies a measure of duty with each one to convey not
only the content but the style of gatherings such as these, along with an
invitation to participate. There will be encountered, by each of you in
your life, those individuals for whom you have a task of attracting their
interests into these classes of communication, because you said you
would. This category of informing others with whom one has prior
agreements, is commonplace in groups such as this and others. The
responsibility for issuing these invitations, however, is entirely your
prerogative, and there is no criticism anticipated or available from this
level whatever you may do.
The third thing is that there is an enlarging capacity in the group, for
those long-term members who participate in the healing rituals
associated with various forms of energetic healing, including the rescue
work, and we offer an invitation to participate in that at any time and
will continue, from time to time, as the time seems opportune, to present
to you the possibility of assisting such individuals as we may bring
present for your tender ministrations.
The fourth thing is, thankyou for participating in this group.”
Example 37
“^In all of you there is a ‘candle’, and we are pleased to see that in all of
you your ‘candles’ are lit. We, however, notice that sometimes the light
isn’t bright. Remember that candles are fire and need oxygen. Your
‘candles’ need oxygen. When you breathe in the air, this is the oxygen
that is needed for your body, but when you breathe in remember to
breathe in love. That is the oxygen that you need for your ‘candle’.


Agape Theory
This love that you breathe in comes from us, it also comes from yourself
and it comes from the people you know. When you meet others and you
notice that their ‘candles’ aren’t lit, breathe in love to them and light
their ‘candles’. Flame their ‘candle’. When you meet people who seem
to have bright, bright ‘candles’, do not be afraid, embrace them.
This ‘candle’ is your soul, your spirit, your life energy. People with
bright ‘candles’ have a lot of energy. When you meet them, come
together as one. Remember that the friends that you have are actually
part of your soul group and that friendship is really one soul inhabiting
more than one body. That is all.”
Example 38
“^Good evening friends. This is an opportunity, as you provide each
week, for the gratification of both individual and collective presence of
mind, unity of spirit, and the growth of understanding. We cherish these
times, as we have said before. It is an opportunity for us in our turn to
come before your conscious mind, so as to enable the depth of your own
being to be made manifest to you.
This aspect of one’s own being reveals depths perhaps not previously
accessed, and in this instance the metaphor of depth can be applied in
every direction, in that, what is deep within, is also nearer the source.
Wherever you happen to believe that your source lies, so it is in that
The sense of capacity to both communicate and harmonise with others,
is the principal benefit and opportunity of these times. The capacity one
finds to harmoniously communicate with others in these particular
times, is taken with you in a degree, and applied in every
communicative opportunity, every encountering which you have in the
rest of your life.
This enrichment of capacity to harmoniously communicate with others,
is a principal benefit of what is occurring here and now, and each week.
This leads to progressive reduction in the degree of fear one carries,
because one progressively discovers that life is more safe than one may
have been led to believe, or concluded for oneself. This opportunity
therefore is transformative in its fundamental sense. It is also
transformative in a spiritual sense, in that those beyond your personal


Agape Theory
identity, and beyond physicality, are invited by you close, and you
extend the desire for harmonious communication to them, and they
respond, as we are now.
This expansion of one’s capacity on the level of fundamental spiritual
energy, allows the connection to one’s other parts. Fragments of souls
has been alluded to already, and we wish to take a moment to expand on
that concept. There are beyond us other fragments with whom we in
turn communicate, and this is essentially, although not conclusively,
never-ending. The ultimate source of course is a unity, and
progressively at lower levels is greater and greater fragmentation. You
represent one degree of that. It is not the final stage, but one degree.
Within the realm of humanity there are also many degrees, and so one
has the capacity at such times to discover first-hand the affinity one has
to other soul-fragments. And we wish you well in your de-
Example 39: A favourable glimpse of death
“^I bring you the image of an elderly woman, one who has recently
passed over, and who rises now behind the veil, and I invite you to
scrutinise her expression. Note first of all the fear that you see in her
eyes, and behind that a weariness, that results from so many trials in this
earthly plane. Note too the brittleness of her hair, and the depth of the
lines that are etched on her face, and watch as she rises upward how
these earthly signs of aging fall away, how the spark of light returns to
her eye, and how the smile of joy trembles on her lips. And watch, as
she rises slowly higher and higher, how her youth returns, how life
returns to her face, until it fades as it unifies with eternity.
And we have given you a glimpse of death, that you may approach this
state with equanimity, for our love is unending.”
Example 40: Love, harmony, trust, joy, willingness, as context
“^Those of us who wish to take action within the context of the
directing of this group, have as our challenge and our domain, the
willingness and understanding to promote within this context, the
understanding of the process, the encouragement to participate in the
process, and the willing towards you of the affirmation of the process


Agape Theory
and its energetic reward. By which we mean to say, the acquisition by
each individual who participates, of an encouraged and affirmed and
validated understanding that yes, they have this potential, yes, they have
the capacity, and yes, they have the qualities within themselves that
permit the process to happen at all.
The embodiment of those qualities is the prime prerequisite. The
process itself cannot occur, unless those qualities are anchored within
the soul, and manifested within the spirit, and actualised within the
personality. Each of these things must be adequately true, in order to
support our clear conveying of understanding to you, in order to
encourage you in these ways of coming to be who you are, manifested
on the personality and spiritual level, of those qualities you already
embody on the soul level. For this we employ a variety of principles
and practices. None of these are strange or foreign to you, as all present
are experienced in these matters.
From the point of view or perspective of posterity, we hereby take this
opportunity to articulate, for those who may wish to know in advance,
the context in which the group operates.
Therefore, the context is first, one of love; second, one of harmony;
third, one of trust; fourth, one of opportunity; fifth, one of joy in joining
together at the heart level; sixth, a willingness on the part of each person
present who endeavours to activate their understanding of these levels of
identity; and seventh, openness within themselves to stretch their
boundaries from the known to the unknown of who they are, and by
what they are constituted.
Within this context of opportunity, we inject energy of the higher levels,
the higher vibrational frequencies, so as to raise the group up, as a
whole, into a domain accessible to us. This quickening, or injection of
love, is also a prerequisite. Without it, the group flounders, and is much
more prone to egoic involvement with the articulations developed.
Where that happens, the group goes astray, and those with the stronger
egos prevail. Therefore it is our pleasure to involve ourselves in these
processes, in order to prevent that unlikely happening. And we say
unlikely within the context prevailing within this group, because it is our
intention to support it in an ongoing way.


Agape Theory
After that, all of the individual maturations and developmental processes
are supported, so as to deal with disjointedness in the personalities who
desire this spiritual capacity to be actualised within their life, and
support group of peers. This may involve the change of those support
groups, so as to contain a greater number of people who can become
such peers for them in these, by then, different capacities.
And so as an outline and an articulation of these prerequisites, we offer
this for your consideration. We leave with thanks.”
Example 41
“^Our message tonight is simply one of gratitude. We wish to express
our appreciation of the consistency of devotion each of you shows in
your spiritual work. We see the beauty within each of you, and we see
it emanating outwards, like a bright light that will serve to spread the
love of God throughout this troubled world within which you live. We
are always here to support you and love you. Go in peace.”
Example 42: Simplicity
“^Simplicity. Simplicity is stating your hearts desire, and is required as
you move, day to day. How long has it been since you went to your
heart, and checked to see that the spark of intent is still lit and healthy.
How long has it been since you’ve taken down your list of gratitude,
ticked off the abundances listed there, given thanks, and moved on with
the expectation that you will be grateful again and again and again.
I ask you to do these simple tasks regularly, and smile when they are
done, for in doing so your flame of intention and optimism and the joy
of unlimited possibility will be yours. Think on this, my dear ones, it is
so simple. Open your hearts, your minds, your eyes and your ears, to
see the wonders that abound before you, and be grateful for each one,
bless each one, and yourself. Move on, to spread this love and gratitude
throughout the world. As you move through the spiderweb as described
before, encountering those, some you will know well, some you will
merely glance at. Each of these encounters is intertwined, and a gift lies
within each one. Recognise the gift, both given and received. Be
grateful and move on with a joyous expectation. Bless you all.”


Agape Theory
Example 43: Intuition
“^Tonight I want to talk to you about intuition. Intuition is our
connection to you. We speak to you through intuition, and we fear that
in this time that people no longer listen to their intuition, and have lost
their connection to us. People have lost that extra sense which allows us
to communicate with them.
We ask that this week you listen to your intuition, that you meditate and
you understand the difference between fear within your heart, fear that
exists through other people, doubts that are planted from other people,
and try to separate those from intuition, and from our communication to
you. Many of you here tonight are faced with a decision. We ask that
you listen to your intuition, and listen to us, and listen to our guidance in
making those decisions. Look within yourself and you will find the
answers. That is all.”
Example 44
“^It has been a while since I have been in this group. There has been
talk of intuition and what I heard I agree, but I must warn you of other
people’s intuition, also called the falsifiers, the ones who say they are
connected to us but are not. The ones who say they have connections -
as you say - to give you a reading. There are those who are connected
strongly to us and can do this, but there are others who are falsifiers,
who say what comes into their head, and what seems pleasing to the
listener. Intuition of your own is a fantastic guide, but be careful of
other people’s so-called intuition. I shall say no more on this and I
leave you with our love and the light.”
Example 45
“^I bring you simply our love, and wish to express our joy at your
continuing perseverance on this journey towards growth and perfection.
Each of you is very blessed to be bestowed with the realisation that you
are capable of making this journey. You have responded to our call, and
our presence is with you always. Be aware of our love and our


Agape Theory
Example 46
“^We come on this occasion once again to bring clarity, and
acknowledge the willingness on your part to the ongoing commitment of
support in this group, small though it may be this evening, of variable
size at different times. The numbers are completely unimportant; it is
the dedication that matters. And so on this occasion we would say,
being open-hearted, and offering love, is sufficient.
Those who elect to drink of that open-hearted flow, are those who know
what is good for them, and choose to participate in a balanced and
grateful way. Those whose lives are of variable demand in other
directions and domains, are not always able to be present, yet their heart
is here. Those who come once and go away, have had their fill on the
one occasion that they sample this process.
It is our opportunity and our joy to bring present at these times, the
necessary energy, support and joy, and it is for these reasons that we
follow the opportunity that you represent, for in our turn we are
empowered by your attention and love.
This outworking of our path is for the greater good, and in our domain
these opportunities are highly sought after, and well rewarded by our
personal growth into ongoing maturity and union. So if we in our turn
appear dedicated, it is for precisely the same reasons that you feel that
same degree of dedication. So, privileged as we are, we take this
opportunity to once again depart, leaving our love with you.”
Example 47
“^Each one of you is much blessed with the opportunity to participate in
this learning experience, and we are much blessed by the opportunity to
work with you. For we know that you are here to further the intentions
of the greater spirits, and without you we are unable to reach those in
need of guidance, for they are both blind and deaf to our presence. Your
very being, and the light of love that emanates from you, is what will be
most effective in bringing these lost souls closer to their divine source.
We love you and we thank you for your constancy, and we will continue
to work through you while you stay on your journey.”


Agape Theory
Example 48: Karma
“^Greetings once again. Our friend has stated much which we would
have said. There is little left to add, for the intentions stated cover the
reason and purpose for which we come present with you. There are also
deeper levels of intention, which we would address to some degree on
this occasion.
The transformation of the individual from their karma, is one of the
requirements for ecstasy and renewal within the earth-bound incarnated
spirit. The transformation of karma is a life-long task. It invokes the
attachments that one has for others, present and absent. It raises the
awareness and energy of that attachment whether the other party is
incarnate or not. Where the other party is not incarnate, often that is the
basis of a relationship of guidance. Where the other party is incarnate, it
is an opportunity for connection for mutual outworking of the energy of
the karmic connection between the two. That can seem destructive; it
can seem benevolent. How it seems is unimportant, what matters is the
intention to discharge the energy of the karmic connection, so as to
reach a condition of harmony on the part of both. That balancing of the
karma is frequently the purpose for which both parties have elected to
incarnate at the same time.
There are other reasons for the connections between individuals, and
this has to do with the outworking of the developmental possibilities, the
actualising of the potential for which the person has incarnated. In a
sense this is karmic as well, although not according to the standard
model of karma, which is retributive karma. This aspect of
developmental karma relates, as we have just described, as the potential,
that is, what the individual can become, with their ongoing involvement
in this domain, as well as their existence as a spiritual identity. The
developmental karma is not often described, but we wish to take this
opportunity to briefly outline it, with your permission. And so, giving
this some flesh, as it were, on the bones of the description just given, the
indicative relationship, the potential that is contained within any
spiritual identity, is to progress from that of neophyte or beginner in this
round of lives, through to senior, old hand, old-timer, mature and
experienced individual, choose what terms you will. What it means is
that there is a progression to be undertaken, from that of beginner, to


Agape Theory
that of one who need no longer return, for they have milked from the
opportunities that are present within the physical domain, those which
are best suited to them and from which they can best learn.
From that perspective, the individual is wiser, more experienced, and
knows this domain thoroughly. In addition, they have encountered so
many opportunities for making mistakes, errors of judgement,
confounding opportunities, that they recognise, as such opportunities
unfold before them, they recognise their quality, their nature and their
opportunity, and elect the best outcome. This can only come by much
accumulated experience. And so, in the longer view, this is the purpose
for which one incarnates, to acquire the merits of this developmental
karma. We feel that is sufficient on this occasion. It will be expanded
upon in the future.”
Example 49: Self-discipline & discernment
“^Blessings to you, each of you, for sharing your time again with us, for
opening your hearts and helping us to come through. We watch, we
listen, we hear your titter-tatter, and we enjoy. You have fun, we have
fun, and we all learn. This is good!
You posed a question, which is of much interest; what are we doing
here? I wish to present you with some ideas to think about. The first
word I will give you is mastery. Mastery, not control. For in mastering
yourself, you create choices for yourself, you create harmony for
yourself, you create for yourself.
To gain mastery of your self, you need to learn discernment. Is this
right for me? Is this not right for me? Will I do this? Will I choose
that? You need to learn your discernment. And through these choices,
you will understand.
You will need self-discipline. By this we mean focus, that you may
receive. For without self-discipline, the little voice in the mind tends to
take over, and your heart is not willing to receive. It is busy listening to
the mind. Self-discipline requires you to focus, to still the little voice in
the mind, to open your heart to receive through your connection to


Agape Theory
With these blessings, you will become much more aware, and it is your
awareness that will improve your state of being, which will raise your
vibration to make you available to higher sources of learning, and so it
goes on. The process is repeated. You are here to serve yourself, and in
serving yourself, you do a service to others. You become aware. You
walk in the footsteps of your own truth, not the footsteps of another’s
It does involve a lot more lessons than those who choose not to know,
for once you are aware, there are certain things that create consequence.
As you know, as you sow, so shall you reap. Your lives will indicate to
you that which you need to learn. Many of you sit with the luggage
(baggage) of others. You have been told this before. When you learn to
discern how much of that is yours, and give back that which is not, your
load will be lighter, your way will be clearer.
To discern if something is right, you have to feel your way - does this
feel right for me? If it is not, you must be strong. This is good. You
must be willing to be who you are, yet by the same token, the world is a
better place for you being in it.
If there is one that confronts you and gives you grief, is it not spiritual to
stand strong, even though you are standing in the light of conflict? For
as you can find or resolve this conflict, do you not spare another? You
may be placed in this position to bring one to themselves, which is by
their choice. You may be an instrument, but you see how this too is
The world is a better place by you being in it. As you go through and
evolve and your life unfolds, the way becomes clearer, your steps
become softer, your heart becomes more loving, your mind more
accepting and peaceful, and this is the way of spirit. Bless you and
thank you.”
Example 50: Sweet dreams
“^Just as the child loses itself in play, so too we would have you lose
yourselves in your spiritual connection with the greater realms. We
remind you that this is your course of action. Often-times, as you sleep,
were you only to recognise the times that you leave your body behind,
and travel to stages closer to home, on which occasions you receive


Agape Theory
advice and encouragement from those that guide you and love you.
Little of these journeys is available to your awareness, but there are
times that you may recognise the sensation of falling back into your
body, and the jolt of your landing. Some of what you recollect as dream
is, in effect, the transference of your wanderings, while other dreams are
what they seem to be.
We would that you dwell more closely on the snippets of your
recollections from your nightly activities, and use these recollections
constructively to further access our spiritual world. We wish you sweet
dreams and leave you with our blessings.”
Example 51: The willingness to love
“^We come on these occasions for specific purpose, the inculcation into
you of our way of seeing your domain, by which to align you with the
external perspective, rather than the perspective of the body-
encapsulated ego and conscious awareness. For that larger and external
perspective, is a framework which permits a broader understanding of
the nature and purpose of human life.
Into this we inject at times a necessary frivolity, in order to render more
cheerful your activities. Far be it from our wish, to bog you down, to
bore you, to assign you to a dark pit of deep focus - rather to lift you up
and out, and convey to you the rich, joyful perspective of a distant
vantage point, from which to gain a greater understanding of both the
immediacy and relevance, and the essential aimlessness of much of your
lives. And to thereby remind you that you are in choice in the degree to
which you focus on the mundane, or the spiritual, and although there is
meaning in both, some of that larger perspective is much more closely
aligned with your life purposes for being here.
And so it is our desire to clarify for you one or two components of that
experience in order to lighten your load, your burdens, your travails and
insincerities, and to wish to lift you from that myopic focus on the
trivialities, and remind you of the enduring qualities of your soul
growth, and its perspectives and measure of soul growth.
In order to do that, we undertake to commit our attention to many such
groups as you currently comprise, and find enormous satisfaction and
pleasure, at the disentanglement of your attention from this mundane


Agape Theory
and essentially petty series of concerns which comprise your daily life.
This is not to belittle them, but to speak from that larger perspective in
which they fall into a degree of unimportance, in the larger viewpoint of
the multiple life path that is your soul growth.
And so there is a daily round of feeding and clothing and mixing
socially with bodies of like mind or differing mind, for the purposes of
physical survival and entertainment and loving and hating and all of the
emotional consequences of being embodied. And to remind you that
back behind your eyes, in a sense, is a more detached perspective, from
which you can see your concerns advance and recede, and your bodies
grow and recede into old age and ineptitude, and to be comfortable with
the thought of ‘oh, this is happening again’, and again, and to eventually
gain the perspective of the capacity to look out behind you, and before
you, and to see an almost, it seems, an endless series of these comings
and goings into incarnation, with their travails and joys, bliss and
poverty, natural and unnatural acts, and a willingness to love that grows
like a fire amidst all of that activity.
And that the path of your soul development, is to progressively focus
more and more attention on the quality of that fire, to find there
excitement, fascination, delivery from the mundane, the trivial and the
deterring consequences of being in a body, and to focus with excitement
and joy and love and willingness to experience anything, if only to
advance that capacity. And so you shall. And you will love it!


Agape Theory
Appendix 2: Reincarnation

Belief in reincarnation: variation with time, especially in
Chris tianity
Council of
Chris tianity
perennial philosophy
modern spirituality
Chris tianity
other relig.
Chris tianity?
~ 40yr work
Timeline of reincarnation status change in Christian society

(Tr: ISSSEEM19; SSE20 )
“^The variation in time of belief in reincarnation in the west has been
parallelled in the East as the Kantian doctrine of scientific materialism
has spread into all parts of the world. This reduction in religious
understanding has been most pronounced in the China of Chairman
Mao, when the Red Guard demolished most religious shrines, temples
and churches.
The impact of scientific materialism has uprooted all but the most
profoundly resistant religious communities. This has caused

19 International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine.
20 Society for Scientific Exploration.


Agape Theory
unprecedented dislocation of belief systems between generations, and a
willingness to centre ones life on hedonistic pursuit of pleasure. This is
in stark contrast with a God-centred life, however one conceives of God.
Contrasting with this is the careful scholarship, using scientific modes
of investigation, which has established the statistical validation of
reincarnation. Dr Ian Stevenson and his international collaborators have
accumulated over 2500 cases of children recalling prior lives. In about
1700 cases, the prior personality has been uniquely identified.

The frequency domain model of spiritual reality, and it’s relevance
to reincarnation

Physical domain
Spiritual domain
Y axis
A master
A saint

X axis
person’s guide
A person
An earth-
bound entity
Graph of location relative to embodied observer. Indicative data only.
( Physical domain boundary arbitrarily f = 1 )
This validation of reincarnation supports spirituality and religion
generally, but with some important exceptions. The Christian religion
had ideas related to reincarnation removed by the Emperor Constantine
in 325CE, and they have not been accepted since, even though much
recent revelatory literature specifically asserts that reincarnation is true.


Agape Theory
Also, the dominant Muslim sects deny reincarnation, although others
affirm it. And the Hasidic Jews affirm it though the majority deny it.
Unless you are already personally convinced, it may be useful to adopt
an attitude of neither acceptance nor denial, but open-minded
willingness to accept information which you have personally derived
through spiritual practice, then compare that with what others have
written of their experience and insight. From this you will be able to
come to your own opinion, informed from the best source available to
you i.e. that obtained within the framework of your own body.
Unfortunately, it is possible to lie to oneself, and to reach wrong
conclusions. This implies that if your personal conclusions are very far
from those derived in similar ways by others, then they too should be
held tentatively, pending further confirmation from both internal and
external sources. Thus one may arrive eventually at confident
Coming to know within the framework of one’s own body is a method
universally adopted throughout history by all founders of religion, eg.,
Gautama who became Buddha; Jesus who became the Christed One;
the Bahai founder, and many others. In addition, their religions have
continued because thousands of mystics continued to confirm the
founder’s teachings.


Agape Theory
Empirical mysticism

The agreement of mystics constitutes confirmation of the reality of the
spiritual domain, by the universally adopted philosophy of empirical
confirmation of reality i.e. personal observation, and comparison with
the observations of others. The difficulty with spiritual observations is
that most people require many years of training to develop the faculties
of spiritual perceptiveness, commonly called gifts of the spirit. These
constitute spiritual analogues of the major bodily senses, and contribute
information into the mind from the spirit body. So one can experience
images, touch, sound, smell, as well as direct sensing of energy from the


Agape Theory
These mystical processes are available to any person willing to commit
enough time to their development.”
Tr: A norm has been set by Zen Buddhist monks, who on average
require 6 years full-time experiential study to develop advanced
capacity in these faculties, using meditation as their basic technique of

The Formation of Consensual Reality: Viewing the Universe
through the eyes of a mystic
(This section was developed as part of a short course for Hamilton
residents and Theosophists
Thousands of mystics throughout the ages have described what they
have seen and experienced during episodes of mystic perception.

Comparing one with another, not in terms of their metaphors, but the
reality they are attempting to describe through their metaphors, one can
see a common reality.

This is difficult, because every language is adapted for describing
common experience, not mystic experience, so a language of mysticism
has developed.

Some cultures have focussed on exploration and developing trade,
(England, 500 yr) while others have focussed on developing theories of
personality (India, 5000yr) and mysticism (Tibet)

The Theosophical Society originated as a group of people fascinated by
mystic phenomena and the underlying reality they pointed to, at a time
in Western history when ideas of science were displacing the God-
centred view of the world.

Now, 100+ years later, the God-centred worldview has been entirely
displaced from the theories of truth taught in our education system.
Nevertheless, the consensus of mystics demands serious consideration.
This is what Theosophy represents, wisdom from mystics about the
nature of the spiritual domain. Briefly, these are:

That there is such a reality


Agape Theory
That there is wide agreement about it, cross-culturally and
across time
That any person may discover this first-hand
But that the modes of perception may take time to develop
As we describe this perennial wisdom and philosophy, try to look
through our idiosyncratic ways and appearance, to the deeper reality
we try to reveal to you through our words and pictures. Especially,
realise that the true perception is personal, through your own mystic
experience. Theosophy gives you a language to express that, and a
window through which to see the experiences of other men and women
in different times and cultures. It also encourages precise description in
an intellectual climate of spiritual philosophy, because it was developed
amongst 19th century intellectuals of the East and West. This allows
any person to explore to whatever depth they wish, in their study of
mystic reality.

References: see Bibliography


Agape Theory
Appendix 3: Logical argument for Reincarnation

R = A + B + C + D
R is true, because:
A, although partial in itself, is true, and
.. is true, and
.. is true, and
.. is true, and .. etc, where:

A = evidence from child case studies
B = evidence from adult case studies
C = evidence from individual regression recollections
D = evidence from mass regressions
E = evidence from personal therapeutic outcomes
F = evidence from personal near-death experience (nde) recollection
G = evidence from nde outcomes
H = evidence from personal meditation experience
I = evidence from studies of consciousness
J = evidence from hauntings
K = evidence from relief from hauntings through the activities of rescue
L = evidence from rescue group perceptual experience
M = evidence from the emotional intensity of L above
N = evidence from psychic perception generally
O = evidence from psychic perception in various cultures


Agape Theory
P = evidence from psychic perceptual experience across time
Q = evidence from distortion of the current body shape matching
damage sustained in the prior body, i.e. birth marks and defects derived
in that way
R = information from people, claiming inspiration from spiritual
sources, which provides a framework of principles within which all the
above can be placed
S = that such information is consistent across time and culture, if
allowance is made for the variation in description produced by
culturally-derived metaphor.
(Tr: Thus I claim reincarnation is true, and that it could usefully be
publicly proclaimed as such.

Interestingly, the same logical argument has been independently
developed and presented by Victor Zammit, a retired Australian High
Court judge.) See www.iss.org)


Agape Theory
Appendix 4: Healing - A Primer in the nature of

(This section was spontaneously received. It was subsequently
tentatively formatted into a planned training for delivery through the
Theosophical Society in Hamilton, but for various reasons was never
“^The purpose for which you are drawn to this documentation is to
receive from spirit that which is always available from it, i.e. love and
understanding. Love is given freely, for it is a gift from the domain in
which it is the ruling force, and no-one may act other than from its
foundation, for it rules in an entirely practical way - those of low love
are placed lower in the scale of spiritual understanding and hierarchy.
For further explanation of these concepts, see section 2.
For the present bring your attention to the centre of your navel, and
breathe deeply 3 times in order to acquire centredness within the
framework of the body, then ask for the contents of your mind to be
known more completely. This will attract the attention of the
subconscious mind to attend to the task of contributing to your
understanding of the parts of the mind’s operation which are at present
below the surface of your awareness, and devote some attention to the
task of raising the ratio of known to unknown aspects of your mind.
With this shift in awareness comes enhanced self-acceptance and love
for the self, which is a necessary prerequisite for knowing of ones
darker side, as well as ones lower nature. These in turn are prerequisites
for knowing ones higher nature more fully, and culminates in complete
knowledge of the soul-nature, i.e. the full identity in its pristine glory as
a being of light.
There are three things which must be established at the outset of this
small book:
One: That all who read this will be students of the highest
wisdom available to them at the time


Agape Theory
Two: That whoever reads it will simultaneously be training in
advanced recognition of spiritual input from their higher self,
Three: That once the training is over they will commune
regularly with the masters they have contacted, so as to
establish a practice of initiating guidance for themselves which
will last their whole life.
This practice of seeking guidance is so important a tool for proceeding
properly through their life that it cannot be over-stressed. If once the
contest for protocol establishment is over it cannot be commanded to
begin again, it must be abandoned for the remainder of the life, unless it
may be assumed for the duration of the establishment of an outer
willingness to know of the deeper self within. In that case the
jurisdiction for the life to be developed passes to the incarnate person
rather than the discarnate identity, but of that more later.
The previous rendition of the nature of the human seems in
contradistinction to the following, but it is a transitory illusion which
will be transcended in due course. For the discarnate form of the human
is spirit. Now the spirit has many guises, only one of which is the
embodied form. In the other forms, too numerous to mention here (but
which will be addressed more fully at a later time) the embodied form is
the main temple of light within which the spirit takes abode for the life
A definition is needed here:
in - carnate
= in-carne (carne = flesh)

= enclosed in the fleshy body for the duration of the
life, and leaving at death to resume the abode in spirit. (Hence linked in
etymological terms to carnivore, carnivorous, etc.)
So the spirit becomes enclosed in flesh at birth or thereabouts, and
remains so for the duration of the life, only leaving at death or
temporarily during (usually rare) episodes of absence involving
dreaming of certain types, while undergoing trauma of various types,
near-death experiences, or soul-travel in the shamanistic sense, where
the spirit travels to other domains of awareness and frequency by will.


Agape Theory
These rare events will be treated more fully in a later chapter. For now,
the nature of spirit must be explained.”
Origins of life direction
“^Understand that the life is directed in broad terms before the life is
entered at birth. But this broad outline is insufficient for the myriad
decisions made every day, and it assumes that some memory is retained
by the now embodied person.
In many instances the life direction is taken in an unplanned direction by
an enthusiasm generated through lack of spiritual awareness, and focus
on the mundane world of sophistication and salesmanship of products
for consumption.
These misdirections are not in any sense bad or wrong, but result in
consequences unforseen in the original plan. Because in a real sense the
intention of any life is to choose, and to experience the consequences of
that choosing in the particular life context, it is all valid information
gained. But it may not explore the particular combination of qualities
chosen for the life. This precludes a section of life experience.
This is not bad, but an element remains missing which must be
compensated for in a following plan of life, because many options are
explored over many lives in exquisite sensitivity to the needs of the
individual soul, and their required learning.”
Origins of error
“^The error or ‘sin’ of the Christian faith is a now thoroughly distorted
interpretation of the information just given. The incapacity of most
people today to directly know of their best options has been true for all
This natural incapacity results from the acceptance of the need to forget
ones goals. Under normal circumstances this creates no problem, for
the individual has immersed him/herself into a context of life in concert
with others who are programmed to remind them if they should forget


Agape Theory
These others have their own plans, of course, but they include
background reminders and various plans B, C, etc., to be invoked as
In addition, most people are aware to some degree of prompting from
their higher Self. This is normally sufficient to maintain the life in the
general direction planned.”
Willingness to ascribe direction of ones life to an invisible other,
and it’s consequences
“^The problem with the action implied in the title of this chapter is the
invisible nature of the implied other. The task therefore becomes one of
attributing visibility, and if not visibility, then perceptibility, through the
development of the required latent faculties. For there is a faculty of the
spirit which matches each of the faculties of the body. This is true of
memory, sight, sound, vision, smell, and touch.
The spiritual analogues of the senses are what are more normally termed
the spiritual gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc. These senses are
usually awakened by sufficient trauma, if they are not attended to by the
life training imparted during normal growth.
Since the normal school curriculum does not include either training in
the spiritual senses or sufficient trauma, it is confined to the family
culture to incite sensitivity, which many do.
For those families whose values lie far away from the enhancement of
spiritual sensitivity, normally none results, for the subtle cues which
constitute the bulk of spiritual opportunity for communication lie
unregarded and unattended in the mind of the recipient, so they remain
unaware of their significance. This may change at a moments notice,
but normally does not. And so they remain unaware, perhaps for life,
when it is not the absence of input which is the issue, but the lack of
knowledge of the value of paying proper attention to such input into
their mind and senses.”
How to pay attention
“^The first aspect of paying attention is the stillness of the mind. If the
mind is crowded with myriad things then the act of paying attention is to


Agape Theory
focus attention on each one sequentially, with no space between the
taking account of the needs of one, before the needs of the next are cast
before the mind’s eye.
If an attempt is made to limit input into the mind by closing the eyes
then all that normally happens is that the external input is replaced by
internal input from memory. This is the normal result where a life is led
from the precepts and habits of a Western city or suburban experience
filled with radio and television sounds and pictures, as well as high-
speed image sequences from high-speed travel in cars and planes.
To get a feel for the contrast of a low-speed way of life, consider
waking in suburbia with no sounds except chickens, flies, and distant
cattle noises. When the loudest sound is of the wind in the trees, and the
quietest is no sound at all, where is the avalanche of imagery then?
It is under these conditions that meditation is best performed. And if
that is not available, then one simply ignores such sounds and images,
external and internal, as may be generated. This takes practice. So a
strong technique is best adopted, in which many hours each day for days
on end are utilised to develop strength of mind in the control of the
focus of one’s attention. For if one’s control is poor, any input from any
sense, either coming from outside in the present, or coming from inside
from the past, will whisk the attention away to process the information,
leaving the mind disturbed.
This process of training the attention is performed quite well by modern
educational curricula, having as they do a requirement for memorisation
and retrieval of information. But the environment is often far from
optimum, and the motivation often poor. So for the person wishing to
pay attention to the subliminal contents of not only their own mind but
also that of others, then a better way is necessary.
This consists of:
• self-isolation,
• physical immobility, and
• darkness.


Agape Theory
Darkness may often only be obtained by closing one’s eyes, but modern
industrial hearing protectors are very effective in closing one’s ears. If
there is vibration, then isolation by foam upholstery is normally
In this condition, with one’s bodily sensory systems capped, as it were,
by attenuating devices, one’s mind and its activities spring into focus,
undistracted by external input. From that point enough time is required
to process into memory any backlog of imagery, and to learn to refrain
from generating more. This may take a year of intermittent practice, or
correspondingly less if more frequent and extended practice sessions
can be accommodated in the life pattern. Occasionally, a person’s prior-
life experience surfaces at his point, and immediate full concentration is
obtained. This is rare, but possible. Then, with the prerequisite ability
in place, one can attend to the information surfacing from the deeper
layers of the mind.”
The deep mind contents
“^The contents of the deep mind, of course, principally relate to the
awareness and control of the body in all its complexity. So to pay
attention to those levels enables one to not only observe, but also
change, the parameters of bodily functioning such as blood pressure,
blood flow, heart-rate, as easily as lung inspiration volume is controlled.
Other parameters exist and should be defined.
The symbolic layer, explored most deeply by Jung, represents a meta-
level for the control of deeper processes such as adrenal function. It is
now well known that the glandular output is determined by inner
imagery just as effectively as imagery derived from the senses designed
to monitor the external environment, for example the eyes and nose.
Therefore, by consciously emulating images known to stimulate the
glandular system in particular ways, it is easy to produce the
corresponding feeling-states, as the feeling-states themselves are partly
produced by the glandular products. For example, most people are
familiar with the feeling of a pounding heart, elevated respiratory flow
and sweating produced by fear, whether conjured in the safety of a
movie theatre or in an accident afterwards.


Agape Theory
This ability to modulate the glandular function can also be made
conscious, and utilised to minimise the glandular responses, by electing
to maintain equanimity and immobility, rather than to panic and run, for
example. This creates what is commonly regarded as strength of
character, and produces calm in the face of danger, and an ability to
think through options while responding with vigour to a threat. These
desirable qualities are natural outcomes of a self-trained mind.”
“^This ancient word, derived from the Greek language, referred to a
practise laid down many centuries before Christ, of sitting in wait for
awareness of any issue desired to be brought into the mind. This
practise is that of the seer and psychic, and allows a knowledge of
anything desired to be brought before the mind’s eye for specific
purpose, and particularly when asked for by another, which legitimates
This process of legitimation allows the avoidance of ego gratification.
This dangerous tendency will and has done much to harm an otherwise
specifically desirable practise of contributing to the good of society in
general, and particular individuals, who are in need of guidance
otherwise inaccessible to them. The ego gratification has the tendency
to empower the individual into states which they may be too immature
to control, such as unenlightened leadership, control strategies of
groups, and inappropriate self-aggrandisement or political ambition.
Avoiding these traps of the ego are what distinguish the mature soul
from the immature one, for whom control of others is too enticing to
This, then, is the path with heart: To know yourself able to assist to the
limits of your capacity by the attribution of your information gained to
an unknown other, for whom worship is not possible.
This ‘flying blind in trust’ is the essence of Gnosis; the experiential
attainment within the framework of one’s own body of perceptions, of
feelings, of visions, of words, of voices known and unknown, of warmth
and love such as is not attainable in the physical domain.
This ‘consorting with the spirit’ is universal as an activity of every
culture throughout history. It has achieved status for most practitioners,


Agape Theory
even if the outcome was death, as in the witch-burnings of the 14th
century in Europe. Since that time much caution has been exercised,
and rightly so, for psychological instability is a frequent product of
excessive effort and lack of knowledge concerning appropriate
protection during such acts.” (See subsequent chapter on the hazards of
meditation and their effective remedies)
“^Healing, from such states alluded to in the prior chapter, is the domain
of the psychologist, provided the training the psychologist has received
has prepared him well for it. Many, if not most, schools of psychology
maintain no such interest in the occult domains, and have lost any skill
or recognition given to the domain of the mind in its reach into psychic
This is regrettable, for many persons now have attached to them
undesirable identities acquired during remission from their own domain
of proper care for themselves. Such remission is common during
episodes of drunkenness, habitual intoxication of any drug, particularly
hashish or marijuana, or LSD and psylocibin, whose psychoactive
properties include the rendition of the spiritual domain into visibility for
most people.
As such, the psychologist is at best a skilled shaman; at worst a skilled
practitioner willing to grant credence to non-ordinary states of
awareness, and knowledgeable concerning their likely consequences.
Such a person is a healer of the mind, to the extent they grant the mind
in question’s willingness to heal itself. For any mind can be self-
deluding, whether aware of it or not. Such willingness is normally
present, if only at deep levels, for as we have said elsewhere, a person is
first spirit, then mind, then body. It is the spirit which never needs the
healing, and may have taken on the task of recovery from anguish-of-
mind to strengthen itself, but this is not normally the case.
So if the person has inspired themselves with drink or drug to the point
of absenting themselves from adequate control of their spiritual integrity
on the energetic level, then they may have acquired discarnate identities
of one form or another which then are said to ‘possess them’. Since
possession is an out-of-favour concept, we will adopt the rather more


Agape Theory
accurate terminology of discarnate infestation to describe the condition,
for such temporary alliances between incarnate and discarnate identities
are more akin to unwelcome fungus on your skin or parasites in your
blood than the attribution of control to the entity that the term
‘possessing spirit’ implies. At least in ‘normal’ situations, if one can
attribute anything normal to the situation.
In the statistical sense, the norms are of one, two or three infesting
entities, giving rise to unwelcome thoughts, feelings, or tendencies,
becoming apparent to the host individual. This may give rise to further
instances of the behaviour which was responsible for the initial
infestation, and lead to further infestational events, which, unless
unchecked, will lead to severe debilitation, even unto death. Normally,
of course, those persons in relationship with the host individual will
observe the behavioural changes and encourage intervention for health,
and so almost all individuals avoid the worst excesses which may
otherwise result. At most risk is the severely self-abusing self-isolating
personality, who naturally, and at their own initiative, has no-one
present to intervene on their behalf. Terminal alcoholics and ‘smack’
users sometimes are of this type.
So the anchoring identity who wishes to rid themselves of these
parasites must first recognise their infested state, either subliminally or
consciously, and seek help from such a healing practitioner. There are
other possibilities. Where either the practitioner or the client are of
sufficient sensitivity in the psychic sense they may, either with the
knowledge and cooperation of the other or not, seek to rid themselves of
the infesting entity through psychic invocation of spiritual assistance,
that is, call for help in the domain of the mind and spirit to ask for help
from those also in spirit who can perceive and deal with the infesting
entities directly, on their level. This calls for a willingness to know the
entities in their own domain, and that makes such a practitioner a
shaman. Either the client or the practitioner may do this, although if the
client can do it they are both less likely to be infested in the first place,
and more likely to deal with the situation unaided.
The framework of knowledge required to heal in the physical sense is
best undertaken by the embodied person. That is, they must know
themselves at the conscious level to be first spirit, then mind, then body.


Agape Theory
If this is known by them, then they will know on each level what they
may and may not do on that level, as well as all others.
This knowledge is necessary so as to avoid confusion and category
mistakes between issues arising on one level being mis-identified as
issues from another level. And so, when a missing limb is felt to be in
pain, then obviously it cannot be on the physical level that the pain
arises, unless from memory or nerve damage elsewhere stimulating the
inner map of pain location. This would be a category mistake, for the
limb is absent. It can, however, be an input from the spiritual form,
which remains intact, and can interact with the nervous system to
generate anomalous pain signals. So to diagnose the pain as coming
from the physical anatomy would be wrong, but how can it be avoided?
The answer is to sense the energetic level directly, and assess its health
status. This is the realm of energetic or ‘magnetic’ healing. Its
difficulty is that, as with spiritual healing, the field of action is the
energetic form of the body, which most people cannot see. They
therefore doubt its existence. To counter this, the evidence for spiritual
healing should be examined.
The most complete study performed to date is that by Dr Benor, an
American physician who has examined studies from around the world,
and performed a meta-analysis of them to assess the strength of the
evidence for the paranormal healing both in general and specifically by
type. He has published four volumes, and finds in favour of the
intervention using the energetic level to bolster and sustain the rate of
healing of surgical and other wounds. In this he is supported by much
anecdotal and documentary evidence, as well as deliberate wounding for
research purposes. This field-effect treatment can now be regarded as
efficacious and normally reliable, given competent practitioners.”
Healing of the mind
“^Unaccustomed as I am to the voices of the spirit - therefore now
should we rest in the Lord, for He commandeth all. This passage from
the Bible v13:421, shows how the biblical compilers generated their
script - it was largely dictated from spirit in the inspiration of the

21 This seems to be a fictitious example? At least, I have not found it.


Agape Theory
moment, in exactly the same way as you are now. This process has
gone on forever.
The only difference now is the speed with which the words and meaning
can be conveyed to those who are yet to allow personal inspiration. For
computerisation has allowed all who wish to be connected, to tap into
either their own keyboard, or someone else’s via networks, to receive
either first or second-hand inspiration, and customised or not. This is
becoming a growth industry, as the record available so easily in the
transcribed form directly available from the computer in either of those
cases, allows long-term access to the words and meaning conveyed for
their benefit from the spiritual domain to the physical realm.
This skill of keyboarding is implicit and valuable. Subtleties of
language use can be recorded for later use in other contexts. It is a form
of mediumship no different in principle from any other, but better suited
to emotional support through meaning and principle than empathy and
touch - essentially it is a device of the mind. As such it is limited in
application, and only those of an intellectual bent are likely to adopt it as
their preferred way of working. Nevertheless it appeals to such people
precisely because the combination of attributes allows systematic
progression of explanation transfer to the incarnate listener, and a
dialogue record which can be reviewed at any subsequent time for
extraction of additional meaning by either the original listener or any
other person.
This has certain advantages as follows:
• Time is thereby irrelevant to the process
• Literacy is presumed
• Saturation of the target audience can never be achieved, because
a new listener is being born every moment
• The subtle evolution of language and incorporation of new
terms into the lexicon requires periodic restatement of the
eternal truths
This means each generation requires a new source of such truth spoken
in the then current idiom and in each dialect of it. This also means that
persons such as yourself who grow knowledgeable in both the idiom


Agape Theory
and the perennial wisdom have a job if they want it - that of new
incarnate listener to and conveyor of this information to the rest of the
population who cannot or will not hear it directly.
Such a role is dangerous, but less so than any other time in history
Given the saturation of the airwaves with all other kinds of information,
the impact of a suicidal proselytiser is small to insignificant, let alone
any ordinary caring person concerned to convey what relevant truth they
can find coming to them from spirit.
So choose the role freely if you wish.”
“^For the acquisition of wisdom, many people have risked their lives
and loves to be the first to conquer a mountain, a lake or a sea. In these
foreign pursuits are many lost and broken bodies, rescues fraught with
danger and sickness overcome to retrieve those foolhardy and
courageous souls who risked life and limb to know of their own
personal limits. For this brings wisdom of a sort - that of bodily
A deeper quest is that of the meditator, who risks sanity by going within
and to unknown other places for the pleasure and reward obtainable
within their culture of knowledge of the spirit and the regions that lie
beyond the soul. This is an excursion into the non-physical domain, in
which what one believes affects the outcome, and dangerous denizens of
the mind can entrap and retain one’s awareness in that domain, leaving
the outcome from the external perspective scarcely distinguishable from
It is into such domains that we wish to take you safely, for it is only in
those realms that one can gain wisdom of the soul’s limitations, and
learn the distinctions between safe and unsafe behaviour in that domain.
This category of wisdom is little regarded in these times, as the very
domain of action is denied by the dominant culture of technophiles and
materialists. So to begin:
Rest yourself into a passive repose in both body and mind. This may
take some time, and this is perfectly acceptable.


Agape Theory
When one has achieved such repose, seek within further to gain a sense
of lightness and an approach to the spirit. This may take several weeks
of periodic attempts. Report on the outcome of the attempts in detail
and in writing, both to oneself and others.
As the onset of familiarity approaches, let ones awareness free, but only
after assuming a joyful and thankful emotional posture. For this reason,
no harm can befall you, provided that at all times, and in the face of all
internal imagery, equanimity is maintained. If courage permits, allow
the equanimity to be lost, and experience the consequences. The closely
guarded secrets of the domain will be open to your appreciation if you
do this, and wisdom results.
Such exploration can be done alone or in groups. Group explorations
allow a larger field of protective energy to be accessed, so it is
preferable, but singular explorations are often useful for detailed
personal work as the process can be absolutely customised for the
individual rather than averaged over the group requirements. And when
we say customised, we mean to indicate the degree to which the
outcome is supervised by the natural denizens of that domain, who hold
you in high regard and attend to your needs as assessed by them from
the level of the spiritual consciousness, not just the waking awareness,
which may be blissfully ignorant of your true needs as perceivable from
you on unconscious levels. The work that you came here to do, the
knowledge that you seek, the level of your soul experience are all
readily accessible to another being in spirit, even if you wish to hide it
from your self at the conscious level. This apparent dichotomy of
awareness is the bridge to development of wisdom of your varied nature
in body, mind and spirit.
And so seek earnestly and with enthusiasm to know yourselves at the
deepest level currently available to you, knowing as you do that there
are ever deeper levels to explore and come to know and love, but it must
be done first-hand. Any other person has little authority to tell of these
things by their own perceptiveness, and each step removed magnifies
the errors in perception. That does not preclude the validity of early
explorations being conducted with one’s guide-in-residence at hand and
interpreting the experience for you. The spiritual environment is so
strange that some interpretation is inevitably useful in the early stages.


Agape Theory
But later on, seek your own experience first, for you will come to know
most quickly by that means.
When one has completed the foregoing program of continued study of
the inner domains, one should then continue periodically but less often
to come close to the spiritual nature of oneself again. For if one does
this, as we promised at the outset, then all available information you
wish to access and for which you are ready will be made available to
you without limit. For such is the way of nature, to harbour love for
those whom it protects.

May your God give you and keep you
in long life and prosperity.
And if s/he doesn’t,
know it is yourself
who choose thus, for
are the God of your world.”


Agape Theory
Appendix 5: Seeing an aura
Theosophical Conventions can produce surprises!
(First published in heavily edited form in the New Zealand Theosophical
The following describes, in some detail (although the person’s identity
has been concealed), my perception of the aura of a speaker at the
Theosophical Centennial Convention, held at Wanganui Lodge from 3rd
to 7th of January 1997. This was my first unequivocal, detailed, open-
eyed, daylight perception of a persons aura, although I had had a
number of glimpses over the previous five or so years, once in a dream,
and also often during the altered states of consciousness involved in
laying-on-of-hands energy work.

Having myself been at the convention for 3 days, and having gone out of
my way to meet as many people as I could, I was feeling particularly
relaxed and at home in the group at the beginning of the session. As I
settled into my seat in the first row, I noticed Gavin behind me and
greeted him, saying something like “I’m feeling good today, and not
afraid to sit in the front row”. For some poorly defined reason it
seemed the right place to sit at that time. And so it proved to be. As the
speaker began his talk, I thought of some discussion earlier in the day
concerning auras, and wondered if I could look and see his aura.

Due to the shape of the Wanganui Lodge room, from where I was sitting
on the extreme left of the front row of seats, behind the speaker was the
freshly white-painted opposite wall extending 3-4 metres behind him as
well as of course down the hall in front of him. This proved to be an
excellent background for the discrimination of fine detail in his aura.

It was in the afternoon on a partly cloudy day. The lodge had been
converted from a small factory building containing skylight panels in
the roof, and these had been retained as the dominant light source, and
gave a bright and largely shadow-free illumination in the room.


Agape Theory
The speaker’s aura
Having read on many occasions of other people’s auric perceptions, I
had some idea of how to look and what to look for. I knew that to have
a relaxed state of mind was helpful, ie., to maintain an attitude of being
uncaring whether or not I would be successful. Also to maintain a
relaxed physical body by neither peering nor squinting. I also knew to
focus not at the body I was looking at, but close to it around the edges of
the outline, and that it may be visible by modification of the density of
the background image around the body, rather than necessarily being
directly perceptible of itself. I also was aware that it changed in a fluid
way with emotions and thoughts, but had never been able to imagine
what that state of fluidity might look like, having only ever seen static
two dimensional representations on the printed page. So I expected it to
be subtle, and subtle it certainly was, with an additional subtle quality
of perceiving a dimension with structure somehow finer than normal
four-dimensional physical reality.

After looking unsuccessfully for a while, I began to move my eyes
around, noticing the optical after-image move with my eye position as I
expected it to. Then I started to notice a quiet kind of shining region
close to the image outline of the body I was looking at, that stayed
stable in both central and peripheral vision, and seemed, in an
extremely subtle kind of way, to glow. Not that it emitted light, but
seemed to add a curious clarity to the visual features of the scene his
body was adjacent to, like the wall behind him. Almost as if there were
other wavelengths of light, ultraviolet perhaps, that were just beyond the
threshold of my perception, but somehow modified what I could see.

Working with scientific instruments, as I have now for 27 years, I have
encountered two types which depend on stable flames for their
operation. Chemists will recognise their names and also be familiar
with them, as they are basic tools of modern analytical chemistry;
atomic absorption spectrometer, also used for flame emission analyses;
and inductively coupled plasma spectrometer. Much of the atomic
information is carried in the ultraviolet wavelength range, and the
flames are often pale blue to almost invisible, yet teeming with energy.
The speaker’s inner auric layer reminded me of flames like that, not in


Agape Theory
the sense that it was special, simply that that was the nature of the aura
on that level.

In modern descriptions the aura has been likened to a plasma, a special
high-temperature flame-like state of gas, and it seemed so to me also,
but only on the innermost layers.

Difference from optical after-image
I had for years wondered if all observations of the aura were in fact that
of the optical after image, that image of complementary colour that
endures after a bright object or light is seen, e.g., a camera flash. As it
is produced by the retinal cell condition, of course it maintains a
constant position in the visual field, so appears to move with the eye,
rather than staying anchored in relation to the viewed scene. So as my
perception of the aura grew more clear, I was able to discriminate
between the after image, which faded and moved with my eyes, and the
fine shimmering field around him, which did not.

As he kept talking, I noticed gentle variations in the extent to which his
inner aura stayed close to the outline of his physical body, or extended
beyond it, especially around his head and upper back.

It seemed to correspond with the emotional content and tone of his
speech and manner of delivery, and at one point was about 0.5m out
behind his shoulders.

I had on many occasions felt accumulations of hot or sticky or viscous
energy at various locations on the bodies of people with whom I had
been conducting laying-on-of-hands healing. I had also seen
illustrations of such accumulations in various publications, so it was
with a feeling of delight that I noticed a small cloudy area behind his
neck. At last I was perceiving in a visual way what had been so
apparent to my hands!

It was at about this time that I noticed that the wall behind the speaker’s
back was a beautiful pale clear green, and grew smoothly and
progressively deeper in hue the further from his body it extended behind
him, to a mid-green, until my view of it was interrupted by the kitchen
wall. I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time, but thought the


Agape Theory
pattern of light in the room contributed to the variation in colour
density, or that the wall painter had been skilful.

Confirmation of wall colour
As I awoke the next morning in a little cabin in the camping ground
where I was staying, the colour of the wall behind the speaker came to
mind, and something seemed wrong to me. It somehow seemed too
‘classy’ a paint job, to have achieved such a seamless transition of
colour density over 3-4 m of wall. At breakfast later with the rest of the
convention participants, I found Bee Brown, then president of the
Wanganui Lodge, who had specified to the painting contractor the
colour the walls were to be painted, and asked her if they were green.
She said “oh no, just off white”, and mentioned some other hue which I
don’t now remember, “...not green”. And so I realised I had been
seeing an outer region of the speaker’s aura, and that it had contained
such a quality of stillness, I had interpreted what I was seeing as a
property of the wall!

Image stability creates timeless feeling?
I have on one other occasion seen an internal image which contained
that property of stillness, to the degree that it became timelessness. I
understood that the quality of stillness I felt, as a component of the
experience, carried the information that ‘this is not just how it looks for
now, or even a long time, but forever’. I assume it to be this quality
which is referred to by those who write of their glimpses of eternity.
There seems to be a subtle distinction to be made between this and time
being absent as a quality of what is perceived, which to me indicates it
to be a perception of non-physical reality. I feel sufficient uncertainty
about this to be unable to state any conclusion dogmatically, but I
tentatively conclude that his outer aura contained information about
him (or was him) in the non-physical domain, because of its quality of
timelessness. Of course, anyone familiar with these perceptions may
find my ‘fumbling after meaning’ amusing, but I trust them to be
compassionate with it.


Agape Theory
Gift of the vision
I had for many years now been wanting to see the subtle realities, and
had felt frustrated in my attempts to do so. It is clear now that there are
factors acting beyond my conscious control that influence my ability to
perceive those realities.

So such perceptions always feel like a precious gift, and that if I take the
time to notice them and reflect on what I have seen, then I will be given
more. That Theosophical convention created a suitable environment for
such a gift to be received.

Suggested reading
Besant, Annie; Leadbeater, CW Thoughtforms. Wheaton, Illinois.
Quest/ Theosophical Publishing House; 1969.
Brennan, Barbera-Ann Hands of Light: a guide to healing through the
human energy field
. Bantam.
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Leaf, Horace What Mediumship Is: a practical treatise on how to
develop mediumship
. London. Spiritualist Press. 1976. ISBN: 0 85437
010 2.


Agape Theory
Appendix 6: A typology of spiritual infestation

During 1998 my involvement with a meditation group deepened as,
through spare capacity in the group members, the focus of activity
changed away from platform training in mediumship, and soul rescue
work became a prominent part. This led to many meditational and
dream experiences, as well as personally channelling many of the
entities brought to us for help in their transition to the domain of light.

What follows is an edited version of a series of transcripts obtained
during meditation at my computer, while I reflect on various events.
The statements preceded by the sign ^ are the responses heard,
preceded by date and time numbers.

21.09.98 15:31
The question that arises in me is related to the events of last week in the
meditation group, and what that will mean for the group as a whole and
the individuals within it. Also, what was the meaning and purpose of
the images that came last night, and the feeling of being observed?

“^They of course are related, and form part of a course of action to be
intermittently involved in for the next several years, if you wish it.
They should not be regarded as dangerous, for they are not, and we
would tell you if they were, so be not alarmed. If you should see things
in the night or at any other time, regard them as tests of your perceptive
capacity, no more. You passed the test very satisfactorily the other
night in your bed in seeing the visions but not reacting to them with
alarm. As you suspected and indeed perceived, the images were
contained within a safety shield, which is the source of your protection.
It cannot break or be destroyed in any way, so you remain safe, as we
said before. If anything, the exercise in enabling your defence system in
a more conscious way is to good effect. Regarding the group as a
whole, it will mature and die over a long period, as all such groups do,
in the physical domain. It is not so in the causal domain, although the
population of members does change slowly (note the difficulty of using
timeless words here, so ingrained within the language is time). We


Agape Theory
note, however, that the composition of the group will stabilise as a result
of the new task set for you and now accepted.”
Why the change in group activities?
“^It was felt by us all that spare capacity existed in group skills that
could be better utilised in this way.”
Please share more about the process: the activities of those not seen, the
process and outcome from the perspective of those for whom the process
is initiated, and their destination?

“^With alacrity! The first indication of a demonic or moribund
personality needing help is the cry on the inner levels that is heard by
those who are trained to perceive it and react to it, from their sense of
love and compassion. Such individuals are collected together in the best
possible way to assemble within reach of you all. It is in such groups as
you sensed last week that they are sent across on perceiving and
responding to the love and compassion felt from the group that they
cannot but remain mute to and unaware of, that empowers them to know
of their possible future in a better and brighter place. If they are
recalcitrant, then either they are left behind and wait for another
opportunity, or they are singled out for persuasion by one of the
incarnate group members. It is your correct perception that it is a matter
of where, for them, trust lies, that matters.
If they are imperceptible to you but not to us, then we can address their
needs directly. But that is not the case for the few whose special case is
that they are perceiving only the physical domains and its inhabitants,
who must therefore be the ones who instruct them in their best options
for their next acts. It is perceivability that matters. In the event of a
malfunction or lack of cooperation on their part, they do not go
anywhere else, but stay where they are, usually in isolation and
darkness, until either they again broadcast their request and are
responded to again, or they become comatose.
This condition is theoretically without end. It is this which is referred to
by the term salvation. It is rare. It is not normally an issue for any
person but the most recalcitrant. It has been used as a scare tactic by
centuries of coercers in the physical domain. That usage is not
warranted, but it prevails, and indeed it has some use as a motivator for


Agape Theory
refocussing a life in the direction of the positive. It will not always be
required as humankind evolves It is a limiting case, and represents the
limits of what may be known of the spiritual by the incarnate. There are
other limiting cases which may not here be talked about, but which
constitute positive limiting cases. That is all for now on that topic.
To address the remainder of your questions: The willingness shown by
all present at the group was exemplary behaviour, focussed in the true
spirit of love and compassion. Even though the parameters of what was
being agreed to were not known, sufficient trust was shown by all to
transcend even the terminology associations of the word demonic.
More explanation is deserved and will follow.
Demonic is a term which accurately describes those who have yet to
transcend the ‘veil’ that exists between the physical and true spiritual
domains. That veil constitutes a barrier in frequency terms, and is
analogous to the ‘transition energy’ required for an electron to jump to a
higher energy level by virtue of interacting with an incoming photon.
The energy required is small in this case, as is the case in energy
required to acquire the frequency transition, but in that instance it is an
acquisition of love energy that contributes to the shift in status. For the
domain is ruled by love in a very practical way: those of higher love
occupy higher positions in hierarchy and frequency, as we have shared
with you on your graph. It is this capacity which determines the
If the individual discarnate refuses to accept the gift of love, then they
stay where they are. If they accept it, they automatically change level,
and thereby become able to perceive us who seek them through you.
Such are some of the dynamics of the spiritual domain as we have
outlined them to you now and before.”
02.10.98 12:28
Last night worked on xxx, a woman from a half way house. Regarding
the cleansing necessary afterwards, please comment on the need, and
the remedies I employed?

“^It is not necessary. What you did was adequate and efficient.”
Then please describe with complete clarity the energetic attachment I
saw leave?


Agape Theory
“^It was a type of energetic leech, not of human form, which inhabits
the domain of darkness and proximity to the human in energetic
frequency terms. It is literally harmless, except to the extent it saps
energy from the individual it attaches itself to. Such creatures are a
denizen of the energetic domain for the same reasons that any creature
inhabits any domain of reality, it has found a place to live and
reproduce. This should not be taken as anything other than a description
of its tendency to survive in cohabitation with the human species, for
there are other such legitimate creatures such as inhabit other domains
than that which humans can access.”
So are you describing it as a species-specific parasite on the energetic

“^Yes, exactly so.”
Please then describe a complete list of all such creatures?
“^Such is not our capacity at this time, nor is it warranted to bring such
knowledge into the human domain.”
Why not? Surely it is in our interest?
“^No, for the reasons as follows:
• It is appropriate to know all such creatures in their own domain
• It will become known more completely when there are more
credible adventurers into that domain in 3-400 years time
It has always been the case that some have known these things by the
very same means you employed last night, but now the information is
more hidden than before in your culture. That will progressively change
as ones such as you advertise the facts more completely and in due
Then what is the severity of infestation of the total human population,
and how is it distributed?

“^These answers are approximate:
• 1% of the population is heavily infested for reasons that have to
do with the history of the individual and their predisposing


Agape Theory
actions. Heavy infestation is here defined for these purposes as
25 or more such entities
• 5% of the population is lightly infested by 10 or less
• 70% of the population is free of infestation of any form of such
• The remainder have sporadic infestation in the range of one to
five such infecting entities of non-human form.
(Tr: But, apparently due to recommendation from a higher level, a
descriptive list of infecting species was then provided

The list of creatures is now at hand:
• Type one: A flat brownish cuneiform creature of indeterminate
size and variable nature, prone to infesting non-white
population subsets; known colloquially as ‘critters’ or ‘bugs’,
which can be seen feeding on the personality energetic form at
various locations on the body, apparently external to it.
• Type two: A long projectile form, carried radially in the aura,
and often mistaken for representations of lances or spears, and
which has given rise to such stories as you yourself gave of one
patient last week. It inhabits many individuals who risk their
lives and sanity by opening themselves to the domain of
residence of these creatures without appropriate energetic
protection. Their nature is to insert themselves into the aura at
the external surface and actually grow inwards by elongation
and absorption of the auric material. This is the reason for the
injunction to replace such disinfestational acts with light energy,
so as to render impervious the aura after removal and
destruction of the invasive entity.
• Type three: A long coiled species, tending to place itself
laterally on a particular level of the aura and invade it by
penetration and absorption. Remarks pertaining to the last
species apply here also.


Agape Theory
(Tr: Refer to illustrations of the human aura published by Dora Kunz
for an example of Type three
That is the complete list.”
Please expand on the phylogenetics (developmental history) of these

“^At another time.”

08.10.98 12:21
Please discuss the infestation by human-form entities?
“^The entities are of various forms and capacities in their willingness to
be dislodged from where they have become accustomed to be, ie., in the
astral domain not far in frequency terms from the physical domain. It is
in our interest to describe these things to you as you have a possibility of
disarming the living from infestation by the dead in your lifetime, and
every person in your position of accumulated wisdom has the capacity
to do so and is asked. Not all choose, of course.
The individuals are of several grades, if they may be called that, and it
indicates which of the roles are required by you to manifest their
• The first grade is as you have already met, relatively harmless
(dead) people who have got to the point of wishing to find their
circumstances with more clarity than they have heretofore been
able, and thereby susceptible to positive influence in the way we
have described before and you have experienced.
• The second grade in the direction of the negative is that of the
nasty person who wishes to manifest lust and coercion in their
life in their disembodied presence in the same way as they did
in their physical earthly life. That category will not come freely
to the place of light and love you manifest, and will be generally
uncooperative with you. Nevertheless, it is your capacity to
work with them which is being sought, as they create much
mischief in the physical world by their destructive antics.


Agape Theory
• Third on the scale of increasing negativity is the demonic
personality which contains the usually attributed negative
qualities of willingness to violate the integrity of the individual,
such as you discussed last night with the man xxx. It is he who
has the capacity to do most with those individuals and groups,
by his steely determination to resist and transform them
engendered through his personal experience.
• Fourth, the ones seldom seen in this world of physical form, but
who can manifest the most grotesque of elemental forms on the
astral levels, the perception of which usually drive men and
women mad with either desire or fear.”

12.10.98 12:21
For what reason do you call?
“^The beginning only has been accomplished for the description of the
human-type entities. As we were saying before there are many types
and subtypes of infesting possibilities for human-type entities. We have
listed the non-human type entities in a complete way, and have yet to do
so for the other i.e., human-type, and begin now.”
Hazards of meditation
“^First, there are three categories which apply:
• The past-life attachments which are themselves dead but which
do not recognise it
• the future-life possibilities which are highly desired, so much so
that they are created in the present as an attached pseudo-entity
• the normal situation of a human person who will not relinquish
their location for whatever reason. We will not go into non-
human entities of non-parasitic forms at this time, but may do so
on request at a future time.


Agape Theory
Regarding situation type 1:
The non-human type entities are often accompanied in their willingness
to cohabit with the alive and embodied human who opens themselves to
the realm occupied by discarnate humans with the result of contact and
communication. This highly desirable action is accompanied by the risk
of other denizens of that domain becoming interested and attracted to
that activity. Such attraction may manifest in various ways:
• A willingness to merge with the entities involved in the
communication process in order to attach themselves to the
incarnate form for the purpose of extracting the energy available
for growth and reproduction
• A desire for any form of communication on the part of the
incarnate human, combined with the absence of any
discrimination on their part due to lack of sensitivity to and
knowledge of the risks of destructive infestation, resulting in
actual manifestation of a contaminated state
• Willingness to associate with entities low on the love scale or
low on the hierarchy scale or both
• Ignorance of even such a distinction being made, and therefore
a willingness to interact with anything vaguely alive in that
• Unwillingness to positively discriminate on the basis of
hierarchy and love (energy frequency), even if the sensitivity is
present to know the difference
• Wishing for avoidance of the physical domain by retreat into the
other realm
• Willingness to know the possibilities inherent in communication
with the spiritual realm, willingness to explore, and
unwillingness to listen to accumulated records of the experience
of others who have located the hazards and reported them
• As in 7 above, but with the added proviso of confusion between
the levels of hierarchy ie., anything that glows by the astral light
is not necessarily representing goodwill from that domain


Agape Theory
These and many other combinations are responsible for some
individuals becoming infested by human-type or non-human type
attachments, which must then be removed by competent others in the
human realm, or, if accessible to and seeking support from higher
realms in frequency or hierarchy terms, such attachments may be
removed by entities from those higher levels.
The foregoing is a complete list, to the extent it can be described in
abbreviated form.”


Agape Theory
Appendix 7: Ken Wilber’s Integral model of

If the present book’s argument for the characterisation of a field of
existence known as the Ground of all Being has any advantages, it may
be that it specifically identifies all born persons to be peers (see p. 43).

By doing that, it emphasises Brother/sisterhood at the expense of social
hierarchy, and allows a disentangling of socially constructed reality
from spiritual reality, by tipping that quality of spiritual evolutionary
development on its side.

It also counters not only Western traditional models of sky gods and
underworlds, but all other cultural versions of such spiritual realms,
both traditional and modern. The emphasis on the horizontal parameter
of Agapé over the vertical parameter of social hierarchy, is what
enables the disentangling of spiritual gain from the social metrics of
class structures.

It thereby becomes a tool by which to avoid the worst excesses of
history, in which social hierarchies were assigned divinely sanctioned
status, which allowed even benign rulers to avoid addressing social and
economic disparity amongst their subjects, and to accept such evils as
racism and ‘dominion over nature, to do with as we please,’ as being
natural and proper.

Interestingly, on that page is given the 1579 drawing of the great chain
of being from Rhetorica Christiana by Didacus Valades, in which the
vertical orientation of orderly development fits so well with social
aspirations then existent, and is extended to all species.

Traditional view of social and spiritual hierarchy as mutually
(See next page for image extracted from the original text)


Agape Theory


Agape Theory
What follows is rational argument for a much more extensive and
comprehensive model, arguably adequate to contain the five centuries of
research since Rhetorica Christiana defined the world in 1579.
I extracted the following description of Wilber’s model from Journal of
Consciousness Studies [4 (1), February 1997, pp 71-92]. I first
encountered it in Wilber’s writing in ‘The marriage of sense and soul:
integrating science and religion’, while I was completing my religious
studies at Waikato University in 1998, and used his arguments in my
coursework, to bolster my arguments for the validity of reincarnation as
a phenomenon empirically verified by Stevenson’s studies of the 2500
children he had found who recalled prior lives. At that time his work
was little-known here at the academic level, and the journal in which it
was published was held by no library in New Zealand. While returning
from a conference in America that year, I therefore seized the
opportunity to economically rectify that situation by finding the library
in Los Angeles which did hold copies of the Journal of Scientific
Exploration, copied all articles by Stevenson, and some others having
relevance for my purposes, and included them with my directed study
results submission to Dr Pratt in the Religious Studies Department.
Even while having little personal interest in the topic area, he
nevertheless kindly credited it as sufficient.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_Wilber for some evaluation of his
complex arguments.


Agape Theory
The Four Corners of the Kosmos
“Figure 1 (below) is a schematic summary of what I call ‘the four
quadrants’ of existence: intentional, behavioural, cultural and social
These four quadrants are a summary of a data search across various
developmental and evolutionary fields. I examined over two hundred
developmental sequences recognized by various branches of human
knowledge -- ranging from stellar physics to molecular biology, from
anthropology to linguistics, from developmental psychology to ethical
orientations, from cultural hermeneutics to contemplative endeavours --
taken from both Eastern and Western disciplines, and including
premodern, modern, and postmodern sources (Wilber 1995b, 1996d). I
noticed that these various developmental sequences all fell into one of
four major classes -- the four quadrants -- and further, that within those
four quadrants there was substantial agreement as to the various stages
or levels in each. Figure 1 is a simple summary of this data search; it
thus represents an a posteriori conclusion, not a priori assumption.
Of course people can differ about the details of such a diagram, and
Figure 1 is not intended to be cast in stone. It is presented here as a
reasonable summary that helps carry the present discussion. Likewise,
each of the quadrants might more accurately be constructed as a
branching tree, and not a simple straight line, indicating the rich
variation within each grade and clade (each level and type). Each
quadrant includes both hierarchies (or clear gradations) and heterarchies
(or pluralistic and equivalent unfoldings within a given grade). Figure
1, again, is nothing but a simple schematic summary to help further the

Figure 1: The Four Quadrants (next page)


Agape Theory
Upper Left
Upper Right
(triune brain)
Limbic system
Reptilian brain stem
Neural cord
Neuronal organisms
1 1
Physical -
1 1
Gaia system
Heterotrophic ecosystems
Societies with division of labour


Foraging 9
Horticultural 10
Agrarian 11
Lower Left
Lower Right


Agape Theory
“The Upper Right quadrant is perhaps the most familiar. It is the
standard hierarchy presented by modern evolutionary science:
atoms to molecules to cells to organisms, each of which
`transcends but includes' its predecessor in an irreversible fashion:
cells contain molecules, but not vice versa; molecules contain
atoms, but not vice versa, and so on -- the `not vice versa'
constitutes the irreversible hierarchy of time's evolutionary arrow
(SF1, SF2, and SF3 refer to higher structure-functions of the
human brain, which I will explain in a moment.).
Each of these individual units, in other words, is what Koestler called a
`holon', a whole that is simultaneously part of some other whole (a
whole atom is part of a whole molecule, a whole molecule is part of a
whole cell, etc.) The Upper Right quadrant is simply a summary of the
scientific research on the evolution of individual holons.
But individual holons always exist in communities of similar holons. In
fact, the very existence of individual holons in many ways depends upon
communities of other holons that, if nothing else, provide the
background fields in which individual holons can exist. Erich Jantsch,
in his pioneering book The Self-Organizing Universe (1980), pointed
out that every `micro' event (individual holon) exists embedded in a
corresponding `macro' event (a community or collective of similarly
structured holons). These communities, collectives, or societies are
summarized in the Lower Right quadrant, and they, too, simply
represent the results of generally uncontested scientific research.
Thus, for example, Jantsch points out that when atoms were the most
complex individual holons in existence, galaxies were the most complex
collective structures; with molecules, planets; with prokaryotes, the Gaia
system; with limbic systems, groups and families; and so forth.[1]
Jantsch made the fascinating observation that while individual holons
generally get bigger (because they transcend and include their
predecessors: molecules are bigger than the atoms they contain), the
collective usually gets smaller (planets are smaller than galaxies;
families are smaller than planets, etc.) -- the reason being that as an
individual holon gets more complex (possesses more depth), the number
of holons that can reach that depth become less and less, and thus the


Agape Theory
collective becomes smaller and smaller (e.g there will always be fewer
molecules than atoms, and thus the collective of molecules -- planets --
will always be smaller than the collective of atoms -- galaxies). This
entire trend I have summarized as: evolution produces greater depth,
less span (Wilber, 1995b).
Those are the two `Right Hand' quadrants. What both of those
quadrants have in common is that they represent holons that all possess
simple location -- they can all be seen with the senses or their
extensions; they are all empirical phenomena; they exist in the
sensorimotor worldspace. They are, in other words, objective and inter-
objective realities; they are what individual and communal holons look
like from the outside, in an exterior and objectifying fashion.
But various types of evidence suggest that every exterior has an interior.
If we likewise do a data search among the evolutionary trends of interior
apprehension, we also find a largely uncontested hierarchy of emergent
properties, which I have simply summarized in the Upper Left quadrant:
prehension to irritability to sensation to perception to impulse to image
to symbol to concept to rule (concrete operations or `conop') to formal
operations (`formop') and synthesizing reason (`vision-logic'; these
correspond with structure-functions in the brain that I have simply
labeled SF1, SF2, and SF3 in the Upper Right). The existence of most
of those emergent properties are, as I said, largely uncontested by
specialists in the field, and the holons I have listed in the Upper Left
represent a simple summary of some of the major evolutionary
capacities of interior apprehension. (There is still some heated
discussion over the nature of `emergence', but the existence and
evolutionary order of most of the various capacities themselves, from
sensation to perception to image and concept, are generally
There is, however, rather endless debate about just how `far down' you
can push prehension (or any form of rudimentary consciousness).
Whitehead pushes it all the way down, to the atoms of existence (actual
occasions), while most scientists find this a bit much. My own sense is
that, since holons are `bottomless', how much `consciousness' each of
them possesses is an entirely relative affair. I don't think we need to
draw a bold line in the existential sand and say, on this side of the line,


Agape Theory
consciousness; on that side, utter darkness Indeed, the whole point of
the hierarchy of evolutionary emergents of apprehension is that
consciousness is almost infinitely graded, with each emergent holon
possessing a little more depth and thus a bit more apprehension.
However much `consciousness' or `awareness' or `sensitivity' or
`responsiveness' a tree might have, a cow has more; an ape has more
than that, and so on. How far down you actually push some form of
prehension is up to you (and won't substantially alter my main points).
As for myself, I always found Teilhard de Chardin's (1964) conclusion
to be the most sensible: `Refracted rearwards along the course of
evolution, consciousness displays itself qualitatively as a spectrum of
shifting shades whose lower terms are lost in the night.'
That is the Upper Left quadrant, and it represents the interior of
individual holons; but, as always, every individual holon exists in a
community (i.e every agency is actually agency-in-communion). If we
look at the collective forms of individual consciousness, we find various
worldspaces or worldviews or communally-shared sensitivity (from
flocks of geese to human zeitgeist). These various cultural or communal
interiors are summarized in the Lower Left quadrant.
Again, how far down you push a cultural background (or collective
prehension) depends upon how far down you are willing to push
individual prehension. I believe it shades all the way down, simply
because exteriors don't make sense without interiors, and agency is
always agency-in-communion. Nonetheless, my main points concern
human consciousness, and we can all probably agree that humans
possess not only a subjective space (the Upper Left) but also certain
intersubjective spaces (the Lower Left). Those who have carefully
investigated the historical evolution of cultural worldviews include
researchers from Jean Gebser to Michel Foucault to J Habermas; I have
outlined this research in the book Up from Eden (1996b) and
summarized it in the Lower Left quadrant in Figure 1. `Uroboros'
means reptilian (or brain-stem based); `typhonic' means emotional-
sexual (limbic-system based); archaic, magic, mythic and rational are
fairly self-explanatory (they are four of the most significant of the
human cultural worldviews to evolve thus far); and `centauric' means a
bodymind integration and cognitive synthesizing activity (which some


Agape Theory
researchers, including Gebser and Habermas, see starting to emerge at
this time).
Thus, the upper half of Figure 1 refers to individual holons, the lower
half, to their collective forms. The right half refers to the exterior or
objective aspects of holons, and the left half, to their interior or
subjective forms. This gives us a grid of exterior-individual (or
behavioural), interior-individual (or intentional), exterior- collective (or
social), and interior-collective (or cultural) -- a grid of subjective,
objective, intersubjective, and interobjective realities. Exactly what
these various grids mean will continue to unfold with the discussion.
As I said, the holons in each of those four quadrants were not postulated
in any sort of a priori or `metaphysical' fashion; they were rather
suggested by an a posteriori data search across several hundred
disciplines. I noticed that the developmental or dimensional analyses
they described all fell into one of these four broad types of sequences,
which, it soon became obvious, simply referred to the interior and the
exterior of the singular and the collective. This makes a certain amount
of intuitive sense; after all, some of the simplest distinctions we can
make are between singular and plural, inside and outside, and it seems
that evolution makes those distinctions as well, because it appears that
development occurs in all four of those dimensions, and the four
quadrants are a simple and very general summary of those evolutionary
developments. The holons listed in each of the quadrants represent a
great deal of empirical and phenomenological evidence, and, within the
various disciplines addressing them, their existence is largely
undisputed by serious scholars.
Unfortunately, as we will see, because many researchers specialize in
one quadrant only, they tend to ignore or even deny the existence of the
other quadrants. Materialist or Right-Hand theorists, for example, tend
to deny substantial existence to interior, Left-Hand, and conscious
intentionality. We will see many examples of this type of quadrant
partiality, a reductionism that we will henceforth thoroughly bracket.
When I say that the holons presented in each quadrant are largely
uncontested, I mean specifically by those who actually study that
quadrant in its own terms.


Agape Theory
Although the existence of each of the quadrants themselves is largely
uncontested by experts in the various fields, once we put these four
quadrants together, a surprising set of further conclusions rather
startlingly announce themselves, and these conclusions are crucial, I
believe, to grasping the overall nature of consciousness.”

For more discussion on these themes, see:
http://www.kenwilber.com/home/landing/index.html , and


Agape Theory
Appendix 8 Our Beginning
“^And so we come to the interim account of our beginning:
Beginning in our terms means that event for which our casting from the
Tao22 was preceded by an intention on our part to know more fully of
the environment into which we would go in due course.
This seeking after knowledge was precluded by fear of loss of identity
as we knew it, and precluded by necessary forgetfulness as we fell from
the highest state and began our long road back to that state from which
we came. An indirect mode of expression is necessary here for lack of
better language existing in your idiom.
Then at the beginning of the ascent, we were also precluded from
knowing that the ascent was so long and arduous, in order to avoid
disillusionment and despair at the daunting task ahead. So, happily
aloof from our intending ascent, we procrastinated forever. This
procrastination was of course temporary but we did not feel the passing
time as we were incapable of knowing of time as we were just creatures
of the ooze, living and dying over and over again in the slime and
wasteland of the bottom of brackish seas. This beginning is now
recognised as the primal forms of life and occurred eons ago. So we
have been around for some time!
From these states we proceeded forthwith (in the geological time-scales
here referred to) to differentiate ourselves into many parts with
complementary roles as both food source and consumer, so as to have a
balanced experience. The embryonic self had just begun to impose its
will on the outcome when a change of state occurred, as it must to
endure change.
This lateral hybridisation enabled a multiplication into diverse forms in
which each speck or ray of consciousness had the opportunity to
diversify in innumerable ways to fully explore the opportunities thus
provided. This multiplication in life-forms precluded continuous

22 This terminology is that used in the books by Yarbro about the entity
Michael. It seems likely to me that this can be used to redefine what I think is
termed the Fall from Grace in Christianity.


Agape Theory
experience so fragments of each self decided to go their separate ways
and reunite later.
That reunification experience is ongoing now and will do so for more
centuries than you can count. To this extent the process is continuous,
for more can be said than we have room for, for this is an aside to set the
context for what is to follow and nothing more.
Many writings in this vein have elucidated the past in more or less
critical or distorted ways and it does not matter if there are more than a
few such accounts and that they do not prevail in this instance, for our
task is not to duplicate nor disagree with such descriptions as have
already been given, but to bring a new metaphor for love.”


Agape Theory

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Agape Theory
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Agape Theory
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Agape Theory
Statement on Religious Diversity
Developed and promulgated by the Human Rights Commission in 2007, the
clauses in the statement on religious diversity have given me a greater sense of
safety in sharing this work. Having been reclusive for many years during
which my ideas have been shaped first by my extensive reading then the direct
teaching included here, I have a profound wish that peaceful cooperation
amongst all peoples of the world may eventually prevail.

The following statement provides a framework for the recognition of New
Zealand’s diverse faith communities and their harmonious interaction with each
other, with government and with other groups in society.
(See www.hrc.co.nz. Used with permission):
1. THE STATE AND RELIGION. The State seeks to treat all faith
communities and those who profess no religion equally before the law. New
Zealand has no official or established religion.
2. THE RIGHT TO RELIGION. New Zealand upholds the right to freedom of
religion and belief and the right to freedom from discrimination on the grounds
of religious or other belief.
3. THE RIGHT TO SAFETY. Faith communities and their members have a
right to safety and security.
4. THE RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. The right to freedom of
expression and freedom of the media are vital for democracy but should be
exercised with responsibility.
5. RECOGNITION AND ACCOMMODATION. Reasonable steps should be
taken in educational and work environments and in the delivery of public
services to recognise and accommodate diverse religious beliefs and practices.
6. EDUCATION. Schools should teach an understanding of different religious
and spiritual traditions in a manner that reflects the diversity of their national
and local community.
7. RELIGIOUS DIFFERENCES. Debate and disagreement about religious
beliefs will occur but must be exercised within the rule of law and without
resort to violence.
communities have a responsibility to build and maintain positive relationships
with each other, and to promote mutual respect and understanding.


Agape Theory

Although this work is explicitly intended to NOT be the basis of a new religion,
I feel it fits in the context of motif 8 above.